BODYPUMP is a barbell training class designed to give by zachmorris


									What is BODYPUMP?                                         How You Can Expect to Feel...
BODYPUMP is a barbell-training class designed to
                                                          Before Class
give you maximum results in the shortest amount of        It is perfectly normal to feel apprehensive and nervous
time. Low on complexity, but high in fun, BODYPUMP        before your first BODYPUMP class. Typically, adults
has all the benefits of weight training including         do not like to be “new” at something and they have
increased strength, increased metabolism and the          high expectations for their first performance. It is
“feel good” factor associated with a great total body     important to remember that everyone in class, even
workout.                                                  the instructor, did his or her first BODYPUMP class at
                                                          one time, and there will be more new BODYPUMPers
                                                          after you. Once you get your first class out of the way,
                                                          a lot of the apprehension will disappear. Remember,
                                                          there is safety in numbers. You will also be amazed at
                                                          how many other BODYPUMPers will help you if you
                                                          need it.
                                                          During Class
                                                          The objective of your first few classes is to understand
                                                          the format and the equipment, as well as to learn basic
                                                          technique. After that, you can start to concentrate on
                                                          the intensity of your workout.
                                                          You will also be amazed at how simple the class is to
                                                          follow. Sure, everyone has moments in class when
                                                          they are a little bit unsure of what is going on. Just
What to Wear                                              keep in mind that it takes two to three classes to get
The most important thing to wear is comfortable work-     the “lingo” down and to feel most comfortable with
out attire. Most people wear track pants, shorts and t-   the movements. That is why we have outlined what
shirts, while some feel more comfortable in Lycra.        weights you should use for your first couple of class-
Also, be sure to wear comfortable athletic shoes. Most    es, which is very important.
importantly, be free to move and comfortable to sweat.    After Class
What to Bring                                             You will be excited to get your first class under your
                                                          belt, and hopefully will be looking forward to your next
Bring your energy, a towel and a water bottle. That is    class. It is important to know that you will be sore.
all you will need. Some people prefer to wear weight-     With any new workout or at the start of any exercise
training gloves, but they are certainly not essential.    program, you experience muscle soreness. This is due
Wait and see how you feel after your first couple of      to an unaccustomed demand being placed on your
classes before deciding to invest.                        muscles. Muscle soreness, in simple terms, is your
                                                          body adapting to a new experience.
Arrive 15 Minutes Before Class                            Extreme muscle soreness can easily turn you off exer-
It is important to arrive 15 minutes before class to      cise. For this reason, it is crucial to gradually build up
meet the instructor. During these 15 minutes, the         your workout; weight recommendations are so impor-
instructor will ensure that you are comfortable during    tant. There will be nothing gained by trying to perform
your first class and answer any questions you may         at the level of a world-class athlete right from the start!
have. The instructor will ask you such questions as:      Everyone is different in terms of where they experi-
                                                          ence the most muscle soreness. It really depends on
- Have you ever exercised?
                                                          what exercises you have done in the past. Often times,
- Have you ever weight trained?
                                                          people are most sore on the second day after they
- Have you participated in group fitness?
- Do you have any injuries or problems that might
affect your ability to participate in the class?          If you experience anything that seems like an injury,
                                                          rather than muscle soreness, please consult the
These answers will help the instructor decide what        instructor after the class. It may be a technique error
approach you should take in class and how to modify       or alternatively, if it is a pre-existing condition, the
the exercises, if necessary.                              instructor can help you with an alternate exercise.
When Should You Do Your Next Class
BODYPUMP is designed to be done two or three times
per week, and you should not exceed three times in
one week. It is not a case of the more you do the bet-
ter. In fact, you get diminished returns when you do
the class too much.          BODYPUMP should be
approached like regular weight training, where the
days of rest (from weight training) in between are as
important as the workout itself.
For at least your first month of BODYPUMP, twice a
week is sufficient. A schedule that allows for two days
of rest between class experiences is perfect.

                                                                                                  What You Need for Class
                                                                                                  When you first walk into the room, you will sense a bit
Where to Stand                                                                                    of mayhem and it will seem like everybody knows
                                                                                                  what to do, except for you. That too, is perfectly nor-
The best place to stand is within clear view of the                                               mal. Everybody is responsible for setting up his or her
instructor. It is not necessary to be at the front, but try                                       own equipment for the class. The equipment you will
                                                                                                  need to grab and put in a spot is:
to be in the center of the room.
                                                                                                  - A step and 2 risers
It is important to avoid mirrors and to concentrate on                                            - A bar
the instructor. He or she is the best source of visual                                            - 2 collars
technique information. Mirrors are distracting and                                                - A selection of weights (specific information is provid-
sometimes relay unnecessary information.                                                          ed in the next section and in Chart 1 attached).
                                                                                                  General weight recommendations for the first class:
                                                                                                  Women – use only four medium and two small plates.
                                                                                                  Men - use two large, four medium and two small

                                                                                                  How to Approach Your First Three Classes
                                                                                                  Weight recommendations are outlined below for your
                                                                                                  first three classes. This approach might seem conser-
               Women       Men      Women     Men      Women         Men
                                                                                                  vative. However, remember that your initial goal is to
               Small       Medium   Small     Medium   Small         Medium
                                                                              Light weight        learn the class structure, equipment and basic tech-
  Warmup                                                                      is essential.
                                                                                                  nique, not to lift as much weight as you can.
                                                                              Stop and place

  Squats       M+S         Large    M+S       Large    M+S           Large
                                                                              the bar down.
                                                                                                  These weights are low-end suggestions only. If you
                                                                              without weights,
                                                                              if necessary.
                                                                                                  feel as though you have a higher level of conditioning
                                                                              As noted in
                                                                                                  as it relates to the class, you can experiment by
               M           M+S      M         M+S      M             L
                                                                              squats, take an     increasing the weight. It is important to know, howev-
  Chest                                                                       extra break,
                                                                              if necessary.       er, that if you have made an incorrect weight selection,
                                                                              If you have a       you should feel comfortable stopping at any point
                                                                              history of back
  Back and     M           L        M         L        M             L        pain, be sure       within the track to either rest or adjust your weight.
  Hamstrings                                                                  to stay with this
                                                                              weight initially,
                                                                                                  Alternatively, you can start the track with your weight
                                                                              even if it seems
                                                                                                  selection and, if your muscles fatigue, simply continue
  Triceps      S           M+S      S         M+S      M             M+S
                                                                              The smallest
                                                                              muscle groups
                                                                                                  the track without weight. (*See attached chart)
                                                                              require the
                                                                              smallest weights.
  Biceps       S           M+S      M         M+S      M             M+S      See triceps.
                                                                              There are
                                                                                                  Talk to the Instructor After Class
  Lunges       M or no     M+S      M or no   M+S      M             L
                                                                              options with the
                                                                              lunge. Body
                                                                                                  Remember to talk to the instructor after class. For
               weight               weight                                    weight may be
                                                                              ample load until
                                                                                                  example, let him or her know how you felt and if any-
                                                                                                  thing was particularly challenging for you. The
                                                                              There are various
                                                                                                  instructor will then make recommendations for your
  Shoulders    S           M        S         M        M             M+S      exercises in the
                                                                              shoulder track.
                                                                                                  next class.
                                                                              Start light, and
                                                                              make changes,       Most of all have fun during your first BODYPUMP
                                                                              if necessary.

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