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					                      Screenings July 20&21, 2007 beginning 9:00PM
                                Oberlin College, Oberlin OH

            Touched By Truth                                          For Those Who Stayed
                                                                      Directed by GCCUIC of the UMC
            Directed by Karen M. Brummund
                                                                      Produced by Hilly Hicks
            Friday night (5min)
                                                                      Friday night (8min)

            The Invisible Gaze                                        Directed by Nick Lacy
            Directed by Karen M. Brummund
                                                                      Produced with David Sanchez
            Friday night (5min)
                                                                      Friday night (5min)

            Poem of 1000 Sheets                                       Contemplation of Death
            Directed by Karen M. Brummund                             Directed by Arion M. Lillard
            Friday night (6min)                                       Friday night (17min)

                                                                      One Body, Many Parts
            The Return of the Holy Relics                             Directed by Alice I. Rose
            Directed by Nicholas J. Furris
                                                                      Produced with Christ Church United Methodist
            Saturday night (19min)
                                                                      Friday night (4min)

                                                                      Cultural Shock-From Nairobi to Copenhagen
            Hell on Earth                                             Directed by Anders Laugesen
            Directed by Sarah Gibson
                                                                      Produced by Peter Williams
            Saturday night (13min)
                                                                      Saturday night (28min)

As part of its fiftieth anniversary celebration, “On Being Christian Together,” the Faith and Order Commission
of the National Council of the Churches of Christ in the USA is sponsoring Oikumene, a festive screening of ten
short films chosen to illuminate the complexity, challenges, joy, and beauty of being Christian together. The
films, selected for their capacity to visually communicate compelling insights into the unity of Christ’s Church
and the ecumenical tasks of our time, address such themes as the healing of memories, cultural difference,
epistemological fragmentation, and personal transformation. Their aesthetic approaches vary as widely as
the communities that produced them. From the gritty abstractions of Karen Brummund to the historiography
of Nick Lacy to the poignant contemplative approach of Arion Lillard and the General Commission on Christian
Unity and Interreligious Concerns of the United Methodist Church to the whimsical dancing body parts of Alice
Rose to the crisp documentary style of Sarah Gibson, Nicholas Furris and Anders Laugesen, this collection
proclaims “one Lord, one faith, one baptism” (Eph. 4:5) in the diverse voices of our time.