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					                                               Luther Burbank High School
TEACHER: Ms. Yvonne Galindo                                          SUBJECT: Business Computer Information Systems-II
A. Course Description
This course takes students to the next level of proficiency in keyboarding, creating documents, worksheets, desktop publishing,
databases, and presentations suitable for higher academic coursework, professional business purposes, and home personal use. This
course will concentrate more towards student-centered hands-on projects with classroom discussions and presentations thus becoming
better prepared for “real-life” situations. This course is recommended for 10th through 12th grade students who wants to pursue a career
in any professional business environment. This course is a fast-paced advanced business course. Students will be expected to be
familiar with features touched in BCIS-I. Prerequisite: BCIS-I. This course approved for one credit of Technology Applications.

Coherent Sequence of Courses: Business Computer Systems I, Business Computer Systems II, Business Image Management and
Multimedia and any other CATE Course available.
1. SCANS Competencies:
• Acquires and evaluates information.
• Organizes and maintains information.
• Interprets and communicates information.
• Uses computers to process information.
• Selects technology – chooses procedures, tools or equipment including computer and related technologies.
• Applies technology to task – understands overall intent and proper procedures for setup and operation of equipment.
• Understands systems – knows how social, organizational, and technological systems work and operates them effectively.
• Reading – locates, understands, and interprets written information in prose and in documents such as manuals, graphs, and schedules.
• Listening - receives, attends to, interprets, and responds to verbal messages and other cues.
• Speaking - organizes ideas and communicates orally.
• Problem-solving - recognizes problems and devises and implements plan of action.
• Knowing how to learn – uses efficient learning techniques to acquire and apply new knowledge and skills.
• Responsibility - exerts a high level of effort and perseveres toward goal attainment.
2. Certificates and/or Licensures available
      o MCAS A Microsoft Certified Application Specialist (MCAS)
      o CareerSafe
      o OSHA General Industry
3. Tech Prep/Statewide Credit/Dual Credit
      o San Antonio College
      o St. Philips College
4. State Leadership Organizations:
      o FBLA (Future Leaders of America)
B. Evaluation Criteria/Testing: Assessed Items:
                             Class work, Homework, Portfolio, Class Participation, Projects, Responsibility, etc.            60 %
                             Assessment Performance (Quizzes, Unit Exam, Mid Term, and Final Exam)                           40 %
                             Total                                                                                          100 %
Note: Punctuality of the homework when it is due essential as is in workforce. Assignments not completed by the due date will
automatically have 1 grace period to complete the assignment. If the late assignment is not turned in after 14 calendar days from the
due date, the grade becomes a 50 and must still be completed.
                    Grading Criteria:
                             90 – 100         A                                70 - 74          D
                             80 – 89          B                                69 and below F
                             75 – 79          C
C. Course Specifics:
         Attendance. Every effort will be made to simulate the “classroom sessions” as a “real life work projects” so students can
         easily transition into the workforce, pursue higher education, or enlist in the military. Therefore, being in class every day, on
         time, and ready to learn (work) are very important. This course is a fast-pace course. There is too much information to learn
         in so little time. Many of the lessons will consist of a brief but essential teacher lecture the first three to five minutes of class
         time and other lessons will consist of group discussions prior to beginning the classroom assignment. This is to expose
         students to a preview of the task at hand for that day. If the student is absent or is late, he or she may miss vital information
         necessary to finishing the project on time and/or correctly. If the student is tardy, there will be a tardy log found at the
         entrance of the room. All students must provide the information requested on the tardy log. After the 2nd tardy the student
         must attend after school detention on Tuesday or Friday. Please develop the habit of being on time, every time!
         Participation: Cooperation in class discussions or group projects related to course topics is a major factor in determining
         grades. Students must learn to contribute in a work environment and this is where proper and social interactions begin.

              Ms. Yvonne Galindo                                         1                                       Room 227 BCIS II
        Make-Up Policy: When a student is absent from the class period for illness, parent conference, in-school suspension, or any
        other activity, it is that student’s responsibility to find out what assignments were missed, and make arrangements to make-
        up the work. Make-up tests may only be made up before or after school on an appointment basis.
        Punctuality of turning in home or class work: Extremely essential. Assignments not turned in by the due date will
        automatically have 10 points deducted from a possible 100, unless, for legitimate reasons, prior approval had been obtained
        from the Teacher. If the make-up assignment is not turned in after 2 calendar days from the established due date, the grade
        becomes a zero!
        Assignments pending: Lesson not completed will NOT have a grade entered in the Grade book, but will be noted as
        “missing” until the work is turned in by the deadline. However, all assignments not in by the deadline, will receive a zero for
        that assignment, unless other arrangements were made with the teacher.
        Materials Required: Black or Blue Pen, Pencil, eraser, 3-ring binder, spiral notebook, and a flash drive. The binder will be
        used for creating the student’s class Portfolio. The jump drive’s content will be used for creating the student’s Portfolio (a
        collection of all their work to showcase to a potential employer) and maintained throughout the year. The jump drive is the
        student’s responsibility (Professional Grade) to bring to class everyday.
        Saving Work: Each student will be assigned their own individual student account creating their own username and password
        on the SAISD server. The user name will be their FIRST name and the first letter of their last name followed by a 4 digit
        number (For example: Jose Munoz would have a user name of josem1000.) Student’s initial password will be their student ID
        number. Before sign-in is completed, students will have to re-type a new password that must be at least 4 characters long.
        Passwords are case sensitive. If a student forgets his/her password, then the teacher can reset it for them. Students
        SHOULD NOT share their passwords with anyone for security purposes. All work will be saved in the “My
        Documents” folder. With this unique username and password, students can access their work on any computer in the school
        district that has Active Directory installed and the appropriate software. In some cases, jump drives, USB drives, or CDs will
        be used to save special assignments and projects.
        Tutoring Policy: Tutoring sessions will be available on Tuesdays at 4:20 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. in room 112 on an appointment
        basis. Should you need to meet on a different day, please make arrangements with me.

D. Classroom Rules and Consequences
    • Always have respect for all adults, classmates, yourself, and the equipment of others.
    • No cursing, no racial remarks, no gender remarks, no degrading or derogatory remarks, and no sexual harassment! You must
        RISE ABOVE these prejudices, bias, ignorance, hate, and other barriers that will hold you down in life.
    • Anyone and everyone, admitted into the classroom (parents, visitors, teachers, substitute teachers, Principals, etc.) are guests
        in the classroom and WILL be treated with courtesy and respect. Please be at your best behavior when guests are in class and
        leave a good impression of yourself.
    • Be in class every day and on time every time. Besides the facts that not showing up for class or being tardy are irresponsible
        and inconsiderate bad habits, they also display minimum effort and reflect negatively on that person!
    • Be 110% ethical. Liars, Cheaters, Taggers, Thieves, and Whiners will NOT be tolerated!
    • During PA announcements, please maintain silence and pay attention.
    • Dress appropriately. No nose, lip, tongue, etc. studs or grilles. No dark eyeglasses, hoods, or other headgear.
    • No headsets, game boys, cell phones or other electrical devices during class. These will be turned into the administration for
        pick-up by parent/guardian with a $15.00 fine.
    • Downloading of unauthorized and/or illegal Internet material is strictly prohibited.
    • Plagiarism: Any student found in violation of plagiarizing will receive a “ZERO” for the assignment and documentation of
        the incident will be noted. After that, you will occasionally have access to the Internet to research various aspects of
        computer documents, but you WILL NOT be allowed to use the Internet without permission.
    • Academic Dishonesty: Students caught cheating, accessing other student’s work folder, or turning in work that they did not
        complete will receive a grade of ZERO on that assignment. If investigative outcome determines more than one student
        knowingly collaborated, all students involved will receive a ZERO. In either case, parents will be notified and
        documentation of the incident will be noted. This type of behavior is simply not tolerated.
    • The following activities could result in damage to computers and therefore WILL NOT be permitted in class: Food, drinks,
        combing of hair, putting make-up, nail polish, hair spray, and any other item known to cause damage to computers.
E. How to Contact the Teacher:
       Conference period is 4th Period. To schedule an individual appointment or parent conference, please call 532-4241 ext. 237.
       Please leave a message and I will return your call as soon as it is practical. My e-mail is:

             Ms. Yvonne Galindo                                   2                                   Room 227 BCIS II

G. Parent/Guardian Release Permission:
Contacting Parent/Guardian - In order for teachers and parents to work together in providing your child the best chances of succeeding
and staying on track in their studies while at Lanier High School, the teacher would like your permission to notify you (or anyone you
authorize) every once in a while of your child’s progress so as to keep you advised.

Photographing Students - As part of the learning process, many times students are asked to work on projects that may require taking
photographs for our multimedia/presentation courses (For example: showing students working on a specific project, doing a
demonstration of their work, etc.). These photographs may appear on the schools newsletter, showcase competitions, yearbooks, etc.
By having your permission to have your child be on these photographs, this will help us immensely by allowing us flexibility to do
many projects. (For example: doing several projects versus one or two, have all students participate not just one or two, meet deadlines
due to not having to re-ask for permission on every single lesson, etc.). Therefore, we ask that you please permit your child to
participate when and if any school photographic projects are being conducted.

PARENTAL PERMISSION (please check appropriate box):

I hereby □ GIVE □ DO NOT GIVE permission for my child’s teacher to speak to me and/or anyone in our household regarding
my child’s progress regarding their attendance, grades, or behavior in this classroom.

I hereby □ GIVE □ DO NOT GIVE permission for my child to be photographed throughout the year for educational class work
purposes, when necessary.


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Student’s NAME (Print)                       Student’s SIGNATURE                          Student ID          Course              Period          Date

______________________________                          _________________________________                       ____________________________________
Parent/Guardian Signature                               Home Phone Number or Other                              Cell Phone Number

___                                                     (210) 532-4241 ext. 237                                 ____________________________________
Ms. Yvonne Galindo, Teacher                             Work Phone Number                                       Date

San Antonio Independent School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, sex, or disability in providing education services,
    activities, and programs, including vocational programs, in accordance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended; Title IX of the Educational
                                         Amendments of 1972; section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended.

                Ms. Yvonne Galindo                                                 3                                            Room 227 BCIS II