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					Travis Country Community Service Association                                            May 2006

                  TC NOTES
   Annual Homeowners’ Meeting, BBQ and Elections
               Wednesday, May 10
    Blue Valley Office and Pavilion 6:30 pm
                                                   and dinner begin at 6:30 pm. The meeting will
         Come on out and join the fun! There       be called to order at 7:30 pm. Residents from
will be free food and the chance to see old        10% of the 1507 homes in TC need to be pre-
neighbors and meet new ones. The election          sent in order to have a quorum and thus hold
will feature six candidates for five open Board    elections and conduct business. You will start
seats. Residents Mindy Carr, Candy Goodrich,       at the office to verify your residence and pick
Brian Julian, Robert May, John McCulloch and                               up a ballot. ID will be
Anthony Peterman are running for the Board.        Homeowners              required.
In addition to the Board seats, homeowners         need to bring a
will also be asked to vote on five proposed by-
                                                   valid ID with
law amendments.
         A mailing containing a proxy vote form,
                                                   them to the           Please see pages 6 and 7
meeting agenda and detailed list of by-law         meeting               for a handy pull out fea-
amendments was mailed the week of April 15.        in order              ture of the candidates and
If you have not received this mailing, please      to vote.              a brief synopsis of the by-
                                                                         law amendments.
contact the office at 892-2256. Registration

     Board Votes to Open Hilltop
            Pool May 6-7
   Due to the unseasonably hot weather,                            inside
   the Board voted to open the pool one
   week early at its April meeting. The
                                                                 this issue
                                                         Peeping Tom on Sendero?...………...…..3
   Hilltop pool will open on May 6 and
                                                         Oak Wilt Update………………..…...……....3
   May 7 from 1-6 pm for all swimmers.                   Easter Party Photos………….……..…......4
   Lifeguards will be present.                           Swim Program Beginning…..…………….5
                                                         Election Day Guide to Candidates..……..6
                                                         Letter to the Editor………………………..10
                                                         Block Parties……………..……………….…...10
Page 2                                                                                             TC Notes

          News from the TCCSA Board of Directors Meeting
By Bonnie Grobar                                             Postponed until April meeting:
This report does not represent the official minutes of the   • Walter’s tract discussion
meeting. Unofficial minutes are posted on the website
and, once approved, are in the office on Blue Valley         Instructed Manager to:
Drive. At the April 20, 2006 meeting these Directors were
                                                             • Obtain another bid on the 2005 audit of TCCSA
present: Candy Goodrich, Terry Horton, Bill Kemp,
Pam Losefsky, John McCulloch, Russell Pinkston,
and Janice Smith. The Board took the following action        • Replace the vending machine at Hilltop
or accepted the following reports:                           • Get combined bid for repairing and painting the
•   Asked Architecture Committee to make recommen-           • Find a bee farmer to remove bee hive at BV
    dation for filling vacancy; they have two applicants     • Get cost on No Trespassing, Private Property signs
•   Grounds Committee reported new landscape main-
    tenance contract with Austin’s Cutting Edge begins       HOMEOWNERS' COMMENTS
    April 28                                                 • Fix the decking at BV so pools can be used safely
•   Pool Committee requested that all pool furniture be      • If audit is skipped one year, must look at two years;
    cleaned or repaired; fix cracks in BV pool area              is there money in the
•   Social Committee sent 104 invitations to Welcome             budget?
                                                                                             Travis Country
    Party to be held on April 25                             • Kent Lattig submitted
•   Approved motion from Treasurer to adopt a capital            results of his ques-     Board of Directors
    maintenance fund policy that would provide for               tionnaire, distributed
    maintenance of existing, not to build new or improve         to homes along some President:
    existing, assets                                             of the greenbelts (see Russell Pinkston
•   Adopted Treasurer’s proposed timeline for adopting           art. on page 9)
    annual budget                                            • Have there been any Vice-President:
•   Approved $3,000 to raise the decking around the              transportation studies Janice Smith
    pools at BV asap                                             done on the impact
                                                                 on SW Parkway if the Secretary:
•   Agreed to allow construction of a storage shed at HT                                Pam Losefsky
                                                                 toll roads go in on
    for use of the Swim Team (Sharks) once City of
                                                                 Hwy71 at the Y in
    Austin and Architectural Committee have approved                                    Treasurer:
                                                                 Oak Hill?
    the plans
                                                             • What happened to         Bill Kemp
•   Appointed Nominating Committee: Anthony
                                                                 the deer crossing
    Peterman, Bill Kemp, Bonnie Grobar                                                  Terry Horton
                                                                 signs at BV and
•   Approved erecting No Trespassing, Private Property           TCC?                   Candy Goodrich
    signs at Copperwood, lift station access to the Bar-                                John McCulloch
                                                             • Board should listen to
    ton Creek Greenbelt and the Sycamore Trail; com-                                    Anthony Peterman
                                                                 homeowners; phone
    plaints about cars blocking streets have increased
                                                                 canvassing, espe-
•   Agreed to create the TC Wildflower Reserve on the                                                 ♦♦♦
                                                                 cially regarding,
    10 acres at the entrance                                     SWAYOR*, should be Contact the Board at
•   Agreed to create a landscape maintenance code in             done to make sure
    the budget                                                   listening to everyone; or call 892-2256
•   Began discussion of annual dues increase for 2007            much discussion on
•   Selected Volunteer of the Year by secret ballot              the message board;     The TC Board of Directors
•   Pool Committee recommendation to allow children              has become a politi-   meets at 6 pm on the 3rd
                                                                 cal issue              Thursday of every month,
    under age 10 to be accompanied by a babysitter
    age 16 or older with a parent’s signed permission on     • Build the storage        except December, at the
    file in the office failed to pass due to HUD agree-          shed at HT for the     Blue Valley Office. All resi-
    ment                                                         Sharks                 dents are invited to attend.
•   Agreed to additional lifeguards to open HT, May 6-7                                 Homeowner comments
•   Agreed to increased monitored swimming between                                      occur at 7 pm. The Directors
    6-8 am, May 1-May 16, IF monitors are available to                                  and Management need your
    work without pay                                                                    input to do the best job of
                                                                                        spending your monthly dues.
•   Sanctioned Bunco, Scrapbook clubs, and Swim              *Swim at your own risk
Page 3                                                                                         TC Notes
                                                               Report Suspicious Activity in
              Attention Parents!
                                                                    Amenities Areas
             Do you have a graduat-
          ing Senior (high school or                    By Pam Losefsky
                                                        On a recent Friday night at the Blue Valley play-
          college) that you would                       ground, one of our residents noticed several car-
          like to recognize in the TC                   loads of young adults heading into and out of the
                                                        nearby greenbelt over the course of about an hour.
  Notes? Send us an email at                            It raised enough questions for him to report the or call                     activity to the Board, which consulted with the
  Tricia at 358-9497.                                   APD. We have been advised to stay alert while in
                                                        our amenities areas, always bring along a cell
                                                        phone and ID, and don’t hesitate to call 311 or 911
                                                        if you see any suspicious behavior. APD can then
                                                        dispatch an officer to the scene to begin an investi-
  Is there a Peeping Tom on Sendero?                    gation.
There may be a peeping tom on the 4300 block of
Sendero. A resident has found half-eaten meals in
the same place in their yard over the past six
                                                                            Oak Wilt Update
months. The resident mentioned it to a neighbor,                            According to Jim Rooni at
and learned that several adjacent houses are hav-                           Texas Forest Service, “It may
ing the same problem. The residents feel that given                         be just a bit too early to tell if
the pattern, it's unlikely to be animals or youth. Offi-                    the trench is holding.” He fur-
cer Cindy Seago was contacted and a patrol or-                              ther stated that as soon as the
dered. Neighbors, please be aware 1) to take extra                          leaves on the live oaks harden-
precautions, especially given that this particular                          off, he will schedule a site in-
block has a concentration of young girls and 2) to                          spection with the new Oak Wilt
be vigilant and report any incidents to neighbors                           Arborist for the City of Austin.
and APD. Unfortunately, the activity is increasing in                       We will update information in
frequency.                                               the newsletter and on the website as we receive it.
                                                         Remember: do not trim your trees until July to pre-
                                                         vent disease. For more on oak wilt visit
             Call for Volunteers!
 We are gearing up for a great Fourth of July
                                                                      Board Designates TC
 Parade and fun! Prizes will be awarded for
 most patriotic, child under age 8, child 8 or                         Wildflower Reserve
 older, stroller, wheels, small pet, large pet,
 etc. We are planning some new activities               At its April meeting, the Board ap-
 (face painting, bubble station, pic-                   proved the creation of a Wildflower
 ture coloring, picnic at Blue Valley after-            Reserve on the 10 acres owned by
 ward) and hope                                         the Association at the entrance to
 everyone can at-                                       our neighborhood across from Eagle
 tend. If you are                                       Feather. According to the Board, this
 interested in helping                                  designation will place special value
 out (judging for                                       on the land, and allow limited use for
 prizes, activities,                                    recreation and education. It contains
 etc) please contact                                    rare plants and flowers not found elsewhere here.
 Melanie at                                             For a look at these plants, go to
 358-7705.                                     Pre-
Page 4                                                                                           TC Notes
TC Easter Party
By Cody Remsing
I would like to give a big thank you to the Easter Bunny for making an
appearance. Thank you to Girl Scout Troop 1322 for stuffing all those
eggs and working the entire event, Karyn Remsing, Jaclyn Remsing,
Julia Thompson, Maddie Malone, Isabelle Hudson, Grace Hudson and
Irena Martinez. Thank you to the following people who are always there
to help out when I need them; Lisa Geiger (who worked the entire event
doing the slide), Roger and Susan White, Danny Martinez, Bill Thomp-
son, George Huezo and his children, Chad Johnson and Dane Johnson
(cotton candy for the entire time),
Wendy Thomas, Pattie Sadler,
Renay Ballentine (bunny), Kierce
May, and John Remsing who puts up
with a lot. I know there are a few I
am missing who helped from the
crowd, so thanks to all!
Since we had so many children show                                           Emma Hoffman and Zachary Fitzgerald get
up this year for our Annual Easter                                           a little attention from the Easter Bunny.
Egg Hunt, we are asking for dona-          TC children take a ride on the
tions of your used Easter eggs. If                Easter Express
you have eggs that you would like to
donate now that Easter is over, please bring them to the TC
office or drop them off at 4706 TCC on the porch.

                   Easter Egg Hunt Winners
        0-18 months                      Seth Glover
        19 months to 3 years             William Adams
        4-6 years                        Avery Sadler
        7-9 years                        Sydney Brignole
        10 and above                     Karyn Remsing           Cody Remsing and Girl Scout Troop 1322 who organized
                                                                                  and ran the event

Is Your Child Starting Kindergarten                             TC Resident Directory
             in the Fall?
                                                         Need to borrow a cup of sugar? Get
Will your child be starting kindergarten at Oak          your neighbor’s phone number in the TC
Hill Elementary this Fall? If so, join other par-        Resident Directory. Though the Board
ents and their children for playdates at the             decided not to print the directory for all
park so the children can make friends before             residents this year, you can access/print
school starts. Contact Kelly at 468-0972 or              it from the website:
email her at                                    (click on Direc-                                      tory, then Printer Friendly) or call the
                                                         office at 892-2256 and they will print one
                                                         for you.
Page 5                                                                                        TC Notes
                                                         sage boards where the discussion is password pro-
        The Power of the Internet in                     tected.
             Travis Country                                      The TC Communications Committee is
                                                         beginning a discussion of this concept and wel-
By Jim McNabb                                            comes your ideas. Please send your thoughts and/
          There is a wealth of useful information        or experiences to
posted regularly on our neighborhood web site   However, very few people
use it to build commu-
nity. The Internet has
tremendous power to                                         Get in Shape and Stay Cool at the
build community, but if                                               Same Time!
you are on the “Message
Boards” most of the time                                 By Pam Losefsky
you may be the only per-                                 Swim Team Coach Paul Cumings will be offering a
son online at that mo-                                   swimming program during
ment.                                                    our morning exercise hours
          There may be                                   at the Hilltop pool this
another way worth ex-                                    summer. The program
ploring. Many groups,                                    begins the morning of May 30.                  The
organizations, and neighborhoods use a Yahoo!            pool will be open from 5:30-8:00 am for those who
List Serve. That way, when one of your neighbors         wish to swim laps on their own and for those wish-
has a question or observation, it lands right in your    ing to participate in one of Coach Cumings’ condi-
regular email. You do not have to stumble upon it        tioning programs. To purchase a swim card, good
after signing-on the Travis Country site.                for 8 coached sessions, contact Paul at 447-7127
          The Austin Rosedale Neighborhood Asso-         or
ciation uses this tool very effectively. Some days,
there are no posts at all. Other days, someone will      Schedule is as follows:
mention a dog running loose on a certain street.         Tuesday-Friday - Hilltop Pool
People will give away packing boxes and even un-         5:30 - 8:00 a.m. Lap Swimmers--Several open
wanted furniture. Writers will ask for advice when       lanes will accommodate lap swimmers throughout
seeking an electrician, roofer, handyman, dentist—       the exercise period. Free to all residents--
you name it.                                             remember to bring photo I.D.
          Also, list serve members will get regular      6:00 - 7:00 a.m. Triathalon Training--For competi-
updates on construction and crime in the area.           tive swimmers. Build your endurance and work to-
Travis Country already has the beginnings of such        ward improving your time. Purchase a card and
a list to help warn of crime in the community. It        bring photo I.D.
could be much more.                                      7:00 - 8:00 a.m. General Conditioning--For swim-
          It will take, however, a willingness of this   mers of all levels who are looking to improve their
wired neighborhood to sign up and join the commu-        form and strengthen their bodies. Purchase a card
nity.                                                    and bring photo I.D.
          Some voice concerns over clutter in your
email box. Observing the Rosedale list, it is not
voluminous. Most of the time, the content is inter-      No Trespassing Signs to Be Placed
esting. You read it and delete it.
          Another important consideration is that        No Trespassing and Private Property signs will
such a list has regularly published rules (monthly       soon be placed at Barton Creek access points at
emails saying what is and is not allowed) and an         Copperwood and the lift station on Travis Country
active moderator.                                        Circle across from Canyonwood. This effort is
          This list serve could be used to point peo-    aimed at controlling non-TC residents parking and
ple back to permanent information included on the        trespassing on TC common areas which has in-
Travis Country website. Further, since a Yahoo!          creased tremendously. Cars parked in these loca-
list is open, and anyone can join, a moderator can       tions can be ticketed. Residents can call 311 to
point residents back to the Travis Country mes-          complain.
                                   Travis Country Board Elections
                                     May 10, 2005 at the Blue Valley Pavilion
There are 5 open seats for the TC Board of Directors. Candidates receiving the most votes will get the longest terms. Here
is a preview of candidates for those positions. Ballots will be available the week before the election/annual homeowners’
meeting on May 10. If you missed the deadline to apply, you can still be nominated from the floor at the meeting. For ques-
tions, please contact the TC Office at 892-2256.

                           MEET THE CANDIDATES...
                                          (Candidates are listed in alphabetical order)

           Mindy Carr, Sendero Drive
           I am very active in the community and would like the opportunity to make a difference in my neighborhood. My
           goals as a TC Board member would be to: 1. work hard to maintain our property values and quality of life in TC;
           2. Find ways to cut the budget so that we do not have to raise dues and 3. Be part of a Board that works with

                                                          Candy Atkinson Goodrich, Travis Country Circle
           In November I began serving on the TC board to fill a vacancy. I earned a degree in public relations
from the University of Texas and have worked as a writer, computer analyst, and Texas real estate broker. We
moved to Travis Country in 1986. The youngest two of our children, now teenagers, grew up here. Julie is an
honors student and varsity softball player at Austin High and Marc is a Liberal Arts Honors student at UT. We all
enjoyed Travis Country so much that I began working with TC swim team, recreation events, and pool committee, serving
as its chair from 1996 to 2002. Additionally, I have been Oak Hill Youth Sports Association league commissioner, Oak Hill
Elementary fund-raiser chair, and Julie and I volunteer with National Charity League where I am currently NCL Ronald
McDonald House liaison. I favor a conservative financial approach for Travis Country, while knowing we need to maintain
sufficient capital reserves, and maintain our greenbelts and amenities at a level expected of a high quality neighborhood. I
want to see improved upkeep of our facilities and more efficient office management. Thank you for your consideration.

          Brian Julian, Hero Drive
          My wife and I moved to Travis Country two years ago to start our family. I believe we were very lucky to find
          such a wonderful community. I would appreciate the opportunity to give back to the neighborhood we enjoy so
          much. I was born and raised in Texas, received my BA from Tulane University and completed my MBA at The
          University of Texas. As an entrepreneur and business owner, the two most important traits I hope to bring to the
          Board are fiscal responsibility and fair-mindedness in addressing the needs of the neighborhood. Thank you for
your consideration.

                                                                                  Robert May, Canyonbend Circle
My family and I have been proud members of Travis Country since 1997 and we appreciate the hard work that
goes into making this a great place to live. It is time for me to give back to the community where my kids enjoy
playing and laughing in a safe environment. I feel being a member of the Board will give me the opportunity to
help maintain and protect the culture of our neighborhood, foster a safe community, and support the values that
make us all glad we’re here. I have been active for many years with the Capital Best Robotics competition for young peo-
ple. My wife and I volunteer at Oak Hill Elementary. I am an electrical engineer with Sigmatel. My interests are in art and

            John McCulloch, Painted Pony Cove
           I have served as an appointed Board member since August 2005. I am an Austin Water Utility employee spe-
           cializing in wastewater regulations and I feel that my experience as a Utility (and City of Austin) employee will
           benefit Travis Country as the area grows around our neighborhood. I believe that giving back to one’s neighbor-
           hood is important and that there is no better way to accomplish that goal than to serve as a Board member.

                                                                           Anthony Peterman, Eagle Feather
My wife and I have lived in Travis Country for 8 years and we have three kids-William 7, Claire 5, and Brooke 3.
We love living here and feel lucky that we bought our house here and not one of the other areas we were con-
sidering back then. I have served on the Board for the last 5 years. There have been some interesting issues
come up during that time, and the future looks to bring more of the same as well as growing challenges from
development in this part of the city. I am running again for a Board position because I want to continue helping
Travis Country sustain what we have and make it even better. I would appreciate your vote.
Page 6
At the annual meeting, residents will also vote on five proposed amendments to the By-laws. The following is a
brief list of the proposed by-law amendments and opinions from those for and against the amendment. The
information below has been edited for space, for the full text of the amendments, please see the Association’s
Notice of Annual Meeting mailing or go to and click on “proposed amendments”.

    BY-LAWS AMENDMENT NUMBER 1                                  BY-LAWS AMENDMENT NUMBER 3
Article Thirteen                                            Article Four, Section 4.01 adds language that no
Section 13.01 eliminates Class D membership, re-            Lot shall be represented by more than one person.
quires 100 days notice (instead of 30), requires resi-
dent/member to provide 50 signatures to propose a           For/Yes: Two people from one household would tend
By-law amendment, permits Board to propose an               to have similar views and support each other's agen-
amendment by a 2/3 vote, includes 60 day notice be-         das. This By-Law Amendment ensures a diversity of
fore annual meeting.                                        ideas on the Board.
Section 13.02 requires all proposed amendments to
be submitted to TCCSA legal counsel for review         Against/No: Articles provide for each lot to have 2
unless Board unanimously approves that legal opinion   votes, so each voter should have the right to run for
not necessary.                                         the Board. People of differing political, religious and
                                                       moral beliefs are often common owners of one lot.
Section 13.03 if Board votes not to approve pro-       Recent history shows Board members from same
posed amendment, residents/members may overrule household don’t always vote the same way.
Board by petition of at least 100 signatures, petition
must be submitted not less than 30 days before an-         BY-LAWS AMENDMENT NUMBER 4
nual meeting.                                          Article Four, Section 4.01 adds that no person who
Section 13.024 In case of any conflict between Arti-        co-habitats or is related by 1st degree of consanguin-
cles and by-laws, the Articles control and in case of       ity may serve on Board at same time.
conflict between Declaration and By-laws, the Decla-
ration controls.                                            For/Yes: Many companies and governmental agen-
                                                            cies have policy against nepotism. This amendment
For/Yes: Class D membership no longer exists. The           promotes a diverse representation of our community
other changes are designed to clarify the procedure         without cultivating favoritism in our Board.
for proposing amendments. Current wording does not
reflect original intent and does not provide Board suffi-   Against/No: See reasons in Amendment 3. Also,
cient time to screen all proposals. This amendment          prohibiting persons related by 1st degree of consan-
provides clear procedure and timetable for submis-          guinity would impinge on the rights of family members
sion, Board consideration and legal review.                 who own separate homes in TC.

Against/No: Parts of amendment make common                   BY-LAWS AMENDMENT NUMBER 5
sense, but residents are asked to accept the whole       Article Four, Section 4.06 adds requirement for
package. To set limitations on the homeowners makes criminal background check of Board members. Ex-
it difficult for a homeowner to come forward, while at   cludes juvenile convictions.
the same time not setting any limitations for the Board.
                                                         For/Yes: Board Members, like other elected officials
     BY-LAWS AMENDMENT NUMBER 2                          whom we place our trust in should not have a convic-
Article Three, Section 3.01 Changing the annual          tion for any crime involving moral turpitude, theft or
meeting date/time from May at 7:30 pm to April at 7      fraud. Our board members are entrusted with a large
pm.                                                      budget and if an incident occurred involving theft by a
                                                         member who had a conviction our insurance carrier
For/Yes: Moving the annual meeting from May to           may not cover the loss.
April would help parents of school age children, man-
agement staff, and new Board members. A 7 pm start          Against/No: Requiring background checks would
time would benefit many working homeowners.                 discourage capable candidates from running due to
                                                            privacy concerns. Existing By-laws require Board to
Against/No: No opposing viewpoint to this amend-            “cause all officers or employees having fiscal respon-
ment has surfaced.                                          sibilities to be bonded.”
                                                                                                             Page 7
Page 8                                                                                   TC Notes

neighborhood                                          the club or come to any of the classes to join. Want
                                                      more info? or call 899-
notices                                               1018.

           Yard of the Month Congratulations to     Yoga Club Take advantage of the
           Douglas Hudson, 5605 Hero Drive, for     unique opportunity to practice Yoga
           his lovely yard.                         right here in Travis Country, with two
                                                    accomplished instructors. Marsha's
                                                    classes are Sunday evenings at 7 pm,
Billie Walcott is planning to head up the Ice Cream Wednesday evenings at 6 pm and
     Social on Sunday, June 18 in celebration of    Tuesday morning at 10 am. Bekir's class is Mon-
 Father’s Day. Call her at 892-1676 to volunteer.   day night at 7:00 pm. Classes are 90 minutes and
                                                    cost $96 for a series of 8, the first one is free! Con-
                                                    tact Marsha at 892-7733 or Bekir at 444-YOGA
                                                    ( ) to attend.
committee news and
                                                                  Bunco Club meets the first Monday of
                Architecture Committee (ACC)                      each month at the TC Office at Blue
                We approved 9 applications, condi-                Valley. We welcome new players, and
                tionally approved 1, and 2 are                    encourage you to bring your significant
                pending. When an application for                  other. Contact
                an improvement has been filed and     or 892-3116 for more information.
                the data is incomplete, the process
                is slowed down. If the ACC cannot
                review an application, a pending      Scrapbook Club meets the second
report must be filed with a list of the incomplete    and fourth Thursday of each month
data requested. Be sure that the legal survey is      at 7 pm at the TC Office. Come pre-
always included along with any neces-                 serve some memories and meet
sary drawings, photos, paint colors, materials lists, new friends! Contact Kirsten at 892-
etc.                                                  8899 or

Pool Committee Still working with the Sharks on a
storage shed at Hilltop Pool.                                       Covenant of the Month
                                                              8.0209 Nuisances (edited)
                                                                No rubbish, or debris of any kind
                                                              shall be placed or permitted to accu-
club news and                                                 mulate upon or adjacent to any Lot
reports                                                       within Travis Country, and no odors
                                                              shall be permitted to arise therefrom,
                                                              so as to render such Lot or any por-
Salsa Dance Club Please join us! Check sched- tion thereof unsanitary, unsightly, offensive or detri-
ules and fees at         mental to any other Lot in vicinity thereof or to its
May Schedule: Mondays, 8-9pm Salsa Dance Club occupants. No nuisance shall be permitted to exist
(no need to bring a partner)                  or operate upon any such Lot so as to be offensive
No classes for kids until school starts.      or detrimental to any other Lot in the vicinity thereof
To keep up with what is going                 or to its occupants. Without limiting the generality
on in town for social dancing,                of any of the foregoing provisions, no exterior
join our list at                              speakers, horns, whistles, bells or other sound de- or                    vices, except security devises shall be located,
visit the web site at                         used or placed on any such property. The Board in and                       its sole discretion shall have the right to determine
click on the Yahoo button.                    the existence of any such nuisance.
You don't need to belong to
Page 9                                                                                           TC Notes
     Greenbelt Survey on Wildfires                                 First Quarter Financials
                                                        by Bill Kemp
by Kent Lattig                                                    A comparison of first quarter financials to a
     A sample survey of Travis Country (TC) home-       prorated first quarter budget reveals that the Asso-
owners, whose property adjoin the TC Greenbelt          ciation’s income is about $9,400 below the budget
(or the Barton Creek Greenbelt), was done April         amount while expenses are about $10,800 below
17-19 by resident Kent Lattig. The questionnaire        the budget amount. The net change is about
was designed to assess homeowner concern for            $1,400 higher than we anticipated. So we are off to
potential greenbelt wildfire along portions of the      a good start in meeting a very lean budget. I am
north and east boundary of TC. The 54 homeown-          optimistic that we will catch up on assessment in-
ers in the survey reside on the greenbelt side of       come, which is difficult to predict on a quarterly
Quickwater Cove, Travis Country Circle, Eagles          basis. The major expense item differences are as
Landing Dr., and Sacred Arrow Dr. from Sendero          follows. Our actual insurance costs are about
Dr. east and south to Sycamore Creek at Blue Val-       $1,400 below budget. The budget provided for
ley. 29 questionnaires were collected prior to the      staff raises based on Goodwin Management rec-
April Board meeting. Initial results indicate that      ommendations; however, the Board has not ap-
90% of the responding homeowners are concerned          proved any raises thus far this year. An invoice for
about wildfire in the greenbelt. 65% of the respon-     $2,400 for assessment coupons that is usually paid
dents estimated the threat as "possible", while 31%     in January was paid in December of 2005. Our
labeled the threat as "high". 79% wanted                maintenance expenses are lower than budget by
"something done to reduce the threat of wildfire".      about $1,000.
When asked "if they would volunteer to help" in a                 Preparing this budget comparison is quite
program to reduce the threat of wildfire, 38% said      time-consuming. Please email me at
"yes" and another 51% said "maybe". 90% of the if you believe it is useful.
respondents wanted to receive the Texas Forestry        Depending on the responses, I will determine
Service (TFS) or the Office of Emergency Manage-        whether to continue this comparison in future is-
ment (OEM) "Wildfire Prevention Guidance" printed       sues.
information, which have been requested from Aus-                      First Quarter Budget Figures
tin/Travis OEM.
    Other TC homeowners, whose property adjoin                                      Budget Actual Difference
other portions of the TC "greenbelt," are encour-        Assessments                166,031 159,045
aged to participate in an additional survey.             Other Income               2,573   2,995
    The goal of the survey is to determine home-         Total Income               171,429 162,040 9,389
owner interest and support for a greenbelt wildfire
prevention program. It is envisioned that                Taxes And Insurance        26,617    25,013    1,604
                                                         Mgmt/Staff                 30,281    26,460    3,821
the program would be developed through the com-          Utilities                  10,700    9,957     743
bined efforts of TC homeowners, the TCCSA                Grounds Maintenance        13,864    13,548    316
Board, the Austin Fire Department (AFD), the TFS,        Pools                      5,955     5,112     843
and the Austin/Travis OEM. It is further envisioned      Patrol Service             1,500     1,185     315
that initially, one TC property will be selected as a    Maintenance incl. Salary   16,040    14,820    1,220
"model" for compliance with TFS/AFD/OEM                  TC Notes and website       2,310     1,611     699
"wildfire prevention guidance". Once the "model"         Legal & Audit              3,056     3,044     12
property has been completed, a program for the           Social Activities          990       997       -7
                                                         Telephone                  1,625     1,658     -33
entire TC community will be developed based upon
                                                         Office Expense             2,550     2,236     314
resources (including volunteers) expended on the         Annual & Board Mtgs        360       243       117
"model" property. If such program is approved by         Misc. Administration       768       200       568
the Board, the program would be implemented              Key Deposit Refund         750       450       300
consistent with the resources available.                 Capital Contribution       6,050     6,050     0
    Homeowners interested in the complete results        Total Expenditures         123,416   112,584   10,832
of the survey should contact Kent Lattig at
892-1612.                                                Net Change                 48,014    49,456    1442
Page 10                                                                                           TC Notes
                    Block Parties!                           by-laws. One deals with an anti-nepotism policy
                                                             and the other sets a minimum standard for the
A Sendero/Magdelena block party took place on                character of a Board member.
the evening of April 8. Neighbors came out to chat,                    By-Law Amendment Number Four is a pol-
eat hotdogs, and watch the kids play. Fun was had            icy that several companies and governmental
by all (minus a few bumps and bruises). Organiz-             agencies have against nepotism. This amendment
ers hope to make the party a biannual event.                 would promote a diverse representation of our
Preparations are already underway for the next               community without cultivating favoritism within our
party in October.                                            board. Keep in mind this amendment only prohibits
                                                             individuals who co-habitat or are related by 1st de-
                                                             gree of consanguinity (parent child or sibling rela-
                                                             tionship) from serving at the same time.
                                                                       By-Law Amendment Number Five focuses
                                                             on the character and qualification to serve on the
                                                             Board. Our Board members, like other elected offi-
                                                             cials whom we place our trust in, should not have a
                                                             felony or misdemeanor conviction for any crime
                                                             involving moral turpitude, theft or fraud. Our Board
                                                             members are entrusted with a large budget. If an
                                                             incident occurred involving theft by a member who
        Residents of Sendero and Magdalena enjoy a potluck   had a conviction, our insurance carrier may not
                                                             cover the loss. Not to mention they represent our
Residents of the Hero Drive/Travis Green area had            community.
an Easter egg hunt themed block party on April 15.                     Unfortunately, we live in a society where
                                                             school PTA officials have used PTA funds for per-
                                                             sonal use, campaign officials have used funds
                                                             trusted to them for personal use, corporate scan-
                                                             dals, and the misuse of funds at public television.
                                                             The Texas Department of Public Safety charges
                                                             $15.00 a search. This by-law amendment would be
                                                             a preventative step in protecting our interest. Most
                                                             businesses, county and state offices, child care
                                                             workers, volunteer mentors, and persons in a posi-
                                                             tion of trust require this minimum requirement. Our
         Hero Drive/Travis Green residents finish up         community should expect no less.
                    their Easter egg hunt                              Unlike the by-Law requirement for an an-
                                                             nual audit of the Association books which has not
                                                             been adhered to for the past two years, proposed
MAILBOX                                                      by-law amendment # 5 sets out a procedure for
                                                             the Board to follow. Like any other rule it’s up to the
                                                             Board and Association members to hold each other
Dear Editor:                                                 accountable.

         I recently submitted two                   Sincerely,
proposed by-law amendments along with the rea-      Leonard Saenz
sons for such changes to the TC Board. I was sur-
prised that the Board omitted my reasons for sub-
mitting the proposed by-laws and instead chose                    Want to send us a letter? Email us at
only to include their voting recommendations in the  or drop it at the
annual meeting notice.                                                   TC office, attn: TC Notes
                                                      Please note that the TC Notes staff reserves the right to edit
         Before submitting my proposals, I had sev-          letters for brevity, grammar, style and clarity.
eral conversations with my neighbors about them
and they encouraged me to submit two proposed
Page 11                                                                                                 TC Notes
                                                              sapphire crystal has anti-reflective coating; precise Swiss
                        Wanted                                quartz movement. $700. 899-8571.

One more student for Spanish class for 3-7 year olds          Glass table and 4 chairs, $175; CD stand, $5; TV stand,
taught here in TC. We meet at 4 pm on Thursdays and           $10; Full size box spring, $25; Twin mattress, $25; Gen-
classes are 45 minutes long. Cost is $30/month. If inter-     tly used Yakima Jogging Stroller, very good condition,
ested, please call Cathy Parkes at 891-5300.                  $150; 4-bottle wine stand, $5; 6-bottle wine stand, $5.
                                                              Call 891-0199.
Babysitter, who babysits other children in her home, for a
16 month old child. Contact Arif at 892-2052 or            JVC tuner and 5-disk CD player with remote control and                                         2 oak veneer speakers, $60. Lin 899-2868.

Looking for used beaded jewelry of any kind (broken           Plus size clothes available in many colors and styles;
pieces too) for a scout project. If you can donate, please    many shirts, t-shirts, capris, pants, and dresses. Call me
call 892-2246 for pick up or drop off at 4706 Travis          and check them out. All of them still have the tags or like
Country Circle.                                               new condition. 892-2074.

Someone to repair pictures frames. Call Mary 892-2074.        Model 395CW Pro-form Crosswalk treadmill; seldom
                                                              used; 5 years old. New, $400, asking $175 OBO. 892-
Want a fun, inexpensive birthday party for your child? A      0266.
friend and I have reserved Radijazz for Sunday, June 25
from 3-5 pm. We'd like to invite another mom to split the                             Babysitting
cost and fun! Since it is a private party, it will not be open
to the public, so there will be plenty of room to play!        Kaylyn Remsing, 14, available to watch your child(ren),
Contact: Erika 899-8464 or 914-8444.                           prefer ages 3 and up. CPR and First Aid Certified, Seton
                                                               babysitting certified. Parental supervision if needed. Sav-
Sharks Swim Team needs an upright refrigerator/freezer. ing for my first car. 892-2246.
If you have one to donate, contact Mark Porter 427-3358
or 899-1699.                                                   Need a summer nanny/sitter? Call Tara Johnston, 14-
                                                               year old TC resident seeking 3-5 days per week (hours
             Homes for Sale/Lease                              flexible) caring for your child, ages 4 months and up, in
                                                               your home. Red Cross certified. 899-8069. Evening
Spacious 4/2/2 with pool; lovely home on shady quiet           babysitting also available.
street ; A/C studio/workshop with skylights; covered patio
with fan; updated interior; ranch, 2100 sq; built in 1978. Eric Espinoza, 15, would love to entertain your child/
Offered at $337K. Shown by appointment, no agents              children, ages 3 and up, Red Cross certified. 892-1817.
please. Lenny (512) 653-6440 Pic-
tures               Mallory Motal, 18, experienced, responsible, CPR Certi-
                                                               fied, FirstAid Certified. 892-4029.
3/2/2 house at 4603 Cap Rock will be available for lease
at the end of May/early June. $1200/month. Kent at 799-
7770,                                                    Lawn/Pet/Plant Care
                                                              Let us “doo” your dirty work! “Pick Up Poo”. Prices: One
                       For Sale                               Time $8.00/one dog, $2.00 each additional dog. Weekly
                                                              $5.00, one dog, $2.00, additional dogs. We do pet sitting,
Glass dining table, 6'x3.5' w/ 6 off-white Parson's chairs;   too. John, 12 and David Walter, 14. Call 892-5531.
good condition or can be slip covered; glass base. $299.
Call cell# 423-6375 to see or for pictures by email.       Caleb Ingels, 14, experienced and hard working, avail-
                                                           able to mow, edge, and weed eat, willing to babysit, pet-
Little Tykes large playscape with two slides and a tunnel. sit, or do any other job around the house. 899-4600 or
Best offer. 775-8537.                            

BabyJogger Brand single stroller; I have receipt (was         Kaylyn Remsing, 14, would like to watch your pets,
originally $200) and other papers, $65; other assorted        house and plants while you are away. 8 years of commu-
baby items - diaper jeanie, adjustable stroller,              nity experience. Parental supervision. 892-2246.
crib bedding, more. 892-0246.
Omega Seamaster 300M men's midsize watch style                Eric Espinoza, 15, quality lawn care at reasonable
2561-James Bond series; 4 years old, good shape;              prices, experienced, regular or one time service avail-
stainless steel case; brushed/polished steel strap; unidi-    able. 892-1817.
rectional rotating blue aluminum bezel; scratch resistant
Page 12                                                                                                  TC Notes
Craig Garrison, 16, 3 years experience;     Mallory Motal, 18, experienced, reliable.      TC Notes Volunteer
mows, weed eats, edges, leaf blows,         892-4029.                                      Production Team
other physical work; hard working and
reliable. 905-9908.                                            Other                       Editor
                                                                                           Tricia Born
Daniel Rowe, 16, I am available for mow-
ing, edging, weedeating, raking, bagging,   Looking to start a women’s book club in
                                                                                           Reporter/Ad Coordinator
weed-pulling, and pretty much any other     TC. Literary fiction, nonfiction. If inter-
                                                                                           Bonnie Grobar
job around the house you can think of,      ested, please contact Kathleen at
very experienced and reliable, refer-
ences available. 740-5734, 358-0255 or
                                                                                           Maggie Fitzgerald                          To a good home - 6 month old rescue
                                                                                           Ozlem Warren
                                            dog, female terrier mix, very cute and
Mark Knippa, 16, available for lawn and     sweet; vet thinks she’ll be about 25-30        Distribution
pet care, experienced and responsible.      pounds when fully grown; would be
                                                                                           60 wonderful TC residents
892-0952.                                   great with kids and plays well with other
                                            dogs; spayed and vaccinated. Call 293-
                                                                                          Want to contact us?
Mowing, trimming, and edging services;      3366 for more information or photos.
                                                                                        Call 892-2256 or email
also pet and plant care; experienced and
responsible. Call Wes Collins, 17, at 899- A three piece cement alligator was stolen
8097.                                      from my front yard on Sendero the night
                                           of Friday, April 14, 2006. I had a small
Zane Jungman, 17, a very responsible       mosaic turtle stolen from the front yard
person whom you can trust. House sit-      about 6 months ago. If anyone knows          All articles co-written by
ting and lawn mowing, but is particularly where they are, I will give a reward for     Bonnie Grobar and Tricia
good with pets. Willing to go the extra    their return. Kathy Garland               Born unless otherwise noted.
mile. Don't hesitate to call 892-3751.

                                                                                           Travis Country
                                                                                           Community Service
                     May Events Calendar                                                   Association
Yoga Club                   See page 8                         Private homes
                                                                                           Travis Country Office
Salsa Dance Club            See page 8            8-9 pm       5934 Rep. of Texas          892-2256
Bunco Club                  Mon. 5/1              7 pm         TCCSA Office
                                                                                           After hours
Grounds Committee           Wed. 5/3              7 pm         TCCSA Office                289-1616
Hilltop Pool Opens          Sat. 5/6-Sun. 5/7     7 pm         Hilltop pool only           Fax
Pool Committee              Mon. 5/8              7 pm         TCCSA Office
                                                  BBQ at       TCCSA Office and Pool       Board Email
Annual Homeowners’          Wed. 5/10
                                                  6:30, mtg    Pavilion on Blue Valley
Meeting                                           at 7:30 pm   Drive
                                                                                           Travis Country Gen. Email
Scrapbook Club                                                                   
                            Thurs. 5/11 & 5/25    1-7 pm       TCCSA Office
POOL SEASON OPENS           Sat. 5/13             1-7 pm       BV and Hilltop pools

Architecture Committee      Wed. 5/17             7 pm         TCCSA Office                  Thank you for reading the TC
                                                                                            Notes and keeping up with your
Board of Directors Meeting Thurs. 5/18            6 pm         TCCSA Office                       community’s news!

TC Notes Deadline           Fri. 5/19             5 pm   Printed on 100% recycled paper
                                                                                                 by Oak Hill Printing
Notes Delivered to Captns   Sat. 5/27                          To block captains

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