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					                                                                                    South Bay Explorers

Navigator’s Log                                                                     Volume IV, Issue 3

Greetings to all Explorers and
                                                                                    November 2008
their Guides!
 The days are getting shorter and
the nights colder as we move                                                        Upcoming Gatherings
through Fall. It's a time of year                                                   Induction–Boat Regata
that brings many important op-                                                      Pasta Palooza
portunities for our adventurous
First off, congratulations to all of                                                Inside this issue:
the Explorers and Guides who at-       what you do: put down this news-             Welcome New Members     3
tended Camp Surf and have right-       letter and go get the brightest
                                                                                    Patch Mania             4
fully earned their green beads         marking pen you have.
for attendance of an expedition                                                     Outfitter’s Log         5
                                       Okay, here's the tricky part.
gathering. You can read about all
                                       Take a deep breath and,... with              YMCA Pride              7
of the fun everybody had in the
                                       unwavering strength, determina-
Expedition Report.                                                                  Pasta Palooza           8
                                       tion and conviction,... march
If this was your first time to Ex-     straight up to your calendar and             Circle Reports          9
plorer Camp you now know why we        BOLDLY mark the days of Jan.                 Camp Surf Pics          10
say "Explorer Camp is the pinna-       23rd- 25th for the Explorers
cle of the Explorer Experience",       Winter Snow Camp!! Wow!! You
                                                                                    Camp Surf Pics          15

and we hope to see you at many         did it!! Congratulations, we knew
                                                                                    Caroling, Ice Skating   16

more!                                  you could. Now you can sit back,             Pony Beads              17

If you missed Camp Surf, well,         relax and bask in the glory of               Expedition Calen-       18
don't get to depressed, and we         knowing you won't miss another               dar

will try to help you correct this                                                   Council—Seeking         19
                                                            (Continued on page 2)   Volunteers
errant behavior. Now here's
Navigator’s Log

(Continued from page 1)
                                 goes directly to our Explorer      most tickets, so write your
                                 program.                           name on the back of all the
Explorer Camp!
                                 Pasta Palooza takes place          tickets you sell!
Okay, on to this months gath-
erings.                          Nov. 22nd, 7:00 pm at the          We will also need a lot of help
                                 YMCA.                              from both our Explorers and
Taking place on Nov. 9th, will                                      Guides the Night of the event
be our Induction Ceremony         In a nut shell, it's a giant
                                 spaghetti dinner with lots of      with set-up before, serving,
and Rain Gutter Boat Regatta.                                       and clean-up afterwards.
                                 extras. We start with serv-
During our Induction Cere-
                                 ing spaghetti, salad, bread,       This is a huge event and we
mony we will welcome our new
Explorers to the Expedition      drinks and other snacks that       need all the help we can get!
and celebrate the Traditions     are donated by local busi-
                                                                    All Explorers who sell tickets
of The Explorers. After-         nesses. We also award many         and/or help at the event will
wards, we will have The Rain     great door prizes and gift
                                                                    earn the right to receive a
Gutter Regatta in which all of   certificates which are also
                                                                    white bead for acts of volun-
the Explorers will have the      donated to us.
chance to race the wooden        For the kids, we will have the     Well Explorers, that’s it for
boats they have built to-        rock wall to climb, the pine       now.....oh, wait a minute. I al-
gether with their Guides.        car derby track (bring your
                                                                    most forgot....Did you remem-
This will be a picnic style      cars if you got ‘um), crafts
                                                                    ber to mark your calendar for
gathering at Columbia Park       and patch designing. It is a
                                                                    January's Winter Camp???
starting at 12pm.                very fun evening, and a very       (seriously folks, if you miss
And Now Our Main Event For       good event to invite your
                                                                    two camps in a row, people
November!!                       friends so they can see what
                                                                    are going to start to wonder
                                 the Explorer Experience is all
  (drum roll please)                                                about you).
                                                                    A good November to all, and
                                 This is where the help of all
                                                                    may your Thanksgiving be a
.......PASTA PALOOZA !!!!!!...   our Explorers comes in. We
                                                                    very special gathering.
                                 need for all of our Explorers
                                 to get out there and sell
 (formally known as The          those dinner tickets!!! Hey,       Friends Forever,
Spaghetti Dinner)                you can think of it as, "helping
 This is the one event that we   families to eat cheaply in
                                                                    Chad Thagard
                                 these economically stressful       Expedition Navigator
really need the help of every
Explorer and Guide. Pasta Pa-    times" (Wow, that almost
looza is our yearly fund rais-   sounds saintly?). And don't
ing event in which ALL of the    forget, there is a prize for
proceeds from ticket sales       the Explorer who sells the
                                    Becoming an
                               Adventure Guide Explorer
                        WELCOME TO OUR NEWEST MEMBERS:

       Aaron & Joshua Aalcides                         Chang & David Lee

       Robert & Noah Adhikari                          Dan & Darin Materman

       Cindy & Eric Becker                             Garrett & Kyle Miller

       Kathryn Bressickello & Kaitlyn McCreary         Crystallee & Victoria Munoz

       Victoria & Shawn Belveal                        Robert & Jacob Norman

       Andrew & Ernest Chin                            Kelly & Riley Peay

       Charles & Jake Creek                            Bob & Madeline Pierce

       Tasmin & Aidan Delong                           Lori Pyne & Matt Chabot

       Lawrence & Gavin & Colin Fisher                 Paul & Zoe Storaasli

       Brian & Jackson Fujimori                        Matt & Mason Stuart

       Margaret & Jacqueline Futerer                   Alain Sykes & Khaled Atalla

       Maiko & Jasiah Guzman                           Gigi Thompson & Alexandra Scharenberg

       Kenneth & Cameron Ito                           Suzette & Jeric Ryan Vaflor

       Dale & Moremi Kaplan                            Steve & Alissa Wagner

       Mark & Kylee Kallick                            Myles & Alicia Watling

       Brandi Krueger & Alison Jain                    Armida Panka – Yates & Noa

       Karen Kwan & Kyle Jorgensen

       Congratulations! By joining the YMCA Adventure Guides program, you have made a decision
       to spend quality time strengthening your relationship with your child. By investing your
       time and energies into this program, you are sure to achieve that admirable goal. I honor
       each one of you for being the hero in your child’s life by making the commitment to invest
       the gift of time in your child’s childhood and for being a positive role model and a
       significant influence in their character development. Please let me know if you have not
       yet been contacted by your Circle Navigator, or if you have questions about which group
       you belong.      Lisa Rodriguez - Program Coordinator 310-325-5885 X 7482

Volume IV, Issue 3                                                                                  Page 3
Page 4   Compass
Patch Designs
All Explorers can submit         Compass and all the patch       email them to
designs for any camp             design needs to have is the
(Winter camp is next), and       artist’s name and circle        Designs can be submitted via
one lucky Explorer will have     name. The judges are            email by scanning the patch
their design selected as the     looking for colorful, fun       template using a 100 DPI.
Camp Patch.                      designs. Send as many as        You can also drop them off
All you need to do is put        you want!!!!                    at the YMCA with Lisa
your design on the Patch         Make patch designs and          Rodriguez’s name on it, or
Template and give it to Loy      send them to Loy Miller at      give them to your Navigator.
Miller. The Patch Template       2860 W. 234th Street,
can be found here in the         Torrance, CA 90505 or

Outfitter’s Log
Dear Explorers,                  these groups: Coyotes, Meer-    We had a near sell out this
                                 kats, Lost Sioux Princesses,    year and we are hoping to
What a fantastic time was        and Blazing Tigers. We hope     FILL up Waterman Village
had at CAMP SURF! The            to see the Crows and the        next year. Reservations are
Sun shone upon us this year      Dragons at Camp Oakes.          IN for the 3rd weekend in
and it made for a great week-    Even though our Explorer’s      October 2009, so save the
end to enjoy the waves,          group was greatly outnum-       date!
crafts, rock climbing, arch-     bered by the Laguna Nation,     Speaking of Dates: Please
ery, campfire, and s’mores       we held our own on Skit         continue to check out the
(Thanks Coyotes!)                Night and I was thrilled to     website
                                 see the willing participation
It was great simply to spend     of each circle showcase their
quality time with our daugh-                                     for details about upcoming
                                 fine talents. I learned a few   activities. It’s not too late
ters and sons by getting back    NEW claps for next camp and
to the basics of nature and                                      to join, so if you have a
                                 left with a greater connec-     friend who may enjoy this
leaving behind the schedules,    tion with the families in our
e-mails, cell phones, videos,                                    experience, please invite
                                 group due in part to our        them to our next event. We
blackberries, etc. and to cre-   Chapel Time…a great ending
ate such unique memories                                         would love to grow our Expe-
                                 to a fabulous weekend. And      dition “bigger than Laguna
that will be treasured for       nothing will bring people to-
years.                                                           Nation”. Then we can
                                 gether quite like sharing a     tout…”Who, Who, Who are
We had representation from       cabin!

Volume IV, Issue 3                                                                      Page 5
   Outfitter’s Log, continued
   we?…we, we, we are THE        your circle navigator about     may sell up until the day of
   Mighty, Mighty Explorers!”    obtaining it. Ask everyone      event- Nov, 22nd. Good
   Whoo Ya! After all, Camp      you know to support the Ad-     Luck!
   Surf is leased from the Naval venture Guides… Need not be     Looking forward to seeing
   Base…so it’s befitting.       present to win raffle prizes…   you Nov. 9th at INDUCTION
   Pasta Palooza- Our Biggest    and Dinners can be taken to     CEREMONY & BOAT RE-
   Fundraiser of the year!       go…remember to give the big     GATA!
   Tickets are ON SALE NOW! portion to the person buying
   There will be a Gift Certifi- and completely fill out the
   cate awarded to the top       raffle portion (write your      Lisa Rodriguez
                                                                 Program Coordinator
   seller. If you have not yet name on backside, so we can
                                                                 213-639-7482 (Direct Line)
   received your packet, please keep track of top seller).
   stop by the YMCA or contact Return monies and raffle
                                 portion to the YMCA. You

Page 6                                                                                Compass
                                      TAKING PRIDE IN YOUR TORRANCE-SOUTH BAY YMCA
Did you know?
Your Torrance-South Bay YMCA is one of the largest not-for-profit community service organizations in the South Bay. It is
an integral part of community life in the neighborhood it serves. It works to meet the health and social needs of men,
women, children, and families of all faiths, races, abilities, ages, and income levels. No one is ever turned away for in-
ability to pay. However, without your financial support, many simply will not be able to take advantage of all this Y has
to offer. The YMCA mission is to strengthen families and to develop character values and behaviors that are consistent
with Judeo - Christian principles. Your YMCA works to promote strong programs for children and families, health, and
community. This Y provides before and after school child care, preschool, parent-child programs, swim lessons, activi-
ties for seniors, camping, individual and family counseling, teen programs, and much more. The abundance of offer-
ings allows your YMCA to effectively meet a variety of needs and serve a diverse community.

Program Enrollment: The Adventure Guides: this Parent- Child program alone serves over 1,100 members. This program
has a significant impact on families as it strengthens the bond among parent and child. Innovative programs provide
the opportunity to a mom or dad and child to participate in activities together, and serve as key role models for their
children. Community Impact: Connects families to others in their community. Fosters volunteerism giving back in time
and talents exemplary to the future generation.

Service Area: Your YMCA serves the communities of Torrance, Lomita, Harbor City, Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach,
Manhattan Beach, and portions of the Harbor Gateway. The area's population totals 320,000; approximately 49,000
are school-aged children. The number of residents of Asian and Hispanic heritage is increasing the fastest. Enrollment
in the YMCA's programs reflects the diversity of the population both in terms of age and ethnicity.

Expenditures: The operating budget totals $12.5 million. It comes from these sources: 10% contributions, 35% member-
ship dues, 53% program fees, and 2% government grants. Direct financial aid grants to those children and families in
need a total of $538,000 annually.

Facilities: The YMCA headquarters in Torrance is made up of a comprehensive 70,000 sq. foot health and fitness facil-
ity, and community center. Renovations of the facility in 2002 included an indoor high-adventure family center, an ad-
ditional pool, community center, and a new lobby. Additionally, numerous community facilities including schools,
church, and municipal buildings provide space for child care, senior programs, and counseling.

Staff: A staff of 15 career professionals gives leadership to program operations, development and support services.
Another 85 full-time and benefited staff along with 290 part-time and seasonal employees work at the various program
locations. Many young people have their first employment experience with the YMCA. They benefit greatly from ex-
tensive leadership and interpersonal skill training. Over 1,700 volunteers devote countless hours to fund raising, program
leadership, office support, and building projects.

Organization: Your Torrance-South Bay YMCA is the largest of the 25 branches that make up the YMCA of Metropolitan
Los Angeles. The association is a charitable, not-for-profit organization, qualifying under Section 501(c) (3) of the U. S.
Tax Code. The Los Angeles Y is affiliated with the YMCA of the USA through a charter. The YMCA national headquar-
ters is in Chicago. YMCAs are active in 114 countries and the international organization is centered in Geneva, Switzer-

History: The YMCA movement was founded in London in 1844. In 1851 the first YMCA in the USA was established in Bos-
ton. The Torrance-South Bay YMCA was organized in 1946. It became affiliated with the Los Angeles Association in
1948. Over the years it has benefited from widespread community support and enjoys an extraordinarily good reputa-

Mission Statement: The Torrance-South Bay YMCA is an association of people of all ages, ethnic groups and religious
affiliations who are united in a common effort to put Judeo-Christian principles into practice and to enrich the quality
of spiritual, mental, physical and social life for their families, their communities and themselves.

 Volume IV, Issue 3                                                                                             Page 7
             PASTA PALOOZA
                                HOSTED BY
                      YMCA Adventure Guides
                        Explorer Expedition
                     Torrance-South Bay YMCA
             Annual Fund Raiser for the Parent-Child Program

                       Saturday, November 22, 2008
                            5:00 pm to 7:00 pm

                        Torrance-South Bay YMCA
                           2900 Sepulveda Blvd.
                              Torrance, CA

         Rock Wall Climbing / Pinewood Derby track / Raffle Prizes

                       $5 per Person or To Go Order
                               $15 per Family
         Includes dinner & raffle entry: Need not be present to Win!
Page 8                                                            Compass
Circle Reports

Coyote (Father/Son)

Crow (Father/Son)
Dragons (Father/Son)
L/S/P (Father/Daughter)
Meerkats (Mother/Daughter) - See Outfitter’s Log
Blazing Tigers (Mother/Son)
Volume IV, Issue 3                                 Page 9
   Camp Surf Pics

Page 10             Compass
Camp Surf Pics

Volume IV, Issue 3   Page 11
   Camp Bike Ride
   Beach Surf Pics

Page 12              Compass
Camp Surf Pics

Volume IV, Issue 3   Page 13
Camp Bike Ride
Beach Surf Pics
Camp Surf Pics

Volume IV, Issue 3   Page 15
   Caroling and Ice Skating
   October 2008                                  skating. The ice is reserved for the Adven-
   Adventure Guides,                             ture Guides so there is never a crowd but
                                                 watch out for falling Dads. We always have
   We have two of my favorite events coming-     a great time ice skating and come away with
   up on December 7. They are the caroling       some great memories. I usually take a few
   and ice skating events. For caroling, we      falls but come-up unscathed, mostly due to
   line-up and parade through a few of the lo-   landing on my son, Bryce. Anyway, I hope to
   cal retirement homes while singing your fa-   see you there.
   vorite Christmas Carols. I always enjoy the
   smiles on the senior’s faces as we march
   past fearlessly hammering the lyrics to       Sincerely,
   some of their favorite holiday tunes.
   Clearly, the enjoyment of seeing the kids     Jeff Marcon
   out-weighs the pain these people endure
                                                 Expedition Elder
   from my singing. Immediately after carol-
                                                 YMCA Adventure Guides
   ing, we hit the ice for an evening of ice

Page 16                                                                            Compass

This incentive program has been developed to help build character values into each circle and to
provide a continuously growing record of our youth member’s achievements / accomplish-
ments / and active participation throughout the developmental years in Explorers.
Beads will be presented at Circle Meetings for the Following Areas:

        BLACK            Attending Monthly Circle Meetings

        RED              School Attendance & Responsibility for Homework (Note:
                         Sick days are considered Excused Absences)

        BLUE             Good Citizenship at Home / Completing Chores / Acts of
                         Kindness / Being a Good Brother, Sister, Son or Daughter

        GREEN            Attending Expedition Events / Camps / Activities (See
                         YMCA Calendar of Events 2008-09)
        WHITE            Acts of Volunteerism:
                         (Ex. Article submitted to Newsletter, Helping at Events, Patch
                         Designs, Community Service )

        GOLD             Special Recognition & Awards
                         (At School, Home, Church, Etc. Also for Patch design win-
                         ner, Bringing a NEW Member into the Program, …)
NOTE : If this is your 2 or 3 year in the Explorer program and you have successfully
                          nd    rd

completed ONE full year in the program…you will receive a set of distinguished” Beads: 6
Black Beads, 4 Each Red, Green, Blue, and 2 White for your past active participation.

Volume IV, Issue 3                                                                       Page 17
   Expedition Calendar / Circle Navigators
                 Date                           Event                          Time
               14-Sep-08          Beach Bike Ride                              Noon
               19-Sep-08          Orientation Night                            7 pm
              24-Sep-08           Circle Training                              7 pm
               17-Oct-08          CAMP SURF                                      ~
                9-Nov-08          Induction–Boat Regata                        Noon
              22-Nov-08           Pasta Palooza                                7 pm
                7-Dec-08          Holiday Caroling & Ice Skating                TBD
               23-Jan-09          WINTER CAMP                                    ~
               14-Feb-09          Pine Car Derby                               Noon
                8-Mar-09          Olympics                                     Noon
               24-Apr-09          SPRING CAMP                                    ~
              22-May-09           TENT CAMP                                      ~
                 7-Jun-09         Graduation–Water War                         Noon
          ⇒ Council Meetings held EVERY 3rd Wednesday of the Month at 7-8 pm, Torrance
            YMCA Popp Meeting Room.
          ⇒ Next Council TBD
          ⇒ Circle Navigators encouraged to attend. Everyone Welcome!

                                  CIRCLE NAVIGATORS
                   NAME               CIRCLE        E-MAIL
             TBD                  Coyote (Father/Son)
             Jeff Marcon          Crow (Father/Son)       
             Gary Weiss           Dragon (Father/Son)     
             Bob Singer           L/S/P(Father/Daughter)  
             Gigi Thompson        Meerkats (Mother/Daughter)  
             TBD                  Blazing Tiger (Mother/ Son )

Page 18                                                                                    Compass
South Bay Explorers Council
          2008-2009 South Bay Explorers Council
Adventure Guides
        Office                Officer                                    Job Description

                                                The Navigator presides over meetings (Base Camp) and outings.
                     Chad Thagard
Navigator                                       They delegate assignments and insure that activities are being
                                                The Compass Bearer takes on the duties of the Navigator when he/
Compass Bearer       Volunteer Needed
                                                she is absent. They become the Navigator the following year.
                                                An Elder is a past Navigator or a member of long standing. They re-
                     Jeff Marcon
Elder                                           mind everyone of the programs aims. Help new Circles as they begin,
                                                and part of the Expedition leadership.

                                                The Treasure Keeper looks after all Circle resources, including the
                     Loy Miller
Treasure Keeper                                 Treasure Box, talking stick, Expedition awards, and other materials.
                                                They keep records of expenses and income.

                                                The Scribe keeps Circle records and rosters and conducts roll call at
Scribe               Volunteer Needed           meetings. He/She is responsible for Patch and Graduation
                     Mark Applegate
Naturalist                                      The Fire Keeper lights the camp fires.
                                                The Scout leads the Expedition in recruiting new members into the
                     David Burt
Scout                                           program. He is responsible for placing the new members into a new
                                                or existing Circle.
                                                The Trail Guide is responsible for organizing Expedition campouts,
Trail Guide          Volunteer Needed
                                                activities and special events. Supported by Council & staff.
                     Bob Singer                 The Talley Keeper records and maintains accurate point records of
Talley Keeper      all Expedition meetings, events and volunteer work for honor status.
                     David Leivers              The Legend Keeper is responsible for documenting all events in
Legend Keeper      picture and written form.
                     Brian Schrunk            The Web Spinner is responsible for updating the Expedition's web
Web Spinner site.

                                                Responsible for all fund raising for the nation and works with the
Treasure Raiser      Volunteer Needed
                                                YMCA Annual support campaign.
                     Lisa Rodriguez
Outfitter     YMCA Coordinator

                     Shawn Belveal
Compass Scribe          The Compass Scribe Produces the Compass Newsletter

Seeking a few good men/women…
Be a part of the excitement in planning and guiding by giving back to the Adventure Guide Pro-
gram. Please consider taking an active role to strengthen this fantastic program. We are
open to new & innovative ideas and enthusiasm. Every small action has the potential to turn
into greatness over time. “One small step forward …One giant leap for our community”

Volume IV, Issue 3                                                                                             Page 19
South Bay Explorers

Torrance-South Bay YMCA
2900 West Sepulveda Blvd.
Torrance, CA 90505
Address Correction Requested

Compass Information

⇒   Email submissions to the Compass to
⇒   Please provide your name, Circle name, Adventure Guides name and Circle or
    Council position. The deadline for submissions is the 3rd Wednesday of each
⇒   Don’t forget to send pictures to our Web Spinner, so that he can add them to
    the Expedition web site.
⇒   Visit the Expedition web site ( to see a color ver-
    sion of the Compass.

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