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									                                                  Market Focus: Government

     MARKET FOCUS: Government & Municipal Security
     A roundup of recent security applications and installations
     Marietta, Ga.                                                              will be the first LEED-certified (Leadership in Energy and Environ-
        The City of Marietta, Ga., has                                          mental Design) courthouse in the state of Ohio.
     replaced most of its standalone                                               The building’s glass facade, one of the key components of its en-
     analog CCTV systems with a com-                                            ergy-efficient design, creates challenging indoor lighting conditions
     plete integrated IP Video solution                                         that require the use of more than 70 wide-dynamic-range cameras.
     from IndigoVision. Buildings in the                                        The cameras, impact-resistant
     downtown government campus                                                 Roughneck V910D-WDR-IP5
     and vitally important municipal                                            domes from Vicon, are de-
     utilities are now being protected The Cobb County Courthouse in            signed to accommodate view-
                                           Marietta, Ga., is under the watch-   ing of areas with extreme light-
     by a distributed IP-CCTV system
                                           ful eye of an IP video system.
     that can be monitored both cen-                                            ing contrasts, such as backlit
     trally and locally by each department.                                     people and objects located
        The city’s operational performance has improved partly because          within the courthouse’s sun-
     the solution is distributed — enabling any camera, video worksta-          drenched corridors. In total, the The Franklin County Courthouse in
     tion or video recorder to be located at any point on the network. This     courthouse makes use of more Ohio is expected to open in early 2011.
     also gives the city a scalable platform for future expansion.              than 170 Vicon IP cameras, all
        Control Center, the supplier’s Security Management Software,            of which are viewed, controlled and recorded by an NVR-based Vi-
     can be used by operators in the Crisis Management Center (CMC)             conNet video management system.
     in the event of a disaster. The software enables the security staff           The VMS is fully integrated with a building-wide Software House
     to view live and recorded video from the cameras; however, opera-          C-CURE 9000 access control system and WonderWare detention
     tors using departmental workstations only have access to cam-              software for use within the building’s holding cell areas. The secu-
     eras for which they have been granted permission.                          rity system is monitored from two control centers within the new
        The solution was designed and installed by IndigoVision partner         courthouse, one monitoring general building security and the other
     South Comm.                                                                exclusively monitoring the detention area and holding cells.

     Smithtown, N.Y.                                                            Asheville, N.C.
        The Town of Smithtown, N.Y., has deployed                                  The City of Asheville, N.C., has contracted Matrix Systems to stan-
     network cameras from Axis Communications                                   dardize its physical security in several municipal facilities with the
     in its Highway Department yard as a first                                   supplier’s Frontier Universe access control system, an enterprise-
     step in modernizing its existing analog video                                            
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