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									           FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Our FAQs may answer some questions you may have about the Aviano Roadrunners. If it does not, please feel
free in contacting us with your question.

1. How long have the Aviano Roadrunners been a running/walking group?
The history of the Roadrunners can be traced back as far as 1972. Individuals from the base were looking for
something more to do than the normal social gathering.

2. Why do the Aviano Roadrunners meet in Roveredo In Piano versus Aviano?
The Roadrunners began meeting at Roveredo as it was more of a central launching point for run/walk
destinations. The meeting point has long ago become a tradition of the organization.

3. Do I have to go to the meeting place in Roveredo In Piano in order to go to the run/walk?
No, you can drive directly to any of the run/walks and either wait for the group to arrive or sign up and run/walk.
If you sign up without the group, we ask that you sign up in the line for groups under the name of the Aviano
Roadrunners. The additional numbers help the group compete for the run/walk prizes at each event.

4. How are the yearly schedules determined for the run/walks the Roadrunners attend?
Gloria attends a yearly IVV sanctioned meeting in which walks are determined for the entire year. The
Roadrunners normally pick their destinations a couple of months out.

5. Are there any fees associated with being part of the Roadrunners?
There are no group fees for the members of the Roadrunners. You can expect to pay the weekly fees for the
run/walks, but that's about it.

6. Are there any benefits to being part of the Roadrunners?
Each town that hosts the run/walk gives away prizes for groups attending the event. The groups with the largest
amount of members attending win the prizes. The prizes range from trophies, to baskets or pasta, wines, cheese,
and other wonderful items. We've seen a live pig before as well as a washing machine for first prize.

7. Are run/walks stroller friendly?
Strollers are normally fairly safe on walks that traverse flat land. Even then, a jogging stroller or something
similar would be best. Many times the trails run off the beaten path and if it has been raining, there may be mud.
Run/Walks with a hilly terrain would not likely be stroller friendly. While many times towns seem to keep the
same marked paths, we often find that paths have been changed making each event a little more unpredictable.

8. What can I do if I lose the group while caravaning to the run/walk location?
While whoever is leading the caravan will try and keep everyone together, there is a chance that someone could
be detached from the group. You can obtain the phone number of Gloria, Dave, Cathy, or Carlo before you leave
the Roveredo bar. You could also print out a copy of the walk location from the web site before the walk.

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