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					Union City Street Name Changes After 1926
In 1926 the Hudson County, New Jersey towns of West Hoboken and Union Hill passed a
vote to merge. Together they became, Union City, NJ. On January 2, 1926 most of the
street names were changed to reflect the new City boundaries. Most streets that ran East &
West Streets in West Hoboken & Union Hill were given numbers. Some streets that ran
North & South, also were renamed. There were other name changes after 1926. These are
also included on the lists below.     Use of this Hudson County Genealogical Society
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Union Hill old street name to new street name
Before 1926                       After 1926
Hackensack Plank Rd.                         32nd Street
Kossuth St.                                  33rd Street
Weehawken St.                                34th Street
Peter                                        34th Street
Franklin St.                                 34th Street
Jefferson St.                                35th Street
Blum St.                                     36th Street
Union PI.                                    37th Street
Lewis St.                                    38th Street
Gardner St.                                  39th Street
Morgan St.                                   40th Street
Bumbolt St.                                  41st Street
Liberty St.                                  42nd Street
Main St.                                     43rd Street
Columbia St.                                 44th Street
Fulton St.                                   45th Street
1st St.                                      46th Street
Roosevelt St.                                46th Street
2nd St.                                      46th Street
3rd St                                       47th Street
4th St.                                      48th Street
5th St.                                      49th Street
Spring St.                                   Bergenline Avenue
Clinton Ave.                                 New York Avenue
Hudson County Blvd                           Kennedy Boulevard
Broadway                                     Broadway
Brown St.                                    Brown St.
Central Ave.                                 Central Ave.
Hudson Ave.                                  Hudson Ave.
Liberty Ave.                                 Liberty Ave.
Lincoln St.                                  Lincoln St.
Palisade Ave.                                Palisade Ave.
Park Ave.                                    Park Ave.
Pleasant Ave.                                Pleasant Ave.
Roosevelt St.                                Roosevelt St.