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									Construction Commercial Umbrella Liability Insurance
AIG Excess Casualty®’s Construction Specialty division provides coverage to help protect insureds in the
event of construction site catastrophes, explosions, collapses and completed operations incidents—events that
can potentially cause long term damage to a construction company’s reputation and bottom line. Commercial
Umbrella Liability Insurance comes with value-added services—CrisisResponse®—to help construction businesses
confront crises and the AIG xsClaims Archive®, a valuable risk management tool.

Customer Profile                                                                        Value-Added Services
      N     Commercial and residential contractors                                             N     CrisisResponse—Through a 24-hour crisis
      N     General contractors                                                                      hotline, provides insureds with immediate
      N     Homebuilders                                                                             access to AIG Excess Casualty’s claims
      N     Subcontractors                                                                           department and additional funds outside
      N     Trade contractors                                                                        the umbrella limit, including $250,000 for
      N     Project specific                                                                         covered crisis costs and $50,000 for public
      N     Wrap-ups                                                                                 relations expenses.
                                                                                               N     AIG xsClaims Archive—A valuable risk
Product Highlights                                                                                   management tool for brokers and insureds
      N     Limits up to $25 million may be available                                                that provides online access to over 2,500
      N     Policy provides commercial umbrella                                                      real-life claims scenarios.
            coverage over any occurrence policies
            underwritten by primary carriers rated A- VII                               Financial Strength
            or better by A.M. Best Company                                                     AIG Excess Casualty is a division of the
      N     Covers occurrences that take place anywhere                                        property and casualty insurance subsidiaries
      N     Customer-focused underwriting                                                      of American International Group, Inc. (AIG).
      N     Superior claims services                                                           AIG is a world-leading insurance and financial
      N     Crisis management expertise                                                        services organization with over 85 years
      N     Excellent financial strength and claims                                            of experience.
            paying ability
      N     Excess liability writer for over 40 years                                          AIG Construction Specialty has the strength,
      N     Nationwide network to provide timely,                                              knowledge and innovative insight to offer its
            quality service                                                                    insureds first-class protection.

Submission Requirements
      N     Any primary application accepted
      N     Primary insurer with A.M. Best rating of
            A- VII or better
      N     Minimum 5 years currently valued loss

For more information about AIG Construction Specialty, Construction Commercial Umbrella Liability Insurance or
one of its companion products, please call your insurance broker or contact us at AIG
Excess Casualty, 175 Water Street, 20th Floor, New York, NY 10038.

Coverages provided by the member companies of the American International Group, Inc. The descriptions contained herein are summaries only. Please see actual policy for full
terms, conditions and exclusions. All submissions are subject to underwriting guidelines. Coverage may not be available in all jurisdictions.

P R O V E N                      C O M M I T M E N T .                                  F I N A N C I A L                            S T R E N G T H .

                                                                                                                                                          85122 AMS 5M 8/07

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