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									AmeriCorps ACCESS Project


  Approved comments and
assistance in adding additional
Things to keep in mind while adding additional comments to your timesheet

Following the instructions in this packet will save you, the AmeriCorps ACCESS member, and us, the
AmeriCorps ACCESS staff, the time and pain caused by mistakes made while entering additional
comments into the online timesheet.

        Please take the time to carefully read and follow these directions.
   1. If the heading does not specify that you must “ADD COMMENT,” then you do NOT have to add

   2. Use Spell Check on ALL comments. Type them into a word
      processor before pasting them into the timesheet. Even good
      spellers sometimes make mistakes.                                   Acceptable Acronyms & Abbreviations

   3. Do       NOT        use      acronyms       or   abbreviations                   ESOL
       – except those listed to the right.    →
   4. Use the examples on the following pages either verbatim, or as                   AIDS
      a guideline for writing an acceptable comment.
   5. In order to stay below the 137 character limit, try using                       Ob-Gyn
      symbols such as “&” instead of “and,” or “w/” instead of

   6. Use the word(s) “agency” or “service site” instead of your
      agency’s full name or its acronym.

   7. Start every comment with an action verb such as: (Assisted, Developed, Interpreted, Met,
      Provided, Recruited, etc.). There’s no need to use a subject such as “I” or “We” because we’re
      already assuming you are the one completing the tasks that you are recording.

   8. Run a word count to make sure you are within the 137 character limit before you paste your
      comment into the timesheet. If the comment is over the limit you will have to resubmit the

                           Get familiar with the headings
Here is the complete list of all the direct service headings. Please note that NOT all headings require
additional comments. For instruction and specific examples continue on to corresponding page numbers.

                                                                                               Pg. #
Assisting Clients (add comment)                                                                 4
Citizenship Lesson Preparation and Instruction for Clients
Community Outreach (add comment)                                                                 4
Crisis Intervention (add comment)                                                                5
Developing Program Activities for Immigrants/Refugees (add comment)                              5
Disaster Preparedness-Organize and Conduct Workshops for Clients
Disaster Preparedness-Literature Dissemination to Clients
English to Speakers of Other Languages-Lesson Preparation and Instruction for Clients
Financial and Food Assistance (add comment)                                                      5
Interpreting (Spoken) for Clients at medical appointments
Interpreting (Spoken) for Clients at school
Interpreting (Spoken) for Clients for other services (add comment)                               6
Jury Duty or National Guard Duty
Meeting, Planning, Collaborating, Networking (add comment)                                       6
National Identity Day-AmeriCorps Week
National Identity Day-Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day
National Identity Day-Make a Difference Day
National Identity Day-National Volunteer Week
National Identity Day-Serve to Remember
Providing Educational Support (add comment)                                                      7
Referring Clients to Human Services (add comment)                                                7
Refugee Resettlement Assistance (add comment)                                                    8
Research on NC Immigrant/Refugee Populations (add comment)                                       8
Special Events - Planning, Leading, Organizing (add comment)                                     9
Teaching-Lesson Planning, Preparation, Follow Through (add comment)                              9
Translation (Written) (add comment)                                                              9
Transporting Clients (add comment)                                                              10
Tutoring (add comment)                                                                          10
Volunteers-Managing and Retaining Agency Volunteers (add comment)                               10
Volunteers-Recruiting (add comment)                                                             11

This heading can be used for a broad number of responsibilities; however, you can usually find a more
specific heading if you glance over the list again.

* Assisted immigrants(s)/refugee(s) with applying for work
* Assisted immigrants(s)/refugee(s) with filing for unemployment
* Assisted immigrants(s)/refugee(s) with filing for food stamps
* Assisted immigrants(s)/refugee(s) with school enrollment
* Assisted immigrants(s)/refugee(s) with filing for child support

Community Outreach can cover a number of different tasks such as:

      Promoting your agencies services, programs, or events (either in-person, by email, over the
       phone, online, newsletters, or through distribution of agency materials).

      Any outreach that does not fit one of the other, more specific, headings.

* Contacted community members to promote agency’s services
* Prepared materials for & represented agency at an informational community fair
* Updated website to inform our clients of current/upcoming events & resources available to them
* Conducted an informational presentation on agency programs, services, & resources for providers
and/or clients
* Created, updated, and/or distributed promotional materials about our agency’s services

Crisis Intervention covers any sort of emergency assistance (domestic violence, sexual assault,
family/personal emergencies) with the exception of financial and food crises, which may be addressed
under the “Financial and Food Assistance” heading.

* On-call to assist clients in domestic violence crisis situations
* Assisted Domestic Violence Shelter residents with intake, orientation & connecting to local resources
* Answered crisis line & provided shelter management
* Assisted clients with information about protective orders

This category covers planning, design, and development of ideas/activities that can be supplemental to
an already existing program.

* Developed workshops for youth program; developed materials for tutoring program in order to
evaluate student progress
* Planned activities for ESOL tutoring program for immigrant/refugee
* Designed informational form in order to address needs for the implementation of program for
* Developed educational activities to celebrate cultures from around the world
* Planned activities (knitting, cooking, city tours) & support for recently resettled refugee women

This heading covers the distribution of resource information regarding any monetary or hunger issues.

* Helped pack & distribute food boxes to immigrant/refugee clients
* Helped immigrant/refugee clients apply for Medicaid & food stamps
* Provided rent & utility information assistance to immigrant/refugee clients
* Gave clients information on food banks & made referrals for the food pantry

If you are interpreting for medical appointments or at a school, this is not the heading you should use.
There are separate categories for medical and school interpreting which do not require additional
comments. Any interpreting that does not fit within the confines of a school or medical facility may be
entered with this heading.

When commenting on interpreting services always answer 2 questions:

    1. Who were you interpreting for? (no specific names, just job titles and other descriptors)

    2. Where did you interpret? (no specific names, just the type of facility/location)

Formula: “Interpreted for whom? at where”

* Interpreted for immigrants(s)/refugee(s) at service site
* Interpreted for immigrants(s)/refugee(s) at child care facility
* Interpreted for immigrants(s)/refugee(s) at home visits
* Interpreted for immigrants(s)/refugee(s) at medical appointments
* Interpreted for immigrants(s)/refugee(s) at legal aide
* Interpreted for immigrants(s)/refugee(s) at court
* Interpreted for immigrants(s)/refugee(s) at Dept of Social Services
* Interpreted for immigrants(s)/refugee(s) at school

This section covers everything from conference calls and regularly scheduled staff meetings to program
planning and networking with personnel outside of your agency. If you are planning a special event or
lessons for a class, place them under the appropriate heading (see Special Event or Teaching categories).

* Met with site supervisor to discuss upcoming project goals, tasks, & responsibilities
* Attended monthly staff meeting at service site for program updates & objectives
* Planned community outreach program with staff
* Collaborated with local high schools to setup pregnancy prevention programs
* Networked with employers for potential job placement for clients

This heading covers areas of mentoring or promoting education by assisting clients applying for school,
completing their GED, or obtaining educational certificates/degrees – anything that does not directly
involve tutoring or teaching.

* Collected info from local community college about GED classes for clients
* Advised client about post-graduation plans & job placement
* Mentored for Hispanic youth program
* Conducted home visits to follow up w/client(s) about classroom performance, behavior, & to address
any concerns about school
* Monitored students in classroom; monitored students working on activities; contacted parents about

This heading can be a little tricky. Oftentimes, you will be referring clients to other agencies that can
better assist their needs. Sometimes these referrals will fall under a more specific categories of “Food
and Financial Assistance,” “Crisis Intervention,” etc. If you find that you are referring clients frequently
to a number of different resources, then use this heading.

* Directed Durham residents in-person & over-the-phone to county/city services
* Provided immigrant(s) w/information about & linkages to community resources
* Referred client(s) to health, education, & immigration resources
* Referred clients to STI (Sexually Transmitted Infections) clinic and distributed educational pamphlets
about HIV/STI

Providing support to recently arrived refugees to secure housing, job searching, cultural orientation
services, basic information on navigating public transit (shopping, medical centers, etc.), delivering
household and personal items (furniture, dishes, clothes)

* Helping client(s) w/housing issues & contract disputes
* Provided cultural orientation to clients & taught housing safety
* Conducted job search; referred client(s) to potential employment opportunities
* Distributed clothing, household items, & school supplies to newly arrived refugee(s)/client(s)
* Arranged & setup living accommodations for newly arrived refugee(s)

This heading is reserved mostly for Professional Corps members that are conducting qualitative and
quantitative data research. Occasionally AmeriCorps members will be asked to complete research as
part of their service description.

* Transcribed interviews w/young mothers as a part of our project to reduce immigrant infant mortality
* Collected materials & data on immigrant workers’ rights
* Designed, collected, analyzed, and reported findings for immigrant research project
* Recruited refugee research participants; scheduled interpreters for assistance in data collection
* Interviewed refugee participants; recorded field notes

Special Events include everything from workshops, trainings, local resource fairs, field trips, or

* Attended a training to learn how to start a support group for parents to become more efficient in
identifying local resources
* Accompanied school group (immigrant/refugee students) on an educational field trip
* Prepared info & assisted parents during “Parents’ Night” event at school
* Set up, worked member registration table, & cleaned up after agency celebration
* Planned holiday party for mentoring program participants

This category is reserved for the preparation for and teaching of regularly scheduled classes, or
presenting as a guest speaker/lecturer.

* Taught students about the barriers to immigrant integration in the local community
* Taught clients life skills (teamwork, cooperation, respect) & values through sports through our
leadership development program
* Prepared Cultural Conflict & Global Violence class material
* Prepared & taught a Latina teen sexual-responsibility/pregnancy prevention acculturation program
* Researched, created lesson plans, and taught “Teaching Social Justice” course

This heading is straightforward. If you are translating documents from one language to another, then
put them in this category, not in any of the Interpreting sections.

* Translated permission slips for field trip & flier for an after school program
* Translated a job application & resume
* Translated publicity materials for agency (brochures, handouts, fliers)

Some service sites require that you transport clients to and from appointments, activities, or functions.
Record the time spent in-transit.

* Transported client(s) to school to be enrolled
* Transported client(s) to health and human service providers
* Transported client(s) to & from parenting program
* Transported client(s) to court
* Transported client(s) to medical appointment

Tutoring covers any one-on-one or group assistance that you are providing a student(s), as well as any
responsibilities that include preparing for or cleaning up after a session. Remember: if you are leading
regularly scheduled classroom discussions, there is a separate heading for “Teaching.”

                             Always list the subjects that you are tutoring.

* Tutored client(s) in subjects of Math, Science, History, Social Studies, and English
* Prepared supplies & snacks; tutored student(s) in English; cleaned site after session

Managing and retaining volunteers can cover delegating tasks, coordinating schedules, maintaining
contact and volunteer morale, and the preparation of materials for volunteer instruction.

* Responded to & informed volunteers & agencies regarding upcoming volunteer opportunities;
answered questions about sites
* Coordinated volunteer(s) at service site by delegating tutoring tasks & maintaining daily sign-in sheets
* Delegated tasks to volunteer(s) providing childcare & interpretation for group at service site
* Trained volunteer(s) to do assigned tasks

This is another straightforward category that covers anything having to do with volunteer recruitment –
including time spent contacting local organizations, attending fairs, and preparation of recruitment

* Contacted local colleges, universities, elementary schools to recruit volunteers
* Contacted volunteer coordinators regarding upcoming volunteer opportunities
* Attended volunteer/intern fair at local university to recruit
* Prepared volunteer recruitment materials for community health event


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