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Separation Techniques Grade 10 Chemistry by zrn20302

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									Separation Techniques
 Grade 10 Chemistry

   Chelstone High School.
Separation Techniques -
   Deal with the separation of
    mixtures to enhance purity of
   Are important to because most
    substances are needed in their
    pure state.
Some Types of
Separation Techniques

   Filtration
   Chromatography
   Distillation

   This is a technique used
    to separate mixtures of
    an insoluble solid and a
Examples of Mixtures You Can
Separate Using Filtration
   Sand and water
   Broken glass and water
   Chalk suspensions and water
   Is the separation technique used to
    separate soluble substances using a
    media and a solvent.
   It is mostly applied in identifying mixtures
    that are coloured or pigments.
Types of Chromatography
   Radial chromatography
   Ascending chromatography
   Descending chromatography
Radial Chromatography
   In this type of chromatography, as the
    pigment separates, the different colours
    move outwards.
Radial Chromatogram
    Ascending Chromatography
       The solvent moves
        upwards on the
        separating media
Descending Chromatography
   The solvent moves
    downwards on the
    separating media.

   This is the separation technique where
    two miscible liquids are separated.
   It is made possible due to the fact that
    each liquid has its unique boiling point.
Types of Distillation
   Simple distillation
   Fractional distillation
Simple Distillation

    This is a
     technique used
     to separate a
     mixture of a
     substance and
     a solvent.
    E.g salt and
Fractional distillation
   This is the technique used to separate a
    mixture of two miscible liquids with
    different boiling points.
   E.g water and ethanol
   The boiling point for water is 100 while
    for ethanol it is 78.
Fractional Distillation
   What is a mixture?
   Give three ways of separating a mixture.
   What kind of mixtures can you separate
    using the filtration method?
   Give an example of a mixture you can
    separate using the fractional distillation
   It is a substance made up of two or more
    substances which are physically
   Filtration, Chromatography and
   Mixtures of an insoluble substance and a
   Ethanol and water.

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