ActivBoard USB Driver Setup by fuw70346

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									ActivBoard USB Driver Setup
[ Windows ]
  •   To perform the setup steps on this guide, you will need Administrator Rights to the system
  •   Steps\images on this guide were created on a Windows XP system
         o Steps and images may vary depending on your system and configuration
         o Use the following link to view setup steps for other operating systems (PDF format, no

  •   When connecting your ActivBoard via USB, after a new ActivDriver installation, you need to
      manually setup your USB ActivDriver (using the steps on this guide)
  •   IF the USB ActivDriver is not properly setup, THEN:
         o ActivBoard will not respond
         o ActivControl icon (next to the time, on system tray) will display a Red ‘X’

  •   Every USB Port used to connect an ActivBoard will need to be setup separately (using the steps
      on this guide)
         o Example: Laptop = 2 USB ports
                    •    You connect ActivBoard to ‘USB port 1’ and set driver
                    •    You unplug board and take away laptop....
                    •    Next time you connect board, you use ‘port 2’ instead of ‘port 1’
                           o ‘Port 2’ is not set = board not detected
                           o Setup needs to be performed while connected to port 2
                           o Or, unplug board and connect to already set ‘port 1’

                                                                                                                AP Rev 200607311656
ActivBoard USB driver setup Steps
   1. Open “System Properties”
            a. Right-click “My Computer” icon (usually on your Desktop)
            b. Select “Properties”

   2. Open “Device Manager”
            a. Select the “Hardware” tab

                                                                          AP Rev 200607311656
      b. Click the “Device Manager” button

3. Expand “Human Interface Devices”
      a. Click on the “plus (+)” sign (left-side of ‘Human Interface Devices’)

                                                                                 AP Rev 200607311656
4. Start the “Hardware Update Wizard”
      a. Right-click the “USB Human Interface Device” that appears with the “yellow”
          exclamation mark.
      b. Select “Update Driver

                                                                               AP Rev 200607311656
The “Hardware Update Wizard” will open after you select “Update Driver” (see previous step). On
Windows XP systems, always select the very bottom option (on all the Wizard screens), and then click
Next until the update process is complete.

   1. Select “No, no this time” (bottom option)
   2. Click “Next”

   3. Select “Install from a list or specific location [Advance]” (bottom option)
   4. Click “Next”

                                                                                       AP Rev 200607311656
5. Select “Don’t search. I will choose the driver to install” (bottom option)
6. Click “Next”

7. Select “USB ACTIVboard” (bottom option)
8. Click “ Next”

                                                                                AP Rev 200607311656
Our driver is (for the moment) not digitally signed with Microsoft, therefore it is not recognized and you
will get a Warning message.

   9. Click “Continue Anyway”

Wizard will continue installation

                                                                                          AP Rev 200607311656
   10. Click “Finish”, after installation completes

After a successful ActivDriver setup:
   • The yellow exclamation mark, previously in the Device Manger window, will be gone
   • The USB Human Interface Device which previously showed the yellow exclamation mark will
        now be listed as “USB ACTIVboard”
   • The “Red-X” should no longer be present on your ACTIVcontrol Icon (system tray, next to time)

   11. You can now close the ‘Device Manager’ and “Systems Properties” windows

                                                                                   AP Rev 200607311656
You can now start using your “ActivBoard”!!

                                              AP Rev 200607311656

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