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					Stroller Safety                                         Kids In Danger                                   Stroller Safety
Tips                                              KID is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization dedi-
                                                  cated to protecting children by improving
                                                                                                         Although strollers allow freedom of
                                                                                                         movement for parents and caregivers to
                                                  children’s product safety. University of               enjoy a variety of activities with their
Follow the manufacturer’s instructions
                                                  Chicago professors, Linda Ginzel and Boaz              children, they must be used with caution.
on assemble, use and care of the                  Keysar founded KID in 1998 following the
stroller. Fill out and return the product         death of their son in an unsafe crib. KID is
registration card, so the manufacturer            dedicated in loving memory of Danny Keysar
can contact you in the event of a recall.         and all other victims of unsafe juvenile prod-
                                                  ucts. Our mission is to:
Make sure that latches are fully locked
before use. Children have been injured                     Promote the development of
when strollers which appear to be fully                    safer children’s products;
set up collapse, after hitting a bump.                     Advocate for children; and
                                                           Educate the public about
                                                           dangerous children’s products.
Don’t overload the stroller. This may
cause it to collapse or tip.
                                                 __Sign me up for monthly updates on unsafe
Always restrain child with straps as             product and KID’s ACTION newsletter. Let me
recommended by manufacturer’s                    know how I can help keep children safe from
instructions. When using a carriage or           dangerous children’s products
stroller in the fully reclined position, close
the leg openings so that the child cannot
slip through.                                    City              State             ZIP                 Strollers, like many juvenile products, are
                                                                                                         not required to meet mandatory safety
Never leave a child unattended in a              Email                                                   standards before they are put on the
stroller. It is not a safe environment for                                                               market.
sleeping or playing.                             Fax to (312) 595-0939, mail to KID’s office or
                                                 sign up at www.kidsindanger.                            According to the U.S. Consumer Product
When folding or unfolding a stroller,                                                                    Safety Commission (CPSC), over 11,000
keep children away so that their                                                                         children are rushed to the emergency
fingers do not get pinched.                                                                              room each year due to injuries that
                                                                                                         involve strollers.

                                                                                                         This brochure will equip parents and
                                                   116 W. Illinois Street, Suite 5E, Chicago, IL 60610
                                                     Phone (312) 595-0649 Fax (312)595-0939
                                                                                                         caregivers with vital information to keep
                                                    children safe.

                                                  This brochure was made possible by a grant from
                                                            the Child Welfare Foundation.
Stroller Recalls                                1991
                                                Portable, umbrella-style stroller
                                                                                        models: ZS100, ZD200,
                                                                                        ZS100WS, ZS100HR, ZD200HR
Below is a list of strollers, including manu-          models: 127, 136, 166, 195, or   PR100, or PR200
facturer and recall date, that the CPSC has            196
recalled because they either have harmed a
child or have the potential to cause injury.
Do not use these products. If you own any
                                                Graco Children’s Products               (800) 535-3589 ext. 3335
                                       (800) 345-4109        2005
of the strollers below, call the manufacturer
                                                1990                                    Speedster Deluxe, Deuce Jogging Strollers
at the toll-free number, or log on to the
                                                Travel-Mate                                   models: 20050116, 20050216
company website. Also, contact the CPSC
at or at (800) 638-2772.
                                                Elite Stroller                          Kolcraft Enterprises, Inc.
                                                Brougham Stroller              (800) 922-2130
Baby Trend                                      Regency and Regency Ltd.                2000
www. (800) 328-7363               Premier and Premier Ltd.                Ranger, Ranger Quattro
2000                                            2005                                           models: 46720, 46721
Road Runner Jogging Stroller                    Duo Tandem                              2001
      model: 9592T                                    models: 7950, 7955, 7960, 7965    LiteSport Stroller
2004                                                  7970, 7980, 7990                         model: 36122
Passport Stroller                               MetroLite
      model: 1514                                     models: 6110DW, 6114NGS,
                                                      6110F3, 7410CON, 6111FKB,
                                                                                        Petrus Imports, Inc.
                                                                                        (800) 752-7740
BOB Trailers, Inc.                                    7413CML, 6114HAV, 6114JAM,
                                                                                        1991 (800) 893-2447                    7413MRN
                                                                                        Umbrella Stroller
                                                                                              models: 1000, 1100, 1101
Sport Utility Jogging Stroller                  Century Products Company
Sport Utility D’lux Jogging Stroller            (now a part of Graco)                   Regal Lager, Inc.
                                       (800) 345-4109 (800) 593-5522
Cosco Inc.                                      1997                                    2006 (800) 221-6736            TravelLite SPORT                        Phil &Ted’s e3 Twin Buggy
1997                                                   models: 11-171, 11-181, 11-191
Voyager Car Seat & Stroller                     2001
1999                                            Take 2 Stroller                         Stokke LLC
Geoby Two Ways Tandem Stroller                  Travel Solutions Stroller      (877) 978-6553
      models: 01-644, 01-645                    Pioneer Stroller
2004                                                                                    Explory Stroller
                                                Travelite Stroller
Rock ‘N Roller Baby Stroller                    Pro Sport 4-in-1 Stroller
       models: 01-654, 01-622, 01-624                                                   Sycamore Kids (Mountain Buggy)
                                                InSTEP, LLC                             (866) 524-8805
Gerry Baby Products Company            (800) 242-6110           2005
(now a part of Evenflo Company, Inc.)           2000                                    Mountain Buggy Jogging Stroller (800) 233-5921                  InSTEP, HEALTHRIDER Single and Double
                                                Jogging Strollers

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