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Vacation Bible School 2010


									                                                                Craft Book
                                                                                   Vacation Bible School 2010

   Welcome to Danger Island, a beautiful, yet, po-              an important aspect of VBS and should not be taken
tentially hazardous, tropical island. Those who wish            lightly. Crafting, in itself, can be a ministry. It can be
to enjoy the wonders of the island must first be able           a means of learning God’s Word and the plan of sal-
to survive the challenges therein. Daily excursions             vation. It can be a way of expressing thanks and
will take us to different locations around the island           praise to God. It can offer a time of fellowship with
where we will learn of the survival skills and tools            other crafters, and it can become an opportunity for
that will be necessary to endure as Christians in               witnessing to others through completed projects.
today’s world. As we read about many important bib-                This book is designed to give you a variety of craft
lical characters and learn how they survived when               ideas for your many young survivors. Several project
faced with overwhelming difficulties, we will come to           ideas have been prepared for each of the daily
realize that our own daily journeys involve much of             themes, with suggested age-levels given for each les-
the same hazards and dangers. We will see the im-               son. Keep in mind these are only suggestions. Proj-
portance of abiding in God and following His Word.              ects can be adaptable to fit other age-groups or they
We will come to rely on trust, prayer and obedience.            may be interchangeable to work for another day’s
We will find the courage and strength in Jesus that             theme. As craft leader, you will know what will work
will allow us to withstand all obstacles. Our visit to          within your time schedule and for your students.
Danger Island will help enable us to survive and                Feel free to make the projects work for you.
thrive in a world that seeks to devour our joy and                 Tips for crafting with children and a list of craft
destroy our witness. It will teach us how to become             supplies to begin gathering are also included in this
Soul Survivors as we learn to rely on God’s loving              book. A table has been included which lists the pos-
care. “In all these things we are more than con-                sible craft options for each age-group based on the
querors through him that loved us” (Rom. 8:37).                 suggested difficulty levels. Note: see patterns and/or
Craft time on Danger Island will allow survivors to             diagrams at the end of each lesson.
create interesting artifacts and reflect on the impor-
tant lessons learned each day as they visit Ship-               Craft Tips
wreck Point, Big Shadow Cave, Quicksand Cove, Hot                   Completing likeable projects during craft time is
Rock Volcano and Boggy Swamp.                                   a challenge, especially when you are working with
                                                                many children but little time. Being prepared and
Craft Time                                                      having a proper attitude are keys to being success-
   Children of all ages love to create. They love the           ful. Here are some things to consider:
busyness of their hands, the act of self-expression,               1. Always try out a craft ahead of time to deter-
the joy of discovery and imagination, and, if creating          mine how long it will take to complete and to foresee
with others, the delight of an experience shared. Cre-          any difficulties that may arise. It is better to solve
ativity, after all, is a gift from God, our ultimate Cre-       problems ahead of time than to be faced with them
ator. Being made in His image, we were indwelled                in the middle of the craft lesson. This will also give
with the desire to make things.                                 you a sample of the craft to display during craft time.
   It is no wonder craft time is often a child’s favorite          2. Know the daily Bible lesson and refer to it dur-
time during his VBS experience and fun projects will            ing craft time. A sentence or two may be enough to
be expected from you, the craft leader. Craft time is           allow children to see the connection. All crafts

should reflect the daily theme in some way and                  of these on display or in the church bulletin asking
should refer to the plan of salvation. Otherwise, you           for donations. When purchasing items, be sure to
are wasting precious teachable moments. One never               shop for the best deals. Garage sales can be an ex-
knows at what point God will have prepared a child              cellent source for supplies. If you do not go to these
to understand and accept the gospel, and a hands-on             on a regular basis, locate someone who does and
lesson may be the way the child will be reached. You
                                                                keep them on the lookout for crafting treasures.
will be planting a seed, which is the purpose for Va-
                                                                Consider looking for items on the Internet, as you
cation Bible School.
                                                                will have a wide range of possibilities from which to
   3. Pick your craft lessons wisely. Make sure they
will be age-appropriate but choose crafts you think             choose.
each group of children will enjoy. Sometimes that is               7. Begin the lesson as soon as the children are
not easy, especially with teens. Try to think from              seated. Take advantage of every minute. Be sure to
their point of view, or better yet, ask some teens for          have children ready to leave when it is time. Going
their opinions as you plan your lessons.                        beyond the time limit places stress on everyone in-
   4. Have plenty of help! This is certainly not a job          volved; you, the group that you are hurrying to be
for one person. As soon as possible, recruit others             finished and the next group that will be impatiently
to share the joy of teaching crafts to children. The            waiting to begin. Consider working with your VBS
younger the age-group, the more help you will need.             director (or whoever decides the schedule) in avoid-
Some projects may be more difficult than others.                ing back-to-back classes. This may alleviate some of
Plan ahead and schedule the extra helpers necessary.            the pressure, allowing time to clean up and prepare
   5. Consider scheduling a VBS work day to take                for the next group.
place a week or two ahead of time, which will allow
                                                                   8. Pray! Ask others to pray for you. This is a big
other church members to help with all the tasks in-
                                                                task and at times may seem overwhelming. God will
volved in preparation. This would actually be ad-
vantageous for all areas of VBS. You might discuss              see you through this and will use you in a mighty
it with your VBS director. Supply some coffee and               way.
doughnuts, and invite church members to join in fel-               9. Have fun! It will be difficult to convince children
lowship as they cut out patterns, copy materials and            of the joy of knowing Christ if you are not acting joy-
help lighten the load for you and others.                       ously. If children see you enjoying the lesson, they
   6. Begin gathering supplies as soon as possible.             will be more likely to enjoy it as well. Remember that
Many of these supplies are recycled items. Put a list           you are doing God’s work for His glory!

Supplies                             Light corn syrup
                                                                                       Seashells: small
PURCHASE                             Metal dog tags: blank, with ball chains           Silk flowers
                                     Metallic confetti: cross, heart, star             Silk tropical leaves: large
Adhesive foam                                                                          Split key rings
                                     Mini clothespins: colored or natural
Adhesive foam shapes: crosses,                                                         Sponges
                                     Night light: plug-in type with plastic shade
   Bibles, tropical                                                                    Starfish: small
                                     Nylon rope
Adhesive jewels                                                                        Styrofoam plates
Adhesive magnetic strips             Paper maché boxes: small
                                                                                       Thermometer: small, paperbacked
Bamboo place mats                    Paper maché bug boxes
                                                                                       Toy compasses
Beads                                Paper plates: yellow, 7" diameter
                                                                                       Vinyl: clear, heavyweight
Bible verse coins                    Plastic box: small, clear
                                                                                       Wax crystals (granulated wax)
Capiz shells: 2” diameter            Plastic canvas                                    Waxed candlewicks with wick tabs: 2 ¼"
Cardboard frames                     Plastic toy tropical creatures: frogs, lizards,   Wiggle eyes
Cord: narrow, natural                   snakes, insects                                Wire: 18 gauge
Cording                              Plastic drinking straws                           Wooden plaques: 4" x 6" and 5" x 7"
Cork tiles                           Plastic sandwich bags                             Wooden cross bead or key chain
Craft foam: 2mm and 3mm              Plastic stirring straws                           Wooden discs: 2" diameter
Craft foam shapes                    Pocket calendar books                             Yarn
Dimensional fabric paint             Pom-poms: large
Dowel rod: ½" to ¾" diameter         Pony beads                                        COLLECT
Feather fluffs                       Potpourri oil or spray
                                                                                       Baby food jars
Felt                                 Raffia: colored or natural                        Boxes: small
Gift wrap ribbon: red                Sand dollars: small                               Brown paper bags
Glitter                              Sandpaper: assorted colors                        Calendar pages: ocean scenes
Jumbo craft sticks                   Scrapbook pages: maps, ocean scenes               Cardboard tubes from paper towels

CDs                                         Chisel                                    Pencil sharpeners: handheld
Film containers                             Clear acrylic finish: matte or gloss      Permanent markers
Gift wrap tissue                            Clear package tape                        Plastic sandwich bags
Magazines                                   Copy paper
                                                                                      Plastic spoons
Newspapers                                  Construction paper
Phone books                                 Crayons                                   Rocks: large, smooth
Plastic bottles: small                      Dremel tool                               Sand: regular and coarse
Plastic bowls                               Dust masks                                Scissors
Plastic containers from bubble gum          Exacto knife                              Scotch tape
   machines                                 Fishing line: thin                        Soft pastels: black and brown
Plastic shoe box containers                 Food coloring: red and yellow
                                                                                      Spray paint
Ribbon: ½" to ¾" wide                       Funnel
Road maps                                   Gel pens                                  Standard glue
Rope: nylon and natural                     Glue dots                                 Stapler
Rubber bands                                Glue gun                                  Strong glue
Small mint tins with hinged lids            Hammer                                    Styrofoam plates
Soda can tabs                               Heavy duty aluminum foil                  Tacky glue
Stickers: assorted                          Hole punch
                                            Iron                                      Tweezers
Tin cans
                                            Large nails                               Wax paper
                                            Markers                                   Wire pliers
LOCATE                                      Masking tape
Acrylic paint                               Parchment paper
Brads                                       Paper towels                              Plastic soda bottles
Card stock                                  Pea gravel                                Terra cotta pots

                                             Craft Project Chart
                      Preschool/Kindergarten                           Beginner                              Primary

 Shipwreck Point Life Preserver                          Life Preserver                      Life Preserver
                   Sponge Boat                           Sponge Boat                         Telescope
                   Treasure Chest                        Telescope                           Treasure Chest
                                                         Treasure Chest                      Treasure Locket
                                                         Treasure Locket                     Ocean Plaque

 Big Shadow       Sling                                  Sling                              Lei Your Trust in Jesus
 Cave             Paper Plate Clock                      Lei Your Trust in Jesus            Calendar Cover
                  Lei Your Trust in Jesus                Calendar Cover                     Vinyl Key Chain
                                                         Vinyl Key Chain                    Stained Glass Cross

                  “Call on God” Phone                    “Call on God” Phone                Flip-flop Air Freshener
                  Prayer Reminder Box                    Prayer Reminder Box                Prayer Friendship Bracelet
 Cove             First Aid Kit                          First Aid Kit                      Rope Pencil Cup
                                                         Flip-flop Air Freshener

                  Lava Bottle                            Lava Bottle                        Lava Bottle
 Hot Rock
                  Fiery Pin                              Fiery Pin                          Foil Flame Frame
 Volcano          Tropical Bird Thermometer              Tropical Bird Thermometer          Fiery Pin
                                                         Rock Painting                      Tropical Bird Thermometer
                                                                                            Rock Painting

 Boggy            Bug Box                                Bug Box                            Sin Swatter Magnet
 Swamp            Sin Swatter Magnet                     Sin Swatter Magnet                 Compass Necklace
                  Bamboo Mat Frame                       Compass Necklace                   Bamboo Mat Frame
                  Memory Verse Tropical Leaf             Bamboo Mat Frame                   Memory Verse Tropical Leaf
                                                         Memory Verse Tropical Leaf         Vinyl Cling

                            Junior                       Young Teen                       Teen

Shipwreck Point Treasure Locket               Map Treasure Box              Map Treasure Box
                Map Treasure Box              Anchor Journal                Anchor Journal
                Anchor Journal                Ocean Plaque                  Ocean Plaque
                Ocean Plaque                  Capiz Shell Sun Catcher       Capiz Shell Sun Catcher
                Capiz Shell Sun Catcher

                Calendar Cover                Vinyl Key Chain               Vinyl Key Chain
Big Shadow
                Vinyl Key Chain               Night Light                   Night Light
Cave            Stained Glass Cross           Candle                        Candle
                Night Light

                Flip-flop Air Freshener       Prayer Friendship Bracelet    Prayer Friendship Bracelet
                Prayer Friendship Bracelet    Prayer Rope                   Prayer Rope
Cove            Prayer Rope                   Rope Pencil Cup               Rope Pencil Cup
                Rope Pencil Cup               Sandpaper Cross               Sandpaper Cross
                Sandpaper Cross

                Fiery Pin                     Fiery Pin                     Fiery Pin
Hot Rock
                Foil Flame Frame              Foil Flame Frame              Thermometer
Volcano         Thermometer                   Thermometer                   Rock Painting
                Rock Painting                 Rock Painting                 Rock Paperweight/Pen Holder
                Rock Paperweight/Pen Holder   Rock Paperweight/Pen Holder

                Bamboo Mat Frame              Bamboo Mat Frame              Bamboo Mat Frame
Boggy           Memory Verse Tropical Leaf    Memory Verse Tropical Leaf    Memory Verse Tropical Leaf
Swamp           Vinyl Cling                   DOG Tag Necklace              DOG Tag Necklace
                DOG Tag Necklace              Reflection CD                 Reflection CD

                       Lesson 1                               much that He sent a life preserver in human form.
                                                              Jesus came to rescue us from the depths of sin. If we
                                                              trust Him as our Lord and Savior, we shall not falter.

                                                              Styrofoam: white (meat tray, plate)
                                                              red gift wrap ribbon
We must beware of the perilous waters of Shipwreck            nylon rope
Point. Waves of fear crash against us. Gushing                message: “Jesus Saves!”
winds of discouragement blow us off course, leaving           verse
us feeling lost and adrift. Doubts surface like treach-       copy paper or construction paper
erous undercurrents that threaten to pull us un-              preserver pattern
derneath the raging sea. We need a way to navigate            Exacto knife
through challenges and stay on course. God’s Word             Scotch tape
is the map we need to guide us through to safer wa-           permanent markers
   In Deuteronomy 31:7-13, 23; 34:5-9, it is Joshua              In advance, trace and cut out the preserver pat-
who experienced waves of fear and doubt as he was             tern onto the Styrofoam. Thicker foam may require
called to be the next man to lead his people. Moses           an Exacto knife. Cut the rope into 22" pieces. Fold
knew that Joshua would be the one to fill his place           each rope length in half and mark. Fold the rope in
and take the Jews into the Promised Land. Moses               half again to mark quarter lengths. Make copies and
gave him encouragement. “Be strong and of a good              cut out the “Jesus Saves!” message and the verse.
courage: for thou must go with this people unto the              During craft time, use permanent markers to
land which the LORD hath sworn unto their fathers             record names and the date on what will be the back
to give them; and thou shalt cause them to inherit it”        of the Styrofoam circle. Arrange the rope in a circle
(Deut. 31:7). In Joshua 1:1-9, God reminded him               around the outer edge of the Styrofoam circle (dia-
that by abiding in His Word, Joshua could success-            gram 1). The rope circle will be larger. Place the two
fully lead the people of Israel in inhabiting the land.       ends of the rope onto a piece of the Scotch tape.
“This book of the law shall not depart out of thy             Place the tape onto the Styrofoam circle, attaching
mouth; but thou shalt meditate therein day and
                                                              the rope to the outside edge of the circle. Find the
night, that thou mayest observe to do according to
                                                              mark on the rope that indicates halfway. Tape this
all that is written therein: for then thou shalt make
                                                              point to the outside edge of the circle directly across
thy way prosperous, and then thou shalt have good
                                                              from the first tape (diagram 2). Find each quarter
success” (Joshua 1:8). God promised to be with
Joshua every step of the way. “For the LORD thy God           mark and tape them to either side of the Styrofoam
is with thee whithersoever thou goest” (Joshua 1:9).          circle (diagram 3). Wrap each piece of the gift wrap
   At Shipwreck Point, we, too, can learn to have             ribbon around the Styrofoam circle and rope where
courage in the Lord. We can be strong because we              the rope is taped. Tape the ends of the ribbon on the
know that He is strong. His Word encourages us as             back of the Styrofoam circle. Place a loop of tape to
we read of His tremendous power and His uncondi-              the back of the “Jesus Saves!” message and attach it
tional love. We can be confident that He will not leave       to the front of the preserver. Do the same for the
us adrift. The Memory Verse reminds us that, when             verse.
we abide in God, we have nothing to fear. “My help
cometh from the LORD, which made heaven and
earth” (Psalm 121:2).
                                                                               Sponge Boat
                                                                          Preschool/Kindergarten, Beginner
                Life Preserver                                   Satan is always looking for the
                                                              right moment to hit us. Like a
        Preschool/Kindergarten, Beginner, Primary
                                                              sudden storm, he strikes with-
   God loves us and wants to                                  out warning with his destructive
take care of us. We must trust                                ways that inevitably cause life to
that He will see us through                                   crash around us. However, when
whatever storms we may en-                                    we have Jesus in our hearts,
counter in our lives. “The LORD                               there is no storm big enough nor
shall preserve thee from all evil:                            any wave strong enough to take
he shall preserve thy soul”                                   us down. We know that with
(Psalm 121:7). God loves us so                                Jesus we will always stay afloat.

Supplies:                                                      permanent markers
sponges                                                        glue gun
boat pattern
paper sail pattern                                                Before craft time, use the cardboard circle to trace
copy paper: white                                              onto the plastic sandwich bags. Cut out the circles,
plastic drinking straw: cut to 6 ½"                            making one plastic circle for each telescope. Print a
hole punch                                                     cross circle pattern for each telescope as well. Cut
crayons                                                        adhesive foam into two sizes, ½" x 6" and 2" x 6".
small stickers: nautical, beach, religious                     Cover the cardboard tubes with card stock or con-
scissors                                                       struction paper.
Optional:                                                         During craft time, place the plastic circle over the
small tub with water                                           cross circle pattern. Use permanent markers to trace
paper towels                                                   and color the cross design onto the plastic circle.
                                                               Tape the plastic circle to one end of the cardboard
   In advance, trace the boat pattern onto the                 tube. The plastic circle should be pulled tightly over
sponges and cut out. Use scissors to carefully cut a           the end of the tube, but not so much that it distorts
small niche in the center of each sponge, trying not           or compresses the tube’s circular shape. Wrap the
to cut completely through. Print and cut out the sails         2" x 6" adhesive foam around the cardboard tube so
from copy paper. Punch holes into the sails where              that it covers the tape and excess plastic. Allow the
indicated.                                                     foam to extend slightly beyond the edge of the tube.
   During craft time, use crayons to color the sail.           It may be necessary to trim the foam slightly where
Decorate it with stickers. Place the sail onto the             the two ends meet. Attach the ½" x 6" piece of adhe-
straw as shown in the diagram. Push the straw into             sive foam to the other side of the tube, again allow-
the niche cut in the sponge until it will stand. If a          ing it to extend beyond the tube’s edge slightly. An
tub of water is provided, children can take turns              adult can place a small amount of hot glue where
floating their boats. Paper towels will help ensure the        the ends of the foam meet to ensure that they do not
boats are dry again before sending home.                       come loose. Use permanent markers to write, “Look
                                                               to Jesus!” on the tube. If time permits, decorate the
                   Telescope                                   telescope with stickers.

                   Beginner, Primary
                                                                               Treasure Chest
   We can always look to
Jesus. It is He who provides                                           Preschool/Kindergarten, Beginner, Primary
us a way through life’s                                            Many ships have been lost
rough waters and eventually                                    at sea in search of treasure.
to everlasting life. Through-                                  Whether they capsized during
out God’s Word, we can read                                    a raging storm or slammed
of His Son’s great power and purpose. By believing             against the rocks along an is-
on Him, we can have courage to ride out any storm,             land shore, their passengers
for we know that through Him, we will find still wa-           lost everything in the pursuit
ters. “Then they cry unto the LORD in their trouble,           of riches. In life we must be careful of the treasures
and he bringeth them out of their distresses. He               we seek. Worldly treasures do not last and usually
maketh the storm a calm, so that the waves thereof             leave us feeling empty. A life spent pursuing earthly
are still. Then are they glad because they be quiet; so        things is a life wasted.
he bringeth them unto their desired haven” (Psalm                  Heavenly treasures, however, are eternal. They are
107:28-30).                                                    the things of God. The Bible is a special treasure for
                                                               it instructs us in eternal things. It teaches us to look
Supplies:                                                      for God’s love through Christ, to seek and to follow
cardboard tube from paper towels: 1¾" diameter                 His will, and to strive to help others. By abiding in
adhesive foam: any color                                       God’s Word, we can invest our lives in what is truly
card stock or construction paper: any color                    important. “I rejoice at thy word, as one that findeth
plastic sandwich bag                                           great spoil” (Psalm 119:162).
cardboard circle: approximately 4" diameter
cross circle pattern                                           Supplies:
Scotch tape                                                    bamboo place mat: thin, narrow slats with mesh
stickers: nautical, religious                                    backing

sand                                                                    Capiz Shell Sun Catcher
plastic shoe box or other similar container
small seashells, sand dollars, starfish                                         Junior, Young Teen, Teen
printed verse on parchment or colored card stock                Supplies:
narrow rope or cord                                             Capiz shells: 2" diameter
glue gun                                                        fishing line: thin, approxi-
                                                                   mately 38" in length
    Ahead of time, reduce or crop the ocean scene, if           assorted beads: various col-
necessary, to 5" x 7" and print it onto the card stock.            ors and shapes, glass or
This can be easily done on the computer with any                   plastic
photo-editing program. Another option would be to               stirring straws: plastic, as-
take it to a company or business that makes and                    sorted colors
sells color copies. Prepare the wood plaques. These             cross stickers
can be pre-made or cut from wood scraps. To                     scissors
achieve the necessary plaque size, it is also possible          dremel tool
to glue together smaller wood slats (available for pur-         dust mask
chase in most craft stores and much more cost effi-
cient). Lightly sand the edges of the plaques if                   In advance, carefully drill holes in the tops of the
needed. To create a hanger, hot glue the ends of the            Capiz shells and sand away any surface imperfec-
narrow rope or cord to what will be the top backside            tions. Be sure to use a dust mask during this
of each plaque.                                                 process. Some Capiz shells can be purchased pre-
    During craft time, use the standard glue to adhere          drilled but are usually more expensive. String one
the ocean scene to the wood plaque. Glue the verse              shell through the fishing line to the center of its
to cover a part of the water and sky in the top por-            length and tie a knot there. Cut the stirring straws
tion of the scene. Trace around the edges of the verse          into 1" or 1½" lengths.
with a bead of glue. Cover the bottom portion of the               During craft time, string both strands of the fish-
scene, the beach, with a thin layer of the glue as well.        ing line through the beads and stirring straw pieces
Lightly sprinkle on the sand. Carefully shake the ex-           to create about 12" of length. The straw pieces make
cess sand off the plaque and into the plastic shoe              good spacers and diminish the amount of beads nec-
box. The sand can be recycled or disposed of with               essary. Tie a knot at the top of the bead strand and
little or no mess. Use the strong glue to add small             then another at the end of the fishing line. This will
shells, starfish, and/or sand dollars to the beach              make a loop for hanging. Place a cross sticker on
part of the scene. Allow the glue time to dry.                  each side of the Capiz shell.

Life Preserver
                                              1.                                 2.

  The LORD shall preserve thee from
  all evil: he shall preserve thy soul.
                           Psalm 121:7


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