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					Population Growth & Urban Sprawl                                      Na me:

Directions: Print this worksheet and use i t to record your work as you progress through the online proc edure.

I.   Patterns of Evidence

     1.   From the Uni ted Sta tes Geological Survey maps, describe human
          population trends both in size and in distribution over the past 200 years
          of American history.

     2. Describe land use trends over the 40 year period shown by the Phoenix Land use
          maps 1955-1995.

     3. Wha t conclusions can be drawn regarding Phoenix popula tion densi ties from
        1990 to 1995?

     4. Describe pa tterns of popula tion change in and around metro Phoenix.
5. Metro Phoenix is referred to as a “mul tiple -nuclei” city. U sing the map
   showing the 24 different ci ties composing metro Phoenix, describe
   how mul ti-nuclei add to urban sprawl.

6. How does Phoenix compare wi th other MAJOR ci ty centers with regard
   to land usage?

7. Describe developmen t and consequences shown in the Albuquerque aerial photos spanning
   the fif ty-one years between 1955 and 1996.

8. Describe the “hea t dome effect” tha t forms over Atlanta . Compare
   tempera tures with surrounding, non-urbanized, area s. Desc ribe how the Atlanta
   hea t dome affects local weather.
II.   Alternative Strategies

      1.   Examine all of the city transforma tions. Note the types of c hanges

           added to each of these ci ty streets. Describe how thes e
           transforma tions change from vehicle centered environments to people
           centered environments.

      2. Wha t observa tions and informa tion did you collect as you explored
         the “New Urbanist Neighborhood?” Be c ertain you “look” to the
         right to see more of thi s neighborhood.

      3. Describe the major design fea tures of the NRDC’s “green design” office
         building in Santa Monica.