The Windswept Kites Yard Sale . Find bargain prices by bsw17644


									      The Windswept Kites Yard Sale . Find bargain prices on
      unused or used kites. Great deals are found here! Send an
           email to to claim one!
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cr4    Premier   6' cool delta    perfect       $   18.00   cr 24   Premier   Cellular Star    perfect    $   20.00

ss32   Premier   4' spinsock     very good      $    6.00   ss33    Premier    6' spinsock    very good   $    9.00
                                                                                                          OLD! 1994, #16 no
                                                                                                          LE fittings =
                                                                         sd09      Prism        micron    spreaders go under   $   38.00
                                                                                                          bridle! 2" wind
ss26   new tech    sunflower              good              $    10.00                                    tamer

                                                                                                           very good shape,
                   John T Air                                            sd11   Team High Fly   El Nino                        $   30.00
                                                                                                           needs 2 standoffs
ss46   skyburner      yo        Excellent….ONE of a kind!   $   140.00
                                                                      sd19   triology     triology      great shape, vent   $   90.00
ss29   New Tech     alligator          very good          $   10.00

       High as a                 hard to find kite from                                 Blais Penguin   perfect, with top
bk13     Kite        Yotzu       Ty…excellent shape…      $   90.00   ss22   New Tech      Banner        section of pole    $   10.00
       Fridolin     Bubber                                                                                         Untouched with
cr16   Anders     version 2 #6      grey/burgundy/brown         $   225.00   cr15   Martin Lester   Canada Goose    extra dowels     $   225.00

                     Martin      skin and a few random parts.
                                                                             sd20   Team High Fly     El Nino      very good shape   $    30.00
ss7    Go Fly     lester goose          Skin is perfect         $    10.00
                                  rods are Rev rods! 3 or so rods
sd28              UL tracker       broken, skin is in very good     $   70.00
                                              shape                             ss50   Premier   wind turbine       very good         $    5.00

                                                                                                                    6 kite stack,
cr 14   Premier   Patirotic rok               perfect               $   30.00   sd41   Engvall   Lazer stack     custom stack bag,    $   145.00
                                                                                                                very good condition
                                                                                                              hot colors…need
                    Awesome!                                                                                    some fittings
        Kevin      UFO ground     faded but perfect flying                                      Tetrafoil      replaced…very
bk16   Francis      display!!!!      condition…good…         $   30.00    bk12   Guildworks     BiPlane            good…         $   200.00

bk3    Stanfield    Stanfield         wow…excellent          $   600.00   bk9    Guildworks   UL Deca Truss   very good shape…   $   390.00
                                    very good shape, spare
sd02 Peter Powell   dual line    spreader, original info sheet,   $   15.00   sd06   Revolution      Rev 1 UL       very good shape   $   145.00
                                            no tail

                                holes in mesh, couple pinholes,
sd05   Revolution    Rev 1                                      $     90.00   sd08   Ground Zero   Nipper Extreme      pristine       $    20.00
                                      no bag, good shape
         Mike                                                  HQ Delta
sd23               tracker    pristine     $    50.00   sd10              Dual line   no bag, good shape   $   10.00
       Simmons                                                  hawk??

       Team High
sd12                THF      Great shape   $   120.00
       Team High                                                                                     good shape needs
sd14               thf        great shape          $   120.00   sd13   Team High Fly   Thf vented                        $   90.00
          Fly                                                                                       top spreader, vent

                                                                                                      needs standoff
       Team High
sd15               thf   needs nocks, good shape   $    80.00   sd16   Team High Fly      thf       connectors, nocks,   $   65.00
                                                                                                       good shape
                                 reapired hole at center T, good
sd17   Aerodrone   Speed limit                                     $   105.00   sd18    Aerodrone     Speed limit       pristine!      $   130.00
                                   shape, needs one standoff

         Mike                     needs spreader, nose repair                                                       no bag, wrapped
sd29                  NBK                                          $    45.00   sd30   Mike Simmons      NBK                           $    45.00
       Simmons                        needed, good shape                                                            rods, good shape
         Mike                                                                                        good shape, has 6"
sd21             Tracer   wrapped rods, good shape   $   50.00   sd22   Mike Simmons   team tracer                        $   50.00
       Simmons                                                                                          wind tamer

sd27             NBK      good shape, needs bungee   $   50.00   sd24   Mike Simmons      NBK           good shape        $   50.00
         Mike          needs top spreaders and
sd25             NBK                             $   50.00   sd26   Mike Simmons   NBK   good shape   $   50.00
       Simmons           bungee, good shape

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