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									Sports Photography                                                                                        May 2006

                  Client List

Associated Builders Contractors of Georgia American
                                                      Sports Photography                                         When choosing a shooting
Die Technology                                                                                          position check out the background.
American Power Conversion                                                                               Watch for distracting signs on the
Athlon Sports
                                                                                                        walls of the baseball field. Shoot at a
Atlanta Regional Commission                                                                             slightly higher angel to make the
Baptist Press                                                                                           infield grass into the background.
Bank of America
British Broadcasting Company                                                                            Use a shallow depth of field to blur
Black Star Publishing                                                                                   the background. Setting the aperture
Blessed Trinity High School
Burke County Public Library, Inc.
                                                                                                        at f/5.6 gives a shallow area that is in
Burmeister Group                                                                                        focus behind the player. Using f/16
Calvin Center                                                                                           may make too much of the
Catholic News Service
Celebrate Life International, Inc                                                                       background in focus and distracting.
Chiropractic Economics
Clayton State University
                                                      Georgia Tech's #34 Jordan Crews pitching
Cooperative Baptist Fellowship                        during play for the NCAA Super Regional
Corporate Legal Times                                 taking place at the Russ Chandler Stadium in
Country Magazine                                      Atlanta, Georgia, June 11, 2005.
Creative Publishing International
Defenderworx LLC
Delta Airlines                                                 Today the local paper must
Design Directions Inc.
Discovery Channel
                                                      devote more space to the sports
Drug Store News                                       section because of the increased
East Carolina University                              interest in sports and not just
Enzymatic Deinking Technologies
ESPN.COM                                              professional or college sports, but the
Faith And The City                                    local high schools and more. From
Florida State University
Fordham University                                    the Super Bowl to T-Ball at the local
Fulcrum Construction                                  park people are watching, playing and
Galloway School
Georgia Council of Chiropractic
                                                      photographing sports.
Georgia Southern University                                    Professional            sports
Georgia State University                              photographers are trained to look for
Georgia Tech
Georgia Trial Lawyers Association                     the peak action or reaction. When                 Wake Forest's #55 Kyle Visser fouls Georgia
GTP Enterprises Inc                                   this is combined with a story telling             Tech's #24 Marvin Lewis during play at the
Hollywood Reporter
Home Channel News                                     moment the photo becomes the cover                Alexander Memorial Coliseum in Atlanta,
International Mission Board, SBC                      of the magazine.                                  Georgia.
It’s for Vets
Journal of Accountancy                                                                                           Many of the best sports
J. M. Huber Corporation
Kennesaw State University
                                                                                                        photos capture the competition
Kenyon College                                                                                          between the individual players. A shot
Ladder to the Moon                                                                                      of a runner sliding into second with
Landmark Christian School
Lifeway Christian Resources                                                                             the defensive player throwing to first
Lind-Bergeron                                                                                           beats the photo of just a batter hitting
Marist Catholic School
Media2K                                                                                                 the ball. The great photo is often of
Medical Association of Atlanta                                                                          the tag, or missed tag, at home plate.
Medical Economics Magazine
Merchandise Mart                                                                                                 The ball, the offensive player,
Mississippi State University                                                                            the defensive player all caught in the
Molloy Communications                                 Georgia Tech's #5 Tyler Greene slides into        same photo is the beginning of a
Morning Glory Farms                                   home past Tennessee's #44 J. P. Arencibia
MSI International                                     and is called safe by Jeff Henrichs during play   great sports photo.         The peak
National Education Association                        for the NCAA Super Regional taking place at       moment is the next part of the puzzle,
National Basketball Association
North American Mission Board                          the Russ Chandler Stadium in Atlanta,             but the real icing on the cake is
North Carolina State University                       Georgia.                                          expressions. A picture of Georgia
Old Dominion University
Ohio State University                                                                                   Tech's Isma'il Muhammad slamming
                                                                Making great story telling
Presbyterian Today                          sports photographs isn’t only for the          one early over NC State's Gavin
Princeton University
Reinhardt College                           pros. Today’s advanced cameras                 Grant will likely make the cover of
Robert Rytter & Associates                  make it much easier to make great              Sports Illustrated. This slam dunk ran
Roni Hicks & Associates
Sears & Roebuck                             sports. You can follow focus on an             over and over on ESPN highlight reel
St. John & Partners                         athlete with auto focus cameras and            of the week.
St. Joseph Catholic School
Southern Catholic College
                                            fire three, six, even eight frames per
Southern Seminary                           second and most will be in sharp
Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary   focus. Prior to these technological
SouthTrust Bank
Sports Illustrated                          advances in equipment it took great
Stetson University                          skill to keep a fast moving athlete in
Summit National Bank
Sunny Crest Publishing                      focus.
SYNC Magazine                                        With     many      types    of
The Community Institute, Inc.
The Foundation Center
                                            photography simple, basic equipment
The Georgia Bulletin                        is all that is needed.           Sports
The Saint Joseph’s Mercy Foundation         photography is a whole other ball
Thione International, Inc
Travel Weekly Magazine                      game, if you’ll pardon the pun. Using
Union University                            a normal 50mm lens the athletes are
United Methodist News Service
University Of Alabama Birmingham            just specs in the viewfinder. Getting
University of Maryland                      physically close enough to the
University Of Michigan
University of Nations, Kona, Hawaii
                                            subjects for outstanding photographs
University Of Tennessee At Martin           is impractical. To span the distance
University of Virginia                      special lenses are required; long,
Upper Deck
Vindigo                                     telephoto lenses that bring the action
Virginia Commonwealth University            closer.
Volleyball Magazine
Wake Forest University
Woodward Academy
World Council Of Churches
World Journalism Institute
Yamacraw                                                                                   Georgia Tech's #2 Isma'il Muhammad slams
                                                                                           one early over NC State's #11 Gavin Grant
                                                                                           during play at the Alexander Memorial
                                                                                           Coliseum in Atlanta, Georgia.

                                                                                                     Another little trick that can
                                                                                           make the photo of your little athlete
                                                                                           look like it belongs in Sports
                                                                                           Illustrated—a low perspective. The
                                                                                           lower you are to the ground the more
                                                                                           the players look as if they are flying
                                                                                           when they jump or are run. The low
                                                                                           perspective makes the distance from
                                                                                           their feet to the ground appear
                                                                                           greater than it is.
                                                                                                     If you watch the sidelines of
                                                                                           the college and professional games
                                                                                           you will notice most photographers
                                            Tennessee's #19 Luke Hochevar pitches
                                            against Georgia Tech during play at the Russ   are sitting or are on their knees. We
                                            Chandler Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia.          like to see our athletes like Greek
                                                                                           Gods. They are super heroes and
                                                    The        PGA        requires         role models we lift up in our society
                                            credentialed              professional         for all the effort they demonstrate.
                                            photographers to have at least a                         Before photographing the
                                            telephoto lens that are at least               next game look through the
                                            300mm. That’s the equivalent of 6X             newspaper sports pages or browse
                                            binoculars.                                    Sports Illustrated. Don’t just look at
                                                    So, the first thing a parent           the professional sport photographers
                                            needs to photograph their child                pictures, note where the pros
                                            playing a sport is a SLR (single lens          positioned themselves.
                                            reflex)    camera     that    accepts                    Watch a team for a while and
                                            interchangeable lenses. The next               you can anticipate what they will
                                            need is a long lens such as a 300mm            probably do next.
                                            or 400mm. If the sport is played                         Often        great      sports
                                            outside during the daylight hours the          photographs are made by amateur
amount of money for this long lens is        photographers, simply because they
a few hundred of dollars. If indoor or       don’t know the tricks of the trade.
night time sports are the subject the        That’s right. They are not locked into
same length lens can cost thousands.         a formula of how to cover a sport.
         No matter how advanced the          This leads me to my last suggestion.
camera nor how long the lens just            While it’s usually good to know the
pointing and pushing the button will         rules, don’t be bound by them - be a
get only a few good photos. The              risk taker.
outstanding photos are made by                         Be a storyteller. Get to know
those who are able to anticipate the         people and let them know you.
action. One of the best sports to start      Telling a visual story through your
practicing sports photography is             pictures is fine. But don’t be locked
baseball.                                    into thinking only visually. It is when
         When your child is at bat you       you immerse yourself into the
should position yourself near the third      situation (a sport, in this case) that
base line if you child’s a lefty. Be         you begin to move outside the box
near the first base line if they bat right   and tell the story you feel and not
handed.       Watch the pitcher to           merely see.
anticipate the batter’s swing.        You
could almost put the camera on a
tripod and wait for the right moment,
however, unless you are behind a
fence don’t use a tripod. It can be
dangerous to the athletes. You can
use a monopod. This helps eliminate
camera movement.
         If there is a runner on first
focus on second base for the possible
steal.    Pre-focus and framed the
photo just wait for the shortstop or         Georgia Tech's #45 P. J. Daniels leaves the
second baseman to run to the bag             Samford players in the dust during second
with the ball while the runner slides        quarter play at Bobby Dodd Stadium in Atlanta,
into second. If you’re shooting from
the first base side straight down the
path of first to second base line you        Give Stanley a call for your next project at
can might get a double play when the         770.998.3504    or      email     him     at
defensive player tags second and    .
throws the ball to first.

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