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  Lynn Mattice, Chairman,                     Brett Kingstone,                        Bob Hayes,                          Ann M. Beauchesne,
 Executive Board of Advisors,            President/CEO, Max King               Managing Director, Security              Vice President, National
 Security Executive Council;            Realty; Author, The Real War              Executive Council                   Security and Emergency Pre-
  former VP & CSO, Boston                     Against America                                                          paredness Department, U.S.
          Scientific                                                                                                      Chamber of Commerce

    What threats should small and mid-sized businesses be considering in 2010 and beyond?

     Small and medium sized                I think the threats to SMBs            Big business in many sec-               Businesses need to be ready
business (SMB) owners need to          are internal, external and gov-        tors has downsized R&D budgets          to handle unexpected threats —
step back and take a real-world        ernmental.                             in favor of venture capital pro-        whether they are natural or man-
assessment of the risks they face          Internal: Make sure you            grams that identify and purchase        made. Over the past year, earth-
in their business.                     properly review the background         start-up companies with proven          quakes, volcanoes and floods
     All too often, SMB own-           of current and future employees        products and businesses. These          have devastated communities
ers believe they are not tar-          for criminal records and sub-          “incubator businesses,” which           and had dramatic global econom-
geted or that they don’t face          stance abuse. You can’t lock           are often small and medium sized        ic effects, such as disrupting air
the same risks as big business.        someone out if he has the key to       businesses, are rapidly becom-          travel. Businesses need to antici-
Understanding that the environ-        the front door.                        ing the source of innovation and        pate the kinds of challenges that
ment has shifted dramatically,             External: SMBs need to real-       technology development.                 Mother Nature or bad actors may
and that the SMB has become the        ize they are the targets of Chinese        If these companies’ intellec-       throw at them and be prepared.
target of choice — intellectual        competitors who would do any-          tual property and financial well-           Roughly a quarter of small
property theft is critical, particu-   thing to steal and counterfeit their   being only impacted their own           businesses that close following
larly since the majority of innova-    technology.                            company and employees, the              a major disaster don’t reopen.
tion in this country occurs in the         Governmental: Mark Twain           risk would be significantly mini-       The failed Times Sq
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