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Toilets                                                                   1

1. Kohler Co. offers its Persuade Curv
Toilet designed for small spaces. Operated
by a user-friendly, two-button actua-
tor integrated into the top of the toilet’s                                                                                         3
tank lid, it can flush either 1.6 gal. or
half that amount — 0.8 gal. The toilet is                                                                                           4
WaterSense labeled. Kohler Co. Circle 93

2.    The Aquia line of dual-flush, high-
efficiency toilets from Toto is now available in       4. Laufen introduces its Ilbagnoalessi dot
a wall-hung model. Users can select from 1.6           matte black ceramic toilet. The finish features
gpf or 0.9 gpf from its dual-button flush acti-        a smooth leather-inspired texture. Its design
vator panel. It also conserves room space — a          was inspired by circles, squares and linear lines
total of 9 in. of legroom is freed as its tank is      and includes asymmetrical shapes.
hidden inside the wall, and the toilet itself is       Laufen. Circle 95
mounted off the floor. Toto. Circle 96

3. The one-piece Chapeau high-efficiency
toilet from Porcher features a concealed trap-
way, a flattop tank and decorative edging to
match transitional design. The toilet uses 1.28
gpf and features an engineered flushing system
that prevents clogs and overflows. Also includ-
ed is a slow-close toilet seat with an easy lift-off
feature for cleaning. Porcher. Circle 94

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