Schools are churning out the unemployable by hmh17149


									Schools are churning out
the unemployable
‘There’s a big difference between people passing
exams and being ready for work.’

                                   Schools are churning out the unemployable
                                        The Sunday Times, 21 February 2010
‘We have children who can barely read and write
scoring high marks in their Sats because it makes the
school, and therefore the politicians, look good.’

                                    Schools are churning out the unemployable
                                         The Sunday Times, 21 February 2010
‘We have exam boards competing to offer the lowest
pass mark because it allows heads to fulfil their GCSE

                                    Schools are churning out the unemployable
                                         The Sunday Times, 21 February 2010
‘… an eleven year experience … whose net effect has
been to leave many of them with a smattering of
certificates, and a strong feeling of not having been
adequately prepared for the rigours and complexities
of real life.’

                                           ‘What’s the point of school?’
                                                     Guy Claxton 2008
‘Young people often feel uninspired and demoralised
because their experience in the classroom does not
take into account their individual passions and talents.’

                                           ‘Six Steps to Change Manifesto’
                                                   Edge Foundation 2009
‘…. employers and universities do not judge students
solely on the basis of examination performance: they are
also looking for students who can take responsibility,
are innovative in their approach to solving problems and
can work effectively in teams, as well as individually.’

                                      Developing Enterprising Young People
                                                 OFSTED November 2005
‘From 2010 ‘employability skills’ and ‘transferable
skills’ will be embedded throughout the curriculum.’

                                                           ‘The Talent Challenge’
                               DCSF Talent & Enterprise Taskforce September 2009
There are seven main judgements about pupils’ outcomes …
6. The extent to which pupils develop workplace and other
skills that will contribute to their future economic well-being

                                          ‘The framework for school inspection’
                                                       OFSTED January 2010
‘A Framework for Personal Learning & Thinking Skills’
                                          QCA 2007
‘… These skills, together with the functional skills of
English, mathematics and information and
communication technology (ICT), play a crucial role in
successful learning, work and life.’

                     ‘Guidelines on recording personal learning and thinking skills in the Diploma’
                                                                                          QCA 2008
      ‘Time Well Spent’
CBI & DCSF March 2007
‘… skills that employers and higher education want to
see developed. For progression purposes, it is vital
that young people can articulate the skills they
possess in applications for jobs or courses, and during

                    ‘Guidelines on recording personal learning and thinking skills in the Diploma’
                                                                              QCA January 2008
What have I    Which skill     What profile     How can I use
achieved?     was required?   am I creating?      all this?

 In school     Enterprise       Character       Curriculum
  Extra-      Key & Wider      Personality
curricular     Key Skills                         Subject
 Home &         PLTS &
 hobbies       Functional                       Career Path
 Holidays        SEAL                            Personal
  Sports       Employer’s
‘The World of Work programme adds an exciting new
dimension in bringing learning into a vocational
setting. Cadbury's continuing contribution in the two
great manufacturing cities of Sheffield and Birmingham
is helping shape not only a new and relevant
curriculum, but a better awareness and preparation for
the world of work and employability in today's tougher
economic and business climate.'

                                    Neil Makin, Chairman, Cadbury Foundation
'We have a responsibility to ensure that young people
come out of schools and colleges aware of their
individual employability skills. The profile of each
student will be quite distinctive and they need to
discover this and reflect on this before they apply for
employment. It's not something to be considered just
before leaving school or when exams are out of the
way. It should be an essential part of the learning
                                 Gary Drabble, 14-19 Co-ordinator, Sheffield Council
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