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									             What is the Member’s Production Group (MPG)?
             The Member’s Production Group is a committee of Media Resource
             Centre members who have a strong interest and experience in film,
             video, and/or digital production.

The MPG is a subcommittee of the MRC’s Board of Management and it therefore has
a challenging role, giving informed, responsible and dynamic advice to the Board on
the MRC’s production programs.

Currently, the MPG also coordinates a funding program enabling members to access
in-kind subsidy for their projects. For successful applicants this means free or
partially subsidised access to the MRC’s production equipment and post-production
facilities, tape stock and production consultations. Past projects have included short
films, documentaries and music videos.

To become a member of the MPG, you must be nominated by another financial
member. You should also be available to attend regular meetings (up to 11 per year),
have time to read applications for assessment and demonstrate a commitment to the
development of screen industries in SA and the Media Resource Centre. Ideally, you
should also be interested in mentoring others. Some years’ experience as a
filmmaker is therefore highly desirable, although administrative, supervisory and
creative skills gained through other vocations may also be beneficial to the MPG.

This is an excellent opportunity to contribute to the development of South Australian
screen practitioners and the production initiatives of the Media Resource Centre.

                What is the Members Exhibition Group (MEG)?
              The MEG is a subcommittee of the MRC board of Management and
              meets to consult with the Exhibition Manager on programming,
              promotion and special seasons for the Mercury and Iris Cinemas.
              The group is a sounding board and advisor to the Exhibition
Manager and assists with program notes and other content

The MEG selects the Curator-in-Residence twice a year.

The MEG also works with the Exhibition Manager on curating the Cinémathèque
program and assists with Cineasia and other Mercury programs.

The MEG meets informally in the Mercury monthly. Members receive a gold pass
entitling them to complementary admission to MRC programs in the Mercury.

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