Waybill Request by yyc68236


									                                        Waybill Request

This is only for DOCUMENT SHIPMENTS ONLY. For all other
shipments, come see Ian or Stephen in EFS Stores first.
    1. Complete and email this form to stores@eng.uwo.ca before 12:00pm. A PDF waybill
       will be returned to you via email.
    2. Print this waybill and attach to package.
    3. Bring your package down before 3:30pm.

Please fill in all applicable fields.

Company Name
Contact Name
Address 1
Address 2
City                                                Province/State
Postal/ZIP Code                                     Phone #
Residence? (Y/N)
Speedcode or 3rd Party Account Number

Choose shipment speed (mark with X):

1. First Overnight (8:00am-10:00am Mon-Fri)
2. Priority Overnight (10:30am weekdays, 1:30pm Saturday)
3. Fedex 2-Day (4:30pm business, 7:00pm residence)
4. Saturday (available for 2 and 3, charges apply)

Choose packaging type (available from EFS Stores):

1. FedEx Envelope
2. FedEx Pak
3. FedEx Box
4. FedEx Tube (limited supply, call 88645 for availability)

Name of Requestor:
Email Address:

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