Leisure Guide Spring2009 - LEISURE by fjwuxn


                     SUMMER 2009
  Your guide to Vancouver’s parks and recreation services
            Let your kids have a blast
              at our giant indoor playground...

  Open everday until Sept. 6

  Children up to 12 years old
  can slide, bounce, climb,
  ride and play in a safe
    Giant in atable slide, obstacle course and
    Ride-on toys, ping pong, foosball and
    basketball shooting
    Toddler area with padded ooring, toys and
    musical instruments
    Drop-in admission starts at $3.00 and 10-visit
    strip tickets are also available at discounted
    Birthday parties can be booked while we are
    open to the public or privately after hours
    every day of the week!

  Kerrisdale Arena
  5670 East Boulevard | 604-257-8121

                                                       For more information
                                                      visit our website or call

   It's Fun, A ordable and Accessible

Leisure Guide - Summer 2009

 Vancouver Board of Parks & Recreation, 2009
                                                                            Outdoor Pools
Sports and

                                                                                                                                                           SPORTS & REC
                                                                            Outdoor Pools (see schedules on page 21)

Recreation                                                                  The Park Board operates three neighbourhood pools and two destina-
                                                                            tion beachside pools. Kitsilano Beach Pool, the only salt water pool in
                                                                            the city, offers easy access beach-entry for children. Second Beach Pool
                                                                            in Stanley Park is beach-entry style pool on the shores of English Bay and
                                                                            on the east side of the city, New Brighton Park Pool offers regular length

                                                                                                                                                           PARKS & GARDENS
Beaches                                                                     swimming and a beach-entry for toddlers. All the pools are heated and
Almost 18 kilometres (11 miles) of pristine beaches surround Vancou-        accessible to persons with disabilities. Contact the pools for details.
ver. We have special areas that have been cordoned-off for swimming,
ensuring maximum lifeguard coverage. For beach information, call 604-       Maple Grove Pool          604-266-9512, 51st Ave and Marine Drive
738-8535 from mid-May to mid-September.                                     Mount Pleasant Pool       604-713-1895, 16th Ave and Ontario Street
                                                                            New Brighton Pool         604-298-0222, Windermere and Nookta
English Bay              Beach Avenue at Denman Street                      Second Beach Pool         604-257-8371, Second Beach in Stanley Park
Jericho                  Trimble and West 4th west of Point Grey            Kitsilano Beach Pool      604-731-0011, Cornwall and Maple Streets
Kitsilano                Waterfront north end of Yew Street

Locarno                  West of Trimble Street on N.W. Marine Drive
Second Beach             West side of Stanley Park
Spanish Bank East        West of Tolmie St. on N.W. Marine Drive
Spanish Bank Ext         West of Spanish Bank West
Spanish Bank West        West of Spanish Bank East
Sunset Beach             foot of Bute Street near Burrard Bridge            Five Free Fun Ways to Get into Summer

Third Beach              West side of Stanley Park
Trout Lake               2100 block E. 19th off Victoria Drive              Everyone is budget conscious these days. The Park Board offers hun-
                                                                            dreds of ways to get active and have fun this summer—many for little
Sand Volleyball
                                                                            or no cost. There’s something for every age, interest, ability and budget.
Volleyball is permitted at all Vancouver beaches, except for Second and
                                                                            Here are just a few suggestions to get you started.
Third Beaches. Players should bring their own volleyballs and nets; lim-
ited nets are given out on a first-come, first-served basis. Consult with
                                                                            Tennis Grab your racquet, call a friend and head down to your clos-
the lifeguard for designated safe play areas.
                                                                            est tennis courts. There are well maintained courts located all around

Volleyball League Play                                                      the city.
Leagues are welcome weekday evenings for one night per week. Small
tournaments can be accommodated on weekends. Major events (over             Blade the ‘Wall' Or put on your walking shoes or get on your bike. The
four courts) are limited to Kitsilano and Spanish Bank beaches. Shaugh-     Stanley Park Seawall is still one of the easiest ways to enjoy the very best
nessy Park has three sand volleyball courts. Volleyball net rentals, 604-   outdoor experience Vancouver has to offer.
291-2007. For information call 604-257-8489.
                                                                            Basketball Gather some friends and shoot some hoops. We have over
                                                                            40 courts located in our parks around the city.

                                                                            Step Out Walks Last year Vancouver won a well-deserved award as the
Lawn Bowling
                                                                            most walkable city in Canada—and with good reason. Check out the
                                                                            Active Communities page on our web site for over 40 themed walks—
The Park Board provides seven outdoor lawn bowling greens that are          arts, history, ecology, 2010 Winter Games—plus trails and jogging paths.
operated in partnership with community clubs. Visitors are always           There’s also lots of other helpful information about getting active and
welcome.                                                                    fit.

Elm Park                          604-261-1116
                                                                            Wading Pools and Spray Parks Kids love playing in the water and the
Granville Park                    604-731-8422
                                                                            wading pools and spray parks located in our neighbourhood parks make
Grays Park                        604-874-3038
                                                                            this an easy way to keep the kids busy and active. These facilities are
Memorial West Park                604-228-8428
                                                                            supervised on a scheduled basis during specific times in the summer.
Queen Elizabeth Park              604-879-8916
Stanley Park                      604-683-0910
West Point Grey Park              604-224-6556
                                                                                                                      Find out more online at:
                                                                                                                      vancouverparks.ca               3
               Skateboard Parks                                                            Boating Marinas

               Skateboard facilities are located in a number of parks around the city      The beautiful False Creek basin offers a variety of slips for long and
               offering something for everyone from the beginner to the highly             short-term stays with a multitude of services. In addition, our marinas
               skilled and for a range of interests including bowls, ramps, hipboxes       are close to one of the world’s best public markets.
               and street-style layouts. Check with your local community centre for
               special skateboard events and programs at the facilities listed below.      Burrard Bridge Civic Marina         604-733-5833, 1655 Whyte Avenue
                                                                                           Heather Street Civic Marina         604-874-2814, 600 Stamps Landing
               China Creek Park South
               East Broadway and Clark Drive                                               Vanier Launching Ramp
               The redeveloped skate facility retains the original features that include   This centrally located facility, where beautiful Vanier Park meets False
               two bowls – the “teacup” and the “bathtub” – highly valued by the           Creek, is perfect for the launching of trailered craft up to 26 feet in size.
               skateboarding community. It is open dawn until dusk daily.                  A modest parking fee includes the cost of launching by day or through
                                                                                           a yearly pass. For further information, please call 604-733-5833.
               Coopers’ Park
               North False Creek, under Cambie Bridge                                      Coal Harbour
               Two skate benches, grind rail and other features have been added            Short-term moorage is available at the Harbour Green dock in Coal Har-
               to make the park more skate-friendly, separate from the children’s          bour. Leisure crafts are entitled to free three hour moorage on the dock
               playground.                                                                 during daytime only. No overnight or after dark moorage is permitted.

               Downtown Skateboard Plaza
               Quebec and Union Streets under the Georgia/Dunsmuir
               located under the viaducts near the southeast corner of Andy Living-
               stone Park. Street-style skateboard park, one of the first of its kind in
               North America.                                                              Tennis

               False Creek Community Centre                                                Residents in Vancouver have free access to over 180 tennis courts
               1318 Cartwright Street                                                      throughout city neighbourhoods. Beginners can find affordable com-
               Operated on a basketball court with a                                       munity centre lesson programs all year round.
               launch ramp, fun box and rails during
               programmed events.                                                          The Rules
                                                                                           A few simple rules are posted at all courts. Casual tennis play is on a
               Hastings Park                                                               first come, first served basis. Should all courts be full when you arrive
               Pandora and Renfrew Streets                                                 at a court, the players have a 30 minutes maximum time to play before
               Three skateboard bowls and a street course                                  surrendering the court. Find tennis court locations on our website.
               are available from dawn ‘til dusk.

               Strathcona Park                                                                                                Tennis clubs at community centres
               Prior Street and Campbell Avenue                                                                                 and parks
               Beginner to intermediate street-style layout.                                                                    False Creek         604-257-8195
                                                                                                                                Queen Elizabeth     604-257-8130
               Quilchena Park                                                                                                   Stanley Park        604-605-8224
               4590 Magnolia Street                                                                                            Trout Lake           604-257-6955
               Beginner to intermediate plaza style
               obstacles.                                                                                                     Pay Tennis Courts in Stanley Park
                                                                                                                              Pay tennis courts are located next
                                                                                                                              to the Fish House Restaurant near
                                                                                                                               the Beach Avenue park entrance.
               Sports Courts                                                                                                    Reserve May through September
                                                                                                                                by phone, 604-605-8224, or in
               The Park Board’s wide variety of sport courts and circuits are used year                                         person. Tennis hours of operation
               ‘round no matter what the weather. There’s a variety of outdoor sport                                            are Monday to Friday, 3 pm to dusk,
               courts for basketball, disc golf, volleyball and lacrosse found in parks                                         Saturday/Sunday/statutory holidays
               around the city. Casual play—first come, first served.                                                          9 am to dusk.

               For sport court sites visit ParkFinder on our web site.

                          Find out more online at:
               4          vancouverparks.ca
Wading Pools and Spray Parks                                                 Rinks

                                                                                                                                                           SPORTS & REC
Wading Pools                                                                 Summer Ice
These shallow, water play features are located on the following neigh-       Public skating and skate rentals are available at Britannia and Sunset
bourhood parks are supervised on a scheduled basis during specific           rinks. One time and regular ice rental times are also available.
times in summer. Extreme drought can compromise the filling of wad-          See page 21 for public skate times or visit our website.
ing pools due to water restrictions.
                                                                             Get Ready for Winter
                                                                             Take advantage of our $99/hour rate and book some preseason ice
Balaclava Park Dunbar CC                                604-222-6060
                                                                             (August 17 to September 20) in preparation for your upcoming hockey
Bobolink Park Killarney CC                              604-718-8200
                                                                             or ringette season, or just get together with family and friends! Sale
Brewers Park, Trout Lake CC                             604-257-6955
                                                                             starts on July 2. Check the website for availability and call 604-257-
Burrard View Park, Hastings CC                          604-718-6222
                                                                             8124 or email pbrinks@vancouver.ca for details.
Clinton Park, Hastings CC                               604-718-6222
Collingwood Park, Renfrew Park CC                       604-257-8388         Dry Floor Rentals
Columbia Park, Riley Park CC                            604-718-6505         Change it up a bit by playing ball hockey this summer and improving
Douglas Park, Douglas Park CC                           604-257-8130         your inline skating skills with roller hockey. Check the schedule on
Falaise Park, Renfrew CC                                604-257-8388         page 21 for dry floor details.
Garden Park, Britannia CC                               604-718-5800
Grays Park, Kensington CC                               604-718-6200
Killarney Park, Killarney CC                            604-718-8200         Racquetball and Squash
Maple Grove Park, Kerrisdale CC                         604-257-8100
                                                                             The Park Board offers racquet courts at eight community centres con-
Moberly Park, Sunset CC                                 604-718-6505
                                                                             veniently located throughout the city.
Nanaimo Park, Killarney CC                              604-718-8200
Norquay Park, Killarney CC                              604-718-8200
                                                                             •	 Racquetball	courts:		Britannia,	Mount	Pleasant,	
Pandora Park, Hastings CC                               604-718-6222
                                                                                West End and Marpole-Oakridge Community
Prince Edward Park, Riley Park CC                       604-257-8545
Riley Park, Riley Park CC                               604-257-8545
                                                                             •	 Squash	courts;		Champlain	Heights,	Dunbar,	and	
Robson Park, Mt Pleasant CC                             604-713-1888
                                                                                West End Community Centres
Ross Park, Sunset CC                                    604-718-6505
Slocan Park, Renfrew CC                                 604-257-8388
                                                                             Lessons and competitive leagues are
Sunrise Park, Thunderbird CC                            604-713-1818
                                                                             available at some locations. Please call
West Point Grey Park, West Point Grey CC                604-257-8140
                                                                             604-257-8400 for more information.
Woodland Park, Britannia CC                             604-718-5800

Spray Parks
Unexpected water spouts, canon streams, flower showers and ankle             New Program!
depth rills all combine to cool off kids amidst a fun-filled water feature   Sunrise Yoga at Locarno and Second Beach
in the following parks. A drought can compromise the operation of            Join in a morning sunrise yoga practice at the beach to energize
those facilities without recirculating water due to water restrictions.      your day! Enjoy feeling your stress melt away – this is a time for you.
                                                                             Students will be guided to work at their own pace; beginners are
Chaldecott Park, Dunbar CC                              604-222-6060         welcome! To register online visit the web site vancouverparks.ca or
Clark Park, Trout Lake CC                               604-257-6955         contact the community centre for details.
Connaught Park, Kitsilano CC                            604-257-6976
CRAB Park, Ray-Cam CC                                   604-257-6949                                     Locarno Beach Park
Grandview Park, Britannia CC                            604-718-5800                                      West Point Grey Community Centre,
Granville Loop Park, False Creek CC                     604-257-8195                                      4397 West 2nd Ave., 604-257-8140
Harbour Green Park, Coal Harbour CC                     604-718-8222
Hastings Community Park, Hastings CC                    604-718-6222                                     Second Beach
McLean Park, Strathcona CC                              604-713-1838                                    West End Community Centre,
Oak Park, Marpole Oakridge CC                           604-257-8180                                       870 Denman Street, 604-257-8333.
Stanley Park, Park Board Office                         604-257-8400

                                                                                                                        Find out more online at:
                                                                                                                        vancouverparks.ca              5

                 VANCOUVER PARKS GOLF

                            Fraserview                    MCleery               Langara                      Great golf is only a click away.

                                                                                                              Golfers can now book 6 - 30 days in advance
                                                                                                              using the online system for all 3 championship courses.
                                                                                                              There is a non-refundable booking fee for this service.
                                  p a r k s                             g o l f                               Standard online booking up to 5 days in advance is
                                3 GREAT COURSES ... ONE GREAT EXPERIENCE                                      available with no booking fee. www.vancouverparksgolf.ca

                 For the golf enthusiast Vancouver has three exception-        BEGINNER FRIENDLY                                               McCleery
                 al championship public golf courses and three beauti-         Golf is a great sport for those young, or old and for those     7188 MacDonald
                 ful pitch & putt courses offering great year round golf       of all skill levels. Lessons for all ages are offered through   Phone: 604-257-8191
                 at affordable prices. All three championship courses          the Pro Shops at each of the Championship courses, and          Nestled on the north bank of the Fraser River, this
                 have full service clubhouses that are open and airy.          the pitch & putt courses are a great way to get started on      course is open and interspersed with mature trees. Its
                 In addition to a great golf experience each provide           your new sport, or tune up your game.                           narrow fairways and variety of bunkers and water haz-
                 beautiful and unique settings for private parties, busi-                                                                      ards combine to offer a target-style golfing challenge.
                 ness meetings, banquets and special events. Our Golf          CHAMPIONSHIP GOLF COURSES
                 Shops offer a selection of top name golf clubs, acces-        Fraserview                                                      Langara
                 sories and men’s and ladies’ clothing from the game’s         7800 Vivian Drive                                               6706 Alberta Street
                 leading manufacturers. CPGA instructors are available         Phone: 604-257-6923                                             Phone: 604-713-1816
                 year-round for equipment advice and lessons.                  Fraserview is considered one of the finest public                Located in the south central area of Vancouver, this
                                                                               courses in Canada. It is surrounded by towering, ma-            is a traditional-style course with contoured, tree-lined
                 Don’t have the time in your busy life to play a full-length   ture urban forests on an expansive 91 hectare (225              fairways and undulating greens that are considered to
                 golf course? Great for the beginner, or for those who         acre) site.                                                     be the most challenging in town.
                 just want to sharpen their short game, we have three
                 beautiful pitch & putt courses located around the city in
                                                                                     RESTAURANTS – Open to the public 7 days a week.
                 Stanley Park, Queen Elizabeth and Rupert Parks.

                 PITCH & PUTT COURSES
                 Stanley Park                                                  Queen Elizabeth Park                                     Rupert Park
                 Near Beach Avenue entrance                                    Near West 33rd Avenue entrance                           3402 Charles Street
                 Phone: 604-681-8847                                           Phone: 604-874-8336                                      Phone: 604-257-8364
                 With 18 holes ranging from 40 to 100 yards, this              The 18 short, contoured par 3s (none over 110 yards),    With holes from 50 to 120 yards, this is a great course
                 beautiful course is free of hazards and is bordered           are set along a course with no hazards, making it per-   for just learning the game. It is an excellent course
                 by a beautiful rhododendron garden. Adjacent to the           fect for those new to the game. This is a great course   for those wanting to squeeze in a quick game of golf.
                 course is an attractive 18-hole putting green suitable        for mini tournaments as well as providing facilities for Open year round. Reservations available for groups.
                 for all ages. (Putting green is open from Victoria Day        corporate functions.
                 to Labour Day).                                                                                       (No advance booking required for Pitch & Putt courses)


               VPG_LeisureGuide_Mar09.indd 1                                                                                                                                          4/23/09 10:21:05 AM
Fitness Centres                                                               Indoor Swimming Pools (see schedules on page 18)

                                                                                                                                                               SPORTS & REC
                                                                              Most of Vancouver’s nine indoor pools are located within community
The Park Board operates 13 fitness centres and is in partnership with
                                                                              centre complexes and open year-round from early morning to late
Community Associations at an additional 11 facilities across the city.
                                                                              evening making it an easy fit for length swims, aquafit or swim lessons
                                                                              and more. Park Board pools are affordable and accessible to all.
Full range of equipment & specialized services
•	 Weight	rooms	and	cardio	equipment
                                                                              During summer months indoor pools may close for short periods to
•	 Fully	qualified	friendly	staff	and	free	fitness	orientations
                                                                              undergo annual maintenance.
•	 Personal	training	services	and	group	weight	training	programs
•	 Spinning	classes	at	West	End		and	Trout	Lake	Community	Centres
                                                                              Dive in at Killarney – A Wonderful Leisure Pool!
                                                                              Open year ‘round with non-stop public swims throughout the entire
Affordable prices
                                                                              day, lap pool, spray features, lazy river, bubble pit, whirlpool, water slide,
•	 No	long	term	commitment	necessary!	Single	drop-in	starts	at	$5.15
                                                                              steam room and more. Perfect for birthday parties, special events and
•	 Special	discounted	rates	for	strip	of	10	visits	or	FlexiPass,	which	al-
                                                                              therapeutic exercise.
   lows unlimited admission to Park Board fitness centres and pools
•	 Corporate	and	group	rates
                                                                              Swim Lesson Registration
•	 Discounted	rates	for	seniors	(65+),	children	and	youth	
                                                                              Contact the indoor pool of your choice for first time swim lesson regis-
   (13 to 18 years)
                                                                              tration. If you are already enrolled in lessons sign up for the next set of
                                                                              lessons during the last class.

New Program!                                                                  Special Note! Renfrew Pool will be closed for upgrades to change
                                                                              rooms from June 28 to September 14. Lord Byng Pool will be closed
Fit 4 Two®                                                                    for roof work during July and August. Contact the pools for
Stroller Fitness at English Bay                                               closure details.
Fit 4 Two® Stroller Fitness is a mobile way for you to get a full body work
out and still be able to attend to your baby’s needs. Each outdoor class
includes intervals of power walking, functional strength training and
cardio drills followed by postnatal-specific core work and flexibility.
Our mobile intervals are ideal for babies who like to be on the move.
Come out and meet other moms in your community! Women should
be	4+	weeks	postpartum	(6	weeks	for	caesareans).		All	fitness	levels	are	
                                                                              New Program!
To register online visit the website vancouverparks.ca. To register
in person or by phone contact West End Community Centre at                    Biggest Loser Kitsilano
870 Denman Street, 604-257-8333.                                              Have fun, get fit and compete to win a prize. Join the Six-Week Biggest
                                                                              Loser Competition! Now is your chance to participate in a "kinder"
Fit 4 Two®                                                                    version of the TV program. We won't make you cry, embarrass you or
Stroller Bootcamp at Kitsilano Beach                                          send you home if you don't "measure up"! We'll be supportive, help
Let’s get outside! This class is designed for postnatal women who have        you through the down times, and show you how to lose weight and
already eased back into fitness. Bring your baby, yoga mat, water bottle      inches and to develop a healthy life-style that you can stay with the
and any weather specific needs. You do not need a jogging stroller. Pre-      rest of your life.
mobile babies and mobile babies and tots are welcome. Classes take
place outdoors at Kitsilano Beach unless weather is extreme. For safety       The first session will involve measuring and weighing in. Sessions will
reasons mobile babies/tots should remain in their strollers/carrriers/        be held outdoors, rain or shine! Be prepared to run, jump and pump
mom’s arms until core work. Participants must register, no drop-ins.          your way to a healthier and fitter new you. The final session will involve
                                                                              another measurement and weigh in. The participant who loses the
Tuesday/Thursday	       July	7	–	July	30	       9:30	am	-10:30	am	            greatest percentage of body weight and inches will win an exciting
Tuesday/Thursday	       Aug	4	–	Aug	28	         9:30	am	-10:30	am             prize of a 6 month FlexiPass.

To register online visit the web site vancouverparks.ca. To register in-      All classes will be taught by a fully certified BCRPA Personal Trainer.
person or by phone contact Kitsilano Community Centre at 2690 Larch           To	register	online	visit	the	web	site:	vancouverparks.ca.		To	register	in	
Street, 604-257-6976                                                          person or by phone contact Kitsilano Community Centre
                                                                              2690 Larch Street, 604-257-6976

                                                                                                                         Find out more online at:
                                                                                                                         vancouverparks.ca                 7
                                                                                                  VanDusen Botanical Garden
                  Parks, Gardens &
                                                                                                  Renowned as one of North America's top ten botanic gardens, Van-
                                                                                                  Dusen’s 55 acres feature more than 250,000 plants, 11,000 of which are
                                                                                                  recorded specimens, displayed within more than 50 collections and pre-
                                                                                                  sented in a stunningly beautiful setting of lakes, wooded areas and roll-
                                                                                                  ing hills. The Garden is a living museum of documented plant material
                                                                                                  from around the world. Collections are arranged within plant communi-

                                                                                                  ties that represent plants from a particular geographic/ climatic area of
                                                                                                  the world or by plant classification. There is always something in bloom
                                                                                                  and a surprise to be discovered along every path. Not only is the Garden
                                                                                                  beautiful and educational, it is also an urban oasis from the hustle and
                  New Parks to Discover                                                           bustle of city life and a bird-watchers paradise.

                                                                                                  Summer in the Garden
                  Ebisu Park – Opening Celebration Saturday May 30.
                                                                                                  VanDusen is more than just a pretty place. During July and August
                  Come celebrate Marpole’s newest park! Bordered by 72nd Avenue,
                                                                                                  it hums with art exhibits and musical concerts. This July join us for
                  Osler and Selkirk Streets, Ebisu Park was completed in 2007. It is named
                                                                                                  three Jazz in Bloom concerts featuring well-known local jazz artists
                  for the Japanese god of fishermen and the working man, protector of
                                                                                                  and produced in conjunction with the Jazz Cellar. Also in July are two
                  young children and bringer of good luck. The name celebrates the his-
                                                                                                  magical evenings of Baroque Music Concerts by VancouverVoices.
                  tory of this area of Marpole that was once home to a thriving Japanese
                                                                                                  Advance tickets are required for all concerts. Bring a picnic, stretch out
                  fishing community in the early 1900s.
                                                                                                  on the Great Lawn and be prepared to be transported! In August, we
                                                                                                  play host to Music Fest Vancouver's World at the Garden Series - this year
                  The 0.4 hectare park, divided by a naturalized city lane, features a play-
                                                                                                  featuring music and artists from the Caribbean, Brazil as well as Rajaton
                  ground with equipment for kids of different ages. Bold gateway plazas,
                                                                                                  from Finland. Three major sculpture exhibits, including Zimsculpt from
                  meandering pathways, benches and picnic tables encourage passersby
                                                                                                  Zimbabwe and Second Site II are planned along with other events
                  to stop and enjoy the green oasis in this busy neighbourhood. The
                                                                                                  and concerts. There is lots to enjoy - check out the Events Calendar at
                  park's eastern side is comprised of lawn and a pinetum boasting 17
                                                                                                  vandusengarden.org for details.
                  small pines which will reach heights of 30 feet in maturity.

                                                                                                  Family Fun!
                  Oak Meadows Park – Opening Celebration Saturday June 13.
                                                                                                  Want to get your kids away from the TV or computer and get them mov-
                  You are invited to join in the celebration of Oak Meadows Park. The
                                                                                                  ing? VanDusen is a great place to bring your family. And don’t let the rain
                  nearly 5 hectares of greenspace east of Oak Street at 37th Avenue was
                                                                                                  stop you. There are endless things to see and do. Get lost in an awesome
                  the last section of the old Shaughnessy Golf Course that has remained
                                                                                                  hedge maze that kids (and adults) find absolutely “captivating,” enjoy the
                  after creation of VanDusen Gardens (on the west side of Oak Street) in
                                                                                                  meandering path, with surprises at every turn. You’ll find a great gift shop
                  the 1970s.
                                                                                                  with beautiful and educational items.

                  Almost two thirds of the park retains its natural character, featuring
                                                                                                  Learning & Leisure
                  large conifers, salal, salmon berry, ferns and other native plants. A wet-
                                                                                                  VanDusen offers a wide variety of education programs and special
                  land area that serves as a biofiltration area for the sand based soccer/
                                                                                                  events throughout the year. Gardeners will find courses on pruning,
                  Ultimate field is a great attractor for wildlife, especially birds. The natu-
                                                                                                  design tips, plant propagation and so much more. Kids will love courses
                  ral character of the park makes it a great destination for bird watching,
                                                                                                  designed especially for them.
                  while the park's location, overlooking the Eric Hamber artificial turf
                  field, provides magnificent views of the North Shore mountains.
                                                                                                  VanDusen is open 7 days a week year-round. (closed Christmas Day)
                  The park also features a children’s playground, a dog off-leash area
                                                                                                  24-Hour	information	line:	604-878-9274		www.vandusengarden.org
                  and a meadow.

                                                                                                  To	support	the	VanDusen	capital	campaign:	604-257-8625
                  Check the Park Board web site for more details on these
                  opening events.

                             Find out more online at:
                  8          vancouverparks.ca
     We’ve Got
           Great Taste in Parks

                                                                                                                                                                               PARKS & GARDENS
                                             VISIT ONE OF VANCOUVER’S
                                          SPECTACULAR PARK RESTAURANTS
                                          FOR A UNIQUE DINING EXPERIENCE!

Mill Marine Bistro                        Watermark on Kits Beach                   Seasons in the Park                        The Fish House
With an European style pub and            Located on Kitsilano beach, this          Poised at the peak of Queen                The Fish House is your tranquil oasis
downtown Vancouver’s largest              beautifully designed and recently         Elizabeth Park, this glasswrapped          in the city. The historic Fish House sits
outdoor patio, this waterfront bistro     opened restaurant provides one of         restaurant o ers stunning views of         amongst the spectacular gardens and
restaurant o ers a perfect                the best ocean views in the city. Enjoy   Vancouver’s shimmering city skyline        forests of Vancouver’s famous Stanley
opportunity for a cozy evening meal       the best of both traditional and          and North Shore Mountains. Seasons         Park. Enjoy exceptional seafood in one
in the rainy season or a midday           contemporary seafood, while               in the Park is a ‘must see’ for visiting   of our unique dining rooms, patios or
brunch in the sunshine. Come enjoy        incorporating the unique                  guests and a ‘best kept secret’ for        oyster bar.
the scenery of majestic Coal Harbour!     international avors of Vancouver.         locals.

604-687-6455                              604-738-5487                              604-874-8008                               604-681-7275

Prospect Point Café                       The Teahouse (formerly Sequoia Grill)     Stanley Park Pavilion                      Shaughnessy Restaurant
Boasting the most spectacular views       Drive through an evergreen oasis and      The Stanley Park Pavilion is a rustic      Countless windows overlook the
of the North Shore Mountains, the         dine beneath towering trees on the        park-style heritage building situated      lushness of the VanDusen Botanical
Lions Gate Bridge and the Burrard         oceanfront, at The Teahouse. The          amidst the picturesque Rose Gardens        Garden during the day, and the
Inlet, The Prospect Point Lookout is “a   natural west coast atmosphere is          within the lush Stanley Park rainforest.   Garden’s twinkling lights at night.
Vancouver tradition” and a must visit     perfectly matched by a cross-cultural     Treat yourself to a meal in one            Enjoy an exquisite heated patio where
landmark destination for locals and       cuisine featuring fresh local             of the park’s prettiest locations.         you can sit amid banana trees, exotic
visitors alike.                           ingredients, accompanied by the           (Open during summer season only).          plants and fountains while enjoying
                                          longest sunsets in the city.                                                         your meal.

604-669-2737                              604-669-3281                              604-602-3088                               604-261-0011

                                                                                    Brought to you by Vancouver Board of Parks & Recreation

                                                                                                                                   Find out more online at:
                                                                                                                                   vancouverparks.ca                       9
                  Stanley Park

                  Rediscover the City's summertime                                                    Ted & Mary Greig Rhododendron Garden
                  playground!                                                                         Nestled around the Stanley Park Pitch & Putt Golf Course, this wonderful
                                                                                                      collection of hybrid azaleas and rhododendrons creates an outstanding array
                  So much to do, so much to see! Here are some of the highlights. Visit our web       of colour and scent peaking in May but with wonderful walks with perennials
                  site or pick up the Stanley Park map and brochure to find out about the many        on display in June and July as well.
                  other attractions that await you.

                                                                                                      Get Connected to Nature with the Stanley Park Ecology Society!
                  The Seawall—Vancouver’s Favourite Place to Walk, Cycle and Blade                     Where can you find out who lives in a heronry, what river otters eat, where
                  Check out the 8.8 km “wall” no matter what your mode of transportation              eagles nest, when bats come out, and why it's called Lost Lagoon?
                  and you’ll discover how its connecting routes will provide exercise, fresh          Visit the waterfront Lost Lagoon Nature House at the entrance to Stanley Park
                  air and some of the most beautiful views in the world! Make a day of it             for maps, exhibits, programs, activities and friendly advice about nature -- as
                  by taking side trips off the seawall and picking the perfect spot for lunch,        well as some very interesting volunteer opportunities. Engage with roving
                  tennis, pitch & putt golf or a comfortable bench. The seawall, connecting           summer EcoRangers in the park. Call 604-257-6908 for hours of operation.
                  Stanley Park, False Creek and Coal Harbour, is one of the busiest park              Find out more at stanleyparkecology.ca.
                  amenities in Vancouver and it’s free!
                                                                                                      Furry and Feathered Friends at the Children’s Farmyard
                  Second and Third Beaches—Surf, Sand and Sun Central                                 Children can experience a real barnyard, hay bales and animals including
                  Vancouver is known for its sandy, pristine beaches. Stanley Park provides           goats, alpacas, sheep, cows, ponies, chickens and pigs, snakes, exotic birds
                  two great ones to visit during your day trip to the park. Both are lifeguarded      and even a llama. Great fun for the kids! Call 604-257-8531.
                  and have nearby concessions, or plan to bring your own picnic. Third
                  Beach is a quiet, out of the way place to find a log to read or snooze under
                  your umbrella. Second Beach is livelier, adjacent to Second Beach Pool and
                  Ceperley Playground.

                                                                                                      Ride the Rails of the Stanley Park Train
                                                                                                      Experience the sights and scents of the forest on a train pulled by an exact
                                                                                                      replica of Canadian Pacific Railway’s Engine #374 (the original #374 can be
                                                                                                      viewed in a building adjacent to the Roundhouse Community Centre). Ride
                  Second Beach Pool                                                                   through towering cedar and fir trees, over streams and through a tunnel.
                  Open from late May through Labour Day, this large outdoor pool located on           Watch for farm animals, water fowl, peacocks and other park inhabitants.
                  the park's west side combines the best of two worlds - beach front swimming
                  in a heated tank. The graduated depth makes this a perfect spot for young           Interpretive Panels Tell the Park’s Stories
                  dabblers with a slide and other special features for the more adventurous. A        Learn about the history and ecology of Vancouver’s most famous park. Thirty-
                  special lengths area has been cordoned off for lap swimmers.                        six interpretive panels provide a greater understanding of the park—giving
                                                                                                      the visitor a chance to look beyond the familiar and discover the intriguing
                  Stanley Park Pitch and Putt                                                         stories behind the surface of things. The panels help to explain how natural
                  With 18 holes ranging from 40 to 100 yards, this beautiful course is free of        forces and human impacts have shaped the park as we know it today. Find a
                  hazards and is bordered by a beautiful rhododendron garden. Adjacent to             map of panel locations at vancouverparks.ca.
                  the course is an attractive 18-hole putting green suitable for all ages. (Putting
                  green is open from Victoria Day to Labour Day)

                             Find out more online at:
                  10         vancouverparks.ca
Stanley Park

Rose and Display Gardens                                                              talented gardeners oversee a collection of floral displays set amidst beautifully
The park's historic Rose Garden is tucked into a three hectare corner of              manicured lawns and mature specimen trees. Every year over 30,000 plants
Stanley Park just off Pipeline Road. Visitors can indulge their senses with a         are artfully arranged into floral beds that can be viewed from paths that
wide array of spectacular annual and perennial floral displays.                       meander through the site.
In front of a backdrop of the park's looming West Coast forest, the Park Board's

                                                                                                                                                                              PARKS & GARDENS
Queen Elizabeth Park

High atop our city, grand views, an arboretum,                                        garden is just west of the Bloedel Conservatory and offers a moment of high
glorious gardens make it a “must see” summer                                          drama when first approached and viewed from the park's rim. Impressive
destination!                                                                          perennial and annual flower beds boast colourful varieties featuring new
                                                                                      cultivars and old favourites along with decades-old tree fuchsias and lantanas
There is so much to see and do in Vancouver’s second most popular                     accentuating island beds. A stream and cascading waterfall add cool comfort
destination park. You will be captivated by its beauty and find lots of leisure       and variety to the landscape which is so artfully seamed together.
activities to try. Here are some highlights.
                                                                                      Learn the Sport of Disc Golf
Discover the Arboretum!                                                               Also called Frisbee golf, the disc golf course is located near the Pitch & Putt.
An arboretum is a special collection of trees grown for exhibition, education         This self-guided sport is open to anyone who is adept with the wrist action
and research. The first trees in the Queen Elizabeth arboretum were planted in        and it’s free! Get a group together and try it out.
1949. You will discover some truly magnificent mature trees as you meander
through the park .                                                                    Try the Pitch and Putt
                                                                                      The Queen Elizabeth Pitch & Putt offers beautiful city vistas in the midst of
Enjoy the Exotic Atmosphere of Bloedel Conservatory                                   unique trees like the Ginkgo. The 18 short, contoured par 3s (none over 110
The Conservatory is one of the most popular attractions in Vancouver and              yards, are set along a course where there are no hazards in play, making this a
is open daily and especially popular on rainy days. The spectacular triodetic         perfect course for those new to the game.
dome capping Queen Elizabeth Park is filled with dazzling displays of exotic
plants, tropical flowers, colorful 'Koi' fish and eye-catching birds. Step into the
climate controlled paradise. Bloedel is also a great place
to book a small special event. A modest admission fee is
charged. Call 604-257-8584.

Take a Walk in the Quarry Gardens
There’s no better place for a summer’s walk than the
beautiful Quarry Gardens at QE Park. The main

                                                                                                                                      Find out more online at:
                                                                                                                                      vancouverparks.ca                  11

                     7800 Vivian Drive, Phone: (604) 257-6923       33rd & Cambie Street, Phone: (604) 874-8336

                     6706 Alberta Street, Phone: (604) 713-1816     3402 Charles Street, Phone: (604) 257-8364

                     7188 MacDonald Street, Phone: (604) 257-8191   Near Beach Avenue Entrance, Phone: 604-681-8847
                                                        elebrate the high points in your life at
                                                     Vancouver’s new Celebration Pavilion, perfectly
                                                     located atop beautiful Queen Elizabeth Park.
                                                     Sculpture, dancing fountain and covered
                                                     arbors surround the plaza so elegantly
                                                     anchored by the enclosed glass Celebration

                                                     The popular Celebration Pavilion is
                                                     the perfect place to host a variety of
                                                     gatherings from weddings to receptions to
                                                     celebrations of life to corporate cocktail parties
                                                     to educational workshops.

                                                     Celebration Pavilion
                                                         An intimate new facility in the centre
                                                         of the city, inspired by nature
                                                         O ers indoor seating for 100 guests and
                                                         outdoor seating for an additional 100 guests
                                                         Floor-to-ceiling glass windows
                                                         Adjacent outdoor patio
                                                         Superb outdoor fountain
                                                         Spectacular Quarry Gardens and
                                                         Bloedel Floral Conservatory next door
                                                         Lovely reception facilities available
                                                         at nearby Seasons in the Park Restaurant
                                                         Wonderful views of city and
                                                         Ample guest parking available

                                                         For bookings and more information:
                                                  phone: 604.688.0701 | email: qe@thechapels.ca

                       Find out more online at:
                  14   vancouverparks.ca
Wedding Ceremonies in Parks                                                           Playing Fields on Parks
Getting married in one of Vancouver’s most beautiful park facilities, on              Vancouver has 150 public playing fields and 135 diamonds that include
the beach or in a green park setting is an ideal way to start a lifetime              non-regulation size, gravel fields, top-drawer sport fields and artificial
together.                                                                             turf fields.

Taking the Plunge Inside...                                                           Things You Should Know
∙ Celebration Pavilion at Queen Elizabeth Park – A beautiful new                      •	 Field	permit	applications	are	available	on	our	web	site.
  facility offering indoor seating for 100 guests and outdoor seating for             •	 Payment	for	field	bookings	is	due	on	receipt	of	a	draft	permit.	Insur-

                                                                                                                                                                         PARKS & GARDENS
  an additional 100 guests. See page 14.                                                 ance is mandatory to obtain a permit.
∙ Barclay Manor at Barclay Square Park - Rentals are available for                    •	 Youth	 leagues	 and	 previous	 permit	holders	 receive	 priority	 for	 field	
  smaller	wedding	receptions.	Phone:	604-257-8349.                                       bookings.
∙ Bloedel Floral Conservatory – Come together under the dome                          •	 Grass	fields	need	downtime	and	can	only	be	used	up	to	five	times	a	
  of	this	tropical	paradise.	Phone:	604-257-8584.                                        week to avoid damage and closure.
                                                                                      •	 We	have	five	artificial	turf	fields	that	are	playable	in	the	rain.	(Please	
Or Tying the Knot Outside...
                                                                                         note the artificial turf fields at Andy Livingstone Park that have been
∙ VanDusen Botanical Garden – A stunning setting for
                                                                                         closed for upgrades are expected to reopen later this year)
  memorable	outdoor	weddings.	Phone:	604-257-8661.
∙ Scenic Public Parks – For an elegant, simple wedding ceremony
                                                                                      Find more details go to our web site.
  on one of Vancouver's beautiful parks, contact 604-257-8516
  or parkevents@vancouver.ca for further information on our
  new procedures.

Grab a Bite
A Picnic Table with a View                                                        Take-out from a Concession
Whether it’s just yourself and a thermos of tea or a barbecue with 150 of         Park Board concessions and snack bars offer everything from a cup of coffee
your closest friends and relatives, we have a picnic spot just for you! Many of   to a grilled vegetable panini, and all of it portable!
our 220 parks have picnic tables that can accommodate a small group for a
cozy outdoor meal. Of course you don’t need a table – a bench or even a bit       There are six concessions in Stanley Park, seven at beaches plus one each
of lawn will do for the simplest of park picnics.                                 at Trout Lake and New Brighton Park. Some are open only when weather
                                                                                  permits. A complete list of locations and phone numbers is available on our
Please ensure barbecues do not come in contact with wood – many picnic            web site.
tables have a holder built in. Be extra careful with dry grass – do not bar-
becue directly on the ground. Always use the concrete barbecue coal pits
supplied at many popular picnicking sites to dispose of your hot coals.

Groups of 50 or more need a permit to picnic in our parks. There are twelve
group picnic sites, some with shelters, located throughout Vancouver.
Reservations can be made online for lunch or dinner picnics and fees range
from $58.25 for a basic site to $151.85 for the top-of-the-line picnic site at
Prospect Point, which includes a shelter, kitchen area and baseball diamond.
Visit vancouverparks.ca and click on the Picnics link for details.

                                                                                                                                  Find out more online at:
                                                                                                                                  vancouverparks.ca               15
                 Access Services

                 The Vancouver Park Board is committed to providing                                     Adapted Equipment to Assist You
                 opportunities for people with various disabilities to become                           •	 Aquatic	pool	lifts	are	available	at	all	indoor	pools.
                 involved in the recreational activities in their community.                            •	 Aquatic	wheelchairs	are	for	your	use	at	the	pools.
                 A number of these programs are available through your local                            •	 Ice	sledges	are	available	at	ice	rinks	at	no	cost.	Call	ahead	to	pre-book.
                 pool, ice rink and fitness centre.                                                     •	 Golf	cart	for	experienced	golfers	with	upper	body	mobility	can	be	booked	
                                                                                                           in advance through Pro Shop at McCleery Golf Course
                 GO PLAY! Get out and get involved in swimming, skating,
                 exercise programs, wheelchair programs, senior’s programs,                             Stanley Park
                 youth groups, kids programs and a whole lot more.                                      The Stanley Park Miniature Railway, Children’s Farmyard, Beaver Lake Trail and
                 For more information please Bonnie Freisen at 604-257-8500.                            Stanley Park Seawall (at entry locations at Second Beach and Georgia Street)
                                                                                                        are wheelchair accessible.
                 Attendant Policy
                 Free admission is provided to the attendant of any person with a
                 disability who requires support for any of our programs. Please
                 note this does not apply to personal trainers or rehab trainers.
                 For more detailed information ask at your local community

                 Summer Sports Festival 16+
                 The	festival	provides	the	opportunities	for	people	with	disabilities	to	come	out	and	try	something	new.	All	participants	must	be	16+	years	of	age.	
                 Should you require a personal care attendant, you are required to coordinate and bring one. Call 604.257.8500 for more information.

                  Event                                                     Date                                            Cost
                  Adapted Golf Clinic McCleery Golf Course                  Wednesday,	June	17,		3:30	-5:30pm               $15.00
                  Adapted Kayaking Trout Lake                               Wednesday , July 8                              $10.00
                  Adapted Waterski Day Albert Dyck Park                     Friday, July 10                                 $15.00
                  Dragon Boating With the Dragon Zone                       Wednesday , July 15
                  Outrigger Paddling False Creek                            Monday, July 27                                 $10.00
                  BCMOS Trailrider Community Hikes                          To	register	call	Kirk	Duncan	at:	
                                                                            604-688-6464 #128
                  Disabled Sailing Association Jericho Sailing Centre       Monday, July 20                                 $10.00 Pre-registration

                  Please note:

                  •	   Should	you	require	a	personal	care	attendant,	you	are	required	to	bring	them	to	the	event.
                  •	   All	participants	must	sign	a	waiver.
                  •	   Transportation	to	and	from	Albert	Dyck	Park	for	waterskiing	is	provided	on	a	first-come,	first-serve	basis	(space	is	limited).
                  •	   Space	for	all	events	is	limited,	so	book	early.
                  •	   Confirmation	of	registration will be mailed to you.

                              Find out more online at:
                 16           vancouverparks.ca
Watch for These Upcoming Arts Events and Projects

Artist in Residence Program                                                          Dance at Dusk in Ceperley Meadow
Local artists participate in this popular program in concert with the residents      Join us at Ceperley Meadow in Stanley Park for some free, fun-filled enter-
in various communities. Please join The Carnegie Village Project, with voice as      tainment. Everyone welcome, no experience necessary! June 15 to August
its focus, at Carnegie Centre. Share your Dunbar Impressions by creating leaf        19,	7-9	pm.	Mondays:	Scottish	country	dance;	Tuesdays:	International	folk	
imprints and ephemeral artwork installations, hosted by Dunbar Community             dance;	Wednesdays:	Ballroom	dancing.	
Centre. Or join the Means of Production Artist Raw Resource Collective in us-
ing natural garden materials to create works in China Creek Park.                                                                           Stanley Park Environ-
                                                                                                                                            mental Art Project
                                                                                                                                            Born out of a desire
                                                                                                                                            to respond creatively
                                                                                                                                            to the windstorm that
                                                                                                                                            devastated the park in
                                                                                                                                            2006, the Stanley Park
                                                                                                                                            Environmental Art Proj-
                                                                                                                                            ect is entering its
                                                                                                                                            second and final
                                                                                                                                            phase this summer. Six
                                                                                     talented artists have been creating art works that will engage us through
                                                                                     discussion and hands-on workshops, including the Ivy Project, which is held
                                                                                     the last Saturday of every month in the park. An unveiling of the works cre-
                                                                                     ated over the summer of 2009 is scheduled for Sunday, August 9 from

LINK: An Annual Community Dance Series                                               1-3 pm. A self-guided walk of ephemereal works already completed is
LINK's dance performances bring together resident community dance com-               available	at:	vancouver.ca/spea.	This	project	is	a	partnership	between	the	
panies from community centres with guest contemporary and cultural dance             Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation, the Stanley Park Ecology Society
companies. May 12, 7 pm at Sunset Community Centre and May 21, 7 pm at               and the Community Arts Council of Vancouver.
Roundhouse Community Arts and Recreation Centre. All performances by
donation, suggested donation $5.                                                     Pride in Art / No Hate
                                                                                     The Pride in Art multidisciplinary art festival runs at the Roundhouse Com-
Painters Corner                                                                      munity Arts and Recreation Centre from July 26 to August 14. Join us on
Join us for this year-round exhibit and sale of original artworks by local artists   August 14 for a screening of two anti-homophobia digital films developed
in Stanley Park (east of Malkin Bowl and near the Vancouver Aquarium) and            and created by queer youth as part of Out in School’s No Hate campaign.
Queen Elizabeth Park (near the Bloedel Conservatory).                                For more information visit prideinart.ca and outonscreen.com

Music in the Park at Haywood Bandstand                                               For more information on these projects and events, please visit our web site
Bring a picnic lunch and enjoy these free performances in the relaxing               and click on Arts & Culture.
setting of Alexandra Park on Sunday afternoons from 1-3 pm. All ages enter-
tainment,	everyone	welcome.	2009	concert	schedule:	June	21,	July	21,	July	
26, August 9 and August 23.

This project explores how involvement in the arts can improve the health and well-being of
seniors. Please join us for the annual performance on Tuesday, June 2 at 10 am at the Round-
house Performance Centre and view the exhibition of works during Seniors Week June 2-4.
                                                                                                                                  Find out more online at:
                                                                                                                                  vancouverparks.ca                17
                                                                                                                                             Regular maintenance closures are noted under each pool.
                        	                    Indoor	Swimming	Pools	• Summer 2009                                                             Major project closures are highlighted in the schedule area.

                         Pool                        Public swim                       Toonie/Loonie                    Aquafit                                  Adult Swim                             Seniors
                                           Mon-Fri       1:00-3:00pm             Tue Teen/Adult Swim      Tue/Thu        9:30-10:30am    I        Mon-Fri         8:00-9:55pm                Mon-Fri 9:30-10:30pm
                                           Fri           3:30-4:55pm                       3:00-4:55pm    Mon/Wed        8:00-9:00am     M        Sat             2:30-3:25pm
                 Britannia                 Mon-Sun       6:30-7:55pm             Thu Child Swim           Thu            8:00-9:00pm     Deep     Sun             4:00-4:55pm
                 604-718-5831              Sat           1:00-2:25/3:30-4:55pm             3:30-4:55pm
                 1661 Napier St            Sun           2:30-3:55

                                           Mon/Wed/Fri 3:00-8:00pm               Tue/Thu 3:00-5:00pm      Mon/Wed/Fri/Sun                         Mon-Fri       9:30-10:00am                 Aquafit
                                           Sat         2:15-4:00pm                                                       10:00-10:45am   I                      9:00-10:00pm                 Tue/Thu 10:00-10:45am
                 Kensington                Sun         12:30-4:00pm                                       Mon-Fri        8:10-8:55pm     M
                 5176 Dumfries St
                 Sep 7-20, 2009

                                           Mon/Wed       2:30-7:30pm             Fri       4:00-8:00pm    Mon/Wed/Fri    7:25-8:20am     I                                                   Aquafit
                                           Tue/Thu       2:30-6:00pm                                      Mon/Wed/Fri    1:35-2:30pm     M                                                   Mon/Wed/Fri
                 Kerrisdale                Fri           2:30-4:00pm                                      Tue/Thu        1:35-2:30pm     ROM                                                 1:35-2:30pm
                 604-857-8105              Sat/Sun       12:30-2:00pm                                     Mon/Wed        7:30-8:30pm     I
                 5851 West                                                                                Sat/Sun        10:05-11:05am   I
                 Aug 30-Sep 13, 2009

                                           Mon-Fri        6:15am-9:00am          Mon       3:30-5:00pm    Mon-Fri        8:00-9:00am
                                           Mon            1:00-3:30pm            Fri       7:30-10:00pm   Sat/Sun        9:00-10:00am
                 Killarney                 Tue-Fri        1:00-5:00pm
                 604-718-8280              Mon-Thu        7:00-10:00pm
                 6260 Killarney St

                                           Sat/Sun        1:30-9:00pm
                                           Leisure/Warm Lap Pool Only
                                           Mon-Fri        6:15-9:00am
                                           Mon-Fri        1:00-10:00pm
                                           Sat/Sun        8:00-10:00am
                                           Sat/Sun        1:30-9:00pm

                 Lord Byng
                 604-222-6090                                                                       Closed June 29-September 7, 2009
                 3990 West 14th Ave

                                           Mon-Fri       6:15-9:00am             Tue/Thu 2:00-4:00pm      Mon-Thu        9:05-10:00am    I                                                   Fri     9:15-11:00am
                                           Mon/Wed       2:00-4:00pm                                      Mon/Wed        7:00-8:00pm     DW
                 Percy Norman Thu                        11:00-4:00pm                                     Tue/Thu        7:00-8:00pm
                 604-257-8680              Tue/Thu       5:00-7:00pm
                 30 East 30th Ave.

                 604-257-8393                                                                      Closed June 28-September 14, 2009
                 2929 East 22 Ave

                                           Mon-Thu       1:00-4:00pm             Mon       1:00-4:00pm    Mon-Fri        10:00-11:00am
                                           Mon-Fri       7:00-9:00pm             Fri       7:00-9:00pm    Sat            1:00-2:00pm
                 Templeton                 Fri           2:30-4:00pm
                 604-718-6252              Sat           1:00-6:30pm
                 700 Templeton Dr.         Sun           1:00-5:00pm

                                           Mon-Fri       6:30am-4:15pm           Sat       1:15-4:45pm    Mon/Wed/Fri    9:30-10:30am    I        Mon/Wed/Fri     4:30-7:00pm
                                           Mon/Wed       7:05-9:30pm                                      Tue/Thu        9:30-10:30am    M        Tue/Thu         4:30pm-8:00pm (Widths)
                 Vancouver                 Tue/Thu       8:15-9:30pm                                      Mon/Wed/Fri    7:05-8:05pm     I
                 Aquatic                   Fri           7:05-9:30pm                                      Sat            10:05-11:05am   I
                 Centre                    Sat           8:00am-9:30pm
                 604-665-3424              Sun           10:00am-9:30pm
                 1050 Beach Ave
                 Jul 20-Sep 7, 2009
                                      Find out more on line at:
                                      Find out more online
                   18                 vancouverparks.ca
                                      vancouverparks.ca                        LEGEND: Deep Water “D” Advanced “A” Intermediate “I” Mild “M” Range of “ROM”
                                                                          LEGEND: Deep Water “D” Advanced “A” Intermediate “I” Mild “M” Range of Motion Motion “ROM”
              Specialty                          Parent and Tot                              Adapted Aquatics                       Sauna/Whirlpool Only                            Lengths
Wed/Fri        9:45-10:30am ROM       Mon/Wed/Fri         9:30-10:30pm           Special Needs                                                                       Mon-Fri           6:30-9:30pm
                                      Sun                 10:00-11:00am          Mon/Wed       9:30-10:30am                                                                            10:30-1:00pm
                                                                                 Wed/Fri       9:45-10:30am      ROM                                                 Mon/Wed           3:30-4:55pm
                                                                                                                                                                     Mon-Sun           5:00-6:25pm
                                                                                                                                                                     Sat               8:30-12:55pm
                                                                                                                                                                     Sun               10:00-2:30pm

Mon/Wed/Fri 9:45-10:30am ROM                                                     Mon/Wed/Fri
                                                                                               9:45-10:30am      ROM

Pool Sharks
Fri            4:00-5:00pm

Slide Open                                                                                                                        Whirlpool/Steam Only               At least 2 lanes available
Mon-Fri        1:15-9:00pm                                                                                                        Mon-Fri      10:00am-1:15pm        Except Sat/Sun 10:00am-1:15pm
Sat/Sun        1:30-8:00pm

Statutory Holidays
Pool open       12:00-8:00pm

                                                                                                                                                                     1 lane open at all times
                                                                                                                                                                     Except Tue/Thu 4:00-5:00pm
                                                                                                                                                                     Fri               9:00-11:00am

                                      Teach Pool open                                                                             Fri         1:00-2:30pm
                                      Mon/Wed/Fri       7:00am-9:00pm                                                                                                Mon/Wed/Fri     7:00-9:00am
                                      Tue/Thu           9:00am-9:00pm                                                                                                Mon-Fri         12:00-1:00pm
                                      Fri               7:00am-1:00pm                                                                                                                *3 lanes min
                                      Sat               1:00-6:30pm
                                      Sun               1:00-5:00pm                                                                                                                  1 lane open all public hours

Tue/Thur       10:30-11:00am ROM      Teach Pool open                            Tue/Thu       10:30-11:00am     ROM                                                 Minimum 2 lanes available at all times
                                      Mon/Wed/Fri 10:30am-8:00pm
                                      Tue/Thu         11:00am-8:00pm
                                      Sat/Sun         12:00-8:00pm

                                   Leisure Access Card: For Vancouver residents whose limited income may prevent them from use of basic Park Board programs and services.
                                   Flexipass: Allows unlimited admission to pools and Park Board fitness centres. Note: All schedules are subject to change.                                            15
                                          Fitness Centres Summer 2009
                                    Facility                        Contact Info                     Monday - Friday                                     Weekend                            Special
                                                              604-718-5800             Mon-Thu           6:30am-9:55pm                    Sat            12:00pm-6:55pm   Fri    9:00-10:00am Seniors Only
                                   Britannia             ASSC
                                                              1661 Napier St           Fri               6:30am-9:00am                    Sun            10:00am-6:55pm   Sat    9:00am-12pm Women Only
                                                                604-718-6575           Mon-Thu           7:00am-9:00pm                    Sat            9:00am-4:00pm    Stats CLOSED
                                   Champlain               PB
                                                                3350 Maquinna Dr       Fri               7:00am-8:00pm                    Sun            CLOSED
                                                                604-257-8130           Mon-Thu           6:30am-9:00pm                    Sat/Sun        9:00am-3:30pm    Closed Sunday July 5-Sep 6
                                   Douglas               ASSC
                                                                801 W 22nd Ave         Fri               6:30am-7:30pm                    Sun            CLOSED
                                                                604-222-6058           Mon-Thu           6:00am-9:45pm                    Sat/Sun        7:00am-9:00pm    Stats 7:00am-7:00pm
                                   Dunbar                  PB
                                                                4747 Dunbar St         Fri               6:00am-8:00pm
                                                                604-257-8195           Mon-Fri           6:30am-9:30pm                    Sat            9:00am-4:00pm    Stats 9:00am-12:30pm
                                   False Creek           ASSC
                                                                1318 Cartwright St                                                        Sat            9:00am-4:00pm
                                                                604-718-6222           Mon-Fri           6:00am-9:45pm                    Sat            9:00am-12:45pm   Schedule valid for July & August. June remains
                                   Hastings              ASSC
                                                                3096 E Hastings St                                                        Sun            CLOSED           the same as for the rest of the year.
                                                              604-718-6200             Mon-Fri           9:00am-10:00pm                   Sat            9:00am-4:00pm
                                   Kensington              PB 5175 Dumfries St                                                            Sun            9:00am-4:00pm
                 June 29-Sept 6
                                                                604-257-8100           Mon-Fri           6:00am-9:30pm                    Sat            7:00am-6:30pm
                                   Kerrisdale            ASSC
                                                                5851 W Boulevard                                                          Sun            9:00am-4:30pm
                                                                604-718-8200           Mon-Thu           6:30am-9:30pm                    Sat/Sun        8:00am-5:30pm
                                   Killarney             ASSC
                                                                6260 Killarney St      Fri               6:30am-8:00pm
                                                                604-257-6982           Mon-Fri           6:00am-11:00pm                   Sat/Sun        7:00am-10:00pm   Stats 7:00am-10:00pm
                                   Kitsilano               PB
                                                                2690 Larch St
                                                                604-222-6090                                    Closed June 29-September 7, 2009
                                   Lord Byng               PB

                                                                3990 W 14th Ave
                                                                604-257-8174           Mon-Thu           8:00am-9:00pm                    Sat            9:00am-5:00pm
                                   Marpole-Oakridge             990 West 59th Ave      Fri               8:00am-8:00pm                    Sun            9:00am-1:00pm
                                                                604-713-1898           Mon-Thu           6:00am-10:00pm                   Sat            8:00am-6:00pm    Women only 8-9am Saturdays
                                   Mt Pleasant             PB
                                                                3161 Ontario St        Fri               6:00am-8:00pm                                   9:00am-6:00pm
                                                                604-257-6949           Mon-Fri           9:30am-5:30pm                    Sat            11:00am-4:30pm
                                   Ray Cam               ASSC
                                                                920 E Hastings                                                            Sun            CLOSED
                                                              604-257-8393             Mon/Wed           9:00am-8:00pm                    Sat            CLOSED
                                   Renfrew                 PB 2929 E 22nd Ave          Tue/Thu           6:00am-8:00pm                    Sun            CLOSED
                 July 7-Sept 14                                                        Fri               6:00am-5:00pm
                                                                604-257-8545           Mon-Thu           6:15am-8:00pm                    Sat/Sun        CLOSED           Stats CLOSED
                                   Riley Park              PB
                                                                50 E 30th Ave          Fri               6:15am-6:00pm
                                                                604-713-1838           Mon/Wed           7:00am-9:30pm                    Sat/Sun        9:00am-4:30pm    Closed July 1 and August 3rd
                                   Strathcona            ASSC
                                                                601 Keefer St          Tue/Thu/Fri       9:00am-9:30pm

                                                                604-718-6505           Mon-Thu           8:30am-8:30pm                    Sat/Sun        9:00am-1:00pm
                                   Sunset                ASSC
                                                                6810 Main Street       Fri               8:30am-4:30pm

                                                                604-718-6252           Mon/Wed/Fri       7:00am-9:00pm                    Sat            1:00pm-6:30pm
                                   Templeton               PB
                                                                700 Templeton Dr       Tue/Thu           9:00am-9:00pm                    Sun            1:00pm-5:00pm
                                                                604-713-1818           Mon-Fri           8:30am-7:00pm                    Sat/Sun        CLOSED
                                   Thunderbird           ASSC
                                                                2311 Cassiar St

                                                              604-257-6975             Mon/Wed/Thu       6:00am-9:00pm                    Sat/Sun        CLOSED           Tue 7:00-9:00pm Women Only
                                   Trout Lake              PB 3350 Victoria Dr         Tue               6:00am-7:00pm                                                    Stats CLOSED
                 Until August 17                                                       Fri               6:00am-8:00pm                                                    August 18-September 2
                                                                                                                                                                          Mon-Fri 6:00am-5pm
                                                              604-665-3412             Mon-Fri           6:30am-9:30pm                    Sat            8:00am-9:30pm    Closed July 20-Sep 7
                                   Van. Aquatic            PB 1050 Beach Ave                                                              Sun            10:00am-9:30pm
                 Until July 19
                                                                604-257-8342           Mon-Thu           6:00am-10:00pm                   Sat/Sun        8:00am-5:00pm    Stat Holidays open 8am-1pm
                                   West End                PB
                                                                870 Denman St          Fri               6:00am-9:00pm
                                                                604-257-8163           Mon-Thu           6:00am-9:00pm                    Sat            10:00am-5:00pm
                                   West Point Grey              4397 West 2nd Ave      Fri               6:00am-7:30pm                    Sun            9:00am-5:00pm

                                   Find out more on line at:
                                   Find out more online                              “PB”     Facilities run by the Vancouver Park Board designated by
                   20              vancouverparks.ca
                                   vancouverparks.ca                     LEGEND:
                                                                                     “ASSC”   Facilities run by community associations designated by
                           Ice	Rinks	Summer	2009	•
                                    Mon                      Tue                       Wed                           Thur                       Fri                       Sat                        Sun
                            Women's Hockey                                     Adult Co-Ed                  Adult Hockey +           Adult Stick & Puck                                    Family Cosom Hockey
        Britannia           3:30-4:45pm                                        Drop-in Hockey               11:15pm-12:45am          12:00-1:15pm                                          12:15-1:45pm
1661 Napier St
                                                                                                                                                                                           Public Skate (All Ages)
July 2-Aug 31
                                                                               Adult Skate                                                                                                 2:00-3:30pm
                                                                                                                                                                                           Adult Hockey*
                            Play Palace             Play Palace                Play Palace                  Play Palace              Play Palace                 Play Palace               Play Palace
        Kerrisdale          10:00-3:00pm            10:00-3:00pm               10:00-3:00pm                 10:00-3:00pm             10:00-3:00pm                10:00-4:00pm              10:00-4:00pm
                                                                                                                                                                                           and Holidays
5670 E Boulevard
May 6-August 22

604-257-6983                                                       Closed June 6–Aug 3. Preseason ice begins August 4, 2009
2690 Larch St

        Riley Park
604-257-8545                       Available for dry floor bookings May 7-August 3, 2008, call 604-257-8124 for details.
50 East 30th Ave                   Preseason ice beings September 2, 2008
Effective until
Mar 29, 2009
                                                    Adult Drop-In Hockey                                    Adult Drop-In Hockey                                 Lessons                   Family Cosom Hockey
        Sunset                                      12:00-1:15pm                                            12:00-1:15pm                                         10:00-12:30pm             3:30-4:15pm
390 E 51st Ave

                                                                                                            Public Skate                                         Public Skate              Family Skate
                                                                                                                                                                 12:45-2:00pm              4:15-5:30pm
                                                    Program ends Aug 11                                     Programs end Aug 13                                  Programs end Aug 15       Programs end Aug 9

Killarney/                                            Killarney 604-718-8200, 6260 Killarney Street . Closed for construction.
Trout lake                                            Trout Lake 604-257-6955, 3350 Victoria Drive: Available for dry floor bookings May 11-July 31

        West End                   Available for dry floor bookings May 4-June 27, 2009, call 604-257-8339 for details.
604-718-5859                       West End Kidz Zone (6 months–12 years) June 29–September 11. Mon–Fri 9:30am–7:00pm. Sat–Sun 10:00am–4:30pm.
870 Denman Street                  Fall ice season begins October 10, 2009

        	                  Outdoor	Swimming	Pools	2009	•			*Closed 15 minutes earlier each week in August due to darkness

Kitsilano                      May 16-June 14     Mon-Fri 12:00-8:45pm                    June 15-Sept 13         Mon-Fri 7:00am-8:45*pm
604-731-0011                                      Sat/Sun/Hol 10:00am-8:45pm                                      Sat/Sun/Hol 10:00am-8:45*pm               *Sunset Community Centre does not have an Outdoor Pool
2305 Cornwall
Maple Grove                                                                               June 20-August 23       Mon-Sun 10:15am-7:45pm                  August 24-September 7 10:15am-6:45pm
6875 Yew St
Mount Pleasant                                                                            June 20-Aug 14       Mon-Fri 12:00-5:00pm                       Aug 15-Sept 7          Mon-Fri 11:00-5:00pm
604-713-1895                                                                                                   Mon-Fri 12:00-1:00pm              1L                              Mon-Fri 12:00-1:00pm            1L
3161 Ontario St                                                                                                Mon-Fri 6:00-8:45pm                                               Mon-Fri 6:00pm-7:45pm
                                                                                          Sat/Sun/Holidays     12:00-5:00pm                                                      Sat/Sun/Hol 11:00-5:00pm
                                                                                                               6:00-8:45pm                                                       6:00pm-7:45pm
                                                                                          Lane swimmers share the pool with lessons
                                                                                                               Jul 7-Aug 15
New Brighton                   May 16-Jun 21      Mon-Fri 11:30am-8pm                     June 22-Sept 7       Mon-Sun 10am-8:30*pm
604-298-0222                                      Sat/Sun 10am-8:30pm
N. Foot of Windermere St
Second Beach                   May 16-June 14     Mon-Fri 12:00-8:45pm                    June 15-September 7 Mon-Sun 10:00am-8:45*pm
604-257-8371                                      Sat/Sun/Hol 10:00am-8:45pm
N. Lagoon Dr

                                                                                    Leisure Access Card: For Vancouver residents whose limited income may prevent them from
                                    Leisure Access Card: For Vancouver residents whose limited income may prevent them from use of basic Park Board programs and services. use
                                    Flexipass: Allows unlimited admission to pools andbasic Board fitness centres. and services. Note: All schedules are subject to change.
                                                                                    of Park Park Board programs Note: All schedules are subject to change.                                                    15
          Counting Down to the 2010 Winter Games

          Enthusiasm is starting to build as the date of the
          opening ceremonies for the 2010 Winter Games
          draws closer. That excitement translates into a num-
          ber of pre-Games projects, events and celebrations.
          Games venues are completed or nearing completion
          and communities are moving into celebration mode.
          Here are just a few Countdown highlights.

          Postcards for the 2010 Winter Games
          The Kerrisdale Community Centre is presenting a project called “Postcards for                                                                    Trout Lake ice rink
          the 2010 Winter Games” that will take place in May and June. Students, se-
          niors and other groups will be invited to create postcards that express cultural   Ice, Ice
          diversity and celebrate sport. The goal is create 2,010 postcards which will be    We can’t wait to open up our two stunning new rinks and we’re guessing
          collected and displayed for the public and scanned for the Internet. Call Kristi   you can’t wait either! Rink construction is now complete at both Trout Lake
          Douglas at 604-257-8114 for details.                                               and Killarney. Trout Lake will open to the public over the summer for dry
                                                                                             floor activities and both facilities will be ready for community ice users
          Lifelong Journey: An Olympic Experience                                            starting this fall.
          The “Lifelong Journey” project has been ongoing for the past few months and
          will conclude with a major celebration on June 1st at the Roundhouse for           The rinks will close in early January when VANOC’s exclusive use period
          Seniors Week. The project provides an opportunity for seniors and their fami-      begins. During the 2010 Winter Games Trout Lake Rink will host figure skat-
          lies to meet and share stories with Olympians, Paralympians and community          ing training and Killarney will be home to short-track speed skating training.
          athletes. Contact Cindy Crapper at 604-257-8499 for more details.                  After the Games both rinks will be returned to the Park Board and retrofitted
                                                                                             from international size to the narrower North America (NHL) size.

                                                                                             Curling Venue Extraordinaire
                                                                                             The Vancouver Olympic/Paralympic Centre at Hillcrest Park is complete and
                                                                                             successfully hosted two international championship events this spring. The
                                                                                             official curling competition venue is now undergoing some modifications
                                                                                             to make it ready to host the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Games. After the
                                                                                             Games the venue will be transformed into a community ice rink and curling
                                                                                             club, while the rest of the legacy facility will be completed. The aquatic centre

                                                                                             will open later in 2010 and the community centre, fitness centre, library, curl-
                                                                                             ing club and rink will open to the public in 2011.

                                                                                             A New Community Centre
                                                                   SE False Creek Seawall    The community centre at Southeast False Creek, part of the Vancouver Olym-
          Walking to Wellness Passport                                                       pic and Paralympic Village, is quickly taking shape. The centre will be home
          Across the Province we have all been challenged to be the fittest residents        to Village management staff and Host First Nations and the restaurant, retail
          ever to host the Games. The Active Communities “Walking to Wellness Chal-          space and meetings rooms will be used by Olympic sponsors.
          lenge” is a fun way of achieving that goal. Inspire yourself and those around
          you and join a walking group! The Challenge outlines a twelve week incentive       After the Games the venue will become a new community centre and non-
          program that offers tips on walking and allows you to track your progress.         motorized boating centre for the SE False Creek community. It will include
          Walking to Wellness Passports are available on our web site. The goal is to        a full-size gym, games room, fitness centre, 69-space daycare and a dock for
          walk 100 kilometres or, for those with pedometers, it would equal 198,000          kayaks, canoes and dragon boats. It will also include 6,000 sq. ft. of commer-
          steps in 12 weeks.                                                                 cial and restaurant space. The super-green building is being constructed to
                                                                                             target LEED Platinum certification.
          There are more than 35 suggested Vancouver walks in the Passport and more
          walks on the Step Out Walks web page. However, you can choose to walk
          anywhere as long as you cover the distance and log your progress. When
          you have finished the distance, present your completed passport at an Active
          Communities event to receive a prize! Go to our web site and click on Active
          Communities for details and event locations.

                     Find out more online at:
          22         vancouverparks.ca
                 Discover alternative
                        ways to good health...

Whatever your age, ability or income we have something for you!

Fun for the whole family
This summer, we are offering 13 fitness centres, 9 indoor and 5 outdoor pools
and 6 rinks.

Flexible rates and times                                                               It's Fun, A ordable and Accessible
Affordable drop in rates starting at $5.15. Economical book of 10 passes and monthly
                                                                                        For more information on fees, schedules and locations
passes are also available. Discounted rates for children, youth and seniors.                           visit our website or call
Accessible to everyone                                                                              604.257.8400
Conveniently located throughout the City of Vancouver to better serve you, our
facilities offers accessibility to all Vancouver residents including seniors and
people with disabilities.
                                   Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation
                                       2099 Beach Avenue, Vancouver
                                      British Columbia, Canada V6G 1Z4
                                Telephone: 604-257-8400 | Fax: 604-257-8427

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