PASS or FAIL: The Out-of-the-Box Experience by ProQuest


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									                                                  Enterprise Security

                    PASS or FAIL:
The Out-of-the-Box Experience
               Part two of the three-part IP Best Practices series
                          By Ray Bernard, James Connor and Rodney Thayer

                uch has been written and said at security confer-         • Stability even while undergoing improvements and
                ences, in magazines and in online forums about         upgrades; and
                network equipment requirements for putting                • Highest achievable ROI for money invested.
                physical security systems onto corporate net-             When deploying physical security systems on an enterprise
works. The majority of the discussions center on security video.       network, failing to follow applicable IT standards and good prac-
Other discussions cover related topics like collaborating with IT.     tices not only means walking away from many of these benefits,
   There is very little discussion about the wider scope of best       it can also mean introducing problems that raise network man-
practices for deploying physical security technology on enterprise     agement costs and even interfere with other systems.
networks. Such practices are needed because many security                 When putting security systems and equipment onto an enterprise
devices and systems were designed on the assumption that the           network, best practices are needed to (a) prevent the systems and
equipment would be deployed on a completely independent secu-          equipment from interfering with other systems; (b) isolate what
rity network rather than in an enterprise network environment.         would appear to be “network attack behavior” from network segments
   Thus, the authors have formed the Bp.IP Initiative to advance       that are monitored to catch and stop it; (c) enable security networks,
best practices for deploying IP-based security systems in enter-       security systems and devices to benefit from existing network scan
prise network environments, including practices that compen-           and monitoring programs; (d) facilitate troubleshooting in the enter-
sate or work around the network-related shortcomings of secu-          prise environment; and (e) facilitate support from IT to leverage the
rity products currently available.                                     organization’s existing investment in IT resources (including exper-
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