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                                                                                                 Practical Pre-Processing Solutions

            Builder: Pre-Processing Applications
                                                     Builder is an application used in the preparation of reservoir simulation models. It represents
 CMG Today                                           the next generation in model preparation, saving time, money, and frustration over conventional
      Based on a rich history in reservoir
 modelling research and software devel-              A reservoir simulation model is a cost-effective engineering and management tool that improves
 opment since 1978, the Computer                     recovery from both developed and undeveloped oil and gas reserves. Reservoir modelling helps
 Modelling Group (CMG) has created                   you make the most of your exploration and production investments.
 and marketed some of the oil industry’s
 leading simulators. Originally, CMG                 Builder makes the design and preparation of reservoir models faster and more efficient than ever
 started out as a research organization.             before. It does this by helping engineers navigate the often complex processes involved in prepar-
 Today CMG is a world class company,                 ing a model.
 publicly traded on the TSX Stock
 Exchange.                                           Builder provides a Windows interface which organizes data the way the engineer sees it; uncon-
      Over 1,500 licensed copies of                  strained by simulator keywords. For new engineers, Builder can be an invaluable training tool,
 CMG’s robust software programs are                  guiding them through the process of preparing a simulation model, and enabling them to con-
 currently in use, making CMG one of                 centrate on the reservoir recovery process, not keyword syntax.
 the largest providers of reservoir simu-
 lation software in the world.                       As a result, Builder—in conjunction with CMG’s line of reservoir simulators—makes simula-
                                                     tion technologies more accessible to all organizations, even those with little previous experience
      CMG continues to focus on its par-
                                                     in modelling.
 ticular product speciality:       reservoir
                                                     Developed by CMG’s industry-leading team of scientists, engineers, and programmers, Builder
                                                     was conceived in response to requests from engineers and managers around the world. Depend-
                                                              ing on your objectives, you can select one or both of the Builder modules:

             F E A T U R E S                                                          GridBuilder
* Dramatically Reduces Simulator Data Preparation Time
                                                               Whether used alone or in combination, the Builder applications help you build a reser-
* Graphical Data Validation and Editing                        voir simulation model more quickly.
* Built-in Error Checking
                                                               Designed with you, the user, in mind, Builder operates easily with today’s Microsoft
* No Knowledge Required of Keyword Syntax
                                                               office products, and is designed for and takes full advantage of Windows 2000/XP/XP
* Designed for Windows 2000/XP/XP64                            64 operating systems.
                                      GridBuilder is used to create simulation grids and rock property data for IMEX, GEM, and STARS.
                                      It allows you to easily create and edit grids—positioning them with respect to geological maps and
                                      then interpolating geological structure and rock properties. The grid may be displayed in a variety of
                                      2D and 3D views to allow quick checking of the grid correctness and conformance.

          User Interface
You can quickly create and position a
simulation grid, for whatever model
type selected. Grid lines, or the entire
grid, can be dynamically moved by
clicking and dragging.
                                                                                                                         Completed grids may
              Access to Geological Data                                                                                  be viewed easily in 2D
GridBuilder reads contour maps or mesh map values in a                                                                   or 3D, for quick visual
variety of formats (Zmap, CPS3, Geographics, Stratamodel,                                                                confirmation that the
EarthVision). Contour maps can be created by digitizing paper maps                 simulation model matches the developed geological model.
or by exporting contours from a number of geological mapping                       Multiple 2D and 3D views of the generated grid also helps QC
programs.                                                                          in geologically complex structures.

        Compare Contour Maps
                                                                                                        Well Locations
In a typical simulation study, several maps of
                                                                            Wells located on input geological maps are positioned in the grid, with
different structure and rock properties are used
                                                                            the well completion grid blocks being automatically calculated. You can
for each geological layer. Each of these maps may
                                                                            further edit the well list to add or remove wells, or to add, modify, or
be displayed in turn with a proposed grid to
                                                                            remove well completions from specific grid blocks. Well trajectory and
ensure that the grid is correct for all layers before
                                                                            perforation information can also be read in from drilling logs. The wells
proceeding with property interpolation. The
                                                                            can then be visually checked and adjusted before being accepted for
sampled properties can also be contoured for
                                                                            the model.
comparison with the original maps.

                                                                            GridBuilder provides an extensive range of on-line manual and
                        Generating Grids
                                                                            context sensitive help facilities which are fully searchable for keywords
GridBuilder supports a number of grid types including cartesian,
                                                                            and phrases.
orthogonal corner point, and non-orthogonal corner point grids. Grid
block top and thickness, or corner depths, may be interpolated from
geological structure maps                                                                                           GridBuilder
including discontinuities due
to the throw at fault locations,                                                                         * Create Simulation Grids with LGRs
including full sloping fault                                                                             * Easy Grid Editing Features
capability. The Grid generation
wizard makes designing even                                                                              * Read in Maps from Geological Packages
the most complex grid a                                                                                  * Interpolate Average Property Values
painless process.
                                                                                                         * 2D and 3D Display Capabilities
                                                                                                         * Models Geology Containing Sloping Faults
                                   ModelBuilder is CMG’s new user-friendly, Windows-based software that helps you prepare input data
                                   files for IMEX ,GEM and STARS simulators. With easy-to-use visual interfaces, as well as support for
                                   direct editing of the data set information within the program itself, ModelBuilder is the first interactive
                                   data building software for both experienced and occasional users.

ModelBuilder                            ™

                        User Interface
An easy, user-friendly interface facilitates the entry and display of
simulation information.

No need to learn any keywords to
create a data set. ModelBuilder
                                                                                                     Data Input Wizards
writes out appropriate keywords,
                                                                                  Numerous data handling wizards ease data entry and
allows you to change these keywords
                                                                                  manipulation within ModelBuilder. Data can be imported or
through a user interface or by direct
                                                                                  exported from general ASCII files or Excel spreadsheets, or
editing, and then writes out the data
                                                                                  specific programs e.g. WinProp, Merak PEEP, Oil Field Manager.
set in the appropriate sequence.
                                                                                  Wizards also make it easy to define the fluid systems required
                                                                                  to model advanced processes.

                        Unit Conversions
ModelBuilder’s built-in unit conversion system accepts any valid sys-
tem of units and automatically converts it to its corresponding value
in the unit system initially specified by the user.

ModelBuilder can validate the information
you enter according to the syntax require-
ments of the simulator. If an error is found,
a red light bulb is turned on and guides the                                                            Importing SCAL data
user to the error.                                                                        Raw relative permeability and capillary pressure data can
                                                                                          be entered, edited, validated, averaged and assigned to
                                                                                          various rock types defined in the simulation model.

ModelBuilder displays
                                                                                                               Tubing Pressure Loss
tabular information in
                                                                                                          Tables of pressure drop can be calculated
graphic form where
                                                                                                          along tubing to allow wells to be
appropriate. In addi-
                                                                                                          pressure controlled at points other than
tion, Relative Perme-
                                                                                                          their bottom hole position. Different
ability and PVT
                                                                                                          configurations and flowing conditions
curves shown in a
                                                                                                          can be generated and easily assigned to
graphical form can be
                                                                                                          particular wells.
adjusted directly, and are intricately linked with their corresponding
table values.
   Importing Historical
The Production Scheduler                                                                   Assigning Well Properties
wizard eases production data                                                     Wells can be easily added in ModelBuilder if not
import from various databases,                                                   previously defined in GridBuilder. When hundreds of
and generic ASCII formats, using                                                 wells are present the well filter allows easy grouping of
a unique universal format reader.                                                wells to define their properties without having to
It can import oil, water or gas                                                                     describe each one individually.
production rates, water or gas
injection rates, bottom hole pressures, and average
pressure. The production dates can be in daily,
monthly, yearly, or cumulative production format, and
the gas production data can also be in GOR format.
If production wells are converted to injectors, a new
well will be designated
automatically and the injection
data reassigned to the new well.
Large data volumes can also be
averaged over user definable time

                                                                                 Assigning Perforations
                                                        By reading in an existing simulation data set, the user can display and visually
                                                        check where the well perforations have been completed and assigned, relative
                                                        to the grid and grid layers. The user can also visualize any local grid refinements
                                                        and the locations of the perforations within the refined area. Visually, the user
                                                        can adjust, modify, or add additional perforation information as required to
                                                        ensure that the simulation model best represents actual field events. Well logs
                                                        can be superimposed on the simulation grid to allow easy and accurate
                                                        assignment of perforated intervals.

           Schedule of Events
Users can step through the well data and modify                                             Other Simulators
the completion information to include both the                            ModelBuilder allows Eclipse datasets to be loaded. The semi-
history and future events such as additional                              automatic conversion utility allows common keywords and
perforations, cement squeezes, or other well                              structures to be mapped across to the CMG simulator and
completion changes.                                                       discrepancies highlighted.

ModelBuilder provides an extensive range of on-
line manual and context sensitive help facilities
                                                                                         * Windows 2000/XP ‘Look and Feel’ Interface
which are fully searchable for keywords and
phrases in both English and Spanish.                                                     * Automatic Error Checking and Data Validation
                                                                                         * Editing Available through Graphical Displays
                                                                                         * Easy Data Import through Wizards
                                                                                         * Extensive Well Handling Tools
CMG’s Builder Pre-Processing
Applications integrate seamlessly
with your CMG simulators.                       Technology Launcher

                                                Pre-Processing Applications

               GRIDBUILDER                                                                              MODELBUILDER
             Input/Output Controls         Relative Permeability         Regions      Geological Maps       Horizontal Wells
             Capillary Pressure        Numerical Methods           Initial     Conditions     Fluid Model      Contour Data
             Rock Properties        Fractures    Reservoir Description         Production Data    Oil/Water/Gas PVT Data
             Aquifiers Descriptions WOC or GOC Depths Injection Data Oil Water Gas Properties Perforation/Completion
             Data       Grid Generation          Lease Lines           Rock Compressibility        Wellbore Discretization

                    IMEX                         STARS                          GEM                     WINPROP
                 Black Oil                        Steam                      Compositional                     Phase
                 Simulator                        Thermal                      Simulator                    Behaviour
                                                 Advanced                                                    Analysis

                                                Post-Processing Applications
An Investment in CMG Technology Pays Dividends                                 Builder
    * Emphasizing numerical simulation technologies since             * Technology transfer is vitally important to us. Our knowl-
      1978, CMG is one of the largest organizations in the world        edgeable and experienced team of consultants at CMG’s
      dedicated exclusively to reservoir modelling, providing           Learning Centre in Calgary will help you integrate reser-
      advanced process modelling capabilities.                          voir simulation technology into your current projects and
                                                                        ensure that all your questions are addressed.
    * In addition to the Builder pre-processing series, CMG has
      developed a full suite of reservoir simulators and input pro-   * At CMG, our Research and Development team is con-
      cessing modules.                                                  tinually developing new features for our programs in
                                                                        response to the feedback of our users at the field level. In
    * More than 180 organizations worldwide use CMG                     acquiring CMG technology, you will have access to this
      technologies.                                                     ongoing flow of upgrades and enhancements for your cur-
                                                                        rent programs.
    * CMG became a publicly traded company to support its
      accelerated growth in technical development and user sup-       * CMG offers comprehensive support for a full range of soft-
      port.                                                             ware programs. We strongly support Pentium and Pen-
                                                                        tium-compatible PC platforms that reduce the cost bar-
                                                                        riers traditionally involved in using reservoir simulation
    * Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, CMG now
      has offices in the United Kingdom, China, United States
      and Venezuela, as well as partnerships in other countries.

Technical Support                                                        CMG’s Suite of Integrated Modelling Tools
                                                                                        Technology Launcher
    * Our professional staff of research scientists, mathemati-
      cians, computer programmers, and engineers are contin-
      ually developing innovative approaches to, and applications
      for, numerical simulation technologies.                                                BUILDER
                                                                                    Pre-Processing Applications

    * CMG’s technical support staff respond quickly and effi-
      ciently to all questions and concerns about our reservoir           IMEX          STARS     GEM                 WINPROP
      modelling technologies, using a sophisticated support             Black Oil       Steam Compositional             Phase
      tracking system.                                                  Simulator      Thermal  Simulator             Behaviour
                                                                                      Advanced                         Analysis
    * By selecting Builder you will receive much more than just                       Processes
      state-of-the-art modelling capabilities—you will also have
      access to the whole Research and Development team that
      created, and continues to develop, CMG technologies.                                    RESULTS
                                                                                    Post-Processing Applications

                                  For more information, or to         Calgary, Canada           1-403-531-1300 (Head Office)
                                  arrange a demonstration of                                    1-403-289-8502 (Fax)
                                  Builder’s capabilities in your      Beijing, China            86-10-6209-8543
                                  office, contact any of the          Caracas, Venezuela        58-212-993-3990
                 GROUP LTD.                                           Houston, U.S.A.           1-281-872-8500
                                  CMG Marketing and Sales
                                                                      London, U.K.              44-1491-832-447
                                  offices worldwide: