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									                                                 disappears a research a fast finds, but in x-
                                                 ray is found thick meditational pleura.

                                                 With a base healing in lupus add and diet.

                                                 The nature of pleurisy (dry or exudate)
                                                 depends on the reasons causing it. In any
                                                 case, mandatory treatment to the doctor and
                                                 the implementation of all recommendations
                                                 on the treatment and care.

                                                 Symptoms include pain in the chest, side,
                                                 sometimes and stomach. Their character
                                                 may be different. In dry pleurisy (when the
                                                 walls of pleural cavity is delayed fibrin and
                                                 sheets of connective membrane in contact
                                                 with each other) stabbing pain often arise
                                                 during inspiration. And when exudate if
                                                 accumulates in the pleural cavity
              Curative culinary.                 inflammatory exudates, and sometimes pus
                                                 (then the process is called a pleural
       Dedicating for a peoples with diseases,
                                                 emphysema), pain become dull, constant,
                         families and friends!
                                                 more pronounced symptoms of purulent
I’m my benefit work with peoples, suffering      intoxication. When pleurisy occurs cough,
from terrible diseases in face book:             but as a rule, it is the cause of the disease
                                                 arising in the lung primary. Easy greatly!/profile.php?id=       tightened inflammatory fluid, and because of
548348348                                        this (the compensatory reduction of oxygen
                                                 in the blood), a strong breath. Very
Diseases are need in right diets, like thus we
                                                 pronounced intoxication, fever (40 ° C),
receive big hopes for recovering or delay
                                                 patients cannot perform ordinary work for
                                                 them, drowsy, beat them chills. Patients
Let s look about patient’s requests from my      almost completely refused to accept the food
face book and with joy answering you.            because of lack of appetite, lose weight. This
                                                 further exacerbates the inflammation,
Terry is asks about a need diet in pleurisies.   because the nutrients those contribute to the
                                                 restoration of resistance, not with food.
Pleurisies is observing in lupus, like
polyserositis migrating 2 side pleurisies and
                                                 In the treatment of disease must clarify its
pericarditis,rare-peritonitis is a base
                                                 cause, followed by a medication. Diet
component for diagnosis triad with
                                                 therapy not the primary method of
dermatitis and arthritis.
                                                 treatment of pleurisy, but it can significantly
Exudates is a not big, like having LE cells,     accelerate the recovery of the patient,
AND ANA factors, and ,like noises a              increase the effectiveness of drugs.
plura,peritoneum,pericard and in not
stability exudates and tendency to fast          Regardless of the reasons that resulted in the
                                                 appearance of effusion, diet designed to
                                                 reduce its formation, to compensate for the
loss of protein with effusion, eliminate heavy
intoxication.                                      Lunch: green cabbage - 200, boiled fish - 150,
                                                   mashed potatoes - 200, stewed fruit - 150.
Calorie supply the patient should be 2600-
2700 kcal. It is obligatory to limit the use of    Afternoon snack: boiled rose hips - 150.
liquid (700 ml) and salt to food. Promotes
the extinction of the inflammatory process         Dinner: boiled meat pie - 80, ragout of
limiting the use of dietary carbohydrates,         vegetables - 150, tea with lemon - 150.
because they are an excellent breeding
ground for bacteria. Daily carbohydrate            At night: yogurt - 150.
content of 240-260 PM
                                                   Option 3
Salt-free diet (in grams) with tendency to
pleurisy and other exudative processes             on the day: bread, salt-free wheat - 200, salt-
                                                   free bread rye - 200, sugar - 30.
Option 1
                                                   First breakfast: cereal with milk semolina -
On the day: bread, salt-free wheat - 200, salt-    200, butter - 20, cottage cheese soufflé with
free bread rye - 200, sugar - 30.                  carrots - 75, tea with lemon - 150.

First breakfast: porridge oat milk - 200,          Second breakfast: Carrot patties - 100, orange
butter - 20, omelet - 100 Cocoa - 150.             juice - 180.

Snack: carrot puree - 100, apricot juice - 100.    Lunch: vegetarian soup with sour cream -
                                                   200, curettes stuffed with boiled meat, - 250,
Lunch: soup in meat broth with sour cream -        beet puree - 80, compote of dried fruit - 150.
200, beef stroganoff - 150 with mashed
potatoes - 200, compote of dried fruit - 150.      Afternoon snack: boiled rose hips - 150.

Afternoon snack: boiled hips - 150.                Dinner: Fish soufflé - 100, mashed potatoes -
                                                   150, tea with lemon - 150.
Dinner: boiled fish - 80, cottage cheese and
carrot pudding - 150, tea with lemon - 180.        At night: yogurt - 150.

At night: Milk - 100.
                                                   Dining at spring fatigue (recipes vitamin
Option 2                                           dishes)

on the day: bread, salt-free wheat - 200, salt-    spring is in full swing, the air smells like
free bread rye - 200, sugar - 30.                  something in particular, all updated. It's time
                                                   to think about rehabilitation of their body,
First breakfast: rice porridge with milk - 200,    exhausted by a long gloomy winter and
butter - 20, soft-boiled egg - 1 piece, tea with   deficiency diseases. During the "biological
lemon - 150.                                       spring (April to June) the best means of
                                                   spring fatigue (fatigue, sleep disturbance and
Second breakfast: cottage cheese soufflé -         appetite, irritability, fatigue, dizziness, etc.) -
100, orange juice - 180.                           The eating of the first spring and summer
plants. Spring cooking will help get rid of a     contributes to deterioration of color and
number of chronic diseases.                       flavor.

Delicate roots or leaves of plants, their         Recipes DURING SPRING FATIGUE
flowers are enriched not only carbohydrates,
proteins, fats and vitamins, amino acids,         Salads
minerals broad spectrum of action, sweet
smells, phytohormones, a variety of other         1. Burdock Salad
biologically active substances that affect all
internal systems and organs. With daily use       60 g of burdock leaves, 12 g of grated
of about 1, 3 kg of fruits and vegetables (both   horseradish, 20 g green onions, 8 g sour
raw and in the form of various food products      cream, salt
provide nutritional security rights for all
substances.                                       Iterated and washed leaves of burdock are
                                                  laying for 1-2 minutes in boiling water, threw
TIPS                                              in a colander, allow to drain water and finely
                                                  shred. Mix with shredded green onions,
   * When collecting greenery, make sure          grated horseradish, and sour cream, salt.
that in the cart were only known and useful
plants. There should be rotting or damaged        2. Salad nettle
leaves, stems, roots.
   * After going through the green wash in        100 g of nettle, ½ egg, 10 g salad dressing, salt
running water, remove the lumps of soil,
impurities, filth, and insects. The water         Washed nettle leaves laying in the boiling
drain, greens gently shake off the water, put     water and boil 5 minutes, back in the
first on the screen, then on the canvas for       colander, allow water to drain and slice
drying.                                           onions, add finely chopped boiled egg, is
   * Before use, or heat processing raw cut       charged with salad dressing, salt
with a sharp knife to the required degree of
fineness, lay in a salad bowl, enamel or glass    3. Salad dressing (100 g)
dish, the plastic bucket. Do not store
chopped fresh herbs on the air!                   50 g of vegetable oil, 50 g of 3% vinegar, 4 g
   * When cooking hot meals make better           sugar, 0,2 g of pepper black ground, 2 g salt
use of enamel ware, and the greens are
placed in boiling water gradually, so that        Vegetable oil, vinegar, salt, sugar, black
boiling, if possible, do not stop.                pepper powder mix. Charging is used for
   * Time of heat treatment should be             salads and salad.
minimal, so place the prepared vegetables
into the broth just before the end of cooking,    4. Salad of nettles, sorrel and chives
the liquid should cover the herbs completely.
   * Maximum safety is achieved in the            50 g of nettles, 20 g of sorrel, 20 g of
processing of vitamins herbs for a couple.        plantain, 10 g of dandelion leaf, 15 g green
   * Cooked a dish best eaten right away,         onions, ½ egg, 10 g of radish 20 g of
when it is tasty.                                 mayonnaise or vegetable oil, salt
   * When making salads of greens you
cannot use metal utensils, which not only         Prepared green nettles, sorrel, plantain,
quickly destroys vitamins, but also               dandelion, green onions chopped in a meat
grinder. The resulting mass is mixed with           75 g of young leaf goosefoot, sorrel, 15 g, 30 g
chopped boiled egg, dress with mayonnaise           of boiled potatoes, 15 g of grated horseradish,
and spread to the salad bowl slide.                 5 g of vegetable oil, ½ egg, 3 g of 3% vinegar,
Decorated with slices of radish and sliced          salt
boiled eggs.
                                                    Prepared goosefoot and lay on the dock for 1-
5. Nettle salad with dill and parsley               2 minutes in boiling water, threw in a
                                                    colander, shred. At the dish is placed circles
At 20 grams of each type of herbs: nettle,          boiled potatoes. The mass of weeds and
sorrel, parsley, dill, green onions, 2 g of         sorrel put on the circles of potatoes, pour
garlic, 8 g of vegetable oil, salt                  vegetable oil with vinegar and grated
                                                    horseradish, decorated with slices of boiled
Treated leaves of nettle, moved and washed          egg.
parsley, dill, chives, sorrel, chopped onions,
add chopped garlic, salt to taste, and is filled    9. Carrot salad with nettles and garlic
with oil.
                                                    50 g carrot, 20 g of nettle leaves, 3 g garlic, 10
6. Nettle salad with nuts in Georgian               walnut kernels, 20 g green onion, 5 g lemon
                                                    juice, 3 g of parsley, salt.
40 g of nettle, 25 g of walnut kernels, 25 g
onion, 15 g coriander, salt, pepper                 Peeled raw carrot rub on a small grater, mix
                                                    with finely chopped nettle leaves, crushed
Nettles lay in boiling salted water (20 g per 1     garlic and walnuts. Is filled in with
liter water) for 3 min, back in the colander,       mayonnaise and lemon juice, garnish with
allow water to drain and slice. Walnut              parsley.
kernels are pounded with salt. Adds finely
chopped onions and chopped green                    10.Salat of fresh cucumber with dandelion
coriander. All mix, salt and pepper to taste. If    leaves
the resulting mass of dense, it can be diluted
decoction of nettles.                               75 g of fresh cucumbers, 10 g of dandelion
                                                    leaves, 20 g sour cream, 5 g of green onions,
7. Salad of dandelion leaves with sour cream        salt

75 g of dandelion leaves, 10 g sour cream, 3 g      Iterated and washed dandelion leaves are
lemon juice, 5 g of grated horseradish, ¼ egg,      finely cut, add chopped green onion, salt. At
salt                                                the dish is placed halves fresh cucumbers,
                                                    then a green mass, pour sour cream.
Trained young dandelion leaves are soaked
in salt water (20 g of salt per 1 liter of water)   Other Recipes
for 30 minutes, then throws in a colander,
allow water to drain, shred. Add grated             Soup made from sorrel and nettles
horseradish, sour cream with lemon juice,
salt, mix and sprinkle with finely chopped          75 g potato, 50 g of nettles, sorrel, 50 g, 10 g
boiled egg.                                         rice, 10 g margarine, 10 g cream, 15 g tomato
                                                    puree, 15 g carrots, 8 g of parsley, 15 g onion,
Eight. Salad leaves weeds with horseradish          ½ egg, 220 g of beef broth bay leaf, pepper,
                                                  Time of day
Braised nettles ground in puree, lying in the
boiling broth, bring to a boil, and then add
chopped sorrel, potatoes, diced, rice, fried      when one feels tired
spices and onions, tomato puree. A few
minutes before the end of cooking, put a bay
leaf, spices. When serving, add chopped           why is fatigue?
boiled eggs and sour cream.

Nettle soup                                       How to solve the problem by using a diet?

At 100 g of nettle and potato, 30 g of onions     MORNING
and carrots, 20 g butter, 5 g of parsley and
dill, 20 g cream, 220 g of beef broth or water,
salt, spices

In the boiling broth or water, lay the diced      after
potatoes, bring to a boil, add fried carrots      awakening
and onions, cook 10-15 minutes, add chopped
blanched greens nettles, salt, spices. Before
serving, add parsley or dill and sour cream.      the reason - to overeating at night. Those
                                                  who eat late at night, in the morning, usually
Omelet with nettles                               just do not have time to get hungry. The
                                                  blood is still a large amount of unspent
1 egg, 20 g of nettle, 40 g water, 12 g of        nutrients, mainly fat and sugar. Last night, in
vegetable oil, salt                               which case the person does not rest fully -
                                                  hence the feeling of fatigue in the morning.
Trained young shoots and stems of nettles
finely sliced, pour omlete mixture is poured
into a pan and fry.

Potato Cutlets with nettles                       Change dietary habits. Prepare a light dinner
                                                  with no meat and fat. Ideal - salad of fresh
100 g potatoes, 70 g of nettle leaves, 10 g of    vegetables, rice or buckwheat, dairy drinks.
onions and flour, salt, spices

In the ready-made mashed potatoes and add
chopped nettle stew, fried onions, salt,
spices, form patties, paned in bread crumbs
or flour and fry.                                 After

In the autumn we are more tired than in the       breakfast
warm season. What foods can quickly relieve
fatigue? By PhD, Senior Research Fellow at
the Metropolitan Hospital Food Research           if an early breakfast, the stomach has not yet
Institute of Nutrition Olga Grigor'yan.           had time to wake up and develop a sufficient
                                                  number of enzymes to the food easy to
                                                   During menstruation
If the later - then upon waking it took too        in the postpartum period or at the
much time and energy of the organism is            menopause
seriously diminished.

Also, the reason may be a quick luncheon. In
this case, the food enters the stomach, not
chewed. This additional load, which leads to       after birth, fatigue can be caused by lack of
fatigue.                                           vitamins or trace elements, which we must
                                                   obtain from food. At menopause, and during
                                                   menstruation in the "blame" hormones.

Take time to chew. There is desirable in an
hour or two after sleep. Perhaps it is better to
have breakfast at work than at home in a           During menstruation, do not add much spice
hurry to swallow his morning omelets.              in food. If menopause is to switch to milk-
                                                   vegetable diet with high content of calcium.
                                                   After childbirth, especially if you are breast
                                                   breast milk, be sure to eat plenty of
DAY                                                vegetables and fruit, yoghurt and cheese,
                                                   drink milk and kefir.

at work                                            EVENING

typically, fatigue is the lack of a full dinner.
Already pretty day's work the body spent a
lot of energy, and recharges have not              After

                                                   After physical exertion increases the body's
We need to try anything to eat during the          need for oxygen. Especially his lack of feeling
day. We quickly help cheer up a quality            untrained people. Oxygen is not enough for
chocolate or a cup of coffee. But the sweet        the oxidation of glucose, resulting in muscle
"assistance" should be the exception rather        accumulates lactic acid. Because of this and
than the rule. But the abuse of energy drinks      there is fatigue.
is not worth it. If you're so tired that even
you cannot eat, you can drink green tea with
lemon or yogurt.

                                                   Do not eat for at least an hour before
performing the exercise and within an hour         iodized salt.
after them. To display the lactic acid and to      In tiredness due to renal failure, limit the
remove fatigue, the muscles need to rest, to       amount of fluid drunk and do not eat meat.
give up meat and take the milk-vegetarian          In case of violation of the stomach and
diet for as long as fatigue and body aches are     intestines body does not get all the necessary
not held. For removing lactic acid can also        materials and tires easily. When
drink apple juice or water with lemon, no          fermentation in the intestines can also
sugar.                                             accumulate toxins that cause fatigue. If the
                                                   reason for this - permanent dysbacteriosis,
                                                   you cannot eat black bread and sauerkraut. A
                                                   fermented milk products containing bifid
                                                   bacteria-, lactobacilli and prebiotics, on the
                                                   contrary, will help improve the condition of
After dinner                                       the intestine.
                                                   If fatigue after an attack of influenza or other
                                                   viral diseases accompanied by headache,
the reason - a rich dinner. In the evening         apathy, muscle weakness, tenderness of
slows down metabolism, and too heavy meal          lymph nodes, lack of courage after a sleep - it
to digest fully. On the digestion of fat or        can be a symptom of chronic fatigue
meat dish organism spends almost more              syndrome.
energy than it receives. So after a hearty         A similar situation arises with long-term
meal often felt tired, especially if you are       stress. Eat more meals on the basis of leaf
without it was tired at work.                      lettuce, spinach, celery and parsley. Do not
                                                   forget the cheese - but not more than 100 g
                                                   per day. Lift your mood foods containing
                                                   "pleasure hormones - serotonin and
                                                   tryptophan: bananas, chocolate, cakes,
When I got home, eat a couple of apples or         sweets. But sweet abuse is not worth it.
yogurt drink of some water or tea. And only        If you are accustomed to large amounts of
an hour later dine vegetables or dairy             protein, to give preference to those products,
products.                                          of which it is easy to digest. This fish, cheese,
                                                   eggs. Include in your diet more plant foods.
                                                   From time to time start a fasting days.
                                                   After recovery from surgery is an organism.
                                                   During this period the food must be
Fatigue and reduced efficiency may be              fractional, and the food - contain lots of
observed in chronic disease. If it exists, then,   vitamins and
first of all you need to get it peaceful flow -
without exacerbations. And then think about
nutrition, relieves fatigue.                       Therapeutic nutrition in obesity
When hypertension is necessary to reduce
the load on the kidneys and heart - have a
light meal and eat less salt.
In vegetative dystonia should not take             the prevalence of obesity and severe changes
alcohol.                                           in the body associated with metabolic
If the cause of fatigue - a violation of the       disorders, obesity can be attributed to a
thyroid gland, eat seafood and add to dishes       number of major problems in modern
medicine.                                           to 29% of normal maximum weight
At the same time, there is still a view that        corresponds to the I degree of obesity, 30 to
"obesity is not a disease" that "the fullness - a   49% - II, from 50 to 99% - II and more than
sign of health." As a result of this attitude to    100% - IV degree of obesity.
the disease, many of the patients or do not         To realize is that the obesity is not just a
pay attention to their body weight, or resort       cosmetic disadvantage a person's
to self-treatment, often leading to serious         appearance. This is a disease in which
complications. However, it is known that            affected almost all organs and systems. The
obesity leads to the development of many            most common and increasingly suffering
diseases, premature aging, disability,              from cardio-vascular system. Therefore, it is
therefore, timely detection and treatment of        believed that every obese person - a potential
obesity are of great importance.                    cardiac patients. Death from cardiovascular
                                                    disorders (according to statistics) in obesity
In some cases, you can talk about obesity?          observed in 2 times, and from a stroke - 3
Recognize its initial form is not so easy, even     times more frequently than normal and
doctors. In addition, for different ages and        reduced rations.
peoples aesthetic criteria of obesity vary. If a    Excess weight creates conditions for the
modern European excessive deposition of fat         development of pathology of the
is considered defect shapes, then some of the       hepatobiliary system (cholecystitis, fatty
East, Central and Southern Africa overweight        statuses, and cholelithiasis). It should be
have long been regarded as a manifestation          noted that surgical intervention in obese
of beauty.                                          patients are associated with greater risk. One
                                                    of the very serious complications of obesity is
There are various ways to determine the             diabetes.
ideal body weight: specific nomograms,              It adversely affects the course of pregnancy,
tables, based on a growth rate, age and             prenatal, delivery and postpartum periods.
gender, methods of determining the                  As a result of obesity in 76% of pregnant
thickness of skin folds, and many others. The       women develop various manifestations of
most convenient is nomography proposed              toxicity. It is often marked albuminuria and
Acad. AA Pokrovsky, which can be used not           hypertension. The number of different
only to determine ideal body weight                 delivery complications in obese patients
patients, but also to calculate the patient's       significantly more than in patients with
daily requirement for essential nutrients. In       normal body weight. Mortality in the
applying nomography accommodate the                 postpartum period in these patients, 3 times
growth, sex, and age, occupation, adjusted          higher than in healthy women. When the
for the constitution of patients. However, if       disease is higher and mortality of the fetus.
there is no nomogram, one can use the               In the complex treatment of patients with
simplest and most affordable calculation            obesity leading role belongs to diet.
formula Brock: the number of constituting           The Institute of nutrition based on modern
the growth of the person (in centimeters),          concepts of the pathogenesis of obesity has
subtract 100; the result is a normal body           been formulated principles of diet:
weight of the subject. This calculation
cannot be regarded as very accurate, since it         1. Appointment of reduced (low-calorie)
does not take into account sex, or age of           diet;
man, nor the peculiarities of its constitution.       2. Restricting carbohydrate intake,
In our country, using the classification of         particularly soluble and fast absorbed (sugar,
obesity, in which excess body weight from 15        jam);
   3. Reduce animal fats. Due to the increase       vegetables (cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes,
in the proportion of vegetable fat diet (50%        carrots, green peas, turnips, radishes), which
of total fat);                                      are given in a raw, boiled or stewed form.
   4. Achieving a sense of saturation of low-       Potatoes are limited to 200 grams per day.
calorie, but significant in terms of food           We recommend not very sweet fruits and
(fruits, vegetables);                               berries (apples, lemons, oranges, red
   5. Multiple (5-6 times a day) and the            currants, gooseberries, cranberries, etc.) in
exclusion of acute food snacks, spices and          the form of raw or stewed without sugar. As
other products that excite the appetite;            mentioned above, fruits and vegetables are
   6. Limit salt (up to 5 grams per day) and        low in energy with a large volume, which is
liquid (up to 1, 2-1, 5 liters of free fluid) for   extremely important for the emergence of a
normalization of water-salt metabolism;             sense of satiety. They are rich sources of
   7. The use of so-called zigzags in the diet      many vitamins. The value of vegetables and
(the purpose of contrast and unloading              herbs is also determined by their positive
days).                                              effect on bowel movements.
                                                    Soups are prepared mainly vegetarian, 1-2
                                                    times a week. Acceptable use of soups,
In our country, for the treatment of obesity        cooked over low meat or fish broth. As a
both in stationary conditions, and at home is       garnish for the second dishes give vegetables.
widely used diet № 8, implying a fractional         The quantity of liquid along with the soup,
power. It is designed to 1800-2000 kcal / day       milk, yoghurt, stewed fruit and other
and has a normal protein content (100-110 g)        beverages should not exceed 5-6 cups per
and fat (80-90 g). Reduction achieved by            day.
reducing carbohydrate calories (their               Meals are cooked in vegetable oil (40 g for
number does not exceed of 120-200 g), and           the whole day). Butter and cream make in
light absorbed carbohydrates are eliminated         small quantities, mainly in the food. Because
completely. In order to reduce the appetite         dairy products provide low-fat cottage
of patients in their diet no extractives. Meat      cheese (100-200 g / day), milk and milk
and fish are given in boiled or fried after         products. Of the diet completely eliminated
boiling. Meals are cooked without salt, which       sugar, honey, jam, candy, chocolate, buns,
is added while eating in a strictly measured        cakes, pastries, cereals and pasta. Number of
amount (not more than 5 grams per day). As          bread in the diet is reduced to 100-150 grams
long stay patients or salt-free diet can cause      a day, preferable rye bread.
deterioration of their well-being, it is            If necessary, can be used instead of sugar
necessary, at least once a week to give them        sweeteners such as xylitol or sorbitol (not
a physiological salt load. Through the use of       more than 25-30 grams per day). They have a
low-calorie diet, a large number, but a             sweet taste, but have a much less stimulating
significant amount of fruits and vegetables         effect on the insular apparatus of the
increases the total amount of slag materials.       pancreas than sugar.
In the diet of obese patients in sufficient         Is it advisable to receive mineral water, with
number of different protein products (meat,         a pronounced alkalify action (type
fish, cheese) - not less than 400-500 grams         Borzhom).
per day. Meat dishes should be prepared
from lean beef, lean poultry. Allowed diet          Here is a rough menu for one day: 1-and
frankfurters, sausage doctor. For fish dishes       breakfast at 8 h 30 min: boiled fish (100 g),
better use cod, hake, and other pike low-fat        salad vegetables with vegetable oil (150 g),
varieties of fish. Widely used a variety of         coffee with milk, no sugar (1 cup). 2-nd
breakfast in II h: Fresh apples (100 g). Lunch      educate a child a sense of proportion in the
at 14 h: soup vegetarian 0.5 servings (250 g),      food. Feed on should be one and the same
boiled meat (55 g), served with vegetables          time, making no big breaks in the meal. Do
(100 g), stewed apples (1 cup). Lunch at 16 h:      not eat at night. The last meal is
wild rose broth (1 cup) fat-free cottage            recommended 6-7 hours in the evening and
cheese (100 g). Dinner in 19 h: boiled meat         no later than 2 hours before bedtime. Very
(55 g), ragout of vegetables (r 150). At night:     important in the prevention of obesity is a
yogurt (1 cup). Full day: rye bread 150 g           gradual increase in physical activity
                                                    (morning gymnastics, walking, running,
Strictly following the diet, you need to, about     etc.).
1 once a week to arrange fasting days: meat
(400 g of boiled meat without salt), cheese         In discoid lupus.
(400-600 g fat-free cottage cheese with 2           A most often display skin damages, like
cups of tea or coffee with milk, no sugar),         allergy and type a psoriasis skin rash.
fruit, berry, vegetables at the rate of 1,5 kg of
fruit, berries or vegetables a day; sour milk       Thus add diet for anti-psoriasis and anti-
or Kefir days (1,6 l) sour cream (800-400 g).       allergy.
Food is distributed evenly throughout the
day on 5 receptions.
A similar diet should observe and pregnant          Therapeutic nutrition in psoriasis
women are obese. However, given the
increased need for women in this period in          metabolic abnormalities in psoriasis was the
many minerals, it is necessary to include in        reason for the appointment of diet. In the
her diet a few more products containing             works of different authors indicate the
phosphorus, calcium, vitamins (cottage              desirability of limiting food intake,
cheese, fish, dairy products, vegetables, and       adherence to a vegetarian diet for many
fruit).                                             months and even years.
In the now released "Calorie" AA Pokrovsky,
through which we can determine calorie              In connection with the idea that psoriasis is a
diets and control it. With the counter you          kind of "Eyelid skin, many dermatologists
can choose the diet that promotes weight            offered a diet with limited animal fats.
loss, it allows you to simultaneously take          However, the results are contradictory. Some
into account the average human needs for            results were obtained with a diet with
energy, depending on age, nature and                restriction of salt, spices, carbohydrates, etc.
volume of work performed, and
automatically signals the excess of the             It should adhere to the views of the
recommended daily calorie intake. This              desirability of individual diet, depending on
device is a good help to those patients in          the stage of disease progression, especially
whom treatment of obesity conducted in              metabolism, presence of concomitant
the outpatient setting.                             diseases and complications of psoriasis
However, adherence to a diet without                (polyarthritis, erythroderma, and others).
exercise can lead to significant loss of mass.
Obese patients must walk a lot. In summer           Attaching a certain value diet is it possible to
walking is useful to combine with swimming,         recommend its elements in combination
rowing, cycling.                                    with drugs as in the period of display, and in
Prevention. As one of the main causes of            the time of the alleged deterioration of the
obesity - overeating, it is necessary to            disease (spring, autumn).
                                                   but better in fire form. In addition, give 2
In the stage of the progression of psoriasis       cups of broth or hips of weak, unsweetened
within 2-3 weeks of a diet that provides           tea. Vegetables are given in 5 receptions.
mechanical and chemical sparing digestive
organs and creates maximum peace of the            It is desirable to enrich the diet products of
liver and intestine. In the physiologically full   the sea (sea cabbage, lettuce, Sakhalin,
of protein and carbohydrate diet restricted to     calamari, pasta "Ocean"), as well as separate
70-75 g fat. When dyspepsia (nausea,               courses or as part of salads. These products
bloating, constipation, diarrhea, etc.),           are particularly indicated in coronary
amount of fat is reduced to 1950 Diet              atherosclerosis (coronary heart disease) with
enriched products containing high-grade            hypercoagulability, and sea kale - with
protein and lipotropic substances - primarily      tendency to constipation. It is useful to
dairy (cottage cheese), as well as a number of     include in the diet products and foods
vitamins (vegetables, fruits, berries and their    containing wheat bran, as well as the use of
juices). The content of carbohydrate (sugar,       special dietary products for patients with
honey, jam) must not be higher than the            atherosclerosis. You can use the fruit and
physiological norms.                               vegetable diet: 1-and breakfast - 200 g of hot
                                                   broth rose hips, fresh cabbage salad, carrots
It is advisable to 1-2 times a week reload         and apples with 10 g of vegetable oil, 2-nd
days. Such twists in the diet appear to            breakfast - vegetable puree, 100 ml of fruit
contribute to the restructuring of the             juice. Dinner: 250 g vegetarian soup,
exchange and mobilization of fat from the          vegetable salad with 10 g of sour cream or
depots. Fasting days are also used to create       vegetable oil, 100 grams of nuts.
even greater peace overexcited apparatus of
the pancreas. Among the unloading                  Lunch: grated carrots or beets, broth
(contrast) days include:                           rosehips.

a) Discharge of meat per day - 400 g boiled        Dinner: salad with 10 g of vegetable oil, 200
unsalted beef (for adults) is divided into five    ml of stewed fruit or juice. Salt-free bread
steps. In addition, given 2 times a day for 100    from wheat flour - 100 g, sugar or xylitol - 30
grams of vegetables (cabbage crude, carrots,       grams per day.
cucumbers) and 2 cups of broth hips or
unsweetened, of weak tea.                          In some cases, psoriasis leads to the
                                                   development of arthrosis, arthritis. Power in
b) Cottage cheese and kefir discharge day -        this case is based on the number 10 taking
400 grams of lean cottage cheese and 500 ml        into account specific features of the disease,
of kefir. Food is given in 5 receptions.           its stage, in prevalence, the presence of
                                                   functional changes of internal organs, drug
a) Apple discharge day - 1, 5 kg of apples,        therapy.
sour cherries better (Anton) during the day.
Liquids are added.                                 In acute phenomena of changes in the joints
                                                   (pain, increased in size, etc.) shows a
d) Kefir discharge day - 1, 5 l kefir during the   decrease in carbohydrate diet of 200-250
day.                                               grams (30 grams sugar), protein restriction -
                                                   70-80, in the diet reduce the amount of
d) Vegetable discharge day - 1, 5 kg of            liquid to 1 liter . Food was prepared without
vegetables (excluding potatoes) any cooking,       salt, 3-5 g of issuing the patient on his hands.
Diet enriched with vitamins, especially C and     Failure to do so negates all the treatment, as
P, at the expense of broth rose hips,             any even slight drinking dramatically
mountain ash, buckthorn fruits and                weakens the patient for self-consumption of
vegetables, their juices. Eating 6 times a day.   food, worsens the condition of
Meat and fish boil. Excludes meat and fish        decontaminating the liver function had a
broth.                                            negative effect on nervous system.

In the diet should increase the amount of         If you have bitterness in your mouth in the
potassium, especially in the treatment of         morning, dull pain in right hypo-chondrium,
hormone. Due to the dairy at the same time        in the diet limit sugar and additionally added
increase the calcium content. With intensive      vegetables, fruits, berries, and vegetable oils.
therapy glucocorticosteroids also salicylates,    The latter can take up to 50% of all fats.
no steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
(indomethacin, brufen, ipubrofen, ortofen         In psoriasis in elderly and old age and
etc.) requires additional changes in diet for     concomitant atherosclerosis recommend a
warnings of side effects from these drugs.        diet with restriction of food and nutrients,
This increases the consumption of proteins,       stimulating the nervous system, stomach,
products with lipotropic (cottage cheese,         liver (extractives of meat, fish, strong tea and
low-fat varieties of dishes from meat, fish,      coffee), salt and cholesterol. At the same
and non-fish seafood, liver). Reduce the          time increase the products - sources of
amount of carbohydrates, particularly at the      vitamins, especially vitamin C and
expense of sugar. Preferable buckwheat and        potassium, magnesium, iodine, food coarse
oatmeal. Excludes high-melting fats (beef         fibers (cellulose, pectin’s, etc.). In the
tallow, kombizhir). Drastically reduce the        presence of overweight patients significantly
number of table salt, the sources of oxalic       reduces the consumption of sugar, wheat
acid (sorrel, etc.) increase the potassium        bread. Animal fats if possible substitute for
content (dried apricots, raisins, prunes, fresh   vegetable oils. The content of proteins at
vegetables, fruits). At low intensity psoria-     physiological norms (80-100 g), of which 50-
matic polyarthritis may be useful fasting days    55% - animals at the expense of low-fat dairy
of raw vegetables or fruits.                      products, fish, seafood.

When a benign course of psoriasis and the         When psoriasis is often associated chronic
absence of functional changes of the              gastritis with increased secretion of gastric
digestive system is acceptable diet number        juice. In acute gastritis used diet group № 1
15, but we must adhere strictly to diet, avoid    for chemical and mechanical sparing
eating large meals, eliminate fatty meats,        stomach, accelerating gastric emptying and
smoked meats, spices, hot snacks, butter and      intestinal diseases, reduce the secretion of
puff pastry. You need to change and diet: it      gastric juice. On the contents of the
should be 5-6-meals, small portions, to           nutrients and energy value of the diet must
reduce appetite. This is achieved by the          meet the physiological requirements. Food is
introduction of between-meal calorie              given mainly in the semi-liquid, purees and
products, mostly natural fruits and               mushy form. All dishes are boiled in water or
vegetables: cabbage, carrots, turnips,            steamed and rubbed. Excludes fried, stewed
rutabagas, apples, etc.                           and fried dishes, meat, fish and mushroom
                                                  broths and sauces, hard vegetable broths,
Needless to say, what is un acceptable use of     spicy and salty snacks, pickled and
any alcoholic beverage - beer, wine, vodka.       marinated vegetables and fruits, smoked
meat, rich in fiber and connective tissue         Drinks from the berries, fruits and vegetables
products, spices and seasoning vegetables,        prepared on the basis of decoctions and
acidic fruits, carbonated drinks, coffee, ice     infusions for fortification is introduced
cream.                                            natural juices. Unlike the latter, less
                                                  concentrated drinks (water up to 75%). Use
In the diet include soups: a grated corn milk     as milk, cream, milk products.
with added pureed cooked vegetables, boiled
meat as a cutlet, or worn masses (balls,          For use juice juicy berries and fruits,
dumplings, soufflé, etc.) and sometimes - a       especially black and red currants, grapes, sea
piece, especially fish, eggs - boiled, steamed    buckthorn, cranberries, blueberries, most
omelets, whole milk , cream, non-acidic           used in the dietary nutrition of patients with
fresh cream and cottage cheese, dishes of         psoriasis. Vegetable juices made from
cottage cheese, semi-liquid and half sticky       carrots, tomatoes, cabbage, beets, and
porridge from semolina, rice, buckwheat and       potatoes. Juice from fruits and berries can be
oats, pudding of cereals, boiled noodles,         used with pulp. In the absence of juicers
boiled and mashed potatoes, carrots, beets,       pounded berries in an enamel or
cauliflower, squash, pumpkin; apples baked,       earthenware wooden pestle, fruits and
mashed, ripe sweet fruit, weak tea with milk      vegetables, rub on a plastic grater.
or cream, unsalted butter and vegetable oils
refined in kind; wheat bread baking               Squeeze juice through cheesecloth or a linen
yesterday and dried, biscuits, dry biscuits.      cloth. For better extraction of biologically
Diet - 5-6 times a day for fractional             active substances pulp (the cake) filled with
portions.                                         hot water and insists. In the strained
                                                  infusion is added to taste sugar (xylitol),
In 1-2 months after the disappearance of          honey and pressed juice, which used to
symptoms of functional hyper secretion of         always keep in the refrigerator.
gastric juice is recommended the gradual
expansion of the diet (boiled meat piece,         To improve taste and enhance the
cooked not rubbed vegetables, crisp               therapeutic effect of vegetable juices blended
oatmeal, soups inclusion not rubbed cereals       (mixed) with fruit (carrot orange), (beet-
and vegetables, up to 2 times a week rather       apple) and others, using natural with the
weak meat or fish broth).                         addition of syrups, sugar and juice
Therapeutic or special diet of patients with
psoriasis, especially in the home, requires the   In dermatological practice, including in the
preparation technology of some dishes.            treatment of psoriasis, often used for
Decoctions and infusions, which are               drinking mineral water. These include:
mentioned in the text are fortified beverages
made from dried fruits, herbs, bran. For their       * Borjomi - alkali-carbonate water, is
preparation washed berries (dried                 prescribed for concomitant diseases of
blueberries, etc.), hips (crushed) and the        metabolism (obesity, diabetes, and gout),
other is filled with boiling water, boil for 10   oxalaturia, and increased secretion function
minutes, and insist in a few hours.               of the stomach, liver.
Decoctions and infusions filter, introduced          * Slavyanovskaya, Smirnoff water -
sugar or xylitol (sorbitol), sometimes lemon      radioactive alkali Glauber-lime with a high
juice or honey.                                   content of iron. Assign the liver, biliar tract,
                                                  stomach (high acidity of gastric juice), gout,
and phosphaturia. Warmed to 40-45 ° drink         6-10 days or more prolonged. The recovery
water for 1.5 hours before the meal.              period is equal to the duration of unloading.
   * Arsine - chloride-bicarbonate-sodium
water, prescribed in case of diseases of          Prerequisite for the holding period is the
metabolism, oxalaturia, reduced secretion         daily discharge purgation (enemas), hygiene
function of the stomach, liver.                   of the soul; patients should take up to 2 liters
   * Essentuki № 4 and 17 - saline-alkaline       of fluid, usually water. With 3-4-day
water is prescribed for metabolic diseases        abstinence patients assigned mineral alkaline
(obesity, diabetes, and gout), liver, biliar      water such as Borjomi. In patients with
tract and stomach with decreased secretion        psoriasis in the unloading period the side
function, oxalaturia. Apply for 1 glass 2-3       effects: on 2-3rd day there is some dryness of
times a day at a low pH for 20-30 minutes         the mucous membrane of the lips, causing
before meals, in the absence of acidity - in      surface cracks lips. In such cases, we
conjunction with meals, with high acidity -       recommend rinsing the mouth with water
for 1, 5-2 hours before the meal.                 and smearing red lip vegetable oil. Patients,
   * Polustrovo - Fe-carbonate water is           especially during the rise of acidosis in the
assigned with the attendant anemic                unloading period, there is slight nausea,
conditions for 1 / 2 cup 3 times a day for 30     passing sometimes vomiting. Heavy drinking
minutes before eating.                            weak alkaline water quickly removes these
   * Batalinskaya water - Glauber water,          effects. Patients had seen some increased
which is appointed with liver disease,            irritability, worsening of sleep. All these
chronic constipation, flatulence by 1-2           phenomena take place some time.
glasses of an empty stomach or before meals.
   * Skouri - lime water, the recommended         Diet for allergic skin diseases.
psoriasis patients with symptoms of soak
(exudation) and infiltration of forms.

In recent years, increasing attention of
physicians and patients involves the so-
called fasting-diet therapy. It is mainly         The term "allergy" to describe the increased
carried out to patients suffering from severe,    sensitivity to the effect of various agents of
widespread and stubbornly treatable forms         the environment was proposed in 1906 by
of psoriasis. In such patients often reveal       Austrian pediatrician Clemens Pirque,
concomitant diseases, among which are the         amounting to the word "allergy" from two
largest group of patients with disorders of fat   Greek roots: "allos" - and another "ergon -
metabolism and various diseases of the            action. That is an allergy - it is an
gastrointestinal tract. Prior to the              inappropriate reaction of the body specific to
appointment of fasting-diet therapy (RDT) to      any external influence.
all patients in the outpatient survey is
conducted to identify contraindications to        In case of allergic skin disease, which can be
treatment. Every day, patients recorded the       assumed that one of the etiological
weight, pay attention to the condition of the     (causative) factors of the disease is a food
oral mucosa, tongue, digestive functions, etc.    product, in conjunction with drug treatment
The whole process of RTD consists of two          is assigned diet. If a particular food, Whet
periods: discharge (abstaining from food)         disease is known, then the diet is to delete
and recovery (diet). Discharge time is usually    the product from the diet. But it happens
10-12 days and only in some cases reduced to      rarely; most often a specific product is
unknown - then given a diet which excludes     canned, roe, etc.)
all of the food products, which can cause        * Birds (chicken, duck, turkey, etc.), as
allergies.                                     well as articles from the birds
                                                 * Chocolate and chocolate products,
Food, on the degree of potential allergenic    candies.
activity can be divided into three groups:       * Coffee, cocoa
                                                 * Smoked
  High                                           * Vinegar, mustard, mayonnaise and other
The eggs, alcohol, chicken, cow milk,            * Horse-radish, radish, radish
chocolate, fish, shellfish, citrus fruits,       * Tomatoes, eggplant
strawberries, raspberries, strawberries,         * Milk freshwater
currants, grapes, pineapple, melon,              * Strawberries, melon, pineapple,
persimmon, pomegranate, coffee, cocoa,         watermelon
nuts, honey, mushrooms, mustard,                 * Pastry
tomatoes, celery, wheat, rye.                    * Honey
                                                 * Mushrooms
                                               2. In the food can be consumed:
Pork, turkey, potatoes, peas, peaches,
apricots, red currants, watermelons,             * Meat beef boiled
bananas, green pepper, corn, buckwheat,          * Soups cereals, vegetables (secondary
cranberry, fig.                                vegetable broth, vegetarian)
                                                 * Boiled potatoes.
  Weak                                           * Butter, olive, sunflower
                                                 * Cereals: buckwheat, Hercules, rice
Lamb (low-fat varieties), squash, bush           * Lactic products - one day (cottage
pumpkins, turnips, squash (light tones),       cheese, yogurt, buttermilk)
apple green and yellow, gooseberries, plums,     * Fresh cucumbers, parsley, dill
green cucumber                                   * Baked Apples
                                                 * Stewed apples
                                                 * White bread not pastry
                                                 * Sugar
Most appointed nonspecific hypoallergenic        * Tea
diet for AD Ado:
                                               A strict diet must be observed, as a rule, to
                                               staunch the disappearance of the
                                               manifestations of the disease (if disease is
1. It is recommended to exclude from the       not chronic), and then, under the
diet:                                          supervision of a doctor, diet is gradually
  * Beverages
  * Citrus fruits (oranges, tangerines,        Diet for Allergy
lemons, grapefruit, etc.)
  * Eggs, mayonnaise                           diet with allergy every spring we wait for
  * Nuts (peanuts, hazelnuts, almonds, etc.)   nature will throw snow on the trees start
  * Fish and fish products (fresh, salted,     appearing kidneys, when the earth will give
us a new crop of delicious fruit. But spring,     horseradish, garlic, radish, radish, fresh
marred by tears, and the summer - a runny         onions, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant,
nose - not the most pleasant prospect. So in      mushrooms, citrus nuts, strawberries,
anticipation of spring and summer of each         strawberry, melon, pineapple, kiwi, honey,
allergic stored in various ways to combat this    spices and alcohol - all allergenic foods.
scourge. But help yourself to cope with           Excluding them from the diet is nonspecific
allergies can not only with medication.           diet. It should be observed for most allergy
Correctly selecting the menu, there is a          sufferers, regardless of how his shows
chance to soften or even prevent the attack       Allergies - skin rash, runny nose, asthma or
allergens.                                        digestive disorders. In addition to the above
                                                  products, you must limit your intake of
Are allergic to the pollen of trees cannot eat    sugar, salt, bread, pasta and sweets.
most of stone fruits and berries, and nuts,
celery, fennel and carrots.                       Of course, what remains after all the
                                                  restriction, not very happy? But of the
If you are allergic to grass prairie grass        remaining products can be cooked many
should limit their intake of bread and bakery     delicious.
products. Under the ban come kvass, pasta,
semolina, bread crumbs, ice cream, candy,
beans, and sorrel.                                Allergens

Allergy to Composite, such as tarragon,           In addition to the diet allergies must observe
requires the exclusion from the diet, melons,     the following recommendations:
watermelon, herbs, and spices. It should be       Try not to drink alcohol!
very wary of sunflower oil and its derivatives
- mayonnaise, mustard, and halva. Should be       Diet with allergy alchokol blood to flow and
abandoned "wormwood" alcoholic beverages          thus speeds up the absorption of food
- vermouth and absinthe. Deprecated phyto-        components of the gastric mucosa and
herbs with coltsfoot, succession, yarrow.         intestine. Furthermore, alcohol increases the
                                                  effects of food allergens?
If you are allergic to goose-foot in any
species cannot eat spinach and beets. Refuse      The cause of intolerance to wine, in most
and from peaches, pears, mango, kiwi,             cases is that it contains sulfur, mold,
pineapple, honey and mustard.                     histamine, and sometimes egg protein.

If you are allergic to aspirin or salicylates     The reasons for intolerance of beer can be
should be to minimize the consumption of          hops, yeast and other ingredients such as
citrus fruits, berries, peaches, melons, plums,   malt.
cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes, potatoes. We
must be careful in relation to medicinal          Most people normally carry clean drinks and
herbs. Salicylates are present in willow bark,    fruit wines. However, it should be
raspberry leaf, meadowsweet, marsh                remembered that in vodka and liqueurs are
cinquefoil, peony, Marina root.                   often added extracts and flavorings taste of
                                                  herbs, spices, nuts or fruit.
Fish, caviar, shellfish, seafood, poultry, all    Try not to buy genetically modified food!
smoked meat, eggs, mayonnaise, vinegar,
cocoa, chocolate, coffee, mustard and             Today there are over 120 species of
genetically modified plants: a soybean, corn,     Avoid allergy sufferers, asthmatics, and
rice, cotton, pumpkin, cucumber, pepper,          children. Typical products: candy, marzipan,
potato ... Scientists worldwide are not           jelly.
hidden away and warn of the allergen city of
GM products. However, transgenic proteins         E123 - Amaranth. Forbidden (in the U.S. is
are widely used in baby food, including milk      not in use since 1976).
formula for the smallest, as well as sausages,
pastries, beverages - in our country, about       E124 - Ponceau 4R, scarlet 4R. Color red.
300 of these products. It seems no                Avoid children, asthmatics and people
coincidence that over the past 5 years the        allergic to aspirin.
number of children with allergies in Russia
tripled. And no one can guarantee that there      E127 - Eritrotsin. Prohibited. Can raise the
will be remote negative consequences for          thyroid hormones cause photosensitivity.
Pay attention to these labels dyes and            E128 - Red 2G. In some countries, banned.
                                                  E129 - Allura Red AC. Can cause allergic skin
E100 - Cur cumin. Color orange-yellow, made       reactions. Typical products: fruit fillings,
from plants of the family of ginger.              cookies, cakes.

E101 - Riboflavin (vitamin B2). Color yellow,     E131 - Blue patented V. In certain countries is
vitamin.                                          prohibited.

E102, tartrazine. The color yellow is used in     E132 - Indigo carmine. Avoid people prone to
soft drinks, confectionery. Do not give           allergies. It was the following reactions:
children in order to avoid an allergic            nausea, vomiting, rash, high blood pressure,
reaction.                                         shortness of breath.

E104 - quinoline yellow. Forbidden in some        E133 - Blue shiny. Do not use children in
countries.                                        order to avoid allergic reactions.

E107 - Yellow 2G. Do not give children in         E140 - Chlorophyll, chlorophyllin. Color:
order to avoid an allergic reaction. May          from green to olive. Natural dye, has no side
cause allergies in people with asthma.            effects.
Traditionally used in the manufacture of soft
drinks.                                           E141 - Copper complexes of chlorophyll and
                                                  chlorophyllin. Color: olive. Side effects are
E110 - Yellow "sunset» FCF. Typical products:     unknown.
spirits, confectionery, fast-soluble soups. Can
cause allergic reaction: rash, edema, nausea.     A few words about the additional
                                                  precautions. To prevent attacks, especially
E120 - Carmina. Used in candy, frozen,            during the warm season, should be removed
yogurt, beverages, etc. May cause allergic        in the summer rugs, throw pillows, often do
reactions from simple rashes to anaphylactic      wet cleaning, getting rid of toxic and
shock.                                            allergenic of indoor plants (from the
                                                  common ambrosia, as well as Euphorbiaceae,
Diet for allergy E122 - Karmuazin. Color red.     Araceae and Amaryllidaceae plant family
Apocynaceae and Evening Primrose                  Lunch: milk soup, potato balls, tea.
                                                  Dinner: pasta with sauce Bolognese, water.
Another rule - often to wash hair. Irritating     Thursday
to eyes and nose should be washed with
water, and asphyxiation with a strong will        Breakfast: coleslaw (cabbage, cucumber, dill,
warm bath for the feet.                           and olive oil), apple juice.

Follow these rules and pampering yourself         Lunch: potato cream soup, zucchini, stewed
useful tasty, you can easily and effortlessly     in a cream sauce, green tea.
find the spring and harmoniously to spend
the summer.                                       Dinner: pancakes with apple compote of
But before you implement the ideas in this        Friday
article, is necessary to consult with a doctor!
                                                  Breakfast: yogurt, apples, stuffed with cheese
                                                  and raisins.
Menu allergies:
                                                  Lunch: soup of curettes, dumplings with
Menu diets for allergies                          cherry, cottage cheese or potatoes, tea.

Monday                                            Dinner: cabbage, purified water.
diet with allergy breakfast: low-fat yogurt,
cottage cheese salad (cheese, cucumbers,          Breakfast: a compote of apples, buckwheat
parsley, dill).                                   porridge.

Dinner: Pea soup, rice with boiled beef,          Lunch: vegetable soup with beef, mashed
green tea.                                        potatoes with cucumbers, or fritters of
                                                  zucchini, green tea.
Dinner: Baked potato with cabbage or
cheese, tea or purified water.                    Dinner: zucchini, stuffed vegetables and rice,
Tuesday                                           or cabbage burgers, tea or fruit compote.
Breakfast: oatmeal with apples and cherries,
purified water.                                   Breakfast: yogurt, or juice, oatmeal, or
                                                  granny cottage cheese and potatoes.
Lunch: Soup with meatballs ground beef,
boiled potatoes with dill and olive oil, green    Lunch: lentil soup, ravioli with beef, tea or
tea.                                              fruit compote.

Dinner: cottage cheese casserole with raisins,    Dinner: potato pancakes or vegetable stews,
dried fruit compote.                              water or fruit compote.
                                                  Such a diet for allergies to help lose weight
Breakfast: yogurt, wheat porridge.                and in the process will protect the body from
                                                  allergic reactions.
We need in iodine if.                              Sweet pepper, beet and pumpkin seeds are a
                                                   good ZN source, rising vision, thus 150 boiled
Where we can find more iodine.                     beets eat before meal.
In sea food,vegetables,like                        Cabbage is vitamin B6 which helps for eyes
                                                   low tiredness and capacity work rise.
                                                   Blueberry is good for vision, low fatigue,
In fruits, berries, nuts.                          good influences if you working with
Appleas, grape, cherry, plum, apricot, STR         computer, like prevent glaucoma, cataract.
awberry, cedarwood nuts.                           If you need weight lost.
In a cooking meals add water, like slightly        Thus you need fight with indispositions and
covered a pan fill in.                             low calorie ration, like than a need your
Best cook steam, for iodine keep.                  energy lost.

Add salt in serve meal, like in boil iodine is     1.Less eat sweets,bread,like best bread will be
lost.                                              dry, like rough grinding, like eating more
                                                   apples and for night, like less eating fats,
Iodine salt keeps for his own qualities 4          pastry fresh from,carbohydrates,like
months, check date!                                candies,pies,cakes,and in a feeling hungry
                                                   more eat vegetables,boiled or stewed
Keep iodine salt in closed box,not open,like
                                                   meat,fatless milk.
salt is evaporate.
                                                   2. More move, like walk, train in fast temp.
How we can find about salt needing iodine,
like stick wet in 5 percent spirit use sol.        3. Not lie for rest or read after lunch right
Iodine and apply iodine net on internal part       away, best do weak home work.
                                                   4. Take dinner in 19.00, before sleep take
Cells a size from 1 to 1 cm.                       walk.

If a net iodine disappears in 3 hour, thus you     5. Check weight every hour, write indexs,
need in iodine, in 7 hours-not main iodine         and calories write a food for everyday eaten.
failure, in a day-iodine is kept.
                                                   Useful advices, for a dishes cooking, cleaning
Thus you need in right iodine use, like over       organism from slag.
is bad and, like failure.
                                                   In spring for soups cooking use young nettle,
For healthy eyes.                                  sorrel, spinash, and for peas, bran soups
                                                   roots cook a cubes and potato a big cubes.
Carrot, pumpkin, tomatos, raspberry is much
carotid having, like pro-vitamin A, thus add       In noodle soup add shred roots, vegetables,
in menu theirs.                                    bay leaf add for serve a soup, not add earlier,
                                                   like for long time keeping soups.
Shredded carrot is that vitamin absorbing
just less 5 percent, in shred 20 percent, and if   Vegetable soups without potato and bran
dress vegetable salad or from age thus you         add roasted flour.
absorb a half that vitamin.
                                                   Bran before cook wash warm and after in
                                                   cold water to water cleaning.
Before turn off soup add fresh carrot            apples,apricots,blueberry,fig,strawberry,man
juice,tomato,cabbage.Taste and useful.           darines,gooseberries,and salads cooking
Sour cucumbers shred and cook individually       asparagus,beans,pods,cabbage,celery,squash,
and after add in soups,like when potato will     aubergines,fennel.
be ready,thus potato will be hard and not

Grind garlic add in ending cooking.              Which mineral water is select?

Peas or beans add in cold water and put on       Bicarbonate.
fire, in boil add cold water, so doing for 4
                                                 Avoid in gastritis, use in cystitis, who train,
times, in 40 min.beans will be ready.
Diet in gout.
                                                 Sulfate-in liver diseases, laxative, avoid for
Gout, has a destroy purins metabolism, and       teenagers, babies, like stop calcium
display depositing in tissues urea sour salts.   absorbing in that ages.

Like in a patient, who eat much meat, beer       Chloride-in bowel destroys, gall ways, liver,
drink, grape wines and all purin food?           avoid in hypertension.

From menu avoid all liver,                       Calcium-useful in pregnancy, feeding, low
brans,heart,kidneys ,tongue, meat or fish        pressure, which uses remedies for calcium,
fat, broths.                                     lost.

Meat, fish eating 3 times/week, boiled kinds,    Magnesium-in constipations, in stress, avoid
like to 50 percent purins in boiling transfers   in stomach disorders.
in broth.
                                                 Fluoride-in pregnancy, osteoporosis with
Spinash, sorrel avoids.                          adding calcium water, avoids for teenagers,
                                                 babies, who use fluoride pills.
Salt limit to 5 gr.
                                                 Ferum-in anemia, avoid in digestive
Adding milk, curds, fruits reload days, not      destroys.
starvate, beans and peas limit.
                                                 Sour-in low acidity, avoid in gastritis, ulcers,
In acuting eat liquid meals, like milk soups,    high acidity, meteorismus.
compotes, liquid porridges, rink alkaline
mineral waters.                                  Natrium-in bad digestive, constipations with
                                                 chloridum, avoid in hypertension, and who
Anti-cellulite diet.                             has low salt diet.
4 -5 times/day eating with small portions in a   You need to know, like sour kvass not drink
same time, like in broken regime, like in long   in
rest is forming in fats.                         ulcers,chr.gastritis,colitis,enteritis,gout,hepat
After 17.00 less eats macaronis, sweets,         itis,for other add in menu.
carbohydrates, like pastry, flour, candies.      Avoid eat food, like over-kept, not cut that
Add green tea, like destroy sub -cutaneouse      damage pieces, not eat, like formed
fats, dry fruits change on fresh, like           aflatoxinum is causes liver cancer.
Fresh cucumber, eating fresh, salt frees,
chew good id for skin good with acnes, spots.
                                                  In low acidity stomach eats.
Scald and dry slightly for eating seeds.
                                                  Fatless meat, fish, boiled, rubbing, fry
Starch vegetables are carrot, turnip, squash,     slightly in rusks, flour, meat soups,
patissons, roots celery, cauliflower,             mushroom, vegetable, bran.
petroleum, pumpkin.
                                                  Milk, cacao, sour milk, curds, eggs soft
Not starch is cabbage, green vegetable,           boiled, boiled macaronis.
aubergines, garlic, tomatos, turnip, and
sweet pepper.                                     Not eat.

                                                  Spicy, salted, fry food, meat, fish canned, soft
Thus take attend in diets use.
                                                  bread, yeast, pastry, flour.
If pressure is high.
                                                  Not smoke, drink.
Limit salt cooked to 6 gr/day, limit liquid to
2 l/day, avoid alcohol                            Rise acidity is acorus, anisum, aloe, root
drink,carbohydrate,like                           dandelion, viburnum, red ahberry, and
sweet,pastry,flour,strong drinks,tonic,broths     hibiscus.
,roasted, add in menu magnesium food, like        Cook teas, coffe from that.
calcium is milk, carrot juice, buckwheat and
porridges oats, more fresh vegetables, fruits     Roots dandelions dry, wash, grind, and cook,
eat.                                              like coffee.

Is your bowel healthy?                            ½ glass warm cabbage juice before meal 3
                                                  times/day for month.
In periodically bowel ache, heartburn, heavy
after food, sour citrus-thus you has a high       In high acidity.
acidy, in your presence helicobacter, like
provoking chr.gastritis type B, or
hyperacidity with high acidity.                   Whole milk adding for tea, creams, not sour
                                                  milk, porridges not millet, macaronis, melted
In a morning bad mouth taste, bad appetite,
                                                  meat, fatless fish, bird.
noises bowel, nausea, thus you has gastritis
type a, like reasons in bad diets, not right      Not eat.
mode of life.
                                                  Strong broths,fat,raw
Heartburn is having in                            vegetables,salted,marinades,spicy
gastritis,ulcers,cholecystitis,thus not drink     snacks,smoked,pastry,flour,black
black coffee, citric ,gas,alchokol,spicy,salted   bread,drink,smoke.
,choko,onion avoid, eat 6 times/day small
portions, not over-eat.                           Low acidity is hypericum
Not lie after lunch, vertical pose keep food in   kbean,and 3 times/day drink fresh potato
stomach and prevent heartburn, dinner             juice before meal or carrot in a hour to meal
before 3 hour a sleep.                            or after hour.
In heartburn display drink cup ice water,         Slag fight is plum juice, like glass drink 2
glass alkaline mineral.                           times/day to meal.
In gout, urine stones avood eat canned            brew two cups of boiling water, let it brew,
tomatos, garlic, and onion.                       strain. Drink half a glass between meals two
                                                  or three times a day. Drink cook every day.
Hypertension heal with avoid all salted food.
                                                  To eat less without feeling hungry, add in the
In stomach destroy avoid eat canned fruits,
                                                  food edible pulp (sold in pharmacies),
for compotes use dry fruits.                      evoking a feeling of full stomach.

                                                  Put on 5-8 tablets in each portion (100-150 g)
IN stress we always has appetite rising, like     of meat and fish meat, vegetable cutlets, and
to results a weight rising.                       mashed potatoes. Or you can just take this
                                                  dose cellulose 3 times a day for 20 minutes
Thus best drink mint tea and not over eat,
                                                  before eating, drinking 1 / 3 cup boiling
like eat 4 times/day small portions.
                                                  water, juice or yogurt. During the day drink
In need sweets best walnuts grind, add            at least 1.5 liters of fluid, except drinks and
honey,tea.sp.use 3 times/day after food.          the first dish.

Adding in diets fresh cucumbers you can           Link carbohydrates in the intestines, not
fight oedemas, rise appetite, low weight, salts   allowing them to move into fat, helps
sediments, laxative.                              ordinary mountain ash. Prepare the
                                                  following mixture: 7 parts dry rowan berries
In atherosclerosis grind garlic, add juice
                                                  and 3 parts of nettle leaves or fruits of
lemon, 2 tea.sp.honey, and drink all 2
                                                  mountain ash and hips equally. 2-3
times/day before meal.
                                                  tablespoons of any mixture brewed two cups
       Cook healthy dishes.                       of boiling water, hold 10 minutes on low
                                                  heat, insist in 4 hours, and filter. The
Vegetable risotto.                                resulting broth to make ½ cup between
                                                  meals 2-3 times a day.
For 150 gr. Rice -2 size milk, 100 gr. carrot,
petroselum, celery, 3 spoon tomato paste,
                                                  The drink must be prepared daily. Plus a
tea.sp.oil, salt, dill.
                                                  broth - an excellent source of vitamins.
Wash rice, add in boiled milk, add salt, oil,
                                                  If you want to avoid stress, the spring
boil a few min, close, and add in warm oven.
                                                  vitamin deficiencies and strengthen the
Wash vegetables, clean, rinse, shred, add in      immune system, add to the basic nutrition
boiled water, and boil 10 min.                    germinated seeds (sprouts), wheat, oats, flax,
                                                  sunflower seeds, watercress, pumpkin.
Salt, add in rice, paste, smooth top, steam in
warm oven, in hour will ready.                    From time immemorial the seedlings used in
                                                  folk medicine as a cosmetic remedy for
Serve with green, dill, basil, petroselum.
                                                  rejuvenation and as an "elixir of life".
Use in liver, heart, kidneys, diabetes diet,      However, a few years ago, doctors and
like fats quantities defines a dr.                nutritionists have proven that germinated
                                                  seeds of certain plants useful to eat because
Tie carbohydrates in the intestines,              they contain large amounts of biologically
preventing them to move into fat, helps to        active substances and vitamins that can
quicken. Take the fruit evenly rowan and          strengthen the body's defenses and prevent
wild rose. Two tablespoons of the mixture         diseases of the nervous and endocrine
systems, heart, lungs, stomach and other
vital organs.                                      Corn seedlings are useful in hypovitaminosis
                                                   and menopause.
Growing "the elixir of life" is a snap. Put in a
glass jar with wide neck soaked gauze, and         Seedlings of lentils, beans and peas are good
her seed (pre-wash) and soak them in boiling       for diabetics, as well as for those who have
water for 3-4 hours) of the culture that you       lowered blood clotting. Only better than
are going to germinate. Cover the jar with         they are in the form of parboiling, then they
polyethylene and put the kitchen in the very       are easier to digest.
warm place (the light). Every day, rinse the
seeds. Sprouts will appear in a few days.          You can grow and germinated thistle. They
When they reach 1-2 inches, you can safely         improve the metabolism in the liver and
eat them.                                          stimulate bile secretion. Take them as an
                                                   additional medium to medicines.
Try to eat sprouts raw, on a tablespoon twice
a day, or add them to the same amount of           Semolina pudding with apples
                                                   in the boiling milk slowly pour semolina, add
Warning Use only not poison sprouting              sugar, a pinch of salt and cook until done. In
grain.                                             the finished porridge with butter, egg yolk
                                                   and mix well. Cool Whip egg white and mix
Seedlings of watercress and daicon radish          well with the cooled porridge. Treated apples
relieve depression, neurosis, as well as           shred and cook the sugar over low heat. Tins
provide for the prevention of breast cancer in     greased with oil, sprinkle with crumbs and
mastopathy.                                        put it in a layer of semolina, it put a layer of
                                                   apples and cover with a layer of semolina.
Seedlings of sunflower and pumpkin care            Pour butter on top, sprinkle with
you from sleep disorders, atherosclerosis,         breadcrumbs and bake in the oven. At 5
early gray hair and hair loss. In addition,        teaspoons semolina - 3 / 4 cup milk, 1 / 2
they are very useful for men as well as            eggs, 4 teaspoons sugar, 1 apple, 2 teaspoons
helping to restore potency and prevent the         oil.
development of prostate adenoma.                   Useful in atherosclerosis, nephritis, anemia,
                                                   hypertension, cardiovascular failure,
Sprouts                                            hepatitis, cystitis.
Seedlings of rye and wheat are effective in
treating diseases of the nervous system and
cardiovascular diseases.

Seedlings of oats - the perfect addition to the    Sauerkraut called the nurse intestine.
diet suffering from bronchial asthma, caused       Sauerkraut suppresses the development of
by prolonged stress.                               putrefactive bacteria.

Seedlings of flax seeds help remove salt from      With obesity eat sauerkraut. It creates an
the body of heavy metals, radionuclide’s and       impression of satiety. Very low calorie
excess cholesterol. They help cleanse the          sauerkraut (25 kcal per 100 g) in combination
entire gastrointestinal tract and eliminate        with a rich set of vitamins and biologically
constipation.                                      active substances can be operated in the diet
of people suffering from obesity.                glycogen.

At cold tingling in the chest cabbage brine      For gall bladder disease should be
dilute warm boiled water in a 1:1 ratio. Drink   strengthened flow of bile from the
2-3 glasses of drink to cure.                    gallbladder into the intestine. Otherwise,
                                                 especially if the bill contains a lot of
In diabetes benefit sauerkraut juice mixed       cholesterol, bile delay may lead to the
with a small amount of lemon juice. The          formation of stones. Avoid this helps to use
fiber contained in the sauerkraut, binds         large quantities of sweet fruit and vegetables
carbohydrates and accelerates their excretion    (the latter best in combination with
from the body.                                   vegetable oil).

In avitaminosis very useful salad of pickled     Diet № 5 helps to restore normal function of
cabbage. And in the morning on an empty          liver and gall bladder and is used as a
stomach to drink a glass of brine.               warning tool against bile stone disease.

At high temperatures drink cabbage brine. It     The menu diet includes foods rich in sugar
will help replace the loss of fluids, vitamins   (sweet ripe fruit, berries and melons). Of the
and minerals.                                    vegetables are recommended only those who
                                                 help the better bowel and gallbladder:
Gastritis Drink 0, 5-2 cup warm cabbage          carrots, turnips, beets, cauliflower, pumpkin,
pickle.                                          zucchini, cucumbers, tomatoes. The patient
                                                 should consume high amounts of liquids, as
Sauerkraut juice - an effective tool for         well as vegetable oil, a favorable effect on the
"silent" ulcers of the stomach and               liver and gall bladder. The volume of daily
duodenum. Drink it on 1/4-1/3 cup 3 times a      ration, including liquids, shall be 3, 5 kg. The
day for an hour before meals. A preventive       total amount of fluid a day about 7-8 cups.
course - 2-3 weeks.
                                                 In the diet should be possible to limit foods
Be aware before you use the published            rich in cholesterol and purin substances
recipes of traditional medicine, consult your    (brains, egg yolks, meat, fish and mushroom
doctor!                                          soups, broths and gravies), avoid eating fatty
                                                 meats and fish, animal fat. The patient
Dietary food for liver and gall bladder          should not eat fry, but only in shredded
                                                 (partially shabby) cooked or stewed or
Chronic liver disease and gallbladder disease    baked. Prohibited very cold drinks. For
requiring long and complex treatment.            calorie, nutrient content of diet should be
Important role in these diseases is diet food    full. To provide the required amount of body
(diet number 5) as a means of treating           protein in the diet enters the cottage cheese,
patients. A systematic violation of the diet     mild cheese.
often leads to aggravation of the disease.
                                                 When diet number 5 allows the following
In liver it drastically reduces the number of    products:
special substances - glycogen, which disrupts
the liver cells. Therefore, the patient is       Bread and bread products
recommended foods rich in sugar, from the
products, the splitting of which is formed
Bread wheat, rye, doctor's bread buns bran         Low-fat varieties of fish: cod, perch, carp,
Bakeries of not pastry, oatmeal cookies -          saffron cod, pike in boiled or boiled and
dried or baked the previous day.                   baked form.

Appetizers                                         Dishes and side dishes of vegetables

Mild cheese, ham lean, cod liver oil. Herring      various kinds of vegetables especially carrots
higher grades Cheese paste-soaked.                 and pumpkin in a raw, boiled and baked
                                                   form. Excluded, spinach, rhubarb.
                                                   Dishes and side dishes from cereals and
Butter, Sunflower refined, olive, soybean.

Egg dishes                                         Different cereals (buckwheat, oats), legumes
                                                   (peas), macaroni, vermicelli, noodles - boiled
                                                   and baked in the form of cereals, puddings,
1 egg per day as a supplement in various           casseroles.
dishes. Steam omelets proteins or with the
addition of the halves yolk                        Desserts, fruit, berries

Milk and dairy dishes
                                                   Sweets, fruits and berries. Different varieties
                                                   of fruits, berries (except acid), Melon - raw,
Whole milk, condensed, and dry. Cream,             cooked, baked, stewed fruit, jelly, jelly.
sour cream, kefir, yogurt in moderation,           Lemon (with sugar), sugar, honey, jam.
fresh. Cheese and curd dishes fatless steam
cooking, boiled, baked.                            Sauces and spices

                                                   Sour cream, milk, vegetables, sweet fruit
                                                   sauces, fennel, cinnamon, vanilla.
Of the cereals, pasta, vegetables, fruits, soups
vegetable broth or milk - flour and                Drinks
vegetables are fried.

Meat and poultry                                   Tea, coffee with milk, fruit and berry juices,
                                                   tomato juice, cabbage
                                                   Broth hips, and wheat bran.
Lean meats, poultry: beef, chicken, turkey
boiled, boiled and baked, stewed with              To salt food should be moderate; to eat five
preliminary removal of juice.                      times a day.

Fish                                               The diet of a person suffering from migraine

                                                   Cope with many diseases helps proper
nutrition. Eating certain types of products,       uric acid. In folk medicine the leaves and
and avoiding others, can be reduced and the        berries of black currant has long been used
degree of manifestation of headaches in            for the treatment of debilitating diseases,
migraine attacks. But before I go directly to      including migraine headaches.
the products should talk about nutrition in
general. Because many diseases are just from       Fortress of the organism attaches and
malnutrition, constant overeating. First of        cabbage. In ancient times it was believed
all, it must be remembered that the number         that it makes people resistant to various
of individual food intake for each person.         diseases, eliminates insomnia, and calms the
Moving and emotional people tend to                headaches. And the most useful chopped
assimilate food much faster than the quiet         cabbage and damp, because it remains more
and melancholy. Accordingly, the frequency         vitamins and nutrients. For insomnia,
of meals in these types of people should be        accompanied by headaches, you should
different: from two to four a day. Virtually all   drink fresh cabbage juice, as it works well on
are contraindicated snacks between meals,          the nervous system.
resulting in the fuel, usually without having      Fresh apples or apple tea also have a curative
to digest at once is 'in reserve'.                 effect on the patient's body. They facilitate
                                                   the removal of sweat and urine of harmful
Excesses of undigested food in the body can        substances and degradation products,
cause not only obesity, but also the               preventing the formation of the body of
appearance of various tumors, including            excess, contributing to the disease. Partially
malignant, accompanied by severe                   relaxes the muscles alcohol in small doses.
headaches. Generally, it is desirable to have
one's fill once a day. The organism itself         In summer and early autumn suffering from
determines when it should be done. The             migraine is useful to lime therapy. At this
remaining meals should be no less than 4-5         time, usually hot, thirsty, and water to drink
hours. Although the cold season could have a       if necessary. This does not in any way have a
bit more than in warm.                             negative impact on the process of starvation.
                                                   First of all it is necessary to hasten the
During the meal to remember some of the            procedure. For this evening to take a
rules, following which you will help your          laxative. In the morning put an enemy. And
body better assimilate received food, avoid a      this must be done daily. You can rinse bowel
number of diseases and obesity: need to eat        decoction of medicinal plants - such as
slowly, chewing each piece carefully, have         chamomile, St. John's wort, and sage.
fun, in any case impossible to read a book or      If you decide to go hungry, it does not mean
lively conversation, otherwise the body will       that you need all day to lie in bed. On the
be kept in suspense, as you already know,          contrary, you have to move as much as
leads to headaches and migraines.                  possible, for fresh air, that is, to a normal
Let's talk about the most diet. Very useful for    In principle, the process of fasting is simple.
people suffering from migraine are: black          The only thing you have to face - this is a
currant, white cabbage, green tea, green           constant desire to eat. But the feeling of
apples, tomatoes, bananas. The berries,            hunger will torment you until the first day.
currant worms improves appetite, contain a         In the following you have, by contrast,
variety of vitamins, so have a tonic effect.       appears to dislike the food, even her smell,
Leaves of blackcurrant, brewing tea, free the      similar to that of a woman experiences
organism from purin substances and excess          during the first months of pregnancy.
Language covered with white bloom. All              should avoid foods that might cause harm to
food and even water body will cease to              your health and exacerbate the development
demand. Within a few days after using the           of migraine. These include cheese, coffee,
toilet in his stool, you will notice such slag      cocoa, chocolate, mustard, ketchup,
accumulation, which has no clue.                    mayonnaise, pork, smoked sausage, spinach,
Accumulated over the entire period of your          green onions, beans, soy, celery, citrus,
life wastes leave the body with feces, many         pineapples, avocados, nuts, vinegar and all
authorities no longer feel the tension and          sorts of pickled products. They can cause
pressure, and thus will disappear by itself         migraines. This is due to the fact that they
cause migraines.                                    are composed of matter, in particular, nitrite
                                                    additives, tiramin and MSG, relaxing blood
The complexity of therapeutic fasting is in         vessels and forcing them to narrow and
the process of overcoming it. It must be            widen.
clearly borne in mind that in no event
following the fasting three days, and better,       Too many nitrates - food additives, through
and more, you cannot eat eggs, meat,                which producers attach to meat products
mushrooms, fish and salt. Only the various          taste and a delicious pale pink - in the hot
fresh juices, fruits and cereals, cooked in         sandwiches such as hamburgers or Big Mac,
water without salt and oil. It will help to         in ham, corned beef, bacon, salami, smoked
quickly get out of starvation honey. On the         sausage and fish, cheddar cheese. These
first day in the morning you can drink only         substances, once in the body, forced to
one glass of juice. At lunch - a glass of carrot    pulsation brain blood vessels and provoke an
juice with yogurt or half 2-3 tablespoons           attack of migraine.
herculean or buckwheat. If very hungry, after
a while you can drink another glass of carrot       Especially dangerous in this regard is the
or cabbage juice or eat some vegetable soup.        Chinese food. If, after her reception begins
Do not damage the small amount of potato            nauseated, throw in a sweat and your breath,
mash. You can also drink a broth of wild            we can assume that you have a syndrome of
roses.                                              'Chinese restaurant'. Nothing was done
                                                    about it, but MSG's, for whom suffering from
At dinner suit fresh apples or fruit juice.         migraine usually increased sensitivity, adds
Dairy lovers can drink a glass of yogurt. The       almost all the Chinese dishes, and the socket
second day begins, as the first, with a glass of    with glutamate in these restaurants put next
juice. At breakfast in the mess you can add a       to the salt cellar and pepper pot, so that
little oil. For lunch - the soup a little garlic.   visitors can sprinkle them food. Because of
During the day it would be good to eat a few        this tradition, the Chinese consume daily to
walnuts. Dinner, like the first day.                3 grams of glutamate.

Breakfast on the third day of the same. You         How long can the body go without food
can add a small piece of black bread and a          depends on his individual abilities? In
salad of fresh vegetables. At dinner suit           history there are cases where people did not
vegetable salad, already with a small amount        receive food for several months (extreme
of sunflower oil or cheese. Fresh apples can        situations, during the Great Patriotic War,
be eaten between meals. Herbal tea to drink         and so on). Just need to remember that
as needed.                                          fasting - it is not always the cause of
                                                    exhaustion. The depletion starts only when
During this therapeutic fasting and dieting         the body uses all of the superfluous that had
accumulated in it over the years: first, the fat
reserves and then various unwanted deposits        Table Products, the most common cause
in the form of tumors and growths that are         seizures, migraine
harmful to him. That is the body itself serves
as a medic, 'eating' is unnecessary, purifying.
                                                   Food Frequency of migraine attack, % Food
When ingested 100 mg or more of tiramin in         Frequency migraine attack, %
sensitive to the substance of people having
headaches, hives, chronic urticaria 40 mg of       Chocolate
tiramin is sufficient to cause aggravation of
the headache.                                      Cheese & Dairy

Headache may also occur by ingestion of            Citrus
phenyl ethyl-lamina (which is found in             Beverages
chocolate, cheese, wine) and sodium nitrate
at a high sensitivity to them. Sodium nitrate      75
is a good antimicrobial, it is used, for
example, in the manufacture of ham and             48
other products (namely sodium nitrate gives
the ham so appetizing pink color).                 30
Hippocrates (about 460-377 years. BC. E.)          25
Drew attention to the appearance of
headache after consuming milk and dairy            Fried fatty foods
products. Who lived in the XVIII century?
Doctor John Fothergill even wrote a treatise       Tea and coffee
on food and migraine, in which, inter alia,
states: "There are certain products that are in    Meat (especially pork)
very small amounts in people with a certain        Sea products
constitution often cause headaches with
nausea. These products include most                18
varieties of baked oils, fatty meats and
spices, especially the commonly used black         14
pepper. Meat pies often contain all these
products immediately and are the most              14
common cause of headaches from all that I          10
know of products; migraine triggers and the
use of meat puddings and other foods with
similar content. Small errors in the use of        Special studies have shown that migraine
these nutrients in most cases do not cause         attacks that occur after meals, due to
much suffering. «                                  exposure to the amines - histamine, tiramin
                                                   and others, and not an allergy, as was
                                                   thought by many doctors.
Currently, the relationship of migraine with       English physician E. Harrington put on a
food doubts from the experts did not matter,       group of volunteers experiment, which
identified the products most often leading to      confirmed the role of tiramin in the
migraine attacks in sensitized persons             occurrence of headache.
                                                  nettle, stinging nettle recipes, soup nettle
200 people were divided into 3 groups. 27         meat broth or normal water boil sliced, pre-
people suffered headaches, migraines are not      scalded with boiling water the leaves of
caused by, among 69 people had migraine,          nettles, add the dill, parsley and other herbs.
104 people a headache, do not complain.           At the end of cooking you can pour small
Harrington described the results of the           portions beaten raw egg. Another option -
experiment: "In a group of people who suffer      add to soup boiled egg. Ready to fill the dish
migraines, after the application of tiramin       soup nettle "cream.
(oral tiramin was given 125 mg capsules)
                                                  Useful in bleeding, anemia, tuberculosis,
attack developed in six out of 27 ... Character
of headache in this group was similar to the      constipations, furunculosis.
manifestations of migraine caused by food         Definition
factors. .. In the group of persons who are
not suffering from migraine, tiramin caused       Vegetarianism - a voluntary renunciation of
a headache of moderate or mild headache ...       meat consumption. Vegetarians do not eat
nausea in this group also observed less           meat products in a variety of reasons
frequently than in the group of persons           (religious, ethical or medical). However,
suffering from migraine. In the group of          some of them eat dairy products and eggs,
persons who are not suffering at all              and so-called strict vegetarians completely
headaches, tiramin caused a slight headache.      reject animal products.
Thus, tiramin can induce a headache of a
different nature from severe and frequent         Goal
pain in patients suffering from migraine, on
the one hand, to light, rarely occurring          Vegetarian diet may be appointed for
headaches in patients not suffering from          different diseases (cardiovascular disease,
headaches - on the other. «                       elevated blood cholesterol, type 2 diabetes
                                                  mellitus and stroke). To vegetarianism based
                                                  some alternative cancer treatments. Such a
Histamine causes severe headache, even in         diet is effective in obesity, osteoporosis,
healthy people when introduced into the           arthritis, allergies, asthma, diseases caused
organism in the amount of 0, 1 mg.                by environmental factors, hypertension,
Histamine can not only get food in the            gout, cholelithiasis, hemorrhoids,
gastrointestinal tract, but formed it from the    nephrolithiasis, peptic ulcer, colitis, PMS,
histamine.                                        heightened anxiety and depression.
                                                  Vegetarians are often more energetic, they
                                                  have clear thinking and good digestion.
Thus, the headache can cause histamine,           Moreover, rejection of meat - simple and
tiramin and other amines which are                effective way to prevent many diseases.
synthesized in the body from amino acids in
metabolism. However, the headache is not          History of vegetarianism
always due to amines. It can also occur
reflexively, for example when using ice           the term "vegetarianism" is used for the first
cream, which irritates the receptors of the       time in 1847 by the founders of "the British
mucous membrane of the sky.                       Vegetarian Society, but the principle has
Nettle soup                                       existed since ancient times. In ancient
                                                  cultures practiced vegetarianism for health
                                                  and religious reasons. For millions of Hindus
rejection of animal products is part of their      strict vegetarian, has always claimed that the
religious beliefs. According to the ancient        rejection of animal food - an important stage
Indian epic Mahabharata, "the one, who             in the evolution of the human race.
wants to live a long time, preserving the
beauty, strong memory and good health, but         Interest in vegetarianism arose in the late
also possess the physical, moral and spiritual     XIX - early XX century, simultaneously with
strength, should abstain from animal food.         the start of dragging all sorts of diets and
To vegetarianism based and yoga. It is             wellness practitioners. For many people, the
believed that prana - the universal life energy    refusal of the meat has a religious character.
- found in fresh fruits, grains, nuts and
vegetables, but not in the flesh of dead           On the growing interest in vegetarianism
animals. According to yogis, spiritual health      influenced by several factors. Increased cases
depends on the observance of Ahimsa - one          of poisoning in meat products, along with
of the principles of the doctrine that one can     information on the possible content in meat
not harm any living creature. The term             hormones and antibiotics, led to what some
Ahimsa (Sanskrit - "nonviolence") is               people questioned the safety of food of
mentioned in the Upanishads (ancient Vedic         animal origin. But the main factor was still
texts) still in 600-300 years. BC. One. Killing    promoting a healthy lifestyle. Nutritionists
an animal or person, for whatever reason, is       point out that meat products contain a lot of
equated to the sin for which the soul in the       cholesterol and saturated fat, but little fiber.
next life is paying relocation to lesser beings.   Consumption of unhealthy foods of animal
Vegetarianism - the basis of Jainism (another      food contributes to the development of
religion in India). Some Buddhists in Japan        cardiovascular, cancer and diabetes - the
and China also adhere to a vegetarian diet         major causes of mortality among the
for religious reasons. In the Catholic world       Russians. Numerous studies confirm the
and to this day there are advocates of             benefits of a diet based on fresh vegetables,
vegetarianism (Trappist). Some followers of        fruits, complex carbohydrates (cereals) and
this diet even claim that vegetarians were         foods rich in fiber, low in cholesterol and
Jesus Christ and his disciples. In the Middle      saturated fats. Vegetarianism, which
East and the Mediterranean, many people            absorbed all of these features is the basis of
also try to eat vegetarian food.                   diet therapy and is widely used in Ayurvedic
"Mediterranean diet" - one of the most             medicine, methods of cleansing the body,
correct and healthy in the world, not strictly,    macrobiotic, diet, Ornish in cardiovascular
but still, vegetarian.                             disease and other forms of treatment.

Vegetarians were many great men: the               How to become a vegetarian
ancient Greek philosophers Socrates, Plato,
Pythagoras, and Leonardo da Vinci, Isaac           Sometimes, in severe or chronic diseases
Newton, Leo Tolstoy and Henry Thoreau.             (cardiovascular or cancer) have dramatically
Large gourmet often called "epicureans, but        switch to a vegetarian diet. However,
few know that the ancient philosopher              nutritionists usually recommend turning to
Epicurus, too, was a vegetarian. In the            plant food gradually to allow the body to
twentieth century. Proponents of this diet         adapt to new eating habits.
were Gandhi, a French physician Albert
Schweitzer, writer George Bernard Shaw,            To do so, developed the so-called
musician Paul McCartney and many others.           transitional diet. Many are accustomed to eat
Albert Einstein, though he himself was not a       meat with every meal. These people at the
first stage of a purely vegetarian meal should     them. According to some experts, people do
take place only a few times a week. Then           not like strong-smelling or bitter vegetables
there is a gradual transition from meat to         (turnips, cabbage, brussels sprouts or
vegetarian. Consumption of red meat                broccoli), as has long been bitter taste
decreases will be replaced by pork, chicken        associated with the poison. Taste - the main
and fish. For those who want to become a           obstacle in the way of future vegetarians, so
strict vegetarian diet the final stage of          they recommend, including greater use of
transition will be a waiver of eggs and dairy      seasonings. These herbal products that
products in favor of other nutritious foods.       improve the taste of dishes, as well as
During the transitional period a person            prevent the destruction of blood cells and
becomes accustomed to observe a vegetarian         stimulate the immune system, reduce
diet at home.                                      inflammation and destroy harmful bacteria
                                                   and viruses.
To those familiar with the principles of good
nutrition to become a vegetarian is easier.        Precautionary measures
Healthy food involves lowering fat intake,
increase fiber intake, the inclusion in the diet   In general, a balanced vegetarian diet is
of a large number of fresh fruits, vegetables,     useful and safe. It contains enough nutrients.
legumes, grains, and the rejection of              In addition, vegetarianism helps prevent and
products subjected to technological                eliminate certain diseases. However,
processing and sugar. Anyone can take care         vegetarians, particularly strict (no longer
of their health: it needs only to scrutinize       used no animal products) need to fill
product labels and listen to the                   nutrients not found in products of plant
recommendations of nutritionists on the            origin (amino acids, vitamin B12, vitamin D,
daily consumption of calories, fats, proteins      calcium, iron, zinc and essential fatty acids).
and nutrients. You can try meat substitutes        The need for these nutrients is especially
that are rich in proteins and essential            high in pregnant women, children and
nutrients. With the increased interest in          persons suffering from certain diseases.
vegetarianism, such products are becoming
more affordable. Tofu and tortillas from           Vegetarians must receive a full meal with a
soybeans are rich in protein, calcium and          protein containing a set of all essential
other nutrients. There are vegetarian              amino acids - building materials ", which the
sandwiches, sausage, even turkey meat              body itself cannot work out. Complete
substitutes that are remarkably similar to         proteins are found in most meat and dairy
meat products to taste. Available in a lot of      products. In vegetable products (cereals,
vegetarian cookbooks.                              legumes) contain defective protein, which
                                                   lacks one or more essential amino acids.
As part of a vegetarian diet is important to       Problems can be solved by a combination of
vary your diet so that it satisfies the needs of   certain products. For example, a legume
people of all ages and take into account           contains many lysines, but not enough
recent advances in medical science.                tryptophan and methionine, and in cereals -
                                                   all the way around. Combining cereals (rice,
The wide spread of vegetarianism prevents          wheat, oats) and legumes (soy, lentils, beans,
unpleasant taste or smell of many vegetables.      peas), we can obtain a complete protein. A
Some foods of plant origin are bitter,             similar result gives the consumption of dairy
astringent or sour taste, which is transmitted     products or nuts in combination with cereals
containing their vegetables and dishes from        (corn flakes with milk or peanut butter with
bread, cereals). Not necessarily eat them         diabetes, gall-nephrolithiasis, gout, and
with one meal, but the interval between           ulcers. However, vegetarians, in addition to
doses combined dishes must be no more             diet, as a rule, lead a healthier lifestyle,
than four hours.                                  which could affect the outcome.

Some vegetarians, particularly strict, not        Vegetarian diet Dr. Ornish helps with
enough vitamin B12, as its main source is the     cardiovascular disease and increases the
meat and dairy products. To fill the element      elasticity of blood vessels, preventing the
is recommended to take vitamin                    development of atherosclerosis. However, it
supplements. You can also use Spirulina -         is important that the Ornish diet is used in
Supplements based on algae, fortified soy         conjunction with exercise, stress reduction
products and brewer's yeast.                      and other basic methods of treatment. In
                                                  addition, the Ornish diet ovolacto-
Sources of vitamin D - a vitamin                  vegetarian, that is, allow the use of egg
supplements, fortified foods and sunlight.        whites and low fat dairy products.
Calcium is found in enriched tofu, seeds,
nuts, legumes, dairy products and dark green      Do vegetarians - their own statistics to
vegetables (broccoli, kale and spinach). Iron     confirm the usefulness of their choice of
is found in raisins, figs, beans, tofu, cereals   food. They argue that the rejection of animal
(wheat), potatoes and dark green leafy            food - is a major step toward improving
vegetables. Iron is better absorbed from          human health and improving the
products containing vitamin C (fruits,            environment. Due to the significant increase
tomatoes, green vegetables). Zink rich in         in meat consumption in the past 100 years
nuts, pumpkin seeds, legumes, grains and          has been expanding rapidly, the incidence of
tofu. Vegetarians exclude fish from the diet      cardiovascular, cancer and diabetes. Do
may compensate for the lack of fatty acids        meat-eaters risk of breast cancer and
omega-3 with flaxseed oil and walnuts.            prostate cancer almost 4 times higher than
                                                  those who eat animal products are seldom or
Vegetarianism - not synonymous with               do not eat at all. The risk of a heart attack at
healthy eating. According to studies, some        ovolacto-vegetarians reduced to 15%, and
vegetarians get too much cholesterol and          strict vegetarians - up to 4%. Comprehensive
saturated fats. Eggs and dairy products -         studies around the world proved that people
sources, and that, and another, in nuts,          who eat plant products, less risk of
vegetable oils and avocados contain               developing some forms of cancer.
saturated fats. This should be borne in mind
that vegetarianism really benefited. It is also   Vegetarians lead and other arguments in
necessary to buy organic foods grown              favor of his choice. One of the most
without the use of artificial fertilizers.        important - the presence of artificial
                                                  substances (e.g. hormones) in meat
Vegetarianism. Pros and Cons                      products. Accumulation of artificial
                                                  substances in animal tissues that are at the
In a vegetarian diet are many proven              end of the food chain is called
benefits. It is shown that vegetarians live a     bioaccumulation. Denial of meat helps to
few years longer than those who eat meat.         avoid the impact on the body of accumulated
Vegetarians are less likely to suffer obesity,    toxins, many of which are carcinogens. The
cardiovascular disease, cancer of the lungs       majority of lactating women in breast milk
and intestines, alcoholism, hypertension,         contains high levels of DDT (a carcinogenic
fertilizer). Do vegetarians this is significantly   Steroid fat contained in animal foods. It is
lower? In the body of women who ate meat,           produced in the body from saturated fats
the levels of some pesticides and 35 times          and performs several important functions.
higher than that of vegetarians. Because of         Elevated levels of cholesterol in the blood
the widespread use of antibiotics in animal         lead to many diseases.
pathogens, many infectious diseases have
become more stable, and with them more              Complex carbohydrates (polysaccharides)
difficult to fight.
                                                    Complex carbohydrates are broken down in
Vegetarians are put forward as ethical and          the body in the monosaccharide’s (simple
environmental arguments in its favor. In            sugars). Contained in cereals, fruits and
agriculture, emphasis on the production of          vegetables. It is generally recommended
meat - an expensive and time-consuming              instead of refined sugar and honey because
task. Grain that is fed to livestock in the U.S.    they are more sustainable source of energy
alone, we can feed 1.3 billion people. And this     and often contain fiber and healthy
is while the famine - one of the major              nutrients.
problems of mankind! In comparison with
the cultivation of cereals and vegetables,          Beans
meat production is a heavy burden on
natural resources. At 0.4 hectares of land can      the family of plants, which belong to the
grow 18 tons of potatoes and produce 113 kg         beans, peas and lentils. Rich in protein, fiber
of meat. To produce 450 grams of beef               and other nutrients.
requires 200,000 liters of water, while for the
cultivation of the same quantity of wheat           Organic food
water requires only 100 liters. Vegetarians
argue that the consumption of meat                  Products, while growing that do not use
accelerates global warming, because in              artificial pesticides and fertilizers.
animal consumes a lot of fossil fuels. One of
the German specialists in the field of              Saturated Fat
nutritional ecology has compiled
environmental benefits of a vegetarian diet:        The fat that remains solid at room
it helps protect the environment, reducing          temperature. Contained mostly in meat and
pollution and slowing global climate change.        dairy products, as well as in products of
                                                    vegetable origin (nuts, seeds, avocados).
And yet, despite these data, a vegetarian diet
is opposed. In developed countries spent            Tofu
huge sums to promote good meat products.
Vegetarians have to admit that many people          Soft tofu.
find difficult to change their dietary habits
over the years was emerging, although the           Unsaturated fats
vegetarian food you can get the same
nutrients that are contained in meat.               Contained in products of plant origin. At
                                                    room temperature, as a rule, liquid (oily).
Definitions                                         Depending on the chemical structure, may
                                                    be monounsaturated or polyunsaturated.
Cholesterol                                         This is the most useful dietary fats.
Cutlets and zucchini and potatoes                  minutes. Wipe it all through a sieve, pour
                                                   the remaining water, Mix and bring to a boil,
Cutlets and zucchini and potatoes                  fill the cream, mixed with egg yolk and
for the recipe you need:                           butter.

                                                   Sudak - 75 g butter - 15 g cream - 50 g, 1 / 2
                                                   egg yolks, wheat flour - 10 g onion - 10 g,
  * Zucchini - 500g                                white root - 10 g, water - 500 g.
  * Potatoes - 3-4 pcs.
                                                   Onions with cheese
  * Egg - 3 pc.
  * Vegetable oil (for frying in deep fat) - 2
  * Flour - 4 tbsp. l.                             finely chop onions; mix with cottage cheese,
  * Parsley (green) - to taste                     yogurt and salt. All this is put in a salad bowl
  * Sour cream - 1 cup                             and sprinkle with herbs.
  * Salt - the taste                               Ingredients:
  * Lettuce leaves.
                                                   sweet onion varieties

                                                   2-3 head
Squash clean, grind on the grater with large
holes. Boil the potatoes, mince or pound well      cheese
as for mashed potatoes. Mix squash with
mashed potatoes, in the received weight to
                                                   0.5 cup
add 2 eggs, chopped parsley, some flour (1
tablespoon), salt and pepper.
The resulting mass out onto flour dusted
table, molded from her chops. Egg good rub,
roll under it and rusks in cutlet with flour.      0.5 cup
Then fry in very hot vegetable oil (in oil).
Arrange chops on plates, and garnish with
lettuce, sour cream served separately.
The book of tasty and healthy foods, recipes
for therapeutic feeding, food for the
depletion, after serious illnesses and             taste
                                                   Useful in atherosclerosis, osteoporosis,
Bow and white roots finely chop and stew           fractures, disbacteriosis, low immunity,
with 10 g of butter until cooked, then enter       anemia.
the flour, fried to a light yellow color, dilute   STEAM FISH
glass of water, put the fish and cook for 15-20
The book of tasty and healthy food, steam          is eating a high energy, especially simple
fish                                               carbohydrates (sugar, sweets, cakes, pies,
                                                   etc.), as well as animal fats, with a large
the fish is steamed cooked in small amount         number of fatty acids and cholesterol.
of water. Prepare for a couple of
recommended pike perch, catfish, pike,               The development of coronary heart disease
burbot, salmon, and prepared pieces of             is often associated with such a harmful habit,
sturgeon, stellate sturgeon, beluga sturgeon.      like smoking. Progression of coronary heart
Instead of water to boil for a couple to take      disease also contribute to the overload of the
appropriate broth boiled from the bones and        nervous system and often stressful
sweeps the fish. It is prepared from the head      situations, insufficient use of lipids in the
(without gills), the tail fins. The bones must     metabolic processes in connection with the
be well rinsed and boiled in water 40-50           limitation of physical activity of man
minutes add the onion and parsley. Ready           (physical inactivity). We know that
strain broth through a sieve.                      overeating and lack of physical activity lead
                                                   to the development of human obesity, which
Out of stock obtained by boiling fish for a        contributes to the appearance and
couple, prepare the sauce, which the fish is       progression of CHD,
served at the table.                               The diet of a patient suffering from ischemic
                                                   heart disease, we must build on the
The prepared pieces of fish put in a row in a      principles of a balanced diet with moderate
shallow pan or on grill fish pot, add salt,        limitation of foods and dishes that contain a
sprinkle with pepper and pour over broth in        large amount of animal fat, cholesterol and
an amount such that the fish was immersed          salt. Food should be rich in vitamins,
in it for 2 / 3 the thickness of the piece. Cook   especially ascorbic acid.
the fish with the lid closed pans.
                                                    Exclude need food, rich in nitrogenous
Fish, steamed, boiled fish tastes normal,          substances (meat, fish broth, etc.), and meat
because it remains much more flavor                and fish should be consumed cooked. The
substances.                                        food should contain a daily diet of 90-100 g
                                                   protein, 80-90 g fat (of which 30 g of
Useful in digestive                                vegetable) and 300-350 grams of
diseases,pancrase,liver,gall,kidneys,heart,ves     carbohydrates.

Diet in coronary heart disease                       The number of carbohydrates in the diet
                                                   reduces the expense of the exclusion or
 Coronary heart disease (CHD) - a                  limitation of simple carbohydrates, which
myocardial damage caused by failure of the         are in sugar, honey, jam, buns and pastries,
coronary circulation, which arises from the        candy, meals from semolina and rice
mismatch between myocardial oxygen                 at the same time it is necessary to increase
demand and receipt of it, along with the           the consumption of complex carbohydrates,
blood of the arteries.                             which are contained in the tissue of
                                                   vegetables, unsweetened fruit and grain.
 On the occurrence and progression of              Hamper the development of coronary heart
coronary heart disease significantly affects       disease and some macro-and micronutrients:
human nutrition. One of the most important         potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, iodine,
risk factor in the development of this disease     must often use seafood, in which many of
iodine: sea cabbage, fish, squid, crabs,
shrimps, etc.                                      Recommend a dish of vegetables -
                                                  vinaigrettes, salads with vegetable oil.
 the source of potassium is fruits and baked      Healthy fruits, berries and fresh fruit juices.
potatoes. The most valuable sources of            It is necessary to limit the consumption of
phosphorus for the human body are eggs            fatty meat soups, fatty meat, beef and
(especially egg yolks), milk, liver, beans and    mutton fat, sharp and salty snacks, coffee,
peas.                                             and cocoa, chocolate. If propensity to obesity
                                                  must be excluded foods containing simple
 It is recommended to restrict products that      carbohydrates, dough, potatoes, pasta.
contain a lot of cholesterol and animal fats:
eggs, brains, kidneys, etc. But completely        Pudding courgettes and APPLES
excluded from the diet, these products
should not be. It must be remembered that         The book of tasty and healthy food, recipes
in the egg yolks cholesterol contained in the     for therapeutic feeding, food for liver
most rational proportion to the lecithin,
which improves the exchange of cholesterol        Squash clean, shred and cook with milk and
and prevents the development of                   10 g of butter to half, then add the shredded
atherosclerosis. Sour cream and cream also        apples and sugar and simmer another 5
contain much lecithin as compared with            minutes, then pour semolina, hold the pot
butter, so these products should also give        under the lid on the edge of the plate for 5-10
preference to vegetable oils (sunflower, corn,    minutes and cool slightly, then add yolks
olive, etc.) that are rich in unsaturated fatty   and whipped protein, Mix, put in tins,
acids and phospholipids, which keep               greased, and bake. Serve with sour cream.
cholesterol in solution and this prevents the
                                                  Courgettes - 125 g apples - 75 g of milk - 25 g
development of CHD. In addition, vegetable
fats contribute to intensive secretion of bile    butter - 15 g, 1 egg white, and sugar - 10 g
and with her cholesterol.                         semolina - 15 g sour cream - 30 g.

                                                  Useful in chr.hepatitis, nephritis,
 In the treatment of coronary heart disease       cardiovascular failure, constipation,
should eat at least 4-5 times a day. Dinner       hypertension.
should be light, for 3 hours before bedtime.
It is recommended to use, basically, boiled or
baked dishes. The amount of salt limit to 8-      The benefits of carrot juice with the onset of
10 grams per day,                                 cold shorter and shorter days are. In place of
                                                  the sun and heat coming depression,
  In the diet include a high-grade products       depression and fatigue. From the lack of
that do not burden the stomach, heart, liver      sunlight general tone of the body falls and
and kidney, contain small amounts of              from the endless sitting in front of computer
cholesterol: rye bread, soup, cabbage , dairy,    vision is reduced, and the person does not
fruit and vegetable soups, lean meat soups (1     look better. But all these problems at once
time per week). Low-fat veal, lamb, chicken       can solve the carrot juice, which is one of the
or turkey (boiled), lean fish (cod, pike,         best tonic, bracing and vitamin funds.
perch), water-soaked low-fat herring (1 time
per week), dairy products, cheese, omelet of      Carrot juice is especially helpful for women
egg whites. Use egg yolks limited to 4 pieces.    because it improves the motor function of
Week.                                             the intestine and cleans the face and even
strengthens the hair. And about its beneficial       A young nursing mother’s carrot juice helps
effects on the color of a person even know           to improve the quality of milk, normalizing
our grandmothers. It has long been known             and enriching its members.
that the fall is sufficient to drink carrot juice,
at least twenty days in one glass, and then a        A glass of carrot juice eliminates heartburn;
fresh complexion and a gentle blush - you            occur when the acid-alkaline balance.
will be provided.
                                                     High levels of iodine can be recommended
Such a wonderful influence carrot juice has,         consumption of carrot juice at a low thyroid
thanks to its high content of carotene,              function.
vitamin E, nicotinic acid, phosphorus and
iron, magnesium and potassium, as well as            The mask is of carrot juice for hair perfectly
many trace elements.                                 restores the structure of the hair roots and
                                                     prevents hair loss. Such a mask should be
To his action was the most powerful is               kept in mind no less than fifteen minutes,
necessary to properly prepare the juice and          and apply it should be at least five times in a
drink. An hour before his admission, and an          row, before each shampoo. Of course, the
hour later, all foods containing concentrated        mask of carrot juice suitable only winner of
sugar, starch, flour and whatever else               dark hair because the blonde can get from it
carbohydrates should be completely                   undesirable red hue.
excluded. Juice is better to drink fresh
squeezed and not give it to stand for over an        When inflammation of the gums, stomatitis,
hour after its preparation.                          tonsillitis, pharyngitis, hoarseness need to
                                                     rinse your mouth and throat with warm
Lie Emptied of fasting carrot juice with a           juice, then the pain and swelling recede. And
spoonful of sour cream or cream, all to digest       if you get cold, then carrot juice with a
and will help to improve vision, revive your         spoonful of honey to quickly put you on their
face flush and full-day charge the body vigor        feet.
and energy.
                                                     To clean the walls of blood vessels from
Healing properties of carrot juice may seem          cholesterol carrot juice should be mixed with
just endless. It improves appetite and               the same amount of beet juice, if you do not
digestion, which is very useful for small            have contraindications to it.
children. For adults - it displays cholesterol
and slag, heals wounds and improves hair             Sometimes, after you've drank a lot of carrot
growth and condition of the skin,                    juice, there is a cleansing reaction. Do not be
strengthens teeth and nervous system,                afraid - this is a natural process, indicating
increases the body's resistance to infectious        that the body began to be released from its
diseases.                                            accumulated harmful toxins and impurities.

Raw carrot juice is a natural solvent tumor in       But do not overdo the use of carrot juice.
oncology. In this he has no equal.                   Drink it should not be more than 500 grams
                                                     per day. Otherwise, around the mouth may
Healing juice shows and atherosclerosis,             appear yellow tint caused by the excess of
myocardial infarction, infertility, dermatitis,      carotene in the body. Scary in that there is
eczema, kidney stone disease.                        nothing, but outwardly it looks not very nice,
                                                     although it will soon pass.
                                                  the acid-alkaline balance.
There are several contraindications to the
use of juice, namely: the aggravation of          Due to its fitocides properties of fresh carrots
gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer, acute           perfectly cleanses the mouth. Enough to
inflammatory bowel disease and pancreatic         chew a piece of this vegetable, and the
cancer, and obesity.                              number of microbes in the oral cavity will
                                                  decrease sharply.
And another thing to pay attention.
Thoroughly treat the choice of carrots, of        Therapeutic value of fresh carrot juice or it is
which you are going to make juice. This           connected with high content of carotene - a
carrot has to be environmentally friendly.        source of vitamin A deficiency which causes
After all, if you hit carrots, grown on some      fatigue, reduced resistance to colds and
chemical fertilizers, there is no need to talk    infectious diseases, disruption of the
about rehabilitation. This juice, which will be   gastrointestinal tract, the withering of the
concentrated nitrates and other poisons that      skin, the development of anemia and vision
can destroy the entire stomach, and in            loss.
addition more and earn an allergy for life.
Therefore, ask by whom and where grown            When inflammation of the liver, chronic
carrots, which can be for you a miniature         hepatitis, gastritis with high acidity,
pharmacy and another from more than one           vomiting, and to improve vision and during
hundred diseases.                                 pregnancy is recommended to take 1 / 2 cup
                                                  of carrot juice a day.
Carrot helps with lung or heart disease,
impaired kidney and liver. Fresh carrot juice     When inflammation of the gums, stomatitis,
cleanses and leads to normal bowel, and this      tonsillitis, pharyngitis, hoarseness should
in turn contributes to improvement of the
                                                  rinse your mouth and throat with warm
gastrointestinal tract, removal <garbage>         juice. When colds are useful juice with
from the joints while strengthening the bone      honey, or grated carrots, boiled in milk.
system. The regular inclusion in the diet of
grated carrots acts as a gentle laxative and      In tuberculosis, sexual weakness, as well as a
expels worms.                                     diuretic taking 1 g of seeds of carrot,
                                                  powdered, 3 times daily before meals.
It is important to remember that in patients
with acute gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer,      When diathesis grinded of fresh leaves of
acute inflammatory diseases of the intestine      carrot impose on the affected places. When
and pancreas, as well as in obesity carrot        neurodermatitis, ulcers, burns, gangrenous
juice is contraindicated.                         wounds applied externally mush and the
                                                  juice of fresh leaves.
But in case of anemia, loss of strength,
atherosclerosis, angina, coronary heart           1.2. Soup of fresh cabbage
disease, hypertension and after myocardial
recommended daily drinking in several             500-700 grams of meat (beef, veal), 2 liters of
stages of 400-600 grams of fresh juice. To        water, 600-700 g of cabbage, 2-3 potatoes 2-3
clean the walls of blood vessels from the         carrots, 1-2 onions, 1 tablespoon tomato
cholesterol it needs to be mixed with the         puree (or 2-3 fresh tomatoes) , bay leaf, dill, a
same amount of beet juice. A glass of carrot      few cloves of garlic.
juice relieves from heartburn, occur when
In a saucepan over medium heat, cook the         Cabbage cut checkered, potatoes - diced,
meat supply, which is appropriate to put in      other vegetables - sliced. Parsley, onions,
cold water (so that the broth was more           tomatoes, fried in butter.
nourishing). Pot should not be closed.
Remove the foam from the boiling broth and       In boiling water to put cabbage, fried
pour a spoonful of cold water, similarly to      potatoes and other vegetables and cook for
repeat until no longer formed foam. Simmer       20-25 minutes. In bowl sprinkle parsley and
broth 2-2, 5 hours into the boiling broth        dill, add lemon juice.
deleted sliced cabbage, carrots, onions,
tomato puree (or fresh tomatoes). Simmer 20      In hypertension, obesity, cardiovascular
minutes. Then put the bay leaf and garlic        disease, cholecystitis, atherosclerosis,
and cook for another 5 minutes. In the bowl      chronic gastritis with low acidity.
of cabbage soup putting greens.
In tuberculosis, gastritis with low acidity of
gastric juice, anemia, diseases of bronco-       1.5. Soup with shrimp
pulmonary system, impotence.
                                                 200 g cooked meat, shrimp, 2 carrots, 500
Δ                                                grams cauliflower, 1 parsley root, 1
                                                 tablespoon vegetable oil 1 onion, parsley and
1.3. Beetroot                                    dill, 1.5 liters of water.

2-3 cooked beets, 2 boiled potatoes, 2-3 fresh   In the boiling water put fried carrots, parsley
cucumber, 100 grams of green onions, dill, 1-    root, onion, cook for 10-15 minutes. Add
2 teaspoon sugar, 2-3 tablespoons of lemon       cabbage and cook florets until cooked. For 10
juice, 1 liter of water.                         minutes before the end of cooking, add the
                                                 meat and shrimp. In bowl sprinkle parsley
Potatoes chopped into cubes, beet Grate, put     and dill.
in boiling water, cook for 10 minutes under
the closed lid, cool. In bottled beetroot soup   In atherosclerosis, hypothyroidism,
bowls add chopped cucumber, green onions,        hypertension, impotence.
and dill and lemon juice.
In hepatitis, hypertension, nephritis,
atherosclerosis, obesity, cholecystitis,         2. Main Dishes
malignant tumors.
                                                 2.1. Roll eggs
                                                 700-800 g fillet of turkey, 2-3 tablespoons
1.4. Soup of the peasant                         vegetable oil, 3-4 eggs, half a glass of milk,
                                                 pepper, salt, 20 g butter, 2 fresh tomatoes, 1-2
300-500 g fresh cabbage, 4-5 potatoes 2-3        fresh cucumber.
carrots, 1 parsley root, 1 fresh tomato, 1
onion, parsley and dill, 2-3 tablespoons         Fillet recapture as cakes, rub with pepper,
lemon juice, 1 tablespoon vegetable oil          salt, pour vegetable oil and place in
(preferably olive) 1.5 liters of water.          refrigerator for 8-10 hours.
Of the eggs with milk and butter to cook an        wooden stick: if it passes freely through the
omelet, cut into pieces, lay on the fillets.       foil into the meat, it is ready for use.

Filet wrapped in straw, wrap, put in a pan         In anemia, tuberculosis, chronic lung
(shallow) and cook for 2 hours, then cool and      diseases, impotence.
Ready roll arranged on the plate, decorated
with sliced tomatoes and cucumbers, and            2.4. Stuffed cabbage vegetable
                                                   Cabbage, carrot, onion, zucchini, pumpkin,
In anemia, tuberculosis, chronic                   rice, eggs, parsley, dill and sour cream.
inflammatory lung diseases, impotence.
                                                   Cabbage boiled, dismantled into individual
Δ                                                  leaves.

2.2. Cottage cheese with herbs, nuts and           Then cook it stuffing: finely chopped onions,
carrots                                            carrots, zucchini, pumpkin mixed with
                                                   boiled rice, washed, boiled eggs, parsley and
200-300 g of cottage cheese, parsley, lettuce,     dill.
celery, dill, 1 tbsp. tablespoon butter (plum.
or grow.), 3 tablespoons of walnuts, a few         Ground placed on cabbage leaves, rolled up,
cloves of garlic, 300 g boiled carrots.            pour cream and stew for 30 minutes.

Nuts to clean grind garlic, cottage cheese         For constipation, atherosclerosis,
mixed with garlic, butter, nuts, sliced carrots,   hypertension, chronic gastritis with lower
and sprinkle with greens.                          acidity, hepatitis, cholecystitis, chronic
                                                   pancreatitis, kidney stones, obesity, heart
In osteoporosis, intestinal dysbacteriosis,        disease, malignant tumors.
anemia, chronic cholecystitis and chronic
pancreatitis, chronic inflammatory lung            Δ
diseases, hepatitis, tuberculosis, nephritis,
hypertension, atherosclerosis, malignant           2.5. Fish with cranberries and honey
                                                   1 kg of fish, 600 g of cranberries, and 300 g of
Δ                                                  honey.

2.3. Baked ham in foil                             Cranberry mash presses the juice, mix with
                                                   honey and evaporated. The fish boil, pour
2 kg of lean pork, 100 grams bacon, 300 g of       juice.
carrots, peppers, bay leaf, salt, garlic. Foil.
                                                   In nephritis, pyelonephritis, diseases of the
Pork washed dried (cloth). Cut the carrot          gastrointestinal tract and broncho-
and small pieces of bacon. Pork lards carrots,     pulmonary, tuberculosis, anemia.
bacon and garlic. Grate the meat with salt,
pepper, put out bay leaf, wrap in foil and         Δ
bake in the oven. Verify the readiness of a
3. Appetizers                                    diseases of bronco-pulmonary system,
                                                 malignant tumors, impotence.
3.1. Salad Fun mix «
250 g cauliflower, 2-3 tomatoes, 2 fresh
cucumbers, half a cup of green peas, 2           3.4. Potato salad with fish
apples, and a bunch of grapes, 2 tablespoons
vegetable oil, parsley and dill.                 500 g of boiled fish (fillet), 4-5 boiled
                                                 potatoes, boiled carrots 2-3, 2-3 fresh
In nephritis, hepatitis, hypertension,           cucumber, 2-3 tablespoons vegetable oil,
pancreatitis, cardiovascular failure,            parsley and dill.
constipation, atherosclerosis.
                                                 The fish, carrots, cucumbers, potatoes cut
Δ                                                into slices (or cubes), fill with oil, and then
                                                 mix thoroughly. Decorate with greens.
3.2. Field Salad
                                                 In nephritis, osteoporosis, hypertension,
1 kg of cabbage, 100 grams of green onions, 2    atherosclerosis, diseases of broncho-
tablespoons sugar, 2-3 tablespoons vegetable     pulmonary system, anemia, hypothyroidism,
oil (olive, sunflower or other), 2 apples,       hepatitis, cholecystitis, impotence, obesity.
cranberries, dill, parsley.
Finely shredded cabbage to put in a pot with
a wide bottom, boil, then cool, fill with oil,   3.5. Spanish salad
then mix thoroughly with sugar, chopped
onion, add the cranberries, greens, cut into     500 g of fresh cucumbers, 600 g tomatoes, 1-2
slices of apples.                                onions, 3 tablespoons vegetable oil, 1
                                                 tablespoon grated horseradish, 1-2 cloves of
In nephritis, pyelonephritis, hepatitis,         garlic.
cholecystitis, hypertension, constipation,
cardiovascular disease, kidney stones,           Dish Salad Grate garlic. Tomatoes and
obesity, atherosclerosis, malignant tumors.      cucumbers cut into thin slices and put on a
                                                 dish - layers, sprinkling layers of finely
Δ                                                chopped onion. Sprinkle the top with oil and
                                                 sprinkle with grated horseradish.
3.3. Beat Eggs
                                                 In atherosclerosis, hypertension, impotence,
4-5 cooked beets, cucumbers 1-2, 2-3 cloves      hepatitis, cholecystitis, anemia, diseases of
garlic, 1-2 tablespoons of vegetable oil.        broncho-pulmonary, tuberculosis,
                                                 constipation, malignant tumors.
Beets, cucumbers mince, garlic, knead, mix
all, is filled with oil, decorate with dill,     Δ
                                                 4. Desserts
Hepatitis, hypertension, atherosclerosis,
intestinal dysbacteriosis, constipation,         4.1. Florence Breakfast
cardiovascular disease, nephritis, obesity,
Divide the oranges into slices, add 50 g of        When pyelonephritis, nephritis, gastritis
raisins, 10 chopped walnuts, 1 apple, cut into     with low acidity, hepatitis, acute and chronic
wedges, 1 tablespoon of Hercules, 1                respiratory diseases (respiratory) system.
tablespoon lemon juice, 1 tablespoon of
honey.                                             Δ

In nephritis, kidney stones, hypertension,         5. Drinks
cholecystitis, cardio-vascular diseases,
hepatitis, lung diseases, arteriosclerosis,        5.1. Potato Juice
anemia and other blood diseases,
pancreatitis.                                      Prepare from raw potatoes, thoroughly
                                                   cleaned and washed. Several potatoes rubbed
Δ                                                  on a fine grater, then squeeze through sterile
                                                   gauze, or cooked in juicer.
4.2. Desert of fresh apples
                                                   Drink half a glass empty stomach and before
1 tablespoon Hercules soaked in 3                  bedtime.
tablespoons of milk for 2-3 hours. Grate 150 g
apples, mix with Hercules, add 1 tablespoon        To normalize the acidity of gastric juice in
of lemon and cranberry juice, 2 tablespoons        gastritis and gastric ulcer, nausea.
honey, and 1 tablespoon chopped nuts.
In nephritis, pyelonephritis, hypertension,
kidney stones, atherosclerosis, hypertension,      5.2. Stewed rhubarb and apples
anemia, constipation, obesity, lung and heart
diseases, tuberculosis, pancreatitis, hepatitis.   75 g of rhubarb, 75 g apples, xylitol (or sugar)
                                                   to taste, 2 cups of water.
                                                   Stalks rhubarb peeled and lint, and chop.
4.3. Cranberry Mousse                              From apples to remove core, cut into slices,
                                                   put into boiling water, cover and insist on
1 cup cranberries, 3 tablespoons semolina, 1-2     the edge of the plate for 10 minutes. Add
teaspoons of lemon juice, 1 cup of sugar.          xylitol.

In a saucepan bring cranberries washed and         In nephritis, constipation, atherosclerosis,
move carefully to knead, add 1 / 3 cup boiling     cardiovascular disease, obesity.
water, filtered through gauze. The resulting
cranberry juice to put in a cool place.            Δ
Cranberry pomade pour 3 cups of water,
pour sugar and boil 5 minutes, then drain          6. Sauces
and on the resulting broth brew semolina
gradually add it into the boiling broth.           6.1. Sauce apricots
                                                   Dried apricots 100 g, 2 tablespoons honey, 1-2
After 20 minutes of boiling in the received        lemons, 1 cup of water.
weight to pour cranberry juice and whip.
                                                   Washed in warm water and dried apricots to
put in a pot, add water and cook until soft.      Cook a thick sticky mess with the release of 1
Then rub through a sieve dried apricots,          kg of cereals 4 kg of cereals. Cooked porridge
place in a saucepan, add 0.25 cups of hot         is passed through wiping the car; add grated
water and boil for 5 minutes, cool, add the       cheese, whipped with sugar, eggs, AC Shiva.
squeezed lemon juice, mix with honey.             Prepared mass cut in chops or cutlets and
                                                  roast 10 minutes. Served with sour cream or
In nephritis, atherosclerosis, hypertension,      cream sauce or apricot, or cranberry.
diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, heart
disease (including myocardial infarction),        Useful in low acidity, acute
                                                  s,gout,nephritis,blood circulation
Cottage cheese with tomatoes                      failure,tuberculosis,bronchitis,osteoporosis.

200 grams of dietary cheese, three fresh          You need to know.
tomatoes, onion, a teaspoon of vegetable oil,     Beet less eat in diabetes, like in beet much
pepper, salt.                                     sacharose having.

Quark clean, onion chops, tomato peel and         For fast cleaning organism form
finely we cut. Add salt, pepper and, stirring a   slags,harmful substances thus eat calium
lot, and join it (gradually) vegetable oil.       more,like petroselum,raw
                                                  potato,beet,carrot,sprouts millet,grape.leafs
Useful in hepatitis, chr.cholecistitis,           dandelion,ptunes,black currant,like daily
pancreatitis, nephritis, osteoporosis,            dose 3 gr/
hypertension, atherosclerosis.
                                                  Calcium prevent forming in organism
Curd with Vegetables                              radioactive stroncium,like containing
                                                  strontium -90 depends from calcium in
400 grams of cabbage kohlrabi, 400 g of           organism, like more calcium-less strontium.
carrots, 100 grams of sugar pea pods, a
teaspoon of vegetable oil, two eggs, 200          Thus eating
grams of dietary cheese, 40 grams of cheese       apples,apricots,cabbage,carrot,cucumbers,eg
"Gouda", salt, ground black pepper.               gs,almond,top turnip,peels,sea food.

                                                  "Hussar liver"
Kohlrabi and carrots cut into cubes and boil
in salted water for 9 minutes, then add sugar
                                                  Beef 1 kg, 50 g butter, cheese, grated yellow 1
peas and vanish another minute. Then back
                                                  / 2 cup, onion, 2 egg yolks 2, breading
in the colander and spread in the form of
                                                  crumbs 1 / 2 cup, salt, ground pepper to
baking dish. Grease with vegetable oil. Egg
yolks separated from the proteins and mix
with cottage cheese and grated cheese. Egg
                                                  A piece of flesh of beef (from a thick edge)
whites beat and add cottage cheese mass.
                                                  well discourages hoe, salt and fry in the oven
Salish and pepper. Cottage cheese mass add
                                                  the main way, pouring juice or broth. While
for vegetables and bake in a preheated oven
                                                  meat is frying, prepare the stuffing: chop the
at 220 ° C at the second level on top for 12-15
                                                  onion finely and gently fry in butter. Then
                                                  mix it in a bowl with grated cheese, egg yolk,
Useful in bones damages, blood, tumors.           pepper, salt and breadcrumbs. Roast cut into
                                                  slices (thickness of a finger), but not daresay
Pearl rolls with curds.
until the end (so to get a semblance of a        on the walls of blood vessels. Helps high
notebook with sheets). Between the slices of     blood pressure and soy bread - in soy
meat lay layers of stuffing and wrap a piece     contains substances that help dilate blood
of wide tape so that it does not fall apart      vessels.
during further processing. Lay the meat in a
pan, pour the juice left from cooking the        Which bread is better for kidney and liver?
meat, cover and simmer until cooked. The
ready meat is removed from the pan, remove       You should choose bread without salt
from the tape and cut across the noodles.        (sodium). Sodium binds water, making it
The pieces lie on a plate and decorate with      difficult for her exit from the body, which
any complex garnish.                             leads to the formation of edema. This
                                                 problem is compounded by the kidney and
Useful in anemia, tuberculosis, bronchitis.      liver failure - kidney failure, liver cirrhosis, as
Bread in the diet for different diseases         the increased burden on these organs. It is
(dietary)                                        also recommended bread with oat flour, bran
                                                 flakes, or - in the cereal contains proteins
Healthy and nutritional therapy                  that reduce the accumulation of fat in the
Bread - whole head. With this simple truth,
no one argues, thus that our food                Bread diabetes
consumption of bread as usual. Yes, and you
will agree with a slice of freshly baked aroma   Choose bread with rye flour. This bread is
of bread every dish will be delicious. Recipes   not so noticeable increases blood sugar. But
bread set. But there are a number of diseases    it is better to choose the bread from a
where it is necessary or limit their intake of   mixture of rye and wheat flour - not all well
bread, or to replace traditional wheat or rye    to pure rye breads. Soya, which was also
bread, a product with various additives.         added to bread, lowers cholesterol and blood
Replacing the sort of bread, you save it in      sugar. You will benefit and bread with
your diet and do not damage your health.         buckwheat slipped, bread and barley grains,
                                                 rye bread "Diabetes".
Which bread is recommended in                    In heartburn often use not yeast bread, dietic
atherosclerosis?                                 breads, and in bowel disorder avoid rye, grey
You need to choose bread with sea cabbage
and food fiber - bran, microcrystalline          Rye bread avoids in liver, gall bladder,
cellulose, barley groats, oat flour, buckwheat   ulcers.In that case use white bread.
slipped. These additives reduce cholesterol,
reduce blood sugar levels, but bread with soy    Millet rise sugar, thus select rye bread.
is a diuretic.                                   Prevent disbacteriosis.

If you have hypertension?                        For a week use garlic piece before breakfasr
                                                 and in 2 hour after dinner.
In hypertension, select bread without salt.
                                                 Healing time for, like swelling belly after
Approximately every second of hypertension
from salty foods increase blood pressure.
This is not surprising: the salt in the body
retains water, which, in turn, puts pressure
Or vinegar apple glass water, like     rd,caraway,mint,sage,fennel,coriander,dill,pe
for a day, like natural.                         trselum,anisum,ginger,lemon peel, like dress
Milk dishes for diet in calcium adding,
hormones if you use.                             Cranberry mousse.

Milk with curd, pumpkin, apples.                 What you need:
                                                 0.5 cups semolina
150 gr. Pasteurized curd, 2 tb.sp.rubed          3 tbsp. l. sugar
pumpkin, tbl.sp.shred apple, tbl.sp.honey, 4     3 tbsp. l. cranberry
glass milk.                                      2 egg whites
Curd rub, add pumpkin, apples, honey,             Tip:
boiled milk, and shake.                           For the mousse grits you can use any fresh
                                                 frozen berries: blueberry, strawberry, cherry.
Milk with curd, nettle, dill.                    You can use the syrup and jam.

200 gr. Pasteurized curd, 2 tbl.sp.nettle,
tbl.sp.rub green dill, 4 glass milk.

In rubbed curd add boiled milk, leafs nettles    What to do:
rubed, dill, shake.                              Cranberry thoroughly rinsed, dried and
                                                 rubbed through a sieve. Juice has lagged
Milk with clover and curd.                       glove. Cranberry pomade pours 2 cups of
                                                 cold water, put on fire and brings to a boil.
200 gr. Pasteurized curd, 10 gr. Flowers
                                                 Reduce heat, add sugar and cook for 5
clover, 4 glass milk.
                                                 minutes. Pro-strain broth into a clean
Wash clover, rub, add rubbed curd, boiled        saucepan.
milk, and shake.                                 Pour in cranberry semolina and broth,
                                                 stirring constantly, bring to readiness.
You need to know in bowel disorders eat          Protein shakes up in the fluffy foam. In the
bird cherry,quince,pear,ashberry,drink black     mess pour cranberry juice and beat well with
tea in blueberries adding, pomegranate syrup     a mixer. Enter the beaten egg whites, mix
for a day, drink juice carrot 1/3 glass before   them and put into molds. Refrigerate for 1
meal 2 times/day.                                hour

Apple juice for prevent heart, vessels           Useful in pyelonephritis, low acidity,
damages, low cholesterol, like drink glass       hepatitis, breathe diseases, lungs.
                                                 Beet caraway.
Chicken-is a useful dietic dish, cooked broth
from chicken heads, hands, wings not use,        5 boiled beets,2 cucumbers fresh,3 garlic,2
they are salt sediments causes.                  tbl.sp.vegetable oil.

                                                 Beet, cucumbers to mince meat, kneads
                                                 garlic, mix all, dress vegetable oil, dill,

They are fight bacteria’s.                       Useful in constipations, bronchitis, nephritis,
pink,pepperoni,rosemary,mayoranum,musta          Curative dessert.
Pieces oranges add in 50 gr.raisins, walnuts                     lecitin,thus ,like in
grinded, 1 apple cuted, tbl.sp.oats flakes,                      fromage,eggs,creams,butter oil.
tbl.sp.lemon juice, and tbl.sp.honey.
                                                                 Thus we need limit use theirs, but not full
Useful in anemia, blood diseases,                                avoid from menu.
pancreatitis, hepatitis, stones kidneys,
nephritis.                                                       A eating natural not rafinate minimal
                                                                 manufacturing food is allows use protect
For remember.                                                    digestive, like low allergies, toxins.

0.4 glass steamed milk drink in dyspnoe.                         Rafinate food, like sweet,sugar,breads,sweet
                                                                 drinks not having nourishment cellulose
Fish soup useful in weakness eats.                               ,vitamins,mineral salts,or other bioactive
Nuts, cheese everyday eating, cause’s tonic nervous              substances-its is a “empty” calories.
system, and headaches low, strengthen heart, liver.
                                                                 Who suffers from varicose vein damages, you
100 gr. Curd eat useful in vessel destroy, liver, heart.
Lemons, oranges, like ½ lemon shed with peel, add
sugar,tbl.sp.use/day in hypertension begin stage, female,        -less or avoid eat fat and sweet, strong broths
thyroid eat in.
                                                                 meat, marinades, smoked, canned –it is not
Cranberry useful in gastritis, and forest strawberry ½ glasses   for you, like leads to venous walls destroys,
6 times/day in liver stones, and apples eat in gout, sclerosis
vessels.                                                         valves.

Eat cheese, like best for strengthen enamel                      Add in menu sprout millet
and caries prevent.                                              seeds,rye,soya,peas,lentil,salad,green
                                                                 onion,liver,egg yolk,corn,olive,soya oils.
Eating nutmeg for good visions.
                                                                 They are source vitamin E, giving for vein
In hungry feeling cartilage side between                         elastic.
enter in ear canal, like point controlling
appetite, like light massage for min.stop                        A food having vitamins C IS gives strong
hungry feeling.                                                  veins, like hibiscus, hippophae, sweet
                                                                 pepper, strawberry, black currant,
Is meat causes fatigue?                                          petroselum, dill.
Fill in stomach a meat we feeling good but                       Vegetables, fruits, brans, it’s a vegetable
fatigue, like much proteins eating is causes                     cellulose, giving for a good intestine work,
fatigue, fats is bad and delay digestive, but in                 preventing for veins constipated.
a few proteins has triptofan,like causes calm,
thus we drink milk glass with honey for best                     For a good digestive.
                                                                 A reason for weak digestive is bad mode of
Biologic fighter cholesterol is lecitin.                         live, stress, siting work, not right eating, like
                                                                 not right remedies use –laxatives.
H e prevent atherosclerosis, good for
cns,liver,blood current, rises organism to                       For prevent that.
prevent infections.
                                                                 Eat more vegetable food,seeds,rhubarb,sour
Lecitin you can fight in bran                                    cabbage,plums,drink everyday 2 l.liquid,like
millet,buckwheat,peas,beans,haricots,but in                      a little bit water-cooled juice before
a few food is having much cholesterol and                        breakfast is stimulus work bowel, eat small
portions 5 times/day, more move, step               Menu diets with prunes
walk,swimm,less eat animal food.
                                                    the first day of diet
How much we need eat berries, fruits?

Not much eating, like a having                      Breakfast: you should eat a grapefruit, fig
carbohydrates fast absorb and sugar, for            and plum boiled egg. You can drink a cup of
season eat 400 gr/day, after you add                coffee without sugar.
                                                    Lunch: allowed to eat a small bowl of
Season fruits are leads to half year, like from     borscht, a slice of bread bran, two walnuts,
mai to October, and still a few months keep         berries, prunes eight. You can drink a cup of
fresh freeze fruits, like cooked in refrigerator.   tea without sugar.

Best reloading days is grape,blueberry,water
                                                    Dinner: a small piece of fried fish, oranges,
                                                    boiled eggs and tea without sugar.
Not much eating,best 2 kg fruits ,like a not
water melon ,like diet use time/week.’              The second day of a diet with prunes

                                                    Breakfast: you should eat two fruits prunes,
                                                    30 grams of cheese, but you can drink coffee
Diet with prunes
                                                    without sugar.

a diet with dried plum, prunes, or, as it is
                                                    Lunch: to eat a small bowl of soup, 70 grams
called; prunes have long been popular
                                                    of boiled beef, a slice of bread and a few bran
because it contains vitamins. Prunes benefit
                                                    almonds. Drink tea without sugar.
people suffering from diseases of the
cardiovascular system, because it contains a
                                                    Dinner: vegetable salad, four berry and plum
large amount of potassium. Also prune is
                                                    unsweetened tea.
used for normalization of the
gastrointestinal tract. Useful prunes and
                                                    The third day of diet
hypertension. In prunes contains iron, it has
a good effect on the skin.
                                                    Breakfast: is allowed to eat a sandwich with
                                                    ham, cheese and bread, bran, as well as three
But all of these properties have only one
                                                    berries prunes. Wash down all this could be
prune, which properly dried. Properly dried
                                                    a cup of unsweetened coffee.
prunes are never bitter, on the contrary, it
should be sweet, sour. It is not good prune
                                                    Lunch: to eat a bowl of vegetable soup,
has a glossy sheen or coffee color. In the first
                                                    tomatoes, berries, two prunes, 70 grams of
case it is treated with glycerin, and the
                                                    boiled potatoes. Drink a cup of unsweetened
second boiling. Glycerinated prunes must be
very well cleaned, and processed in boiling
water, prunes almost no nutrients.
                                                    Supper: bread with a glass of milk. Also, eat
                                                    five fruits prunes.
Many people like to prune, that is why diet
with prunes is very popular. Moreover, when
                                                    Fourth day diet with prunes
a person sits on this diet, he receives a large
amount of vitamins from prunes.
                                                    Breakfast: one hundred grams of cereal, corn
or oats, soaked with milk, and four berries        * Breakfast: 200 ml low-fat yogurt or kefir,
prunes. A cup of un-sweetened coffee.            100 grams of raspberries.
                                                   * Second breakfast: 200 grams of
Lunch: small bowl of borscht, cucumber,          raspberries with two teaspoons of honey.
tomato and two berries prunes. If you want         * Lunch: 150 grams of boiled fish, one
to drink unsweetened tea.                        tomato, one cucumber and greens.
                                                   * Dinner: 200 grams of raspberries with
Dinner: eat a sandwich with cheese, ham and      one tablespoon of hazelnut.
bread with six berries prunes and 40 grams
of raisins. Drink a cup of unsweetened tea.      Third Day

A diet with dried plum loved by many               * Breakfast: 200 ml yogurt or yogurt, 100
because it helps to lose weight, but when a      grams of raspberries.
person sits on this diet, he does not feel         * Second breakfast: 200 grams of
hunger. Sitting on a diet of prunes, a man       raspberries, frayed with 50 grams of walnuts.
gets all he needs vitamins and minerals. It is     * Lunch: 50 grams of boiled beef, 150
through this balanced diet, lost weight          grams of salad from cabbage and carrot with
returned.                                        two teaspoons of olive oil.
                                                   * Dinner: 2 baked apples with raisins and
Raspberry Diet                                   raspberry sauce.

Raspberry diet fresh used raspberries, which     Raspberry diet is contraindicated in kidney
can be better and tastier. This berry is a
                                                 disease and gout.
noble summer treat for both children and
adults. From raspberries can cook many           Blueberry diet
different dishes, the most popular of which is
raspberry jam, with which you can recover        Blueberry diet is seasonal. In July and
from colds. But it turns raspberries has other   August in the woods you can find the most
useful properties, for example, it reduces       ripe and juicy blueberries. Bilberry is a huge
appetite and stimulates lipolisis.               benefit to humans, it contains flavonoids
                                                 that help improve memory, and moreover,
Raspberry Diet - Menu for three days             this berry is good for healthy vision.

First day                                        Blueberry diet lasts for three days. During
                                                 this short period of time can be reset to 3
   * First Breakfast: 100 grams of cottage       kilograms of excess weight, with the lost
cheese or sour milk 200 milliliters, 100 grams   weight will not come back. Daily diet should
of raspberries.                                  consist of 3-4 cups of blueberries, 250 grams
   * Second breakfast: 150 grams of milk jelly   of natural fat-free yogurt and 500 ml of kefir.
with raspberries.
   * Lunch: 200 grams of boiled chicken with     Menu bilberry diet on each day
raspberry sauce.
   * Dinner: One glass of milkshake with 100     First breakfast
grams of raspberries.
                                                 Mix 100 grams of cottage cheese and a half
Second day                                       cup of blueberries, add one teaspoon of sour
                                                 cream. You can drink one glass of kefir.
Tiffin                                            First day

Mix half a cup of yogurt with one cup of             * Breakfast: muesli with grapes, oranges
blueberries.                                      and yogurt. 150 grams of yogurt, tablespoon
                                                  of muesli, half an orange, 100 grams of dark
Lunch                                             grapes. Spicing up the dish can be, adding
                                                  roasted sunflower seeds.
100 grams of cottage cheese, mix a half cup          * Lunch: salad with pumpkin and grapes.
of blueberries, add one teaspoon of sour          250 grams of pumpkin, 100 grams of grapes
cream. You can drink one glass of kefir.          150 grams of lettuce, tablespoon chopped
                                                  walnuts. Pumpkin cut into cubes and fry in a
Afternoon snack                                   little butter. Grapes cut in half, cut the
                                                  lettuce and mix with the pumpkin. In oil,
100 grams of yogurt in a blender mix a half       where the frying pumpkin, add a quarter cup
cup of blueberries and drink.                     of vegetable broth, add a little vinegar and
Dinner                                               * Dinner: salad fruit 100 grams of white
                                                  wine, 50 grams of pineapple, quarter the fruit
Half cup of yogurt, mix in a blender with half    papaya, tablespoon lemon juice, a quarter
cup of blueberries and drink.                     cup of water. All this is thoroughly mixed.

At bedtime                                        Second day

half cup of yogurt, mix in a blender with half       * Breakfast: 200 grams of nonfat yogurt,
cup of blueberries and drink.                     tablespoon of lemon juice. Beat the
                                                  ingredients together and pour a cocktail of
Tip: The best way to use not purchase             150 grams of grapes. As a result, you should
blueberries, and collected their own hands.       now have lemon yoghurt.
                                                     * Lunch: rice with shrimp. 5 tablespoons of
Grape diet                                        rice, 100 grams of grapes, 6 small shrimp.
                                                  Boil the rice and mix with grapes. Shrimp
Grape diet is short, the course lasts four        slightly fried in olive oil, salt and pepper to
days, during which time you can get rid of        taste and put in the wine-rice side dish.
two kilograms of excess weight. Also worth           * Dinner: potatoes with vegetables. 100
noting that during the entire course you will     grams of potatoes, one carrot, and one stalk
not suffer hunger.                                of leeks, a little celery. Sliced vegetables pour
                                                  a glass of broth and simmer for 10-15 minutes
Grapes have many medicinal properties.            under the lid. Add salt, bay leaf, pepper to
Thanks to him normal nutritional balance          taste, and the finished dish to fill a teaspoon
and is clearing the organism from slag. In        of sour cream. For dessert you can eat dark
grapes contain polyphones, which regulate         grapes.
fat metabolism and helps to preserve
youthfulness. Within two days of grape diet       Third Day
you will feel a surge of strength and lose half
a kilo of weight.                                   * Breakfast: sandwich with cheese curd.
Grape diet - the menu for each day                Loaf of whole meal smears a thick layer of
curd cheese. On top put 30-50 grams of            Watermelon Diet
grapes, cut in half.
   * Lunch: fish with stewed cabbage and          Watermelon diet same with chocolate and
grapes. 150 grams sauerkraut, 1 onion, 300        apple diet, water-melon diet is mono-diet, so
grams of fish fillet. 50 grams of dark grapes.    when its use is necessary to take into
Cabbage stew with onions in a small amount        account susceptibility to watermelon in food
of vegetable oil for 10 minutes. On cabbages      and the absence of contraindications.
lay fillets of fish and grapes, and then stew     Watermelon diet rather stiff and short.
for 10 minutes. You can add pepper to taste.
   * Dinner: grape jelly. 5 grams of gelatin,     Duration watermelon diet is 5 days, on
150 ml of grape juice, 50 grams of grapes, half   condition that you do not dilute the diet
an apple. Soak gelatin in a small amount of       bread (in this case, the course can be
boiled water, then dissolve it in the juice.      extended to 10 days, but only if you do not
Pour the liquid jelly grapes and apple slices,    feel the symptoms).
put in refrigerator for about an hour.            Two options menu watermelon diet

Fourth day                                        1. The first option is simple to outrageous,
                                                  there should be only watermelon flesh,
   * Breakfast: bread with cheese and grapes.     eating at night 1 kilogram of pulp per 10
At slice whole grain bread to lay out 100         kilogram of body weight. Other products use
grams of cheese, seasoned with salt and           is strictly prohibited. Feed on should be 5-6
pepper. Sprinkle top with green onions. For       methods, a time limit food intake are not
dessert we should eat 100 grams of dark           available. With regard to water, in an
grapes.                                           unlimited number can drink non-carbonated
   * Lunch: grapes pancakes. Three                water or green tea. On alcohol on a diet you
tablespoons of flour, 100 grams of water, one     can forget.
egg, hard boiled. Knead dough and bake
some pancakes. Next, prepare the filling: 100     2. The second option is not as hard as the
grams of nonfat cottage cheese, tablespoon        first. In addition to the watermelon flesh can
of mineral water, 50 grams of grapes. In          eat 1-2 slices of bread (per dose). In this case,
order to make crepes spicy, you can sprinkle      the duration of watermelon diet can extend
of ground cinnamon.                               to 10 days.
   * Dinner: turkey with vegetables and
mushrooms. 50 grams of turkey breast, 100         After the watermelon diet to restore the
grams of broccoli, a carrot. 50 grams of          body and fixing effect it is recommended to
mushrooms. Two tablespoons of sour cream,         use low-fat protein and carbohydrate foods,
50 grams of red grapes. Turkey meat cut into      they include: fruits and vegetables in any
thin strips and fry. Broccoli cooks in boiling    form, a variety of grains, cereals, fish,
water for 2-3 minutes. Carrot Grate,              chicken, cottage cheese, cheese and eggs.
mushrooms cut by sex. All lie in the pan, add     These products must consist of breakfast,
half a cup of broth and simmer for 10             lunch, supper should be 4 hours before
minutes. Once the dish is ready, you can add      bedtime and dinner should consist of
sour cream and grapes. As it is not forbidden     watermelon pulp in a ratio - a 30 kilogram of
to eat a little boiled rice.                      body weight 1 kg pulp. The same is not
                                                  forbidden is black bread in small quantities.
Important: before you sit down on the grape       Advantages watermelon diet
diet consult a dietitian.                         the main advantage of watermelon diet is
lightweight portability without any                Crataegus useful use in heart
sensations of hunger, which is inherent to         damage,vessels,heart rhytm,insomnia,climax
much rigid diet. The second advantage is its       hypertension,metabolism improve.
high efficiency and low duration. It is also
necessary to note that after a course of           Coffee crataegus.
watermelon diet a normalization of body            Roast fruits crataegus, grind, cook, like
metabolism, it is cleaned of toxins, sediment      coffee, like ½ tea’s in glass hot water, add
and slag.                                          sugar, or xylitor or lemon.
Disadvantages watermelon diet
                                                   Grataegus drink with oats decoction.
the main drawback of watermelon diet is its
                                                   50 gr fruits, 15 gr oats flakes, 150 ml.water,
inaccessibility to people with diseases of the
genitourinary system and kidneys, diabetes
is also strictly contraindicated. Before you       Berries stew to ready in oven, rub.
start the course, consult with your doctor.
Just as surely a minus - a rigid diet, even in     Add puree honey, oats flakes
the sparing variant.                               decoction.

                                                   Like flakes in water, infuse 24 hours, lead to
Important: before you sit down on the
                                                   boil, filter, cool.
watermelon diet consult a dietitian
                                                   Vitamin salad.

by copying the website an active link to           Leafs radish, cauliflower and leafs other
Your-Diet.Ru required!                             vegetables, like strong anti-microbe, like
 Cucumber juice.
                                                   For 3 l.jar add cut nettle, leafs beet, borago,
They are best diuretic remedy, improve hair        currant, strawberry forest, goose-foot same
growth, strengthen heart, vessels, adding to       parts.
carrot juice is good in rheumatic aches, and
thanks to calium having good in                    After add vegetables cuted, like beet, carrot,
hypertension.                                      add 2 garlic cuted, and add boiled water, salt
                                                   3 l.water.
Good help in gums diseases, tooths, like in
parodontosis, prevent braking nails, hairs,        For other day, like mass will pressing add
useful for prevent a damage myocard,               still layer, in 4 day vegetables and green you
improve memory, like mixing with apple,            can eat.
tomato, garlic.
                                                   For normalizes fatty metabolism, clean liver.
If you’re feeling thirsh,like in diabetes having
                                                   200 gr red cabbage,200 gr white,100 gr.
,thus cook tea from leafs
                                                   Green onion,petroselum,celery,tbl.sp.juice
                                                   pomegranate ,lemon or
oregano,like any herb tea cooking or adding
a few.
                                                   Cabbages shred, stems cut a circles and stew
Leafs lead to boil, infuse 20 min,or dry leafs
                                                   in water.
cut,like cook tea.

Or herbs cooked with green tea or black.
Knead hand cabbages, adding juice a stewed       Much eating salt, like herring, food adding
stems, add juice in cabbages, honey.             much salts, like means about acuting old
                                                 inflamed, niduse with urinary tract, like
In a plate add a half circle a white cabbage,
                                                 cystitis, prostatitis, ovaries, in low immunity.
and from other side-red.
In result you will receive around.
                                                 Is a sign about low acidity, like in gastritis
In red half add berries goose white, and in      with insufficient secretion, when juice is
red-any red berries.                             weak manufactured, like gastro copy help
For a keeping useful substances in food.         you check, also sour food is has refresh
                                                 kinds, astringent, like help recover and in
Wet to soak fresh vegetables .                   cold, high temperature, chill.

Cook salad if you will eat his right away.       Burn.

Cuted and infused vegetables lost vitamins.      Thus your stomach is lazy, bad digest, need
                                                 in stimulus for that, thus spices help in that,
Not freeze out vegetables before cooking.
                                                 or a sign in needing burns in indicated about
Bread not keeps on sun, like lost riboflavin.    high cholesterol, destroy lipid metabolism,
                                                 spicy food dilutes blood, fats remove, clean
Bake potato, stew is good for vitamins           vessels, thus not eat that on an empty
keeping.                                         stomach.

After buy vegetables from markets, keep in       Bitter.
                                                 It’s a sign about organism intoxication after
Water in, where cooked vegetables cook for       not healed disease, or slag presence, if you
soups.                                           often need in bitter taste; do reload days,
                                                 clean organism.
Answer on a request for patient Terry about
diet in lupus with gout, high cholesterol, and   Astringent.
                                                 Your forces is weak, astringent food is
Your right diet in milk- vegetarian with limit   divides cells skin ,like help heal, improve
meat, brans, macaronis, and bean.                skin face, but astringent food not dilute
                                                 blood, like gives thick, like very dangerous
A taste is talks about health.
                                                 in thrombosis.
We like eat more sweet or spicy or salted or
                                                 In gastritis, stomach ulcers in high acidity,
                                                 liver, gall bladder, like laxative, low spastic
You working is ,like over loaded, glucose is     aches, calms stomach, but if all food you
activity taking part in stress hormone, thus     feeling not taste, thus means about
in nervous, mental over loading a sugar fast     depression with destroy tastes.
manufactured, thus organism need more and
                                                 Eat in disbacteriosis.
more sweet, in a next time best eat bitter
choko piece or pastille.

Restore micro flora with remedies bificol,          Useful in cholecystitis, hepatitis, nephritis,
colibacterin, and menu with vegetables,             anemia, bronchitis, hypertension,
fruits, breads from grinding rough flour.           cardiovascular.

Natural immune-stimulus.                            Sport cocktail.

3 kg carrot,2 kg pomegranates,3 kg beet,2 kg        If you need in train, thus drink that cocktail.
                                                    100 gr banana,100 gr. Pulp apricot,200 gr
Clean lemons, squeeze with peel, and                mango,orange,shake all.
pomegranate with stones and peel.
                                                    That cocktail has 160 kkal, having vitamins
Juice adds in jar, add 2 kg honey.                  C, carotin, mg, preveting cramps, useful in
                                                    big loads.
Received balsam juice use in a morning and
for night 1 small glass for month, after rest 2     After trains drink that coctain, like 100 gr
weeks, again month use, like strengthening          .sweet pepper, 200 gr.tomatos, 100 gr. Fresh
immunity so remedy, is use in spring.               carrot, cooled lemon.

Glass hot water with juice lemon drunk to           All shake.
meal, like best digest, lags remove,
cholesterol.                                        Add juice lemon.

For fat burns is use natural apple vinegar 2        Cocktail =60 kkal.
tbl.sp.and tea.sp.honey in glass water before       Gives calium, like lost which in trains, and
meal.                                               very good, who less drink sweet.
Kasha "Dubinushka                                   Gastritis heals.

• 1 / 2 cup rice, 1 / 2 cup buckwheat, 1 / 2 cups   Raw juice potato in gastritis, bad digestive,
barley groats, 1 cup grated on a coarse grater      heartburn use ,like use glass before meal to
pumpkin 2 onions, 3 carrots, 1 cucumber,            hour, after lie 30 min,repeat 10 days, after
tomatoes, 5, 6 cups cold water 3 tbsp.              rest 10 days, repeat.
tablespoons cream, 20 g butter, 2 beets,
                                                    1-2 tea.sp.juice aloe use 3 times/day before
parsley and dill.
                                                    meal, courses for 2 months.
Cereals bust and rinse. Carrots and beets           Leafs mint piperita 20 gr, centaurium herb 5
Grate, cucumbers and tomatoes cut into              gr.
slices. At the bottom of the high, lubricated
saucepan bring beets, and then buckwheat,           2 tea.sp.mass in glass hot water infuse warm
carrots, rice, tomatoes, barley grits and top -     30 min, filter, and glass use 3 times/day
a pumpkin. Cover with water and cook until          before meal.
done. To insist, under the closed lid in a hot
                                                    Useful potato.
oven for 15-20 minutes. Kasha carefully lay
out, tipping the pan to the dish without            He helps in high acidity, constipations, stops
disturbing layers, add butter, and garnish          secretion pancreas gland, assisting healing
with parsley and dill, and sliced cucumbers.        ulcers.

                                                    In hypertension adding juice potato in menu,
                                                    like cleaning with celery juice, carrot.
In high acidity 0.5 glass use before meal 2       Clean and cut vegetables, add in boiled water
times/day, course month.                          and cook to ready.

Not worry if after use feeling throat aches,      Or use freeze vegetables.
like solanin that causes, rinse throat water
                                                  From flour, oil cook light dressing, add fish
for help.
                                                  broth, salt, cook.
In sugar diabetes, low acidity avoids drink.
                                                  Add vegetables, fish, lead to boil, add
                                                  nutmeg shred pinch, manna, milk, salt.

Salad of grated carrots beets, kohlrabi and       Decorate petroleum.
                                                  Serve with dry rusks roasted on dry pan.
Carrot - 200 gr.                                  Useful eat in diabetes and, like anti-sclerotic.

kohlrabi -200 gr                                  Kohlrabi garnish.

                                                  400 gr.kohlrabi,10 gr .vegetable oil,10
Beet-200 gr
                                                  gr.flour,4 gr sugar,50 gr milk, grinded black
a bunch of green onions
                                                  Leafs kohlrabi young use, cleaning tubers
butter, honey, lemon juice.                       cut, add hot water, salt, cook.

Grate the vegetables separately, not confuse      Leafs kohlrabi wash, cut, add in pan.
them colour.In round salad bowl, salad Put
                                                  From vegetable oil, flour, cuted petroleum
the slide obtained from kohlrabi. Around
                                                  green cook light dress.
him rings lay grated carrots and finally, the
outer ring - a red beet .Pour over grated         Dilute her cold milk, add in ready kohlrabi,
lemon juice mixed with honey and a small          cook, and add sugar or sweetener, pepper.
num oil. Between the rings Lay finely
chopped green onions.                             Serve with baked or stewed meat.

                                                  Useful in diabetes diet, with sugar in rational
                                                  meal, anti-sclerotic and salt free diets.
Less onion adding in salad best lactagogue
effect.                                           Sparing diet.

Fish soup puree.                                  Rice salad with chicken meat.

1.2 l.water,4 peas pepper black, head small       Glass ruce,1/2 tea.sp.butter oil,50 gr. Boiled
carp,50 gr vegetables,10 gr sunflower oil,10 gr   chiken,apple,3 tbl.sp.mayonaise,2
flour,10 gr manna,50 gr fatless                   tbl.sp.fromage,juice ½
milk,nutmeg,salt,petroselum.                      lemon,petroselum,salt,spicy.

Wash head carp add in cold water, salt,           Wash, selected and dry rice roast in oil, add
pepper, cook to ready, after meat divide from     salted boiled water, stew in middle fire.
head, and cut.
                                                  In cooled rice add shred apple, chiken cubes
                                                  cuted, tomatos, add fromage mixed with
mayonnaise, salt, spicy, pepper, petroselum       Recipe for cooking fish fillets with
sprinkle, serve with bread.                       mushrooms and cheese

Grape juice has a curative effects, like in       Fish fillets (500 grams) cut into portions,
lungs,bronches diseases,tonic,exhaustion,low      sprinkle with lemon juice, salt and leave for
cholesterol,cardiovascular,like before hour to    30 minutes.
the meal use 3 times/day, like begin from ½
glass, rising slowly doses and lead to half       In butter saute chopped onion (1 pc.), Grated
month course to 300 ml for method.                garlic (1 clove) and add the peeled, shredded
Avoid drink grape juice in ulcers, obesity,       mushrooms (200 g). All together, fry; put the
and diabetes sugar.                               pieces of fish, season with salt.

Stewed carrot.                                    Then sprinkle the fish with grated cheese (3
                                                  tbsp. Tablespoons) overlaid with tomatoes (5
Kg carrot, 2 tea.sp.flour, 2 tbl.sp.vegetable
                                                  pcs.), Peeled and bake into the oven until
oil, 2 tbl.sp.honey.
                                                  golden brown. Cooked fish, sprinkle with
Wash, clean carrot, cut, add in pan, add          herbs.
water, tbl.sp.vegetable oil, and close, stew 30
                                                  Useful, like for nourishment diet.
                                                  Vegetable soup.
Dress flour mixed in oil, stew 10 min, add
honey, mix.                                       150 gr vegetables,100 gr spinash,50 gr. Young
                                                  green peas,200 gr,potato,tea.sp.butter oil,2
Useful in
cers stomach,skin,lung                            Wash vegetables, clean, shred, and add hot
diseases,kidneys,constipations,pancreatitis,a     water, salt, and cook to ready.
                                                  Wash peas, cleam, cut, add in soup, when
Eggs, stuffed a caraway in mayonnaise.            vegetables will be soft, cook.

2 egg, 30 gr caraway seed, 100 tomatos,           Spinach select, wash, add in boiled water,
mayonnaise, 0.5 egg, dill, green onion.           boil, rub.

Cook hard boiled eggs, cut, white eggs fill in    Add to soup peas, spinash, creams, oil, and
caraway; decorate tomatos, rubed yolk, dill,      salt.
                                                  Petroselum or dill dress.
Add mayonnaise.
                                                  In liver damage without fromage,
Useful in anemia, impotence, tuberculosis,        hypertension, diabetes without oil, in
bronches.                                         exhaustion more fromage, fever.

Juices help.                                      In exchaustion, diabetes, fever such soup
                                                  cook in broth.
                                                  Tomatoes is low calorie having, thus use in
Useful in gastrointestinal diseases, anemia,
                                                  hypertension, salt free for glaucoma prevent,
nerves, heart, hypertension.
                                                  salt metabolism, obesity.
Avoid in gout, gastritis.                          Use in low calorie diet with low fats,
Salad Recipe Cauliflower
                                                   Cutlets from buckwheat porridge.

400 g cauliflower rinse, disassemble at
Kocheshkov, lower for 20-30 minutes in cold        buckwheat - 3 / 4 cup
water, then re-rinse, cover with cold water        butter - 30 gr.
and boil. Cabbage and cool in the broth            sour cream - 1 tablespoon
recline in a colander, put in a salad bowl,        onions - 1
season with lemon juice and vegetable oil,         egg -1 pc
                                                   breadcrumbs - 50 gr
and sprinkle on top of greens. Add honey.
                                                   salt - to taste
Digestive, clean livers, liver, normalizes fatty
metabolism.                                        Preparation:
                                                   Cook crumbly kasha (or use the day before).
Pumpkin baked with cheese.                         Let it cool down. Next, mince, add chopped
300 gr. Young cleaned pumpkin, egg, 60             and fried in butter, onion, egg, sour cream,
gr.flour, 50 gr.milk, 20 gr. Shred cheese, 2       salt. Mix well. Wet hands to form small
tbl.sp.fromage, 20 gr. Vegetable oil, salt.        patties, roll them in breadcrumbs and fry in
                                                   vegetable oil.
Clean pumpkin, cut, salt.
                                                   Useful in liver, cardiovascular, kidneys,
From milk, eggs, flour, salt cook pastry thick,    diabetes, exhaustion.
and wet pieces pumpkin roast in vegetable
oil to ruddy pink.                                 But not roast, just steam cook to ruddy
Roasted pieces add in form, spreaded fat,
sprinkle cheese, fromage and bake.                 Shoots life vitality.

Serve hot with potato puree.                       Whole shoots avoid eat in ulcers stomach,
                                                   like rough cellulose more widen ulcer.
Useful in diabetes diet.
                                                   Avoid eat with milk, like causes gases.
Tomato soup with vegetables.
                                                   In difficult disease use shots millets 14
800 gr. Bone melted broth,60                       tbl.sp.everyday for a month’s few with fod,
gr.vegetables,bay leaf,30 gr. Tomato               after use for prophylaxis 6 tables. /day.
paste,tomato,10 gr. Vegetable oil,1/2 onion,
not calorie sugar, or                              Celery soup.
sweetener,salt,pepper,pepper,dill.                 300 gr beef, 200 gr.vegetables, 200 gr celery,
Cut onion, roast in oil.                           2 yolks, 3 tbl.sp.creams, celery leafs, salt.

Add boiled vegetables, leaf, paste, clean and      Meat wash, add water, salt, cook.
cut tomato, stew all.                              Add washed, cleaned vegetables.
Add bone broth, cook, salt, sweetener, spicy,
                                                   Wash celery, clean, cut, cook.
                                                   Rub, add meat-vegetable broth, and add rub
Add 10 gr. Shred cheese.                           celery with other broth.
Dress soup cream, yolk, salt, sprinkle celery     water until done, then rub it through a sieve
leafs.                                            with the liquid. Simultaneously, boil the
                                                  milk, brew it semolina, boil 12 minutes,
Useful in high acidity, diabetes without yolk,    combine with pumpkin and add sugar.
exchaustion, fever.

Tefteli in tomato sauce.                          Serve with semolina.

200 gr. Beef without bones,onion,10 gr butter     Useful in hepatitis, nephritis, hypertension,
oil,10 gr lour,30 gr. Vegetable oil,200           cholecystitis, tumors.
gr.broth,50 gr. Paste tomato,10 gr sugar,
                                                  10 gr sugar/day-best norm.
lemon juice,pepper,salt.
                                                  For a best appetite.
To mince meat with onion, add pepper, salt,
water, mix.                                       Not add conflicts before meal, like it is
                                                  harmful for stomach.
Form balls and roast in oil.
                                                  Take meal with a good company with nice
Add balls in pan.                                 speech.
Fat remain dress flour, roast, dilute broth,      After meal not fast move.
and add paste.
                                                  Not eat what you don’t like.
Add in pan with balls.
                                                  In thin body, appetite lost eats when you
In ending cook add lemon juice, sweetener
                                                  hungry feeling, like less for time, but often.
or sugar, stew in oven in lid.
                                                  After meal snack a piece bread, like digestive
Serve to potato puree or rice.                    and clean teeth.
Useful in nourishment, diabetes diet.             In mood bad not meal take.
Radish Salad with Apple
                                                  Less read for table or takes mental work.

1 radish, 1 apple, sour cream or vegetable oil.   Soup from red tomatoes juice.

Radish clean, then rub on a coarse grater,        0.5 kg tomatos, 2 potato, 2 carrot, root
adds sour apple gall. Salad season with sour      petroselum, turnip, 2 onion head,
cream or vegetable oil.                           tbl.sp.vegetable oil.

Useful in constipation, cholecystitis,            Add in pan glass water, in boiling add
atherosclerosis, anemia, bronchitis, stones       vegetable oil, and shredded vegetables.
kidneys, gall bladder.                            In begin add shredded potato peel with and
Milk soup with pumpkin and semolina               lead to half ready, after shredded vegetables.

                                                  Stew in lid, ad grinded garlic, sprinkle red
Ingredients: milk, 360, 110 pumpkins,             pepper, green.
semolina 30, sugar 20, butter 12, the water
120.                                              Squeeze tomatoes, add juice in vegetables.

                                                  Useful that in low nourishment abilities.
To prepare the pumpkin soup should be
cleaned, cut into small pieces and cook with      For prevent cancer.
3 times/week add in menu Fish Sea, or fish        in honey, dry prunes,wallnuts nucleuses,
oil fatty in capsules.                            green tea,kissels crataegus, and avoid
                                                  nucleus walnut in bowel destroy.
Soya meal eating more, than meat, like soya
estrogen natural, like delay estrogen for         In food add in hypertension garlic 2 days,
prevent milk gland cancer.                        after rest 2 days, not in nephritis.

3 cup green tea /day use, less caffeine having    Absence in curd nitrogen extractive
,than in cofeee,antioxidants in tea prevent       substances and purins a base for useful
for harmful a free radicals.                      protein source in metabolism destroy.

Add in menu green onion, onion, garlic, dill,     From drinks use hibiscus, cowberry,
rosemary, like substances in that prevent         cranberry, mineral water, tea dry fruits,
cancer milk gland.                                green tea.

Sea weeds add, like 3 tbl.sp.for salad garnish.   Lapshevnik with sea kale

Add in menu crossed color vegetables, like        Lapshevnik with sea cabbage.
cabbages, thus steam cook and eat raw.            For the recipe you need:
Tefteli vegetable.

200 gr carrot,200 gr.cabbage,200 gr.potato,50
gr.dry mushrooms,250 gr.flour,1 ban,200 gr.         * Noodles (domestic) - 300g
Melted oil,3 eggs,1 l.milk,salt,pepper for          * Milk - 1 liter
taste,2 tbl.sp.rusks grinded.                       * Water - 2 cups
                                                    * Cottage cheese - 400g
Carrot,cabbage,potato,boiled mushrooms
                                                    * Sea cabbage (boiled) - 150g
cut, add in pan, add oil,salt,add ½ glass
                                                    * Egg - 3 pc.
water,close,stew to soft.
                                                    * Sugar - 4 tbsp
Clean from crunch ban, cut cubes, sprinkle          * Butter - 2 tbsp
oil, and roast.                                     * Cheese (grated) - 3 tbsp
                                                    * Salt - to taste.
Shake eggs, salt, add flour, and shake.

In pastry received add vegetables, ban, and

Form balls, cook in salted milk, and add in       The water was salt, put on fire, and when it
plate, sprinkle rusks, roasted in oil, add        boils, throw in her noodles. Noodles to
melted oil.                                       soften up the floor ready add the milk in a
                                                  saucepan and, stirring frequently, cook
Useful in gout and metabolic destroy.             noodles until it becomes a viscous mass.

                                                  Sea cabbage mince, cottage cheese and mix
It is importance.                                 the rub with cabbage, add the egg yolks,
                                                  powdered with sugar. Mix to combine with
In hypertension useful use fresh viburnum         cabbage and cheese, well beat up a shovel
berries, like in honey,cranberry,fresh            and gently enter the whipped egg whites.
oranges,apples,carrot juice,beet,black radish
Massa put in a greased deep frying pan,          Wash roots, clean, rinse, add hot water, salt,
sprinkle with grated cheese, drizzle with        cook.
butter and bake in the oven.
                                                 In softness filter, dress oil, fromage.
Useful in atherosclerosis, hyperthyreosis,
                                                 Wash lemon,clean,not cut white part add in
nephritis, tuberculosis, bronchitis, thyroid
gland diseases.                                  boiled soup for smell,cut,add in soup, or
                                                 squeeze juice, add rice, dress salt ,sugar.
Tomatoes help.
                                                 Or petroleum.
Fight remove abundant liquid from
organism, low limits that in use for patients    In diabetes, exhaustion, low acidity cook in
                                                 meat broth.
with salt metabolism destroy.

Juice in metabolism destroys, water salt,        Use in low acidity, liver
cardiovascular, in a vitamin failure.            hurting,hypertension,exchaustion.

In atherosclerosis you need correct diet.

Avoid a food with cholesterol, like sub          Sverdlovskaja fish with potato.
products is eggs,liver,kidneys,heart,fat         500 gr. Fish fillet, 2 onion, 8 potato, bay leaf,
meat,broths,creams,fromage,sauces,smoked         peas pepper.
sauces, sausages.
                                                 Clean fish, wash, cut, salt, peper, add in pan,
Useful a few times/week eat                      add onion cuted, bay leaf 6, pepper, and fish
fish,chiken,fatless milk,cooking,dressing        layer.
meal olive oil, or
vegetable,soya,beanpeas,porridges                Fish closed layer cuted onion, bay leaf,
oatsmillet,vegetables,black bread.               pepper, fish, and close onion.

Boiled, steam cooking used 4 times/day a         Add hot water, cook 2 hour.
small portions adding cellulose, like
                                                 If fish not fat add vegetable oil.
aubergines, nuts, black currant, dill, garlic.
                                                 2 pieces beet.
Onion juice in honey use tbl.sp.4 times/day
or seeds dill tea.                               Cut potato adds in pan, where fish cooking,
                                                 mix, lead to boil.
Cranberry juice us for appetite rise, low
acidity,gout,rheumatism,hypertension,sugar       Useful in gout, metabolic destroy.
diabetes, with honey in cough tbl.s.6
times/day, in fever, cold ½ glass 3 times/day.   Red cabbage with black radish and Bulgarian
Avoid in stomach ulcers, bowel, and kidneys
diseases.                                        500 GR cabbage, pepper, 100 gr black radish,
Lemon soup.
                                                 Shred radish, cut pepper, shred onion; all
2 bunch roots celery,petroselum,1/4 lemon,       stew in water in lid.
tea.sp.butter oil,3 tea.sp.creams
pasteurized,salt,sugar,6                         Keep 5 min.
                                                 Select cabbage, cut and add to stew.
Shredded thin leaf cabbage kneads and adds         500 gr.pumpkin, squash, cut all, mix, cook,
a hot sauce.                                       and add honey, cottage cheese.

That dish clean lungs from mucus.                  Use in
Drink water!                                       ystitis,hypertension,osteoporosis,cardiovascu
In morning drink gulp water every 45               lar failure,obesity,stones
mainland right away fight thirst, not eat on a     kidneys,neurosis,atherosclerosis.
dry stomach, drink and a salt.                     Liver baked with apples.
Caffeine, alchokol is diuretic, thus in drink      Liver chicken or Gosse cut, roll in flour,
add and mineral drink water, like restore
                                                   roast, after add in pan with apples layers
water in organism.                                 shredded, and add in oven for 15 min.
A dietologist Liz writes about, that in water      Useful in anemia, lung damage.
insufficient causes headaches, multiply,
fatigue.                                           Right nourishment is help for keep good
Pear juice useful drink in sugar diabetes,
digestive, help in obesity, antiseptic,            In our days we cannot eat right for hours,
analgetic.                                         thus in half year we catch gastritis.

In nephritis, cystitis ½ glass juice in            He destroys digestion and secretogogue.
tbl.sp.honey 4 times/day.
                                                   Acute gastritis is display in first time, and
Avoid in ulcers and acuting gastritis.             chronic repeat regularity.

Roll with eggs.                                    Symptoms, like heartburn, nausea, vomiting,
                                                   swelling belly, top belly aches.
700 gr. Fillet Turkish,3 tbl.sp.vegetable oil,4
egg, half glass milk,salt,20 gr. Butter oil,2      A base reason, like not regular and not right
fresh tomato,2 fresh cucumber.                     nourishment, not balance, more eating hot,
                                                   spicy and rough food.
Fillet beat to cookie kind, rubs a pepper, salt,
pour over vegetable oil, and add in                A best gastritis catch in fast food.
refrigerator for 10 hours.
                                                   For lunch try take for time with soup but a
From eggs with milk and butter oil cook            not pies with garlic drinks, less eat exotic
omelet, cut, add on fillet.                        meal, like kitchen of much countries is
                                                   having spices, where our stomach is not
Fillet roll in tube, fix, add in pan, cook 2       adapted.
hour, cool, add for cooling.
                                                   Less eat hamburgers, fast meal cooking, like
Ready roll add on dish, decorate cuted             having artificial, canned, or if you not has a
tomatos, cucumbers, green.                         time for lunch best eat banana with yogurt.
Useful in anemia, tuberculosis, chr.lungs          Smoking is sensitiveness hungry stomach,
diseases, impotence.                               thus less smoke, alchokol.
Salad pumpkin and squash.                          Less stress, more rest, sleep 8 hours.
Wash hands before meal, fruits, vegetables,       4. Can I drink not boiled water?
and gastritis sensitiveness to mud.
                                                  -Water not boiled from lakes, key is
Acuting time in autumn and spring, thus           causes acute gastrointestinal diseases.
take attend on that.
                                                  Not boiled water at home you can drink,
A best healing is diet, like eating warm,         if she checked sanitary inspection, like a
fatless rubbed meal, and adsorbing remedies,      first portions water pour off.
                                                  5. When best teas drink-to or after meal?
Course healing acute stage 3 weeks, and
chronic is 2 year.                                Yesterday tea is useful?

An after healing observes for right menu,         -Drink tea after meal, and yesterday tea
regime, like in acute less physical load, train   cooked not useful.
adds.                                             6. Is meat useful?
    51. Answers from authors Medical              -yes,useful,like protein
institute by Nourishment about food and           source,itamins,minerals,like in a few
nourishment.                                      kidneys diseases is limit protein, like
    1.   Is melt water and distilled useful?      animal and vegetable in menu.

    -Melted water in town nourishment             In that limit and meat.
    qualities not differs from usually.           Fry meat not prescribed in stomach
    But a less having minerals, like in key       diseases, liver, pancrease, metabolism
    water.                                        destroy, and in adult.

    And nothing minerals having in distilled      7. is who cannot eat eggs?
    water, like key water is gives for            -Because of a high cholesterol in yolk
    organism minerals, thus change her on         avoid eat in high cholesterol, chronic
    distilled is gives harmful for health.        hepatitis, cyrhosis liver.
    2. Is having especially live energy in raw    8. Fish is really useful?
                                                  -Fatless kinds useful, like protein source
    -If a check that we cannot find, animals      and minerals, lipotropic having a
    eating that are not having biological         favorable effect in liver, pancrease, and
    qualities before us, eating a boiled meal,    atherosclerosis.
    but boiled meal best absorb and in
    animals, than raw.                            9. Why useful a milk and milk food?

    3. Why in a same work, meal a few             -They are useful for healthy patients.
    peoples weight lost and rise?
                                                  Milk bad endures a few patients, like I
    -Such thinks is about, like ,who is weight    digestive organ low activity a ferment
    rise is less move in life, and plays role     lactases, in a few causes allergy, but milk
    adaptation to abundant eating, but need       food is protein
    to know leave with a good figure with         sourses,vitamins,microelements,calcium,
    much eating with ages is disappears.          and phosphorus, and butter and oil limit
in patients with lipids much having, like     -yes, that juice use in diet in healing
cholesterol.                                  stomach ulcer, gastritis, but very laxative,
                                              like use with dr advices.
10. Which porridges a more useful?
                                              Thus I can take about juice cabbage.
-A more useful oats and buckwheat, they
can eat healthy and not healthy patients,     16. How a need eat adult peoples?
in a few stomach diseases a bowel use,
like rubbing.                                 -In adult age you need limit or less whole
                                              calorie menu, like animal
In dietic, baby meal eat other porridges,     fats,sheep,butter
like manna, pearl, millet.                    oil,creams,fromage,sweets,liver,brains,ki
                                              dneys,heart,caraway,eggs,fish red ,like all
11. Is in choko having empty calories?        cholesterol meal, adding 40 gr.
-No need a means that, it’s a high            Vegetable oil,vegetables,fruits,limit and
calories meal, with                           spicy,salt,liquid,take attention for regime
carbohydrate,fats,vitamins and minerals       meal, like eat 5 times/day small portion,
,like useful in a few physical strains,       last meal before 2 hour a sleep.
where need fast restore energy, but in        17. Can I keep meat, fish products in
usually life we need limit use, like whom     refrigerator in freezing side in
having allergy, tooth damages and             polyethylene packets?
                                              -YES, you can, if packets for meal use,
12. Which vegetables oils are more            like they are weak penetrate steams
useful?                                       water forming in keeping, thus your food
All vegetable, sunflower, corn, olive is      can a form a bad smell, and you can keep
same and use in dietology, like in            in freeze in foil,pergament or in hard
aterosvlerosis, dyskinezia gall ways,         papper,like good for gas penetrating.
chronic colitis.                              18. Birch juice is useful?
But daily norm vegetable oil is not rise to   -in juice has a 2 percent sacharosa,
40 gr from a whole fat meal in, but if you
                                              proteins, mineral, apple acids.
are endures that.
                                              Not vitamins, and nourishment valuable
13. Which juices a more useful?               in low, define just a sugar having.
-useful drink a vegetable and fruit juices,   19. Can I cook jam in xylitor, sorbitol.
but grape having carbohydrate, like
glucose, and causes bowel fermentation        -NO. Like receive mass will density, they
and causes meteorism.                         are weak canned qualities, thus food with
                                              adding that is a not long keep.
14. In which diseases are harmful
tomatos, carrot, and cabbage?                 20. Coffee useful or not?

-In acute gastroenteritis a raw vefetables,   -Thanks to having in a coffe alcaloid-
fruits is avoid, cabbage not useful in        coffeine and other alkaloids are rises
stomach ulcer, bowel.                         tonuses.

15. Potato juice is really useful?
Proteins, fats and carbohydrates is less,      drunk is fast evaporate through skin with
but if you not add creams,milk,sugar           a strong steam.
,thus coffee drink limit, thus a bad
effecting on hypertension, heart defect,       Cold water too fight thirsh, than warm or
and not drink in                               hot tea, thus in travel use thermos with
ulcers,gastritis,insomia,anxiety..             hot tea.

21. And what about tea?                        26.

-In a tea having polyfenols, having P          Can I drink water in meal time?
vitamin effect, and fluoride.                  -If you eat on a dry stomach, like
                                               sandwichs, cookies-yes, in you eat soup,
Calorie tea is having if you will add
creams, mik, sugar or milk and tea is too      compotes, and juices –not.
tonic, thus not drink tea for night.           After eating fat food not drink cold
22. But if I will add milk to tea and coffee   water, that causes belly aches and
                                               indigestions, after fat meal eating best
                                               drink hot tea.
-Useful, like has a high biologically
valuable, low alkaloids, and caffeine, thus    27.
prevent negative substances for heart          What is vegetarian meal?
vessel and CNS.
                                               -In 19 century in Europe is become
23. Can I use hot key water for meal           vegetarian cooking, like decided, that in
cook?                                          bowel fermented meat food and avoided
-Harmful substance in that not having,         eat.
but for cook not doing, like water             In diet having old vegetarians, like
manufacture a specially, ice softening,        nothing eaten animal fats, and young,
like reflects on taste.                        like eating egg, milk, and butter oil.
24.                                            Vegetarian meal is enough vitamins
                                               receive, like B12, C, And for children’s,
Is gas drink more useful, than a key?
                                               like organism need in vitamins and
-in mineral water gases carbo-acid is fast     restore vitality structure.
low thirst and effects bacteriological on
microbes, thanks to that drinks is             28.
transparent, but for children’s less drink     Can I eat raw meat?
gas drinks.
                                               That meat bad digest in stomach, that
How drink water in travel?                     boil, and in beating microbes can enter
-Best in a rest places, in a move rinse        in meat, thus meat, fish need cook.
mouth water and 3 gulps drink, and in          29.
stopping less drink, not right away and in
10 min after cooled body, like a liquid        Is useful seed sprouting millet?
-Top seed is always not clean, in              32.
receiving flour and seeds, seeds top
transfers in bran.                             How we can treat that?

I that lost vitamins, and microelements,       -If in reasons, like infection, thus ask in
                                               dr about help, if not infection thus from
but for hygienic safe a use sprouting
seeDs,brans millet, rye or other not           menu avoid products, causes that, thus 2
recommending, like a best effects not          days add sparing diet for strong not
                                               sweet tea, rusks, porridges, like rice,
                                               manna in water cooked, potato not oil
But in top seed has cellulose, like for best   puree, like not much, adding tannins
peristaltic but a more effects not having.     drinks, astringent, like blueberry tea, red
                                               currant, oak bark, if that help for 2 days
30.                                            not help a need call dr.
Is having a not endure food.                   33.
From nourishment value a food not
                                               How I must eat in my high weight.
                                               -A need avoid sweet eat, a sugar in that is
Mixture meal from porridge with milk,          having empty caloRies, like fats
meat with potato from a balance theory         abundant.
is useful, like add match each other.
                                               In obesity a sugar appetite rise, from
But a few meal, like salted cucucumbers        menu avoid eat porridges, macaronis,
with jam, potato with sugar not like it,       and fats animals, vegetable fats is having
but it’s a sate for individual every, like a   30 percent a whole fat quantity.
few cannot endure milk, black bread,
raspberry and etc.                             Protein meal, like fish, meat, eggs is
                                               eating a less, like boiled.
                                               Useful add vegetables, like cabbage,
Which a reasons bowel disorders?               cucUmbers, tomatos, squash, pumpkin.
-Infections, not enduring a few meal and
                                               Potato is limit, like starch having.
symptoms indicate on that, like chill,
high temperature.                              Not sweet fruits apples sour-sweet,
                                               berries goose, currant add.
Reasons are different.
A first main, like much eating fat meal,
pies, flour or you are rare eat that or        Can I need eat in a small quantity water
abundant eating on holidays, and thus in       melon, melons, pears, apples, tomatos if I
constipated we use vegetable oils, like        interest in weight lost.
Or much eating cellulose-ruits,
vegetables, assisting peristaltic intestine.   Need in all moderate.

Allergy food, like on milk, kvass, berries,    In 100 gr eating water melon is having 8.8
                                               gr. Absorbing carbohydrates, in melon-
                                               9.1,in pear-9.5,apples 9.8,tomatos 5.6
,like carbohydrates in data food showed,       Morning time eating is absences, like if
like disaccharide and mono and which a         you working in night in that time you
good absorbing.                                sleep.

That carbohydrates in much eating is           Night menu is having from 3 dishes, like
causes fat depositing in fat cells, like       first dish cook in bone broth with
calculates showed ,like in middle water        extractive substances, like socogogue,
melon size 2 kg is having 70 gr. Simple        and for second dishes add fatless meat,
sugars, like in 100 gr. Candies or cookies     fish with garnishes vegetables, like
bread.                                         stooge, like in night time very
Thus if you need weight lost less sweet
fruits and vegetables eat.                     38.

35.                                            I interest at home cook a curd.

Is a right peoples doing for weight lost       -2 PART FRESH milk and part kefir.
avoid eating bread, garnish, candies.
                                               Add milk in pan, and hot not boil, after
-They are not right doing.                     add in mixing kefir, wand warm, low fire.

In obesity and need lost weight not avoid      In 15 min.begin forming a curd seeds,
from that, in a time weight lost a             after warm is cook.
carbohydrate food ,vegetable fats is use
                                               Kefir is change on sour milk.
in 2 time less quantities.
                                               Like selling in your market.

How I must eat if is thin.                     Not use milk, like stay long time to sour.

-If it’s a not reason I disease you need put   39.
regime meal, like 3 times/day eating in a      How cook at home a fromage?
same time, like causes right work a
reflex for meal time use and mobilization      -IN creams add fromage, mix, and warm
digestive organ for absorb and digest.         keep 12 hours for night, after cool keep
                                               day for consistence needing, if you
Begin from vegetable snacks, like rising       having creams and not having fromage
appetite, and different use meal, and do       thus add piece black bread with crunch,
train, light physical work.                    like remove before adding fromage in
Load is causes a define rising energy lost     refrigerator.
and appetite rise, thus you will interest      40.
eat more, like energy lost.
                                               How a best use vitamins?
                                               -A fatty diluting best use in meal time or
How I must eat in a night work time?           right away after.
-You need spread for meal method eating        Water diluting and complex after meal.
for calories, like for lunch- 35 percent,
dinner-45, night- 35 percent.                  41.
How long I must keep at home brans,            mouse was been, like lived in 2 time
flour?                                         more, like a normal eating.

-Oats, millet, barley with fats much           Maybe we can begin to do that?
having you can keep 4 months, and
                                               -We don’t know never about is they was
manna, rice, flour keep to 6 months.
                                               been happy to do that, it was been a not
In that check about fly is adding prevent.     live, it was been a test for nourishment
                                               endure, thus eat normal, like a life is
42.                                            must to be good in all displays.
How often to do curd, milk, vegetable,         47.
apple diet for weight lost.
                                               If vegetarian cooking is harmful, but how
-1 or 2 time/week, like on a weekends,         explain about a few authors’ vegetarians
when physical load is low.                     long years lived?
43.                                            -A much authors transfer on a vegetarian
Which bread is useful: fresh or dry?           cooking in adult age, like organism
                                               forming a full ended.
-Slightly dry, like 2 day, best saliva wet
and digestive juices and best digest.          They was been a not right vegetarians.

Thus his add in few diseases, like             48.
stomach, bowel, liver, and in healthy –for
                                               Smoking is prevent obesity, but a few
your taste.                                    stopped smoke is weight rise, maybe in
41. Which a meal having for weight rise?       obesity a not need stop smoke?

-A such meal not having, but any eating a      -Smoking is harmful for thin and big
more, like over-eaten is weight rise, but if   weight peoples, but smoking is appetite
you need weight lost you can eat pie, but      low, thus in stop smoking you will rise
if not abundant.                               more eat, thus you can weight rise.

45.                                            Need to know that, and for a few time,
                                               for a not work new habit limit own rising
Can I eat everyday half kg curd?               appetite.

-A nothing meal having useful                  49.
substances, like and milk food not having
ferum, vitamin C.                              Why a person was been activity in sport
                                               is fast weight rise?
Thus a not right, not moderatare eating
is lead to anemia, thus a best is rational     -activity sportsman’s is good appetite
menu, like different, thus you can add         having and habit to calorie meal, like a
useful substances, like a few diet advices     need for lost energy compensate.
for eating not moderate curd.                  And after fast low train a habit eating
46.                                            calorie delay a very long, and if timely to
                                               work new psychology ,not limit sense in
Press share about often starvation is          eat ,thus you weight is rising.
prolongs life for animals, like test on
50.                                          small, often observed high blood
                                             pressure, osteochondrosis. Therefore,
Which food causes allergy in children’s?     strenuous physical training, during
-Eggs, choko, fish, citric, cacao,           which "burn" to fat, they cannot. And to
strawberry.                                  lose weight, you need to spend much
                                             more than the amount of energy, which
51.                                          is formed in the body due to the
                                             combustion of food consumed. If the
How a best use chewing gum?
                                             weight exceeds the norm by 15-20%, the
-IN 10 min after meal chew, like cleaning    daily energy expenditure must be greater
mechanically tooth’s.                        than the arrival of at least 300 calories, if
                                             at 30%, at 500 calories, but when the
Lupus and obesity.                           body weight more than normal at 50%, is
                                             already on 1000 calories.
A most often causes, like side effect from
remedies use and from that joints in
                                             If the arrival of energy (due to the
hurts, often sweat, dyspnoe.
                                             combustion of food) will be equal to
For help itself you can begin from train     consumption, the weight will remain the
in obesity.                                  same.

Physiotherapy for full                       Most often, trying to lose weight, full of
                                             people begin to limit you to eat, but if
Physiotherapy for complete                   they fail, then stop diet and begin to
                                             move more. But do not reach the desired
Physiotherapy for completes                  result.

                                             After all, to create a deficit of 900-1000
                                             kcal only by, for example, physical
                                             exercise, you need one and a half hours
                                             of jogging or swimming 3:00 a speed of
                                             20 meters per minute. Such pressure,
                                             even a person to train with normal body
                                             mass is not always available. For full they
                                             simply unaffordable.

                                             So to lose weight, you must not only
                                             improve their motor activity, but also to
                                             monitor the calorie content of their diets
                                             and possibly its limit.

                                             Counting the "eaten" calories is usually
                                             not a problem. Tables of calories
Anyone who has extra pounds, began to        different foods and products are
exercise primarily DPJ to lose weight.       published in many publications. There
But, with the majority of such people is     are special counters. And here is how to
very low level of physical condition,        calculate their consumption, they know
functional capabilities of an organism are   not all.
                                             0.2HCHSS - 11.3 / 2 = kcal / min.
To do this, you need to; firstly, to
determine approximately how much
energy is expended on the work of            HR - is heart rate (pulse) during the
internal organs, that is the main            study. Quantity - energy consumption
exchange. We know that he is about 1         for 1 minute lessons given intensity. For
kcal per 1 kg of weight in one hour. Next,   example, if while you walk fast pulse was
determine the amount of energy spent         100 beats per minute, then for one
on productive activities. Recall that the    minute you spend:
energy consumption of all professions is
divided into 5 groups.                       0,2 x100 - 11,3 / 2 = kcal / min.

Group 1: People of mental labor. Men         And if you are walking for an hour, then
have energy consumption equal to 2550-       you spent 4,35 * 60 = 261 kcal.
2800 kcal for women 2200-2400 calories.
                                             Exercise full of people should be at least
Group 2: people light physical labor         5 times a week, better every day. One
(telecom workers, garment workers). In       lesson at least 60 minutes. They need to
men, energy expenditures are equal to        include walking, swimming, slow
2700-3000 kcal for women 2350 - 2550         jogging, rowing, that is, exercises that
kcal.                                        will enhance fat metabolism, have a
                                             general stimulating effect on the body.
3rd Party: manual workers moderate           Get rid of fatty deposits on the neck,
(mechanics, drivers). In men, energy         back, abdomen and thighs to help
expenditures are equal to 2950-3200 kcal     gymnastic exercises. Very useful for tilt,
for women 2500 - 2700 kcal.                  swivel, alternately motion feet in the
                                             water, jumping, and jumping out of the
Group 4: manual workers with                 water. In this energy consumption
considerable physical effort                 increase, while the load on the
(construction workers, agricultural          cardiovascular system, spine and joints is
workers). In men, energy expenditures        small. Basic gymnastics and gymnastics
are equal to 3450-3700 kcal for women        in the water and prevent the dropping of
2900-3150 calories.                          the skin, the deletion of the internal
                                             organs that often occurs when people
5-th group: non-mechanized labor             lose weight.
workers (porters, bricklayers). Their
energy consumption - 3900-4300 kcal.         Do not want to be quick to part with
                                             those extra pounds. Please be patient. To
And now the pensioners man for energy        lose weight, strengthen their health and
consumption equal to 2000-2300, women        improve physical abilities, it takes time -
in 1900-2100.                                a year, and sometimes years, persistent
                                             classes. By getting rid of extra pounds, in
Calories that you spend in physical          no case do not throw any physical
training (all categories, except for         activity. Otherwise, body weight not only
swimming), can be calculated from this       recovers, but can also increase.
                                             In conclusion, we offer an exercise
program for people over 50 years with         exhale.
overweight and high blood pressure, just
beginning their studies.                      7. IP - lying on his back, arms along the
                                              body. The transition from the supine
First of all, learn by performing the         position in a sitting position (Figure 4).
exercises correctly combine them with
breathing. To do this, not necessarily just   8. IP - sitting or standing, hands at
to do all the exercises of the complex.       shoulders. Rotations of the shoulder joint
First, it can be divided into 2-3 parts.      (Figure 5).

Each exercise is done by 10-12 times.         9. IP - sitting or standing, hands on his
From time to improve the work of the          belt. The slope to the right, left hand to
heart and blood vessels, joints, increase     lift up, make her head-breath (Figure 6),
muscle tone, activated metabolism. The        and return. n. - exhale.
first 7 exercises you can perform in bed
after sleep.                                  10. IP - standing. Squats. At first, you can
                                              stand up and sit on a chair, then perform
                                              regular squats, leaning on the seat
                                              (Figure 7) or a chair, then - without any
Exercises                                     support. 11. IP - standing at the support
                                              (wall, chair, and table) right side and
1. IP - lying on his back, arms along the     holding her, hits relaxed left leg forward
body. Raise hands up, stretch, breath         and back (Figure 8). Same as the other
(Figure 1), and omit-exhalation.              leg.

2. IP - the same. Bending and unbending       12. IP - standing, hands on his belt.
of the legs, the rotation at the ankle        Hands up, head back, bend - breath,
joints.                                       bend forward, get their fingers or toes
                                              looking floor - breathing out (Figure 9).
3. IP - lying on his back, arms bent at the
elbows. Compress and decompress the           13. Walking, raising his knees in an effort
fingers clenched - with his finger in the     knee touch your abdomen (breast).
                                              14. walking with the change of hands
4. IP - lying on his back, arms bent at the   (one hand on the step - up, the other -
elbows, fingers clenched in a fist. Spins     down to the second step, on the
wrist.                                        contrary).

5. IP - lying on his back, arms along the     15. Walking with the lifting of hands (2
body. Take hand in hand (or lift up) -        steps to raise their hands up and inhale
breath, bend the knee, pulling him to her     (Figure 10), 3 step hand delete - exhale).
- exhalation (Figure 2). Same with both
feet.                                         In the first days of occupation rate of the
                                              exercises slowly, then the average.
6. IP-lying on his stomach, palms lean on
the bed. Raise the head, bend-breath          As evidence found during archaeological
(Figure 3), dropping it back in and. n. -     excavations figures relating to the Stone
Age, obesity is accompanied by a man
since antiquity. Already in ancient times    There are many other reasons for the
tried to fight with him, though very         development of hypertension in obesity.
original ways. In ancient Sparta, for        Scientists are studying them intensively.
example, young men, body weight that         From this it can make a clear conclusion.
exceeded accepted standards, driven          For those who are inclined to be
from the city.                               overweight, whose body weight exceeds
                                             the norm, and certainly for obese
Modern medicine has shown that obesity       important way to prevent arterial
is ruining health, reducing years of life.   hypertension - the fight against excess
These statistics are inexorable: obesity     weight. Note: when weight loss of 1 kilo
shortens the average life expectancy by 7-   blood pressure (average) decreases by 1
10 years, mortality for obese people after   millimeter of mercury, regardless of the
40 years increases by 2 times compared       initial level of pressure.
to having a normal body weight. And to
anyone no longer a secret that obesity - a   There are only two ways to weight loss:
risk factor for diabetes, gout, liver and    diets and treatment of increased physical
biliar tract, disorders of the               activity. We want to immediately warn of
cardiovascular system.                       a dangerous and indifferent to the health
                                             of fasting. It is possible only under the
Especially often accompanies obesity         supervision of experienced professionals
hypertension: it suffers every fourth        in the hospital. Self-starvation can
among the obese. How did those extra         become uncontrolled severe stress;
pounds affect high blood pressure?           aggravate the already impaired
Scientists have observed an interesting      metabolism, the development of vitamin
pattern, the reason for which is currently   deficiencies.
being studied. In obese people due to
increase of the liquid component,            However, many, restricting their diet,
plasma, increased total blood volume.        observing the low-calorie diet, forget
The heart has to pump the blood with a       about physical activity. But lose weight
greater workload, as increasing the          and keep cheerful, fresh, neat appearance
amount of blood ejected them for one         without physical impossible. Regular
reduction. A cardiac output is one of the    physical training maintains a negative
main parameters, which form the level of     energy balance in the body, allowing
arterial pressure.                           people to actively lose weight. Exercise is
                                             also important because, after her long
Playing the role and excessive               period of time is extended vascular
consumption of food salt. Because            lumen limb muscles and skin capillaries.
obesity usually develops as a result of      And this is staunchly reduces and
eating too much, and all products            normalizes high blood pressure. After
contain sodium chloride. In addition,        adequate capacity of the organism load
obesity is accompanied by specific           the diastolic (bottom) blood pressure
changes in metabolism in which               decreased by an average of 9-18 mm Hg.
increased latency of sodium salts in the     Before proceeding to physical education,
tissues of the body. And the fact that       preferably to be examined by a doctor or
sodium chloride is a factor in raising       a sports clinic, where you will remove
blood pressure, no one has disputed.         ECG, will test with a bicycle stress load.
This will minimize the risk of possible           skiing, swimming, cycling, and fast
complications and a more differentiated           walking. Each person can select the most
choose individual training load. If you do        suitable type of physical activity, focusing
it yourself, keep in mind that the                on their own capabilities and time of
intensity of the load! Possible dose for          year. Very useful lessons on simulators,
the pulse.                                        such as cycling ergo meter. But no matter
                                                  what kind of gymnastics you have chosen
Count the pulse for the first 10 seconds          for them or, if the training will be
immediately after the workout. At this            manageable and regular, if they will
time, heart rate (HR) is consistent with          bring fun and excitement you get rid of
the maximum load. And it is calculated            extra pounds, to prevent development of
by the formula 180 - age. For beginners to        hypertension.
become involved in physical training in
heart rate immediately after exercise         As soon as you have noticed that they began
                                              to gain weight and mass of your body above
should not exceed 60-65% of maximum
                                              the norm, even for no more than 10
load. It should also take your pulse rate     kilograms, immediately start a diet and a
before exercise and after 10 minutes after    strict diet.
its completion. With a well chosen
training regime after 10 minutes of           Eat during certain hours, slowly, but often.
exercise heart rate should be equal to the    Chew. And you will reach the effect of
original. If not, we must reduce the load     "psychological deception": you will feel that
and seek advice from a doctor.                you have a long time and a lot of eating.

                                              70% of total calorie daily diet, you should
It is desirable to keep a diary of
                                              get in the first half of the day, i.e. breakfast
introspection, where the record being in      and lunch. Then, a substantial part of dietary
the training process, the dynamics of         energy will be used by the body in the
body weight, measurements of heart            workplace.
rate. The effect of training depends not
only on their intensity, but also on their    Prepare foods without salt, salt dishes on the
duration and regularity. Boost the            table. The day is enough 2-3 grams (a
duration of training gradually. The first 4   quarter teaspoon) of salt. Eliminate sugar,
                                              sweets, cakes, ice cream, confectionery,
weeks. Practice in a day. In the first
                                              sweet juices, fruit water, and lemonade.
week, 10 minutes into the second, 15-20
in the third-to 20-40, and if you do not      Limit butter. Avoid sharp snacks, not to
feel any discomfort - for 40-60 minutes       arouse the appetite.
in the fourth week. In the future, enough
to do 3 times a week for 40-60 minutes.       Use more vegetable dishes, fresh vegetables
The load shall be preceded by a five          and fruits; they are large and low-calorie.
minute warm-up, consisting of bracing
                                              Before you go to visit, eat at home some of
                                              what you can and you will not suffer a
                                              painful desire is something you cannot.
One of the main tasks of physical
training, an increase in maximum oxygen       So what is possible? All dairy products, fish
consumption (IPC), which is the               and meat, preferably boiled, all vegetables,
physiological basis of general endurance      limiting the potatoes, all fruits, except
and performance. This figure increases        bananas, figs and dates, dairy products,
when doing all cyclic sports: jogging,        limiting the sour cream and cream. For the
whole day, no more than 100-150 grams of          At the disposal of anyone who is determined
rye bread or bran.                                to lose weight loses weight; there are
                                                  medicines that are created by nature itself.
Against such a low-calorie diet once or           This is primarily vegetables (except the rich
twice a week, you can arrange fasting days.       in starch potatoes). They are low in calories
                                                  and at the same time, voluminous, so give a
MEAT DAY                                          feeling of satiety without significantly
                                                  increasing the total caloric intake. In
350 grams of lean meat without bones boil         addition, they are rich in plant fibers,
without salt, divided into 4 admission and        reinforcement’s peristalsis. This allows to
every time to drink half a cup of tea without     prevent constipation, which is usually full of
sugar, but at night, a glass of kefir.            people suffer.

Curd DAY
                                                  Vegetable fibers contained in vegetables,
5 times a day to eat 100 grams of bold
                                                  contribute to removal from the body of
cheese, drink half a glass of tea without
                                                  excess cholesterol, which prevents the
sugar with 50 grams of milk.
                                                  development or progression of
                                                  atherosclerosis - the disease, walking hand in
Apple Day                                         hand with obesity, especially in the elderly.
                                                  Also found in many vegetables antioxidants,
1,5 kg of apples eaten in 5 receptions, 3         chemicals that are geroprotective, i.e. inhibit
times a day to drink half a cup of tea without    aging properties. And last but not least,
sugar.                                            antioxidants are substances, prevents
                                                  negative effects of stress. It is also noticed
DAIRY DAY                                         that those who are in sufficient quantities in
                                                  your diet includes vegetables, less frequently
1.5 liters of milk boiled, divided into 5-6       tumors of the colon.
receptions, drink in the form of heat.
                                                  So keep your daily menu include 600-800
Kefir DAY                                         grams of various vegetables. Replace them
                                                  flour and pasta dishes. Incidentally, all
1,5 liters of kefir drink for 5-6 receptions.     cereals, sweet, fat you have to be drastically
                                                  reduced. Fruits are useful in any form-
Many of those who have overweight or obese        sautéed, boiled, but sure most of them eat
and want to lose weight, interested in: is it     raw, in salads.
possible to achieve this with the help of
drugs? Nothing.

It may be objected: but there are drugs that      Every cook salad of raw cabbage. It can add
suppress the appetite! Such drugs, they are       apples, carrots, and fill with vegetable oil. In
called anorektics, "really is, they are           raw cabbage is tartron acid, which prevents
depressing the center of hunger in the brain.     the formation of fat in the body of excess
But these drastic means - appointed for short     carbohydrates. When heat-treated acid is
periods and only in a hospital. The patient       destroyed.
must be kept under medical supervision, so
as anorectic may cause functional disorders       Almost everything said about vegetables
of the central nervous system, liver, cause       applies to fruits, except, of course, rich in
mental disorders, insomnia. Therefore, we         glucose grapes, bananas, dates and figs.
strongly advise you: if you want to lose
weight and stay healthy, do not resort to self-   Effective ways to combat excess weight -
healing anorektics!                               vegetable oil: in sunflower, corn, olive,
                                                  cotton oil contains polyunsaturated fatty
acids, which normalize lipid (fat)                  week you can eat oats, or buckwheat.
metabolism, i.e. intensify the processes of
consumption of fat by the body. These acids         Let me remind you about one more, perhaps
delay the penetration of cholesterol in the         the most effective "medicine" against obesity
vascular wall and formation of                      - physical activity.
atherosclerotic plaques in it. Vegetable oil
has and choler tic effect. But for many obese       Move more, replacing the possible travel in
people there is a violation gall secretion          public transport such as walking, do
function of the gallbladder. Crude oil is more      morning exercises, find time for country
useful and better fill their salads.                walks on foot or ski. In his spare time try to
                                                    occupy yourself interesting, useful. And lots
But like any medication requires a certain          of optimism, positive emotions!
dosage, and vegetable oil is recommended
daily maximum of 30 grams (2 tablespoons).
Increasing this dose is not necessary, because         Medical reference. Traditional methods
the oil is very rich in calories. Compare:
calorie 100 grams of butter (peasant) -661             Nikolai Ivanovich normal and dry
kcal, 100 grams of melted butter - 887
calories, 100 grams of olive oil, 898 calories,
100 grams of sunflower oil, 899 calories. And          Blessed memory of my parents
older people than the rules of vegetable oil
should not be more because polyunsaturated               Maznevyh Ivan Ivanovich
fatty acids entering the body in excess are
involved in the formation of substances                 and Anna Matveevna dedicate
activating the process of aging.                       Obesity
Affordable and highly effective "remedy"
against obesity-cheese, especially low-fat. In
the 100-150 grams of cottage cheese contains
a sufficient number of amino acid                        Obesity - excessive accumulation of fat
methionine. It is proved that this acid                in the body and deposited it in
regulates lipid metabolism in the body,
prevents fatty liver. In addition, methionine
                                                       subcutaneous tissue, omentum and other
belongs to the antioxidants, the valuable
                                                       tissues and organs.
properties which are already mentioned. And
yet, despite the fact that the curd is useful, it
is more than the specified standards are not             The basis of obesity is metabolic
recommended as the systematic excess                   disorders, when the process
consumption of cheese can lead to the
formation of kidney stones.                            formation of fat from foods
                                                       predominates over the processes of its
Do not forget that in the diet, apart from
vegetables, cottage cheese, vegetable oil, but
daily include 150-200 grams of meat, poultry           decay. Most obesity is caused by
or fish, preferably boiled. The fact is that           systematic overeating;
during cooking of meat and fish goes into
the soup most of purin bases, which have an            crucial role is played not an absolute
adverse effect on metabolic processes. And             quantity and calorie
they are in the body fat of people and so
                                                       food consumed, and the degree of excess
In your menu must be milk, dairy products              of the needs of the human body,
(500 grams), slightly (10 grams) of butter,
two or three slices of black bread. Once a             dependent on energy costs and related to
the nature of work,
                                               - 10 times more likely to suffer diseases
physical activity, the conditions of         of large joints and spine;
absorption in the gastrointestinal and
                                               - Used in times more likely to suffer
other factors. Girls, on average more        from formation of kidney stones;
obese than boys,
                                               - 4 times more likely to suffer diseases
because at birth they have more              of the gall bladder;
pronounced development of
subcutaneous                                   - 3 times more likely to suffer from
                                             diabetes and skin diseases;
tissue. In addition to overeating, obesity
contributes to the predominance of fat in      - In overweight people are much more
food                                         likely are born weak children.

animal origin and light absorb
carbohydrates, excessive use
                                              When overweight, the body produces
butter, lard, fatty meats, baked foods,      more insulin. This,
sugar, sweets,
                                             turn, contributes to the delay of salts and
potatoes, and alcoholic beverages with       fluids in the body.
high caloric
                                              Today the prevailing view, confirmed
themselves and causing increased             by many objective
                                             Data, 6 health costs of overweight,
 Obesity increases the load on the bones     although there are some
and joints,
                                             interesting observations, questioning the
accompanied by pain and restriction of       absolute nature of this
mobility in joints supporting NOE
                                             approval: Norwegian nutritionist Hans
It promotes the development of diabetes      Valero says that women with
mellitus, cholelithiasis
                                             excess body weight from 10 to 20 kg live
atherosclerosis, heart disease, joints and   longer than those whose weight
many other diseases.
                                             considered ideal. Valero compared data
The main method of treatment of obesity      on life expectancy
- a rigorous and systematic compliance
                                             2 million Norwegians with data on the
diet and the requirements of a healthy       weight of their bodies and come to the
lifestyle.                                   conclusion that

 Overweight compared with lean:              body slim women (height in centimeters
minus 100 minus 10%)
                                              lime blossom, the fruit of fennel and
is less resistant to diseases than the body   peppermint leaf, put the mixture in

women, excess body weight which ranges        enamel ware, pour boiling water in a
between 10-20 kg. For                         ratio of 1:20 (1 part of raw materials

Men are either overweight is a risk factor.   20 parts water), cover and put in a pan or
  Excess fluid content leads to the fact
that in the vessels                           Larger water. On such a water bath,
                                              stirring, hold
increasing pressure. That is why
overweight suffer from hypertension in 2      boiled 15 min., then cool and strain Take
                                              1 glass 2-3 times
times more likely than people of normal
weight.                                       a day for 8-10 weeks.

  Struggling with obesity, it is necessary      * Mix together 40 g of frangula bark, 15
to reduce the amount of food and              g dandelion root, fruit and parsley
                                              fennel, mint leaves, pour 2 cups boiling
intervals between its receptions. Feed on     water 2 tablespoons. L of the mixture and
preferably predominantly
                                              insist 40 minutes. Drink the whole brew
lentils, use sour seasonings with vinegar,    in the morning on an empty stomach.
there are crumbs and barley                   Every 3-4 weeks

bread. You can reduce the number of           admission to take a break for 5-10 days.
meals up to 1 times a day.
                                                * Mix together 80 g of blackberry
  Of the procedures can be                    leaves, 10 g of birch leaves and leaf
recommended for sunbathing, douches. I
                                              coltsfoot. The infusion is prepared in the
personally advise people to lose weight is    proportion of 1:20. Take 1 glass 2
smaller, more moving and
                                              times a day, morning and before dinner.
regular exercise.                             After every 3-4 weeks to receive

FFF                                           take a break for 5-10 days.

                    Recipes                     * When obesity help baths broth p.
                                              recta goose. 50-100 g dry

                                              grass on a bucket of water, bring to a boil
  * Mix equal quantities of flowers of        and boil on low heat for 15 minutes.
elderberry black, chamomile,
After every 3-4 weeks for admission to       reception of these concoctions should
take a break for 5-10 days.
                                             eating cucumbers, eggplants, squash, and
  * To reduce the appetite should take       cabbage with apples.
infusion from corn
                                              * Mix together 60 g of bark buckthorn
stigmas 1 tbl.sp... l. 4-5 times per day     and 20 g.root dandelion, fruits, parsley,
before meals. Every 3-4 weeks
                                             fruits of fennel and mint leaves. Pour 0, 5
admission to take a break for 5-10 days.     L of boiling water 2 tbsp. l. mixture and

  * You can lose weight quickly, if within   insist 30 minutes. The whole mixture to
a few days not                               drink in the morning on an empty
                                             stomach. Every 3-4 weeks
use of salt. At the same time every day to
make a contrast                              admission to take a break for 5-10 days.

shower 15 min., replacing cold and warm        * Mix together 50 g of bark buckthorn
water every 15 c                             alder and 20 grams of dandelion root,

 Pour 0,5 L of boiling water 2 tbsp. l.      fruits of fennel (or dill), and peppermint
mixture and 15 min,                          leaves. Pour boiling water 0, 5 l

heated in a water bath. At 1 pm sieve and    2 tbsp. l. mixture, to insist 1 hour and
pour 1 glass 3-4                             filter. Take 1 glass of morning and

times a day every 3-4 weeks of taking a      evening. After every 3-4 weeks for
break to do with 5-10                        admission to take a break for 5-10 days.

days                                           * When obesity is useful to use milled
                                             bran. Before adding
 * Mix together 50 grams of Cystoseira
bearded and 25 g of liquorice and fruit      eats bran pour boiled water for 30
                                             minutes. fasting which the water
anise. After every 3-4 weeks for             drained.
admission to take a break for 5-10 days.
                                             l. 2-3 times a day.
Prepare and adopt infusion, as indicated
above.                                         * To lose weight of individual organs:
                                             breast, testes, hands, feet, etc.
 * Mix together 50 g herb yarrow, 25 g of
Cystoseira bearded, 20 g                     e. recommended daily lubricate these
                                             places ointment of the following
buckthorn bark, and 5 g of Juniper.          composition:
Prepare and adopt infusion, as
                                             mix thoroughly 1 tablespoon. L. dust
indicated vppe. Simultaneously with the      from the friction against each other
   grinding stones                                nitroglycerin. Selection of the drug carried
                                                  out individually, depending on the
   and 150 g of vinegar or juice of henbane.      characteristics of the patient and tolerability
   You can also lubricate alum. Through           of these drugs. In the second phase are
                                                  recommended, caffeine (sometimes
                                                  substantial relief is drinking a cup of coffee),
   every 3-4 weeks to make a break for 5-10
                                                  ergotamine, Bellurgan (combined
   days.                                          preparation containing ergotamine), midrin,
                                                  metisegid (sansert), Inderal (propanolal)
     * Cake beet suppresses appetite. During      kotapreson (clonidine). As the proven
   the use of oil cake cannot be                  involvement in the serotonin and
                                                  prostaglondins, there are very effective
   eat anything, because the food will have       means of reducing the level of those
   nothing to digest. If the cakes are            substances in the body. These include
                                                  Kurantil (dipyridamole, persantin),
                                                  indomethacin (indomethacin, indotsid),
                                                  acetylsalicylic acid (Propafenone)
   badly, they can be to flavor cream.            ciprogektadin (periaktin) metisergid. As in
                                                  the first case, the selection of drugs is
   Migraine in lupus.                             carried out individually based on individual
                                                  case and contraindications. Could be useful
                                                  drugs that reduce the overall anxiety
                                                  patients: anti-depressants and tranquilizers.
Significant advances in the treatment
                                                  This amitritilin, diazepam, etc. There is also
hemicrania not yet been reached, and talk
                                                  a significant number of innovative ways to
about the victory over the disease is not
                                                  treat disease. Because the reasons for his not
necessary. Nevertheless, given the right
                                                  completely clear, but each of them has a
drugs, subject to certain rules can achieve
                                                  right to exist, if the result brings. As
deceleration attacks and reduce their
                                                  mentioned above, except for violations of
intensity to a large extent. The main role in
                                                  the intracranial circulation, causes of
the prevention of attacks belongs to the
                                                  migraine may also serve other processes: a
regime: regular walks in the fresh air, food
                                                  variety of humoral factors directly acting on
intake, adequate sleep, etc. All that regulates
                                                  pain receptors and vascular head and skull,
the activities of the autonomic nervous
                                                  autonomic instability, reduced pain
system and reduces the likelihood of
                                                  threshold. In its most innovative techniques
exacerbations. Often, the beneficial
                                                  designed either for the common recovery of
influence regular exercise. However, if an
                                                  the organism, or one of the factors
attack is beginning or has begun, it is
                                                  influencing the pain threshold and
necessary medical treatment to remove the
                                                  autonomic nervous system. In the first case
spasm of cerebral vessels, available in the
                                                  approach coincides with the
first phase. If successful, this task, the
                                                  recommendations of the official medicine
second phase does not occur, and warned of
                                                  (compliance regime - as whole recovering
the attacks. In the second phase -
                                                  factor), but achieved psychic methods.
vazoparalisis (expansion of vessels and their
walls are falling tone) are needed
                                                  Traditional tools and innovative treatments
vasoconstrictive drugs. The presence of the
first or second stage can be judged
                                                  also known to many folk remedies used to
accordingly by pallor or hyperemia of the
                                                  relieve pain attack. For example, one of
facial skin.
                                                  them - placing on the patient temple half
                                                  head of fresh lemon peel free of peel, etc.
In the first phase is effective reception of
                                                  All of them, apparently, are the kind of
such drugs as no-spa, nikoshpan, nicotinic
                                                  distraction and create an additional focus of
acid, nicotinamide, baralgin, small doses of
irritation in the cerebral cortex, as opposed     of spine and joints. In the case of cervical
to already existing, resulting in a balance or    migraine, this method is the method of
neutralize each other.                            selection, since will affect the direct cause of
                                                  the disease by restoring the balance of the
One of the most famous non-traditional            cervical vertebrae which create compression
methods of treatment - in all their               vertebral artery. When addressing the
acupuncture variants (classical acupuncture,      compression is achieved by rapid and
shiatsu, auriculo-therapy, tsubo therapy,         significant effect. It should be noted that, in
etc.) is widely represented in the arsenal        view of the widespread destruction of spine
against hemicrania. Because the impact            - osteochondrosis and vertebral artery
occurs reflexively through the autonomic          compression are often so manual therapy
nervous system, which plays a significant         brings relief often in the absence of cervical
role in this disease, there is a significant      migraine "pure." One type of manual
effect in preventing attacks, and in their        medicine - osteopathy - suggests the impact
coping. According to the theory of                on the bones of the skull, based on the
meridians the main cause of migraine pain -       assumption that violations of the mobility of
redundancy or deficiency, i.e. violation of       joints and the relationship between the facial
the circulation of vital energy "chi" in the      bones and brain is likely to disrupt blood
meridian of the "triple heater." In addition to   circulation and microcirculation
the overall impact on the meridians to            cerebrospinal fluid and, ultimately, to the
restore the circulation of energy, applied        migraine . The impact is slightly pressing on
symptomatic points: TR10, TR21, TR 23,            different parts of the skull in the breathing
VB43, and LG4. Variety reflex - influence         cycle, as well as temporo-mandibular joint.
on the biologically active point the finger
Squeezing - Shiatsu. Headaches, including         The cause of migraine, its trigger may be a
migraine with used point of the scalp             certain smell. However, with smells, and
midline. Recommended for this method is           migraines can be cured. Already officially
also used for massage following local and         recognized this trend in medicine -
distal points.                                    aromatherapy, which if correctly applied,
                                                  gives very good results. Details are
1) VB14 - over the middle of the upper edge       described in the literature, we shall dwell
of eyebrow;                                       only on the methods of application: it can be
February), nose, place of convergence             aroma-smokers, baths, massage with
eyebrow arches;                                   essential oils, aroma-lamps, inhalation,
3) VB20 - the deepening of the mastoid            rubbing, use inside. It is widely known and
process;                                          popular Vietnamese balm "Golden Star" is
4) VB41 - the intersection of 4 and 5             just intended for aromatherapy. When a
metatarsal bones;                                 migraine (after individual matching) are
5) TR5 - dorsal surface of the forearm,           used essential oils, marjoram, geranium,
midway between the radius and ulna bones          lemon, clove, basil, chamomile, eucalyptus,
above the wrist joint in 3 - 5 cm (to find the    rosemary, pine, spruce, lavender, mint, rose,
most painful body part);                          ylang-ylang, Rhaponticum.
6) V60 - between the outer ankle and
Achilles tendon;                                  Homeopathy is also used successfully and is
                                                  used to treat migraine. Enumerate
Other varieties of reflexology is the impact      homeopathic products it makes no sense
on the listed point by other methods: metal       because in this kind of treatment anywhere
plates (usually copper), steel balls, or use      else, the principle of individuality.
points only certain anatomical region
(auricular acupuncture, craniopunktur).           It is impossible not to mention the already
                                                  widely known as psychoanalysis. Under the
Recently, quite a widespread manual therapy       direction of psychology and medicine
pathema is a manifestation of a variety of          headaches.
psychological processes. The body
accumulates a variety suppressed and
repressed emotions, which are realized in
the form of muscle clamps, physical blocks,
                                                       2. Melissa. 15 Gr. Herbs for a glass of
etc. So the headache is the projection of
                                                    boiled water. Insist, encased by 30

In the course of psychoanalytical sessions          minutes, drain. Take 1-2 tablespoons 5-6
set an episode in the life of the patient,          times per day.
event, act, which forced out of
consciousness and manifest in the form of           Used for: pain in my heart, palpitations,
headaches. Realizing this event, the patient        insomnia, colitis in
internally resolves your problem, which,
together with the pain ceases to exist. Very
                                                    stomach, flatulence, renal colitis, vertigo,
interesting and promising is the section of
psychology of neuro-linguistic                      headache
programming. One very effective method -
change oculomotor stereotype. It is proved          pain, noise in the ears, anemia, as means
that any psychological process, including           of calming the nervous system,
pain and launching an attack corresponds to
a definite direction of gaze, albeit very           painful monthly
briefly. Established the direction of gaze
(during the attack memories) is proposed to
modify and fix him backwards. You can
reinforce it with a rotation or tilt of the head.
This method is used to prevent the attack at           3. Oregano, herb. 1 tablespoon of dry
the beginning. And in conclusion I would            grass on the 0,5 liter of boiling water.
like to mention the treatment of color. Color
has a diverse and strong influence on people.       Insist, encased in 30 minutes, drain.
So blue (or light) has a sedative effect, the       Taking on 0,5 - 1 glass 2-3
red is alarming, yellow increases
susceptibility to motion sickness etc. When         times a day for headaches. Pregnant
migraine recommended color blue-green
                                                    women should not drink.
palette. It is therefore recommended for
people suffering hemicrania, hang your
room wallpaper of the color, and during the
attack to use the same lamps and blinds.
                                                       4. Menthol oil. Pharmacy drug. With a
                                                    cold and runny nose with
                                                    headache of menthol oil to anoint the
                                                    forehead, temples, behind the ears, neck.

      1. Peppermint - 1 part; oregano - 1 part;     Good relieves headaches in the
    Cyprus - 1 part.                                beginning of the disease.

      1 tablespoon of the mixture at 500 gr.
    Boiling water. Insist, encased by 30
                                                       5. Tea, green or black. Make a good
    minutes, drain. Take 1 / 2 - 1 glass of         brew of green or
black tea and add a pinch of mint there.
Drink a glass of this tea. Through

15-20 minutes is a headache.                  Herbal Medicine

Nervous system

                                              If you're prone to migraines, try to drink
                                              herbal infusions recommended regularly
Migraine                                      as a preventive measure. You can help
                                              the following herbs.

                                              Daisy (Chamomilla recutitd): with a dull
Anyone who has ever had a migraine in         headache accompanied by nausea, to
my life, knows that this is not just a        facilitate a more severe nausea, add a bit
severe headache. The concept of               of ginger (Zingiber officmalis).
migraine, generally speaking, includes
acute pain, often passing through one         Pyrethrum
eye, possible disturbances of vision or       (Chrysanthemumparthenium): This is a
flashes of light in his eyes. Often when a    wonderful tool, it should be taken daily
migraine nausea and vomiting, and             to prevent migraine "cold" type, which is
sensitivity to bright light.                  accompanied by emo scheniem tight
                                              bandage around the entire head. This
                                              herb is widely available in tablet form.

AROMATHERAPY                                  ROSEMARY (Rosmarinus officmalis):
                                              help in cases where a cause for migraines
                                              is stress and when relief brings the heat
                                              applied to the head.
Since during the migraine attack sense of
smell changes and often acute, apply
methods of aromatherapy, certainly
better than between attacks, you can try      Neck massage AGAINST migraine
the treatment of odors at a very early
stage of migraine, and only if you know
that the smell is well tolerated. Necessary
to establish the distinction between "hot"    1. When stiff and sore neck muscles,
migraine, when blood vessels are dilated,     massage them with circular movements.
and "cold" when there is excessive            Try here is that the arm above the elbow
compression of the vessels. In the first      were relaxed.
case, relief will bring the cold, and maybe
just a cool compress on his forehead,
while also use peppermint or lavender
oil. For migraine "cold" type of reach hot    2. If possible, let someone massage your
compress on your forehead or back of the      neck. During the massage he shall also
neck area, is also useful oil from            supports your head from the forehead.
                                            vitamins B and subsequent, does this
                                            help reduce the number of attacks.
                                            Between bouts do can be useful exercises
CAUSES The cause for migraine               that remove tension in the neck and
headaches can serve a variety of factors:   shoulders, and massage those areas.
hormonal changes, stress, stuffy
atmosphere, noise, smells and certain       Meals for headache, migraine
foods. If migraine attacks recur, need      Angelina Moiseenko
professional help. Self-medication should   PROHIBITED:
be widely applied as a preventive
measure.                                    Mature cheeses, chocolate, MSG (it
                                            contains bouillon cubes, spices), chicken
HOMEOPATHY                                  liver, sausage, citrus fruit, strong tea,
                                            coffee, sweeteners containing aspartame
During the attack, try to use one of the    in its composition,
following means.                            products with high content of amino acid
                                            tryptophan - egg whites, milk, beef, pork.
KALI BICH: with intense headache,           Products containing concentrate sugar
which is preceded by visual disturbances    (such as chocolate bars, milk and white
and nausea, and is more severe in hot on    chocolate), cream - contain tyramine (an
the year.                                   amino acid - the initiator of the
NATRUM MURIATICUM: with a strong,
pulsating headache with circles before      Limited:
the eyes and nausea, when a person
                                            Products containing starch (potatoes,
abruptly fades. The cause of migraine
may be menstruating.                        corn), as well as semolina, white bread,
                                            pasta - causes excessive release of insulin,
SILICA: in those cases when the pain        inducing a headache.
spreads from the back of the neck           Alcoholic beverages - especially beer and
through the entire head to the eye,         red wine.
usually on the right side, and is often
accompanied by vomiting.                    RECOMMENDED:

                                            Calcium - for example, 50 grams of
                                            sesame seeds on fructose (contains 500
Naturopathy                                 mg of calcium). 100 grams of sesame
                                            seeds contains 1,050 mg of calcium - 5
                                            times higher than in milk and 3 times
                                            higher than in the solid cheese.
To the diet should be taken very            Thus, 100 grams of sesame seeds for
carefully. Avoid tea, coffee, alcohol,      calcium - the equivalent of 500 ml of
particularly red wine, red meat, cheese,    milk or 300 grams of cheese.
chocolate, tomatoes and eggs. Get plenty    Walnuts - 5-6 pc. day. They contain
of eating fresh, raw salads and drink       magnesium and essential fatty acids,
more fluids, because dehydration can be     which lack in the diet contributes to
a provoking factor. Every day, take         headache.
Fish oils - contain marine cold-water fish welcome for everyday and everyhour more recipes:
(sardines, herring, mackerel, salmon).
Since this fatty fish, they
                           can be used 2-3
times a week.
                                                   and in left board check more links!
Lean poultry.
Crude vegetable oils - linseed oil, walnut
oil - 2-3 teaspoons a day,
Olive, soybean oil - 2-3 tablespoons per
day in raw form (add to salads).
Grains - buckwheat, oats, millet.
Bread – whole meal, gray, black, with the
Vegetables - cauliflower, carrots, beets,
brussels sprouts, broccoli, spinach,
turnips, pumpkin.

Also note that the headaches may
provoke venous congestion that occurs
when an irregular stool, constipation. To
prevent constipation it is recommended
in the morning on an empty stomach to
drink a glass of clean water at room
temperature, or a glass of plum, apple
juice with pulp, pumpkin juice. Delete
the morning hot tea, bananas, pears
(inhibit peristalsis). Venous congestion
at locks also contributes to the
development of varicose veins and
hemorrhoids. The health of the intestine
is dependent general condition of the
organism as a whole, including
headaches, caused by spasm of cerebral

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