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					                                            OAKLAND COMMUNITY COLLEGE
                                      TRANSFER GUIDE TO FERRIS STATE UNIVERSITY
                                                  Bachelor of Science in
                                     COMPUTER INFORMATION SYSTEMS – 132/133 Credits

                      COURSES TO TAKE AT OCC                                             COURSES TO TAKE AT FERRIS
                       (FSU equivalencies in parenthesis)                        COMM 336                                 3 cr.
                                                                                 ENGL 325                                 3 cr.
       Communication Requirement                        OCC Cr.
       SPE 1610 (COMM 121)                               3 cr.++                 BUSN 499                                 3 cr.
       ENG 1510 (ENGL 150)                               3 cr.                   FINC 322                                 3 cr.
       ENG 1520 (ENGL 250)                               3 cr.                   ISYS 110                                 3 cr.
                                                                                 ISYS 200                                 3 cr.
       Science/Math Requirements                                                 ISYS 316                                 3 cr.
       LAB SCIENCE COURSE                                   4 cr.                ISYS 321                                 3 cr.
       NATURAL SCIENCE                                      3/4 cr.              ISYS 371                                 3 cr.
       MAT 1150 (MATH 115)                                  4 cr.
                                                                                 ISYS 411                                 3 cr.
       Humanities/(Cultural Enrichment at FSU)                                   ISYS 470                                 3 cr.
       -one must be at a 200 level or higher – courses such as                   ISYS 488                                 3 cr.
       History, Humanities, Music, Theater, Foreign language, etc.               ISYS 489                                 3 cr.
       PHI 1610 (PHIL 216)                              3 cr.                    MGMT 370                                 3 cr.
       HUMANITIES ELECTIVES                             6 cr.                    MKTG 321                                 3 cr.
                                                                                 DIRECTED CIS ELECTIVES                   12 cr.
       Social Sciences (Social Awareness at FSU)                                   (with prior approval from FSU advisor)
       -courses such as Psychology, Sociology, Political Science, etc.
                                                                                 ISYS 491                                 3 cr.
       ECO 2610 (ECON 221)                               3 cr.
       ECO 2620 (ECON 222)                               3 cr.
       SOCIAL SCIENCE ELECTIVE                           3 cr.                   Total FSU credits: 60**

       PHI 1710 (PHIL 217)                                  3 cr.+               Total OCC Credits: 72/73
       GENERAL EDUCATION ELECTIVE                           3 cr.                Total FSU Credits: 60
                                                                                 Total Degree Credits: 132/133
       ACC 1810 (ACCT 201)                                  4 cr.        Note:
       ACC 1820 (ACCT 202)                                  4 cr.        1.      A 2.00 cumulative GPA is required in the major, concentration,
       BUS 2030 (BLAW 321)                                  3 cr.                business core, and overall for completion of the Computer
       BUS 2530 (MGMT 301)                                  3 cr.                Information Systems program.
       MAT 1580 (STQM 260)                                  4 cr.        2.      Required courses: Global consciousness and Race/Ethnicity/Gender
       CIS 2151 (ISYS 216)                                  3 cr.                requirements must be met through Cultural Enrichment, Social
       CIS 1300 or 2960 (ISYS 325)                          3 cr.                Awareness, General Education, or Major courses, unless the
       CIS 2111 (ISYS 330)                                  4 cr.                MACRAO stamp is identified.
                                                                         3.      A minimum of 30 credits must be FSU credits and a minimum of
       Total OCC credits: 72/73                                                  132 credits total. The College of Business requires a minimum of
                                                                                 48 cr. in general education for accreditation.
       48 general education credits must be completed to comply
       with COB accreditation at FSU. When you complete the
                                                                         4.      Students must meet FSU General Education requirements for a
       MACRAO requirement, please ask the Records Office at                      Bachelor of Science degree delineated on the FSU General
       OCC to stamp your transcripts with the MACRAO stamp.                      Education website, if the student does NOT get the MACRAO
                                                                         5.      FSU honors the MACRAO stamp on an official transcript as
    If you have any questions regarding this transfer guide, or                  fulfilling lower level general education courses that are not
    have questions regarding approvals needed, please contact                    programmatic or prerequisite requirements.
    the College of Business Dean’s Office at 231-591-2420.               6.      A “C” or better grade must be earned to allow for course transfer to
                                                                         7.      Accountancy, Finance, and CIS students must be able to
                                                                                 demonstrate competency in ISYS 105 topics or take ISYS 105.
      **Courses identified on these documents as “to be taken at FSU”    8.      Students must earn 40 credit hours at the 300/400 level to graduate.
      may, with prior approval from a FSU Department Head/Chair, be
      taken at the community college or met through an articulation              +does not satisfy Cultural Enrichment at FSU
      or substitution.                                                           ++required prerequisite to speech courses needed at FSU.

                                                                                               9/14/2009 Last Updated