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									                                                                              PCGN Newsletter
                                                                                 August 2010

                                            “Cultivating Communities One Garden
                                                          at a Time”
Upcoming Events:

                                                                                       Community Garden Picnic
How to Save Your Own
                                                                              Thanks to everyone who came out to our first annual
     Vegetable Seeds
     Sunday Sept. 5th                                                           Community Garden Picnic. Gardeners got to tour
  2pm @ Ecology Park                                                               Ecology Park Food Garden & Ashburnham
  Free Hands-on workshop!                                                     Community Gardens. Following the tours, folks had a                                                         chance to share gardening stories, tips, successes
     for more information                                                             and of course food from the harvest!
    MNR Community
      Garden Harvest
         Celebration                            PCGN Photo Contest –Winner!
      Thurs. Sept. 9th                       The photo to your left was submitted by Anne
             12-1pm                        Langdon of the Pingo Pongo garden. Selected by
   ----------------------------           PCGN members, the winner of the contest received
       PCGN Monthly
                                            a $25 gift certificate to Green-Up/ Ecology Park
 Thursday Sept. 23rd                       which she graciously choose to hand over to the
             3:30 PM                                     garden co-coordinators.
      @ Peterborough
     To RSVP contact:
  PCGN Members Touring                   Gleaning Program: continues to provide low-income people bus rides to a local farm,
   Eco Park @ the Picnic                  in order to pick fresh fruits and vegetable. If you would like to be a gleaner or have extra
                                          produce to be gleaned, Contact #705-749-9977 & leave your name, address and number.
                                           Employment Opportunity: The Trent Community Garden is hiring an OWSP eligible
                                         student to work in the garden this Fall & Spring. Contact for more information
                                            Volunteer Opportunity: The Alzheimer Society is looking for someone with a passion for
                                         gardening & the outdoors to visit and converse with an elderly client in the early stages of dementia.
                                               Please contact if you are interested or have any questions.

 Community Garden Plots
 Although next spring may seem a
long way off, there is work that we
can do this fall to help ensure more
people have access to garden plots
 next spring. Let us know if you are
  looking for a garden plot in the           If you have any questions or comments or would like to learn more about the
  County or City of Peterborough                    Peterborough Community Garden Network, please contact us at:
                                                                     Phone: 705.745.3238 ex. 205
                                                        Or Drop By: 378 Aylmer St. N (Peterborough Green-Up)

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