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                        Ross Hucks
                15 March - 20 April 2008

‘Wallflower’ is an exhibition that uses flowers and road signs to highlight
how Australia is changing under the influence of mankind. Whilst I was
living in Brisbane as a child I saw cow paddocks being changed into suburbs.
I now live in Cairns and can see the same thing happening to the rainforests
of the region.                                                                  F L O O R TA L K :
                                                                                SATURDAY 15 MARCH -
I have drawn examples of flowers from primarily the Daintree region             2PM
because this is one of the most biologically diverse regions on the planet.     Ross Hucks shares his
Whilst roads and suburbs threaten this diversity, many of the flowering         thoughts on artworks in his
plants from the region have made it into suburbia because of their beauty       exhibition Wallflower.
and can be found by the roadside throughout Cairns.                             Ross is a mixed media artist
                                                                                combining painting, collage
Both road signs and flowers may seem incongruous but both use colour            and engraving.
and tone to catch the viewer’s eye.
                                                                                E X H I B I T I O N
I have drawn inspiration from an eclectic mix of contemporary Australian
artists. I am hoping to run a competition in conjunction with the exhibition.
                                                                                15 MARCH - 2.30PM
Prizes will be awarded to those who can identify the sources/artists/
artwork. By doing so I hope to not only improve people’s knowledge
about contemporary Australian artists but at the same time parody
the contemporary Australian art scene, which is dominated by art
                                                                                    THE CAIRNS
                                                                                 REGIONAL GALLERY
Ross Hucks                                                                          EXHIBITIONS

                                                                                    Through the Community
                                                                                       Exhibitions Program,
                                                                                     Cairns Regional Gallery
                                                                                 profiles the work of artists and
                                                                                  organisations throughout Far
                                                                                        North Queensland

         Ross Hucks, ‘Dogs Bane’, Acrylic, enamel, vinyl lettering on plywood