Introduction to Universe Documentation by fuw70346


									    Introduction to
    Universe Documentation

  Ken R. Hall, Ph.D.
Ken R. Hall Consultants
  Portland, Oregon
           Speaker’s Qualifications

• Ken Hall is a PICK/SHIMS consultant and
  owner of Ken R. Hall Consultants.
• Ken has over 25 years experience developing
  applications in PICK, UniVerse, and Unidata.
• Ken is a reseller of IBM U2 (UniVerse) and
  Raining Data database products.
• Ken has developed business applications for
  distributors, retailers, mail order houses,
  manufacturers, and leasing companies.
           Learning Objectives

• As a result of this presentation, you will
  become familiar with several sources of
  UniVerse information.
• By the end, you should have a better idea
  where to go for additional information
  about UniVerse.
         Presentation Agenda

I will introduce you to:
•   IBM’s UniVerse Documentation.
•   A free UniVerse training class on the web.
•   A web source for PICK & U2 publications
•   U2UG - International U2 User Group and its
    knowledge base
              IBM UniVerse Documentation

• To view or get copy of UniVerse documentation, follow
  the link below:
   Found on the web at:

   Click on UniVerse version that you want.
   Choose “install doc set” to download the
     entire UV documentation set with installer.
            IBM UniVerse Documentation

• Manuals are available for each UniVerse
• A CD with Windows client installer was included
  in your UniVerse installation media.
• Documentation is a set of manuals in hyper-
  linked pdfs that are displayed with Adobe
• The following slides with give you an overview of
  the available material.
           IBM UniVerse Manuals

• UniVerse System Description
  – Overview of UniVerse components and

• UniVerse User Reference
  – TCL command reference document
  – Good if you have an idea what you want to do
  – Organizes list of commands by function
           IBM UniVerse Manuals

• Administering UniVerse
  – Shows how to do important functions like
    uvbackup and uvrestore

• Guide to UniVerse for PICK users
  – Good place to get your bearings about UniVerse
  – Uses terms you are used to
  – Easy to read
           IBM UniVerse Manuals

• Guide to ProVerb
  – Discussion of scripting languages, PROC and
• Guide to Retrieve
  – Discussion of LIST and SORT and other features
    of the report generating commands
• UniVerse Editor
  – How to use ED, the command line editor
           IBM UniVerse Manuals

• UniVerse BASIC
  – An overview of the BASIC programming language
    in UniVerse

• UniVerse BASIC Commands
  – A Programmer’s reference manual by command
  – Good to refer to, hard to learn from
           IBM UniVerse Manuals

• UniVerse Install Guide
  – Good reference if you need to do an upgrade
  – Also see upgrade notes that come with a release
  – For the more technical user

• Additional manuals on advanced features
  – Advanced features not used on most SHIMS
           UniVerse Training
           available on the Web

• Web based UniVerse Training Class
  – Good over view of system structure
  – Written for non-PICK computer staff training
           UniVerse Documentation
           available on the Web

• JES – Jon Sisk’s PICK resource and
  training site

• Jonathan E. Sisk's
  Pick/BASIC: A Programmer's Guide
             Other UniVerse resources

• U2UG - International U2 User Group
  – Has email lists for user support
  – Requires free signup

• U2UG Knowledge Base
  – On their new web site (a work in process)
Thank You!
       Ken R. Hall
 Ken R. Hall Consultants

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