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									Inside the Integrator/
End-User Relationship

            How to interact with your integrator from
            start to finish of a project
            By Charles L. Baxter, PSP

                        lthough I take pride in my assertion    strive to maintain contemporary insight on the
                        that I can quickly respond to the       latest mousetrap enabling us to do our jobs bet-
                        physical security needs of my em-       ter, the integrators have the first-hand knowl-
                        ployer, I had never experienced the     edge and provide a project perspective that not
            ongoing and fast-paced environment that was         all end-users possess.
            my six-plus years with an international IT and         Like many of you, I have completed continuing
            business process outsourcing company. My            education and training to understand the con-
            manager at the time, David Jarrett, coined the      stant changes and enhancements in physical
            phrase “ready, now” and seldom did a day go         security technology. I am a Certified Physical
            by where our entire Facility/Real Estate team did   Security Professional (PSP) through ASIS Inter-
            not mobilize like a police swat team to address a   national and network with fellow end-users to
            diverse set of challenges.                          share ideas and experiences. With experience
               Being the physical security and safety com-      in a “ready, now” environment, I reach out to the
            ponent of the team, I would be called on to pull    integrators whom I have successfully worked
            the appropriate resources from my bag of tricks     with in the past.
            to fulfill the company, client and government           I don’t know how you came across your
            physical security requirements to be imple-         professional resources, but I have found mine
            mented with the signing of a new contract. My       through organizations like ASIS or through re-
            bag of tricks contained security integrators who    ferrals provided by a contemporary. I hold onto
            understand “ready, now.”                            the integrators that can come through in a
               I have been in the industry for 30 years, and    pinch, understand the needs of the project and
            although the technology has substantially           get it completed in a timely fashion and within
            changed, the importance of being in partnership     budget. Tom Hulsey, a veteran security integra-
            with security integrators has not. Although we      tor adds: “My best relationships with end-users

                                         “The integrator has the responsibility to dis-
                                         sect the client request to determine the core
                                         need. The integrator then applies subject
                                         matter expertise and designs a plan to meet
                                         the client’s project requirements. In some
                                         cases, the integrator may reach out to other
                                         integrators who can provide the products or
                                         resources necessary to satisfy the client,”
                                         Baxter writes.
     have come when expectations are clearly understood.           tions and coordination with other entities. As an end-
     There is a strong commitment from both sides and ef-          user who is familiar with the location, it is important that
     fective communication throughout the process.”                you provide as much of this information as is available.
        Communication is a key ingredient to the succes
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