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Bring your baby. Get fit. TM
     Volume 2, Issue 2                                                                                                                         April 2004

Support March of Dimes’ Fight Against Premature Births

Today 1 in 10 babies in the U.S. will                         The week prior to Mother’s Day, May                    Camp on that day, but would still like
be born prematurely. Many will be                             3rd-8th, all Baby Boot Camp locations                  to donate to this wonderful cause, you
too small and too sick to go home.                            nationwide, will select one class                      may mail a check no later than May
Instead, they face weeks or even                              as their Charity Day. This year, we                    6th to: Baby Boot Camp Charity Day
months in the neonatal intensive care                         have selected March of Dimes as our                    825 Autumn Lane       Mill Valley, CA
unit (NICU). But what does the                                                                                           94941. Please write your check to
future hold for these babies? While                                                                                      March of Dimes.
many survivors grow up healthy,
others aren’t so lucky. Even the                                                                                         For more information on how to
best of care cannot always spare                                                                                         get involved in your community,
a premature baby from lasting                                                                                            visit
disabilities such as cerebral
palsy, mental retardation, learning                                                                                      The mission of the March of
problems, chronic lung disease,                                                                                          Dimes is to improve the health
and vision and hearing problems.                                                                                         of babies by preventing birth
Half of all neurological disabilities                                                                                    defects and infant mortality. This
in children are related to premature                                                                                     mission is carried out through
birth. Despite decades of research,                                                                                      programs of research, education,
scientists have not yet developed                                                                                        community       services,     and
effective ways to help prevent                                                                                           advocacy. For more information
premature delivery. In fact, the rate                                                                                    visit
of premature birth increased 29
percent between 1981 and 2002                                                                                             Information and statistics used
(9.4 to 12.1 percent).                                          Christian Neave of Tucson was born 10                     with permission from the March of
                                                                    weeks premature. See page 2.                     .....Dimes.
The two most serious complications of
                                                              charity. On the selected Baby Boot
premature birth mainly affect babies
                                                              Camp Charity Day, all proceeds will go
born before 34 weeks of pregnancy.
                                                              directly to March of Dimes fight to save
They     are   Respiratory    Distress
                                                              babies from being born prematurely.
Syndrome, a serious breathing
                                                              Please visit
deficiency, and bleeding in the brain,
                                                              to see which class location, day and
which can cause pressure in the brain
                                                              time will be your local sponsor class.
and brain damage.
                                                              If you are unable to attend Baby Boot

                              Inside this issue:                                                                     Available Online:
                                                                                             • Purchase classes
Support March of Dimes’ Fight Against Premature Birth                                    1   • Gift certificates
Three Outstanding Moms Nominated..........................................2                  • T-shirts, tank tops, hats, resistance tubing, water bottles,
Body Mechanics and Stroller Posture.........................................3                  and gift packs
The Importance of Water ............................................................. 3      • Request a class location, day and time.
The Benefits of Prenatal Fitness ............................................... 4           • Information on your local BBC Moms’ Group & Moms’
A Wider Approach to Health and Fitness ................................ 4                    ..Night Out!
Ask the Trainer                                      .................................. 5         
Baby’s First Workout ................................................................... 6
PAGE 2                                                  NEWSLETTER                                          VOLUME 2, ISSUE 2

Three Outstanding Moms Nominated!

Oahu-- Kari Garcia first enrolled in Baby Boot Camp this January, bringing
her 4 (!) kids and husband with her to class. Dad plays at the park with the
3 older girls, while Kari and baby Jeremiah, 6 months old, get fit at Baby
Boot Camp. Despite working full time and having 4 kids, Kari has made
a commitment to fitness. She regularly takes her kids for walks in the
evenings after a long day at work. During a recent family walk, her oldest
daughter asked, “mom, can you please just do that on the side streets, not
on the main roads?!” In reference to walking lunges! Kari said that since
starting Baby Boot Camp, she has lost 8 pounds. She has modified her diet
a little by being more aware of what she puts into her body, but primarily she
has become more active. It is definitely inspiring for us to see a working                      Kari Garcia and Family
mother of 4 make positive changes in her life, and set a healthy example for
her kids. We are so happy to have her in our classes!

                                    The moms of Dallas, Texas would like to recognize Jennifer Bandy, mother of Lauren,
                                    as Outstanding Mom of the quarter. Diving into her first Baby Boot Camp session with
                                    an unlimited package of classes this winter, Jennifer and Lauren attended an average
                                    of 4 days per week during the course of an 8-week session. When Jennifer first enrolled
                                    in Baby Boot Camp, she was concerned about the commitment and her ability to keep
                                    up with the class. Instead, she found Baby Boot Camp to be accommodating to all
                                    fitness levels. Jennifer soon began to feel great and was happy to find herself looking
                                    forward to going to class. Jennifer has committed to another unlimited package of
                                    classes for the spring. Keep up the great work!
   Jennifer and Lauren Bandy

Tucson—Elisa Neave had many challenges trying to become and stay pregnant. Her son,
Christian, was born 10 weeks premature. At 6 months old, Christian is doing great and loves
Outdoor Baby Boot Camp. Throughout all of Elisa’s struggles with pregnancy, breastfeeding
and being a new mom, she has kept a very positive attitude. Elisa has been coming to Baby
Boot Camp four times a week and has noticed considerable improvements in her strength
and stamina. Just what she needs to keep up with a growing boy.

Jennifer, Kari and Elisa will receive a special gift from their local instructor. Congratulations to
you all and keep up the great work! To nominate an Outstanding Mom in one of your classes,
email us at
                                                                                                       Elisa and Christian Neave

                                         Baby Boot Camp class locations:
       Arizona:          Campbell          Pleasanton        Santa Clara        Lakewood        Oahu:             Texas:
       Tucson            Danville          San Carlos        Santa Cruz         Denver          Honolulu          Dallas
       Oro Valley        Lafayette         San Diego         Tiburon            Boulder         Mililani          Grapevine
       Eastside          Los Gatos         San Francisco     Walnut Creek                       Waipio Gentry     McKinney
                         Mill Valley       San Jose                             Indiana:        Ewa Beach         Frisco
       California:       Mountain View     San Luis Obispo   Colorado:          Valaparaiso                       Plano
       Berkeley          Oakland           San Ramon         Colorado Springs   Merrillville    Oklahoma:
       Burlingame        Petaluma          Santa Barbara     Golden                             Norman

        Can’t find a class in your area? Request a class location online at   
PAGE 3                                              NEWSLETTER                                      VOLUME 2, ISSUE 2

Body Mechanics and Stroller Posture
by Erin deNeeve Baum

Proper posture and body mechanics        down, bend your knees.     To put         we have a tendency to bend forward
are important for everyone, but          less strain on your spine, do not         at our hips, sticking our rear ends
especially for moms due to the           bend over with your knees straight.       out. This is the body’s way of trying to
demands that childcare duties put                                                  make its job easier, but it is not ideal
on our bodies. We should be aware        When walking or jogging while             alignment. Take care to keep your
of our body alignment during normal      pushing a stroller, there are several     hips forward and your shoulders back.
day to day activities, as                                                                   Your gaze should be straight
well as when exercising.                                                                    ahead, not down towards
                                                                                            the ground. Also, make sure
Two     general principles                                                                  your wrists are in a straight
regarding proper posture                                                                    line, not flexed or bent.
and body mechanics are:
                                                                                          If you have any questions
1) Visualize yourself in profile                                                          regarding      your   posture
when standing. There should                                                               and      body       mechanics
be an imaginary straight line                                                             during Baby Boot Camp
running from ear, to shoulder,                                                            class, please consult your
to hip, to knee, and to ankle.                                                            instructor.      Demonstrating
You should try to keep these                                                              proper posture and body
points “stacked” upright upon                                                             mechanics throughout your
each other. One point should                                                              day will help you to get a
not be positioned forward or                                                              more      effective  workout,
backward compared to the others.                San Francisco, California          keep you healthy, and prevent injury.
                                         important things to keep in mind. Do
2) Bend forward, flexing at the hips,                                              Erin is a Baby Boot Camp instructor
                                         not round or lean forward at the hips,
not at the waist. When reaching                                                    in Waipio, Hawaii, an NATA certified
                                         the waist, or the head/neck. The
down towards the ground to pick                                                    athletic trainer and mom to 1 year old
                                         body should remain upright. When
up a toy or pacifier that has “fallen”                                             Alexander.
                                         pushing a heavy load or going uphill,

The Importance of Water
by Kitty Stevenson

In our consumer society there is         Water is necessary to the function        Hydration is extremely important
one thing you should consume lots        of almost every life-sustaining body      when breastfeeding.         You must
of . . . . H2O, water, aqua, wasser!     process. Water regulates your body        drink more than what is necessary
In fact, the average person should       temperature, keeping it near 98.6         to simply satisfy your thirst. A good
drink 8 to 12 cups of water daily.       degrees, it transports nutrients          recommendation is to drink 1 cup of
                                         and oxygen to your body cells             fluid at each breastfeeding or pumping
The adult body, on average, is about     and carries waste products away.          session. You may be breastfeeding
55 percent to 75 percent water, or       It moistens body tissues in your          between 8-12 times a day so you
about 10 to 12 gallons of water.         mouth, eyes and nose and it works         may need up to 12 cups of fluid a
Where is all this water located?         to keep muscles and skin toned.           day to compensate for the breast
Lean body tissue (muscle) holds                                                    milk your baby is drinking. Drink up!
                                         Water is also an essential tool in
more water than fat; therefore, the      weight management and weight loss.
leaner you are, the higher your                                                    Kitty is a Baby Boot Camp instruc-
                                         Since water contains no calories, it
body’s portion of water. (FYI, about                                               tor in Boulder, Colorado. She is an
                                         can serve as an appetite suppressant.
75 percent of a newborn’s weight                                                   ACE certified personal trainer and an
                                         It helps the body metabolize stored fat
is water, compared with 50 percent                                                 AFAA certified pre/postnatal fitness
                                         and it may possibly be one of the most
water weight found in the elderly.)      significant factors in losing weight.     instructor.
PAGE 4                                                NEWSLETTER                                       VOLUME 2, ISSUE 2

The Benefits of Prenatal Fitness
by Anna Gunn

There are so many reasons, or perhaps excuses, for us not to exercise that it’s a wonder we do it at all. Ironically, exercise
is the perfect solution to many of the problems women with children face. Whether you are new to exercise or an exercise
fanatic, a pre/postnatal fitness program will result in physical as well as mental benefits. As always, consult with your
physician before starting any exercise program.

Exercise while pregnant? Isn’t this the time for us to eat for two, give in to those cravings of French fries and hot fudge
sundaes, and take advantage of the minimal effort theory? Absolutely! However, a prenatal exercise program will help
to prepare your body for the labor it is about to endure. If you have been physically active prior to pregnancy, you can
continue your regular exercise program, decreasing the intensity as your pregnancy progresses. It is also best to avoid
contact sports or exercise where you could easily lose your balance and fall. If you were not exercising prior to pregnancy
and are not very motivated, consider finding a personal trainer or exercise program (e.g. Baby Boot Camp) that specializes
in pre and postnatal training. It is never too late to experience the benefits that come
with prenatal exercise:
    •   Improved circulation
    •   Strengthens muscles that assist with pushing during labor
    •   More energy and endurance
    •   Shorter recovery time
    •   Aids in postural strength
    •   Less weight gain
    •   Fewer aches and pains
    •   Improved flexibility and mobility
    •   Aids in digestion
    •   Improved self-image
    •   Enhanced feeling of well-being
    •   Better equipped to handle emotional demands
    •   Reduced anxiety and tension

Anna teaches Baby Boot Camp classes in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is an
NAFC certified personal trainer and mom to 2 1/2 year old Katherine and 6 month            Annika Gursky of San Francisco at
old James.                                                                    12 weeks old

A Wider Approach to Health and Fitness
by Christy Hunter

By participating in Baby Boot             everyday wear and tear of being a          can turn down sleep? With Mother’s
Camp, you’ve already shown your           mother. Lifting strollers, carrying car    Day just around the corner, a sports
commitment to improving your level        seats and holding your baby is bound       massage is the perfect gift. Ask your
of health and fitness through exercise.   to take a toll on your body.               local Baby Boot Camp instructor for
No doubt you have noticed a general                                                  a recommendation of practitioners in
improvement to your overall well          Pamper yourself with regular massage       your area. Bodywork is effective, and
being, such as increased energy           and bodywork. Additionally, physical       more importantly, you deserve it!
& muscle strength, better posture         therapist, osteopath, or chiropractor
and fewer aches and pains, not to         can help treat discomfort that won’t       Christy is a personal trainer
mention a few new friends. But don’t      seem to ease up. Bodywork doesn’t          certified by ACSM and NASM with
ignore chronic issues like back pain,     have to be a big investment financially,   additional certifications in pre and
discomfort in your hips or shoulders,     even a quick chair-massage every           postnatal fitness and yoga. Christy
and muscle soreness. Remember how         few weeks will help. Bodywork has          teaches Baby Boot Camp classes
many changes your body has endured        been shown to improve immune               in and around Dallas, Texas.
through pregnancy, delivery, and the      function, digestion, and sleep! Who
PAGE 5                                                  NEWSLETTER                                      VOLUME 2, ISSUE 2

Ask the Trainer
by Jennifer Murray

Question:                                    I am eager to get my pre-pregnancy       The key is to get moving on the days
I often forget to stretch when I workout     shape back. What can I do on the days    that you do not attend Baby Boot
on my own.          Is stretching really     that I can’t make it to Baby Boot Camp   Camp class.        Keep those stroller
necessary?                                   class to continue to burn calories?      wheels warm and go for power walks.
                                                                                      My daughter takes her best naps in
Answer:                                      Answer:                                  the jogging stroller! Ride your bike
The three training components that           Here’s the textbook answer: the          with your baby in a bike trailer. Walk
create a complete fitness program            American College of Sports Medicine      to your destination with your baby in a
are cardiovascular, strength, and            recommends 3-5 days per week of          front carrier or backpack carrier. Swim
flexibility. Stretching on a regular basis   cardiorespiratory fitness (perform       laps. Take the stairs. Purchase a new
is especially beneficial to moms as we       repetitive, moderate to high intensity,  exercise video. Just pick an activity
are often carrying or lifting something.     large muscle movement for a              that you enjoy (hiking, skiing, dancing,
The benefits of flexibility training         prolonged period of time) at 65-90%      running, tennis) and do it!
are numerous: improved posture,              maximum heart rate for 20-60 minutes.
less risk of injury, less stress, less       The maximum heart rate during your A good rule of thumb is to start slowly
muscle tension, less lower back pain,        early postpartum months is 135-150.     during those first few postpartum
increased functional ability, increased                                              months. Start with a 5 minute warm-
mind/body connection.                                                                         up, and then proceed for a
                                                                                              duration of 10-15 minutes.
Be sure to stretch your                                                                       Within the first month,
muscles both before and                                                                       gradually add on until you
after your workouts.         To                                                               are at 45 minutes of activity.
maximize your stretch, hold                                                                   Cross training (alternating
the position steady for 10                                                                    activities) is an excellent
seconds. Breathing slowly                                                                     way to burn calories and to
and deeply can be very                                                                        keep from getting bored with
relaxing during your flexibility                                                              one activity.
training.      Some muscle
groups that are commonly                                                                        Finally, remember to always
tight and that need to be                                                                       wear a good sports bra. If
stretched regularly are the                                                                     you are nursing, plan your
hamstrings, lower back,                                                                         cardiovascular activity for
calves, hip flexors, chest, and                                                                 after a feeding or a pumping
shoulders. If you are unsure                            Lisa and Kyla Gorham                    session. Be sure to warm-
about any of these muscle                                                                      up for 5-8 minutes and to
groups or how to stretch them most           What does all of that mean? The cool-down and recover for at least 5
effectively, ask your local Baby Boot        reality is that most moms are juggling minutes. Ask your instructor for more
Camp instructor. During pregnancy            the many duties of motherhood, which information on your target heart rate.
your body releases a hormone called          makes it difficult to find time to follow
relaxin, which relaxes your connective       these guidelines. Whether you are If you have fitness questions, ask your
tissues, tendons, and ligaments.             caring for your new baby or chasing local Baby Boot Camp instructor or
Relaxin remains in your system for six       your toddler, remember that moms get
                                                                                       email askthetrainer@babybootcamp.
to eighteen months postpartum so be          their fair share of exercise on a daily
careful not to over-stretch.                 basis! Our goals may vary (weight
                                             loss, regain pre-pregnancy shapeand
You can incorporate many of the              tone, health concerns).         Keep in Jennifer is a Baby Boot Camp in-
stretches performed during Baby              mind that regular cardiovascular structor in McKinney, Texas. She is
Boot Camp at home to improve                 training has many health benefits. an AFAA certified personal trainer
your flexibility. Feel free to ask your      Your heart becomes stronger, your and a certified pre/postnatal fitness
instructor for additional stretches and      bones grow stronger, you increase instructor. Jennifer is mom to 6 year
techniques. Your body will be grateful!      your expenditure of calories, and you old Morgan and 2 1/2 year old Molly.
Question:                                    increase your metabolism.       
 Baby Boot Camp ®
     825 Autumn Lane
    Mill Valley, CA 94941
         415.888.3141 fax

Bring your baby. Get fit. TM

Baby’s First Workout
by Renee Cinco

By now you have learned from your            work helps your baby get ready for the   soon enjoy it. Start with short periods
pediatrician about the importance of         bigger work of crawling and pulling up   during the day to help build strength.
placing your baby to sleep on her            to standing.                             Get down on the floor with her for
back every time. And for good reason                                                  motivation or put her down on your
-since implementing this simple                                                       chest as you recline back to make her
strategy, the incidence of SIDS in our                                                more comfortable. Using a rolled up
country has decreased by 50%. But all                                                 blanket or towel under her chest can
that time flat on her back needs to be                                                help to make it easier for her. Try
balanced by tummy time when baby is                                                   holding her across your lap on her
awake to help develop strength and                                                    tummy and rub or pat her back. In no
motor skills.                                                                         time your baby will be doing her first
                                                                                      set of push-ups!
Playing on her tummy does many
important things for your baby. At first,                                             Renee teaches Baby Boot Camp
she begins to build neck strength as                                                  classes in San Diego, California
                                                    San Francisco, California
she learns to turn her head. Later, she                                               and works as a pediatric physical
will strengthen her upper body as she                                                 therapist specializing in gross mo-
                                             What if your baby is so used to being
pushes up to look around. This gives                                                  tor development. She is mom to 4
                                             on her back that she just doesn’t like
her an exciting new perspective she                                                   1/2 year old Maiya and 2 year old Kai.
                                             tummy time? Don’t worry, with a little
won’t get lying flat on her back. All this                                  
                                             help and persistence from you, she’ll

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