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                                                                        MTCC Child Dev.

                   SCHOOL!                                                “Educating Active
                                                                       Learners Through Play.”

        Blossoms Classroom Newsletter
                                 Book Orders
           ~September                                                  When you order books from
                                                                       Scholastic your child’s
        Welcome to the official        Teacher Schedules               classroom earns points
start of our new school year! It is                                    toward new classroom
wonderful to have many of our          Ms. Audra    8:00-5:00          materials. Last year we were
dear friends back and excited to                                       able to get flannel board
meet new friends to our school!        Ms. Tamara    8:30-5:30         materials, puppets, board
        We have already begun                                          games, and new books for
work to clean up the gardens           Teachers will alternate         our class library. Thanks for
after the harvests, but we are         hour long breaks during         your participation!
finding that the watermelons and       naptime.
peppers are still producing fruits,
and we have a pumpkin that is          (Ms. Rachael will be with              Upcoming Events
growing very quickly. We will          children in the Big Room
                                       from 7:30-8:00)                                 Sept. 3- Book
chart our pumpkin’s growth and
                                                                                        orders due.
observe daily to see if it will ever
turn orange! We also will plant                                                        Sept. 6- Labor
new lettuces and cabbage as                  Reminders to                               Day (School
these plants will continue to                                                           Closed)
thrive in the cooler weather that              Parents                                 Sept. 9- Ms.
hopefully will come soon.
        This month we will focus                                                        Tamara absent
                                            Please remember to
on the child, his/her family, and            sign your child in upon                   Sept. 10-
the community of the classroom.              arrival and sign out at                    Amelia’s
Each child will have their turn to           departure. We leave                        Birthday
bring something special from                 important messages on
home to share with the group in              your attendance sheet,                    Sept. 12-
circle time. We will notify you              and we use the sign                        Kinsley’s
the week before your child’s turn            in/out book to maintain                    Birthday &
to present.                                  an accurate record of                      Grandparent’s
        The teachers are working             children in cases of                       Day
toward the portfolio preview day             emergency.
                                                                                       Sept. 14-
when you can see the beginning
                                            We need to have                            Grandparents’
collection of your child’s work,
pictures, and anecdotal
                                             updated emergency                          Breakfast 8:00-
                                             contact forms. If you                      9:30
observations. The preview day is             have not completed a
10/21, and we hope that you can              new form for this                         Sept. 21 & 22-
take a chance to visit with your             school year, please see                    TOY DAYS
child’s teacher and have a sneak             Ms. Audra or Ms.
peek!                                                                                  Sept. 22- Raina’s

  ** Thank you for the prompt response to the requests for extra change of clothing and crib
sheets. As the weather cools we will send reminders for those who need weather appropriate

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