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  KVision is a professional website developer & designing organization
  that can provide a wide range of award winning website designs. Our
  website development in India is based on proper tools and techniques
  considering search engine optimization of the website. In today’s
  business world where technology is regarded as a major catalyst of
  business re-engineering & corporate strategy, KVision offer a very close
  relationship with our clients. With an uncompromising commitment to
  quality our team has produced international standard of eCommerce web
  sites as well as content management systems and impressive web

Services Offered
 The services offered give a one-stop suite of products, covering all the
 areas of interest of the Website Development. These services contribute to
 increased client base and productivity.

  Web Site Design
  Web Site Promotion
  e Commerce Solutions
  Outsource Web Site

 Search Engine Optimization
  Content Management
  Web Site Maintenance
 Website Design - KVision is a professional web site design
and web development company providing a full range of web
design services including high-class web site development,
custom web programming from a simple web page to the
complex solutions, eCommerce web site design solution, CMS
(Content Management Systems) and search engine friendly web
site. Whether you are an individual needing a basic web site
design of a few pages, a large or small business requiring a
custom eCommerce web site design shop or content
management solution, KVision has the experience to deliver just
what you want for your ebusiness, on time and on budget.

 Web Site Promotion     - Website promotion is an online
marketing solution for companies who wish to advertise online.
When you get your BUSINESS directly through web site

- Your margins will improve with web site marketing.
- You will not be at the mercy of other expensive Advertising
  and Marketing channels.
- You can relate with your customers directly with website
- Your brand-equity and brand name will get enhanced.
- You will have total control and power over your business,
  getting new clients and your profits.
- You will spend very little on website creation and website
  promotion but recover your investments many times over.
 eCommerce Solutions - KVision provides e commerce web
site design and development. We specialize in business and
payment enabled websites that work with companies throughout
the globe.
Advantages of eCommerce web site design with KVision:
- Creative eCommerce web site design
- Specialist product catalogue preparation
- Shopping process and order management services
- Advanced functionality including personalized merchandising
- Store management and reporting services
- Web Marketing & SEO friendly eCommerce solutions
- Personalized support and customer care
An e-business organization transforms its interaction with
customers, suppliers, business partners and employees using
Internet-based technologies - extending its reach to improve its

 Outsource Web Site - KVision, India offers outsource a web
site for companies across the globe affordable and personalized
solutions in Web Design, Website Development, Web Application
Development, php programming services, website maintenance
services and eCommerce Solution.
Why Outsource Web Site projects to KVision?
The greatest benefits of outsourcing to India are the significant
savings and rapid results.
- To complete your project in time and at low cost by
  outsourcing projects.
- To concentrate on the core business & get rid off non-core
  functions by outsourcing.
- To get benefit of skilled programmers and adequate
- To reduce operating cost & project overheads and free up
   resources by outsourcing projects.
- Quicker deployment and accelerated in-time project delivery.
- To get best quality professional services, product, expert
   team members.
 Search Engine Optimization - When we need high visibility
in our website in the search engine listings, search engine
optimization (SEO) is the perfect solution. The search engine
optimization always affect your website listing in organic search
results for a better position. The main factors of SEO
Optimization cycle for your website include:
     Keyword Suggestions
     Meta Tags Development
     Content Optimization
     One Way High-PR Links
     Reciprocal Link Exchange
     Ranking Reports etc.

 Content Management - Web content management system
is one important aspect that nearly all websites of today just
cannot do without. Your search engines ranking improves
significantly if the content on your web page is optimized. This
is done without compromising on the readability.

At KVision we design and develop Internet applications, based
on our extensible content management system (CMS), which
enable both large and small organizations to use their non-
technical staff to easily and efficiently manage their Internet,
Intranet and Extranet web sites.

 Web Site Maintenance - Our professional and affordable
web site maintenance and management packages offer peace-
of-mind for clients who require frequent updates to web site
content and regular web site visitor reporting and analysis. Our
friendly, experienced and helpful team are here to help you
make the most of your website.
                 Application Development              7. Database Development
                    1. Multi-tier Architecture            Oracle 9i
                         Visual Studio.NET               SQL Server 2000
                         J2EE & J2ME                     MSDE
                                                          My-SQL
                      2. Component Technology             Microsoft Access
                          ActiveX                        XML
                          EJB                            PostgreSql
                          Java Beans                     Informix
                          COM/DCOM                       Sybase

                      3. Application Development      Multimedia Development
                          Visual Basic 6.0/ .Net         1. 2D Designing
                          Visual C/C++                        Adobe Photoshop
                          Power Builder 7.0                   Adobe
Technical Expertise

                          JAVA Applets & Swings                 ImageReady
                          C#                                  Adobe Illustrator
                                                               Adobe AfterEffects
                      4. Platforms                             Adobe PageMaker
                          Win 95/98/NT/XP/                    Adobe InDesign
                             2000/2003                         Corel Draw
                          Unix/Linux/Solaris/ Sun             Macromedia
                             OS                                  Dreamweaver
                          Windows CE                          Visual Interdev
                          Plam OS
                          Novell Netware 6.5            2. 2D Animaiton
                      5. Application & Web Servers            Macromedia Flash
                          BEA Weblogic                       Macromedia
                          IBM WebSphere                        Director
                          IIS                                Swish
                          Tomcat with Apache                 GIF Animator
                          RedHatSecure                       Flax
                                                              Flying Fonts
                      6. Web Application                      SCALA 200
                      Development                        3. 3d designing &
                          ASP/ASP.NET, VB.NET           Animation
                          Java, JSP, Servlets, EJB           3D Studio Max
                          XML                                Maya
                          CGI, Perl, PHP                     Swift 3D
                          Java-VB Script
                          WML Script                    4. Audio & Video Editing
                                                             Adobe Premier
                                                             Sound Forge
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