Ideas for Community Service Projects

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                                Ideas for Community Service Projects
             There are many community service projects waiting to be done. The key to a
         successful project is matching the project to the ages and skills of the youth and the
         resources available to use in completing the project. This list provides some ideas for
         possible community service projects.

         Adventure Programming                                   Food, Nutrition and Fitness
          • Coordinate a community drive to                       • Volunteer at a homeless shelter or
            collect used bicycles. Donate bikes                     community food pantry.
            to community agency that will give                    • Sponsor a food drive for food pantry.
            bikes to kids.                                        • Prepare holiday food baskets for shut-ins.
          • Spiff-up and fix-up a community                       • Provide snacks for blood mobile.
            playground.                                           • Sponsor a community holiday coffee.
          • Sponsor a community walk, run, or                    Plants, Soils and Gardening
            biking activity to encourage fitness.                 • Work with a community agency to
          • Check out walking, biking, and                          set up a community garden. Donate
            snowmobile trails and update signs                      produce to people who don’t have a
            and pick up trash.                                      garden.
          • Work with a local senior center to                    • Help residents of a nursing home set
            coordinate activities such as games                     up container gardens of vegetables
            or dances.                                              or plants.
          • Adopt a grandparent.                                  • Catalog plants or trees in park or
         Animal Projects                                            wildlife area.
          • Organize a visiting pet program for                   • Plant trees/flowers in park or other
            nursing homes, elementary schools,                      community area.
            senior centers etc.                                  Science and Technology
          • Volunteer at the local humane                         • Organize a recycling program.
            society.                                              • Plan a park clean-up day or community
          • Donate dog/cat food to a local                          clean-up.
            animal shelter.                                       • Present a disaster preparedness program
         Clothing and Textiles                                      for schools and day cares in what to do in
          • Sponsor a coat drive and donate to                      case of tornado or flood.
            a shelter.                                           Shooting Sports
          • Make a quilt or blanket for a                         • Present a program or display on firearm
            homeless shelter.                                       and bow safety.
          • Sponsor a mitten and scarf tree with                  • Volunteer to help with local hunter safety
            items to be donated to a pre-school.                    program.
          • Create television and radio ads.                     Source: Diem, K. G. Revised 2001. New Jersey 4-H leader Training
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