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Dear Student:

The Stride Rite program’s mission is to support student commitment to human service, make it possible for students of
all backgrounds to take leadership roles in public service, and provide advanced training in leadership development
and public service skills. Scholarships are awarded to undergraduate students to support a consistent, year-round
commitment to service. Any rising sophomore, junior or senior eligible for Federal Work-Study or from a low-income
background is invited to apply (contact program administrators to check eligibility).

Between 25 and 40 scholarships will be available this coming academic year, with priority given to past Stride Rite
program scholars and students dedicated to serving the same geographic or issue based community year-round
(summer and term). Additional priority goes to students doing direct service work with constituents (as opposed to
administrative). If you need further information regarding the Stride Rite program, please contact Maria Dominguez
Gray ( or myself (, 617-496-1886). If you need information
regarding Phillips Brooks House volunteer programs, please visit the website:


Ariel Harms
Program Coordinator
                                  PROPOSED PROGRAM CONTRACT

NOTE: Due to financial changes in the programs’ funding, changes may be made to the following benefits and

The Stride Rite scholarship program provides to scholarship recipients:
 Work-study eligible participants: During term-time, the employer portion of work-study wages for students in
    Phillips Brooks House affiliated public service at $10.25 per hour up to the recipient’s work-study ceiling.
    During the summer, up to the recipient’s work-study summer ceiling.
 Non work-study eligible participants: During the term-time, a semesterly stipend of $800, if hour requirements
    are met. During the summer, up to a $1,200 stipend depending on hours served.
 Eligibility for a $500 program completion stipend if all program requirements are met.
 Individual mentorship and leadership development training in public service.
 A summer stipend of $400.

In return, Stride Rite recipients will:
 Commit to a summer service placement of at least 20 hours per week for 6 weeks.
 Complete a minimum of 8 hours per week of public service in the proposed term-time program(s); honestly
     record and report (on a regular weekly basis) the hours of service; and not request or accept payment for wages in
     excess of the recipient’s work-study ceiling.
 Report any change in program from that proposed in the Stride Rite application and report any problems meeting
     the mandatory minimum of 8 volunteer hours per week to the Stride Rite Program Coordinator.
 Participate in Stride Rite Leadership Development activities.
 Participate in a small group community learning.
 Attend all scheduled meetings (unless excused in advance due to a legitimate inability to attend).
NOTE: Scholarships are automatically renewed for the spring semester if the above requirements are met in the fall.
        Phillips Brooks House · Harvard Yard · Cambridge, MA 02138 · (617) 496-1886

       The 2010-2011 Stride Rite Scholars Program Application
                                DEADLINE — Friday, April 23rd, 2010, 5:00pm
                                Submit to Phillips Brooks House, Office #301

                       Contact or 617-496-1886 with questions.

Financial                  Are you eligible for Federal Work-Study this coming year?
                              Yes ____ No ____ (check one)
                           Were you eligible for Work-study this past year?
                             Yes____ No_____ (check one)

                           If you are not eligible for Work-study, is your Harvard financial aid package based on an annual family income of:
                                 Under $60,000
                                 Under $100,000
Service Placement(s)       Program                                                                      Hours/week
Summer 2010


Date of Birth                                                                 House Affiliation
Concentration                                                                 Class
College Address                                                               Home Address

Cell Phone                                                                    Home Telephone
E-mail Address                                                                Student I.D. #
Social Security #                                                             Alien I.D. #              (if any)

Ethnicity (optional)                                                          Sex                       Male ____ Female ____

The Personal Statement, Service Plan and Small Group Learning answers must be typed, double-spaced, with your
Name and Student I.D. number at the top of each page.

1.   Personal Statement: In a statement of 500 words or less, please detail your private public service experience,
     public service interest, and the manner in which you would make use of a Stride Rite Scholarship. Feel free to be
     flexible in the topic, with the goal of explaining to the selection committee why a Stride Rite scholarship would be
     important to you.

2.   Service Plan: Please outline your plan for consistent, year round service. Be sure to include the following:
      Description of the term-time program(s) and related service in which you intend to participate.
      Your past history with the program(s), your role this year, and anticipated hours commitment.
      Description of your summer service placement, including your individual role and the organization (contact
        person, address, and phone number).
      Discussion of the relationship of your summer service and term-time program.
      Discussion of the community need addressed by your service placement, and your evidence for the existence of
        the community need.

3.   Resume: Your resume should especially highlight your past participation in public service work (volunteer or
     paid). If you are new to public service, a more general resume is fine.

4.   FOR NON-RETURNING STRIDE RITE SCHOLARS--Letter of Recommendation: The letter should be
     from a “professional” (not another student) familiar with your service interest or plans (this might be a professor, a
     program director, high school teacher, house tutor, etc.). If you are new to public service, the letter can address
     your fitness for a public-service scholarship. Please submit the letter in a sealed envelope with the recommender’s
     signature across the seal.

I affirm that the statements and information provided herein and in my supporting materials are true and accurate to the
best of my knowledge. I have also read and agree to the Stride Rite contract terms listed above.

Signature:                                                            Date:

                             DEADLINE — Friday, April 23rd, 2010, 5:00pm
                             Submit to Phillips Brooks House, Office #301

                   Contact or 617-496-1886 with questions.


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