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									Choosing a mattress
Research has proved that sleeping on an uncomfortable bed can reduce your night's sleep
by up to at least one hour so it is important that you try to select the correct mattress/bed
base combination that will help provide the maximum comfort and support that your body
needs to ensure a good night's sleep.

This page is dedicated to try and help you choose the correct combination, however
please note that the following information is purely offered as a general guide as each and
everyone of us have our own preferences regarding the firmness or softness as to how
a mattress should feel.

Here are a few tips that may help you make your selection easier when choosing a NUBed
mattress or mattress/base combination.


The size of your mattress is very important. Disturbing your sleeping partner is a common
complaint so always try to choose a size of mattress where you are least likely to disturb
your partner, i.e. King size or even Super King size if your bedroom is large enough. A
simple guide is try lying side by side on your bed with your arms behind your head and
your elbows out without touching each other. This is the kind of space your really need to
enjoy a comfortable night's sleep.

If one of the partners is a tall person, i.e. 6' (1.8m) or over, then you should seriously
consider buying a King size mattress which is 6' 6" (200cm) in length or a Super King size
which is also the same length. Your bedroom size must be also be taken into
consideration before purchasing either of these mattress sizes as you need to be able to
walk around the bed, PLUS if you intend to place the new mattress on a bed frame that
you already have which is smaller then naturally these sizes cannot be considered.

Firmness and Comfort levels

The more springs used in a mattress helps to create a softer feel. You will have seen that
NUBed mattresses offer three grades of premium fillings, i.e. Superior Foam, Natural
Latex and Memory Foam. All three grades are offered in combination with a 1000 spring
unit, or a 2000 spring unit or a 3000 spring unit. So in theory the 3000 mattress will have a
softer feel compared to the 1000 mattress.
So the actual firmness level is very similar if one chooses a 1000 Superior Foam or a 1000
Natural Latex or a 1000 Memory Foam. This applies to the same models in the 2000 unit
range and then again in the 3000 unit range.

However the levels of actual comfort are then determined by which filling you select and
the type of bed base that you intend to use to support the mattress.

       a) For example if you require a firm (lie on) sleeping surface then please consider
          one of the Natural Latex mattresses combined with a slatted wooden base.
          Natural Latex provides a superbly comfortable yet firmly supportive feel so when
          combined with a wooden or metal bed base then the overall feel will be 'firm'.

       b) Conversely should you require a softer more sumptuous sleeping surface then
          one of the Memory Foam mattresses used in combination with a Pocket Sprung
          bed base should provide the comfort level that you require. Memory Foam is
          renowned for its deeply supportive feel and pressure relief, superb if you suffer
          from aches and strains. The pocket sprung base works in tandem with the
          pocket springs inside the mattress helping to provide that 'lie in' comfort feeling.

       c) Placing a Memory Foam mattress on a slatted wooden base will provide a level
          of comfort somewhere between a Latex mattress on a slatted wooden base and
          a Memory Foam mattress on a pocket sprung base.

       d) The range of Superior Foam mattresses can be used on either a slatted wooden
          base or pocket sprung base. Again the wooden base will provide a firmer feel
          compared to when placed on top of a pocket sprung base.

This grade of filling is smooth, comfortable and very resilient and reacts very well with the
pocket sprung unit inside the mattress to provide a superbly reactive sleeping surface that
contours your body perfectly.

The 1000 and 2000 models are especially ideal for children and growing teenagers. When
either of these mattresses are placed on a wooden bed base the combination will provide
excellent support for their developing bodies, especially their spinal alignment.

Please refer to both the Sleep Advice and Products Materials Used pages on our
website for further information that will hopefully make your mattress choice an easy one.

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