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Fall 2003 - WARM WAY


                                                             WARM WAY                                          Fall • 2003

   A Publication for the Families and Friends of The WARM Place.                         •   A Place for Grieving Children and Their Families.

                                                               “The WARM Place gave us the thing
     ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○

                                                                       we needed most — hope.”
                                                                 Mark Fryan knew his daughters were hurting, but he was unsure where to
                      Dear Friends,
                                                              turn for help. His wife, Diana, had died at the age of 33 from a rare form of
                         At the
                                                              bone cancer, and he was left to raise his three daughters: Lauryn, 7, Samantha,
                      moment I am
                                                              5, and Theresa, 2. “My wife found out she had bone cancer while she was
                      sitting on the
                                                              pregnant with Theresa,” said Mark. “She had to receive a modified form of
                      side porch of
                                                              chemotherapy so it wouldn’t harm the baby. With the pregnancy and her
                      our WARM
                                                              illness, it was a very difficult time.”
                      Place home
Peggy Bohme                                                      Mark and Diana did everything they could to prepare the children for their
                      watching some
                                                              mother’s death, talking about it frankly and openly. “It was incredibly impor-
children draw memories with
                                                              tant to Diana to make it through Christmas and have a final holiday together,”
chalk on the patio, while others
                                                              said Mark. “Through the strength of her will and faith, she did it.” On De-
are making wishes at the wishing
                                                              cember 26, 2001, Diana died.
well. It is a perfect time to count
                                                                 A few months later, a teacher at Samantha’s school gave her a brochure
some of the blessings of this year.
                                                              about The WARM Place in Fort Worth, where grieving families receive the
   Since January, we have in-
                                                              help they need. “I knew they needed more support than I could give them,”
creased the number of children
                                                              said Mark. “I just didn’t know where to get it.”
and families we serve by ten
                                                                 In April 2002, he brought his daughters to The WARM Place. “The people
percent. Our spacious house and
                                                              and the atmosphere were incredibly supportive right from the start. The
gardens have allowed the volun-
                                                                                                                         (continued on page 2)
teer facilitators to be more flexible
in their group sessions.
   We have continued our na-
tional training by assisting new
agencies. In September, I was
invited to attend a ribbon cutting
ceremony for a new children’s
grief center in Amarillo, Texas. It
was an honor for me to witness
the work of Tricia Trimble and
Beth Kean as The Hope and
Healing Place opened its doors for
grieving children.
   The agency has received many
affirmations from families. Re-
cently, I received a large box in
              (continued on page 2)
                                                                      Left to right: Lauryn, Samantha, Theresa and Mark Fryan
                                                                                    Hope (cont’d. from page 1)
   At A Glance
    ○   ○   ○       ○       ○       ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   volunteers we worked with, Gay McWhorter and Don Braziel, were so helpful
                                                                                    to us. They gave us the thing we needed most — hope.”
Santa Calls                                                                            The girls were apprehensive at first, but they soon felt comfortable enough to
The WARM Place Annual                                                               open up and share their feelings in group
Holiday Fund Raiser                                                                 support sessions with other children. “The
Tuesday, December 9, 6 - 8:30 p.m. at
Salomon Smith-Barney Inc. and                                                       atmosphere is completely non-threatening, and
Wednesday, December 10, 6 - 8:30 p.m. at                                            no one is required to participate,” said Mark.
Merrill Lynch                                                                       “The kids love all of the activities and the little
                                                                                    things they do to remember their mom.”
Facilitator Training                                                                   Mark feels that both he and the children
Begins Tuesday, February 10, 2004,                                                  benefit. “What they teach here is not some
7 - 9 p.m. Classes will meet for seven sessions.
                                                                                    vague grief process,” he said. “The WARM
                                                                                    Place gives me tools as a parent to help my
Young Adult Group                                                                   children. And it gives them the tools they
Tuesday, February 10, 2004, 7 p.m.
Classes will meet for six sessions, every
                                                                                    need to face their loss.”
other Tuesday at The WARM Place.                                                       When asked why she and her sisters liked
                                                                                    The WARM Place, Lauryn said, “We’ve made
Little People Group                                                                 lots of friends who lost their mom or dad just
                                                                                    like we did. We like all the helpers. They help
Friday, January 23, 2004, 12 - 12:45 p.m.
Classes will meet for eight sessions, every                                         us feel things, and they listen to us talk about    The Fryan sisters.
Friday at The WARM Place.                                                           our mom.”
                                                                                       Mark knows how important The WARM Place is to his daughters. “It’s so
SAVE THESE                                                                          vital that they learn how to deal with their mother’s death,” said Mark. “They
SPRING DATES!                                                                       can do it now, or they can do it at 18 ... or 40. You simply have to go through
Second Annual                                                                       the grieving process to deal with this in the healthiest way possible.”
Friday Night At The Zoo                                                                The Fryan’s story is unique to their family, but at The WARM Place they are
The WARM Place Annual
Spring Fund Raiser
                                                                                    able to find common ground with many other families that are grieving. Since
Friday, April 23, 2004, 6:30 - 10 p.m.                                              1989, we have helped over 20,000 children and their families learn to cope
Texas Wild at The Fort Worth Zoo                                                    with their grief. All of these good works are accomplished through people like
                                                                                    you, who help make wonderful facilities like The WARM Place possible. Thank
Hit The Bricks 5K Run and Walk
Benefiting The WARM Place and                                                       you for your continued support.
Arlington Heights High School                                                       ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○

April, 2004
Race starts at 8 a.m.                                                               Directions (cont’d. from page 1)
Fireman’s 5K                                                                        the mail from a former family. I                                                               Once again, I am reminded that
Benefiting The WARM Place and                                                       opened it to discover a contribution                                                        this is a sacred place for families to
Compassionate Friends                                                               to The WARM Place — many books                                                              embrace their pain and sorrow and
Saturday, May 29, 2004
                                                                                    on death loss, a picture of the family                                                      eventually begin to heal.
                                                                                    and a letter updating me on the                                                                In closing, I want to extend my
            Wish List
                ○       ○       ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○
                                                                                    progress of the children. A most
                                                                                    unusual gift was tightly wrapped in
                                                                                                                                                                                heartfelt gratitude to our donors, the
                                                                                                                                                                                fantastic WARM Place staff, board of
Acrylic Paints
Paint Pens
                                                                                    bubble wrap at the bottom of the box.                                                       directors and volunteers that give so
Pony Beads                                                                          There was a bottle of wine with a                                                           generously of themselves to heal the
Poster Board — white and colors                                                     note inviting us to drink a toast in                                                        broken hearts of children.
Variegated yarn — any colors
18x24" Manilla Construction Paper
                                                                                    celebration of their new life as a
Brown “Fun Foam” Sheets — any size                                                  family. I would like to share a quote
“Fun Foam” Hearts                                                                   from their note with you. “I can’t                                                          Warmly,
Wiggly Craft Eyes — 5/8” size
12” Helium Quality Balloons                                                         help but think how lucky I am to
Photo Inkjet Paper — 8-1/2x11”                                                      have reached this point in my life
6-in. Paper Plates                                                                  that I thought was impossible a few
37- cent Stamps
Kleenex                                                                             years ago. Thanks for doing what                                                            Peggy Bohme
Paper Towels                                                                        you do. Give our love to your staff                                                         Executive Director
Bathroom Tissue
                                                                                    and volunteers.”

                                           A Testimony to Volunteering.

      Do you

                                           Letter written by Melinda Calder, age 18


                                           to Donna Uselding, The WARM Place, Director of Volunteers

                                               How many of you can say you              the pain and agony they were going

     what it                               have made a contribution to society?         through just by looking at their faces.

                                           For the past two years I have given          The kids weren’t interested in playing

       takes                               back by volunteering at The WARM             with the other kids or leaving their

                                           Place in Fort Worth. I was intro-            mother’s side. As time progressed so

                                           duced to The WARM Place seven                did the healing process and you could
    to fill this
                                           years ago when my older brother              see the change in that family. The

                                           died. This is a place where families         kids seemed to be happy again and

                                           can come and be together to cope             attempting to go on with their lives.
                                           with the loss of a loved one. After          Is it fair to them that they lost their
                                           about a year of positive reinforce-            father? No, but the truth is, bad

                                           ment from our mentors, we                               things happen to good people

                                           felt we were ready to go                                    all the time in this world.

                                           back to our every day                                        During this school year

                                           lives. Five years later I                                     in particular, we are

                                           wanted to return to                                            realizing the impor-

                                           The WARM Place,                                                 tance of life.

                                           not as a griever, but                                               Through these

                                           as a source of hope.                                              experiences I have

                                           There’s a sign when                                               learned to grieve and

                                           you walk in the                                                  to comfort those who

   If you are warm, generous,

                                           building that reads,                                            are grieving. I signed


                                           “We don’t believe in                                           up to volunteer for

       good-looking and most
                                           miracles, we rely on                                          The WARM Place

      importantly a lot of fun,

                                           them.” The families                                          thinking I could get

   we think the answer is yes!

                                           that come, see this sign,                                   service hours for Na-

                                           and it helps them believe                               tional Honor Society, but in

        This is a call to

                                           that they can go on with their lives.         return it has given me a better

      all male volunteers

                                               People today live in a bubble            perspective on reality. I have built

 to play Santa for an evening              where they think nothing bad can             friendships with the other people that

and help The WARM Place with               happen to them. My dad and I go to           volunteer at The WARM Place and

   “Santa Calls,” our Annual               The WARM Place every other                   we have all spread goodwill through

     Holiday Fund-Raiser.                  Wednesday to serve dinner and chat           our interaction with the families.

                                           with the families that come. These           Being the youngest of the volunteers

Your job entails calling good little       people don’t live in this so called,         I was embraced with open arms and

         boys and girls,                   “perfect life.” I look in their eyes and     through these friendships I have

 finding out what they want for            see hurt, pain, and grieving.                become a stronger person. I will be

                                               For example, there was one family        sad to leave The WARM Place next

      Christmas, and being

      a special part of their              that came for about a year and they          year when I leave for college, but I

         holiday season.                   had lost their father. The first night       can leave with the satisfaction that I

                                           they came, the two kids walked in            helped others with something I once

You would need to be available,

       December 9th or 10th                with their mother and you could see          struggled through.

      from 6:00 - 8:30 p.m.

                                           Every group session at The WARM Place requires a team effort of 15 to 18

                                           volunteers. That’s a lot of volunteer manpower. Currently we are in need of new

   Please call Elf Diane at

 The WARM Place if you have                volunteer facilitators. Facilitators are co-leaders in discussions at our night group

                                           sessions, one night every other week. Sessions last from 5:30 - 9:30 p.m. No

        what it takes.

                                           prior experience is necessary, but a free, seven-session training course is required.


                                           Please call or email Donna Uselding, Director of Volunteers, at 817-870-2272 or
    or check our website,


               Eagle Scout Candidate Helps Make

                      Our Wishes C T
                                 ome rue.

                                          Tyler Irving and Jacob                    Jacob, Jason Hiatt and Robert McKinney

Mark and Jacob Furr

   When we first moved to the new
WARM Place home and the staff
was looking out over the yard and
playhouse, the question was asked
what else might be added to the
yard to benefit the children. Our
counselors began discussing how
                                          Robert McKinney attaches base.            Scouts attach roof supports.
nice it would be to have a wishing
well for the children to place their      He had been trying to think of a
most important wishes. “The idea          unique service project as part of his
of having the children write down         Eagle Scout requirement. Elvina,
their most important wishes is not        who works closely with The WARM
new. We have been doing that with         Place counselors, knew how great it
our groups, it’s just that having an      would be for our programs to see the
actual well would make the activity       wishing well become a reality. So she
much more realistic,” said Gay            approached Jacob with the idea of
McWhorter and Kathy Telger,               building the well for The WARM
WARM Place counselors. At the             Place as his service project. “Jacob
time of the discussion, though, it        was very enthusiastic. He couldn’t
was well, just a wish.                    wait to get started,” said Elvina.
   In the spring of 2003, Elvina Hiatt,     Plans for the wishing well were
WARM Place program assistant and          found and purchased on the internet.
veteran Boy Scout leader, was talking     Then Jacob really had to get to work.
with Jacob Furr. Jacob is a scout in      As part of the service project require-
Elvina’s troop, Troop 95 in Benbrook.     ment for scouts, Jacob was respon-
                                                                                    Karen Furr, Jacob, Dale and Jason Hiatt

sible for planning the project, getting


a volunteer team to help and imple-

menting his plan. As part of the

planning process he had to determine
                                                      at the

the amount of lumber and materials

for the well, and purchase and


transport the materials. The WARM

Place reimbursed him for the cost of

the supplies.                                    The first program for The

   Next Jacob and family friend               WARM Place children to use the

Gilbert Banda went to work con-

                                              well was planned for the very next

structing the well’s base. It took 190        week. The children’s group of 5 - 8

individual cuts to make the wooden            year olds all read a story that talked
“bricks.” Then came the tricky part of    ○
                                              about a family that made a wish.            WARM Place pre-teens at the Wishing Well.
fitting the rectangular pieces together       Afterwards, each child decorated a             “We are all so thrilled and

to construct the round base. “Each            paper heart with a memory of their          pleased with the new wishing well.

piece had to overlap at exactly the           loved one who died on one side              We just can’t thank Jacob enough

right angle to get the proper curve.          and a message or wish to that               for all he has done. The children

That and making all those wood cuts                                                       just loved it,” said Peggy Bohme,

                                              person on the other side. Then the

was the most time-intensive part of           children took their decorated               WARM Place Executive Director.

the project,” commented Jacob.                hearts out to the wishing well and,         More programs are being planned

   The base of the well was con-              one by one, they placed them in             for the children, pre-teen and teen

structed off-site, then moved to The          the well as they said their loved           groups that encompass the new

                                                                                          wishing well.

WARM Place yard. On Saturday,                 one’s name. It was a very moving

September 20, Jacob and his group of          experience for everyone.

volunteers, which included his

parents and sister, Mark, Karen and

Amy Furr; his troop leaders, Dale,

Elvina, and Jason Hiatt ; scouts

Dusty and Taylor Irving; and Robert

McKinney, spent 53 hours anchoring

the base and constructing the top

portion of the well. “We had great

weather and a fun time building the

well,” said Karen Furr, Jacob’s mother.

Jacob added, “This was an incredible

opportunity to construct the well for

my service project and I love know-

ing I was a part of something that

could help other kids.”

                                               WARM Place children at the Wishing Well.              Pre-teens make a wish.

                            Jacob Furr, age 17, is a high school senior. He only has one more merit
                            badge to earn and a meeting with the Eagle Board to obtain his Eagle
                            Scout rank. The Eagle rank is the highest level of achievement in the Boy
                            Scouts of America and requires that the scout earn 21 merit badges, com-
                            plete a community service project, and demonstrate mastery of outdoor
                            and other living skills. Jacob is the son of Fort Worth police detective
                            Mark Furr, and his wife Karen. We wish you well, Jacob.

                                          The WARM                                ment and William M. Starz, former
                                                                                  financial Vice-President at Alcon
                                                                                  Laboratories, recently retired to
                                          Place                                   pursue public service.
                                                                                     Thanks to all of you and to our

                                          Welcomes                                returning Board members for your
                                                                                  time and commitment to The

                                          Our Newest                              WARM Place. We look forward to
                                                                                  a great year.

From the Board, Staff
                                            In September, The WARM Place
    and Volunteers of                     added four new members to our
                                          Board of Directors. Please join us in   Barbara Greer        Elizabeth Jones
                                          welcoming Barbara Greer, R.N.,
 The WARM Place ...                       B.S.N., Director of the NICU and
                                          Medical Floor at Cook Children’s
   A Happy and Safe                       Medical Center; Elizabeth M. Jones,
                                          Ph.D., LPC, a monitor at The
                                          WARM Place and now in private
      Holiday Season                      practice; Paul R. Ray III, principle
                                          with Phillips Ray Capital Manage-       Paul Ray             William Starz                                                              last year. During the sessions they
                                                                                  painted memory plates and memory
                                                                                  tiles that the children later donated
Our website gets a new look.                                                      to The WARM Place as art to
                                                                                  decorate our new home. The goal on
   If anyone has logged-on to The       Texas and a second grant was from         the website project was to make the
WARM Place website lately, they         Bell Helicopter Textron Humanity          site more colorful and inviting, and to
may have noticed a bit of a change.     Fund. “We are so thrilled and             provide more information to our
For the past nine months, the entire    grateful to these two generous            families, school counselors and the
staff has given input toward creating   foundations. Not only were we able        community.
a more informative, new image for       to cover design expenses, we were            Be sure to go on-line and check
our website. “With more and more        also able to purchase a digital camera,   out our new look.
people using the internet and email     a photo scanner and software for
for communicating, we felt it was a     updating the website,” said Vicki.
priority to update our website and      The new equipment will help make
make it easier to use,” stated Peggy    updates to our website easier and
Bohme, Executive Director.              more cost-effective.
   Toward that end, Vicki Johnson,         Emily Vick, our Community Rela-
Director of Development for The         tions Director, worked with Fort Worth
WARM Place, went to work to             web and graphic designer, Sheila
obtain a grant to cover the expenses    Fredrickson. Sheila has been designing
of the upgraded website. She did        our newsletter for nine years and was
such a good job, she was able to get    very excited about working on the site.
two grants. One was from The               The graphics used on the new site
Maurine V. Goodrich Fund of The         were created by our WARM Place
Community Foundation of North           children during their group sessions

Give the child in your life A Phone Call from Santa.
Ho! Ho! Ho! Friends,                                                           will be receiving a call, enclose a minimum
This year we are celebrating the 11th year of an annual holiday                of $10.00 for the first child in a family,
tradition at The WARM Place. For those who do not know, our WARM               and just $5.00 for each additional child
Place volunteers play Santa, donning red hats and ringing jingle bells,        in the same household, and return by
as they help the real St. Nick make personalized phone calls to some           Friday, December 5th to:
very lucky boys and girls. Last year our jolly Santas placed over 1,000
calls to thrilled children all over the United States!
   For two magical nights, December 9th and 10th, our WARM Place                            SANTA CALLS — The WARM Place
Santas will make special phone calls to your children, grandchildren,               809 Lipscomb Street • Fort Worth, Texas 76104-3121
nieces, nephews, cousins and friends. We use the information from the
attached form to personalize each call. Children are always amazed               Your tax-deductible donation enables us to bring peace and hope to
that Santa knows about their families, pets, hobbies, schools and even         hundreds of grieving children and their families who have suffered a
what they want for Christmas!                                                  death loss. On their behalf, please accept our gratitude.
   Let us help make this holiday season especially bright for the little         Best wishes to you all for a wonderful holiday season.
people in your life. Simply complete a separate form for each child who                                            — Peggy Bohme, Executive Director

                            ——— A Phone Call from Santa 2003 ———
                                  11th Annual Holiday Fund-Raiser Benefiting The WARM Place
   Sponsorship: Presenting Sponsors — Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kolba; Carter Burgess; EFW Inc.; Merrill Lynch; Salomon Smith Barney
 Santa Claus — Anonymous, Eugene and Frances Calabrese; Haltom’s Jewelers; Jose, Henry, Brantley & Keltner, LLP Maribianca,
             Inc.; Mr. J. Andrew Rogers; Dr. and Mrs. Robert Ruxer, Jr.; Mr. and Mrs. Richard Wiseman, XTO Energy
         Mrs. Claus — Mr. and Mrs. John R. Clay; Crescent Real Estate Equities, LTD.; Mr. and Mrs. Peter B. Dahlberg;
                              Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Dike; Mayor and Mrs. Mike Moncrief; S & J Electric

Every attempt will be made to call your child on the designated nights. If for some reason Santa cannot reach your child, or in case of inclement weather,
              please consider the fee a donation to The WARM Place. Please don’t forget to include area code and to consider time zone.

❒   Tuesday, Dec. 9th                    ❒    Wednesday, Dec. 10th

Child’s First Name _____________________               Age ______ ❒ Boy            ❒ Girl             Phone # (     ) ______________________
                                                                                                      Time Zone ___________________________

Brothers/Sisters                                   Ages                           Name and Type of Pet
_________________________________                  ___________                    _________________________________________________
_________________________________                  ___________                    _________________________________________________
_________________________________                  ___________                    _________________________________________________

Child lives with:     ❒ Both parents          ❒ Mother          ❒ Father           ❒ Other _________________________________________

Name of school ___________________________________________                          Grade______ Teacher’s name ______________________

What has child accomplished and/or done well this year? ____________________________________________________________

Hobbies/Interests ____________________________________________________________________________________________

What is child going to receive for Christmas this year? ___________________________________________________________________

Does child’s home have a fireplace? ❒ Yes ❒ No Did child leave any special goodies for Santa or his reindeer last year?
❒ Yes ❒ No If so, what? ____________________________________________________________________________________

Name and phone number of adult contact, in case Santa has a question:                       __________________________________________
                                                                                            Phone # (   ) _____________________________

                                                                                            Every Little

    Albertson’s: #49000111086

                                                                                            Bit Helps.

                                                                                               There are plenty of ways you

                                                                                            can help The WARM Place just

                                                                                            by designating our number at

            Kroger: #86500 09073

                                                                                            the places you already shop.

                                                                                            These stores will pay a per-                                                                   Turn your old car

                                                                                            centage of each sale to our

                                                                                                                                                                                           into ca$h for

                                                                                            account when you present your

                                                                                                                                                                                           The WARM Place.

                                                                                            card at checkout.

                                                                                                                                                                                              Just call Charity Motors and tell

                                                                                               At Albertson’s, Kroger and

                                                                                                                                                                                           them you would like to donate a car

                                                                                            Tom Thumb, just give them our

                                                                                                                                                                                           for The WARM Place.

                                                                                                                                                                                              They will pick up your car, give you

                                                                                            account number listed on the

                                                                                                                                                                                           a tax receipt, sell the car at auction

                                                                                            cards at the left, and they will

                                                                                                                                                                                           and send The WARM Place a check.

                                                                                            put it on your member card.                                                                    It’s that easy.

                                                                                                                                                                                              Call 1-972-CHARITY or

                            Tom Thumb: # 4979                                                  Thank you for your help!                                                                    1-972-242-7489.

○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○    ○   ○    ○   ○   ○    ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○    ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○

NEW Resource for those who work                                                                                                   Opening Activities, Main Activities
with grieving children and teens ...
                                                                                                                                     and Activity Combinations
                                                                                                            Suitable for use in grief agencies, schools, and churches for kids in grief
  Healing Activities                                                                                                 For Children:                                                                                      For Teens:
                                                                                                                  • 31 opening activities                                                                         • 52 opening activities
for Children in Grief                                                                                               • 17 main activities
                                                                                                                • 24 activity combinations
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    • 15 main activities
                                                                                                                                                                                                                • 5 activity combinations
    Activities suitable for support groups                                                                                                                                                                              Plus ...
      with grieving children, preteens                                                                           For Preteens:                                                                                 Holiday Activities & Games
                   and teens                                                                                       • 25 opening activities                                                                       Paperback, 72 pages
                                                                                                                     • 20 main activities
                                                                                                                 • 6 activity combinations

                                                                                                        Directly from the Publisher — Book Price: $24.95
                                                                                                                Please send ___ copies of Healing Activities for Children in Grief to:
                                                                                                Name ___________________________ Agency __________________________
                                                                                                Address ____________________________________________________________
                                                                                                City _________________________________ State _____ Zip ______________
                                                                                                Please complete order details:
                                                                                                ____ Copies @ $24.95 per copy                                                              =           $_____________
                                                                                                TX Residents Add 8½% Sales Tax                                                             =           $_____________
                                                                                                Shipping and Handling ($5.00 per book)                                                     =           $_____________
                                                                                                  Enclosed Is a Check For Total                                                                        $___________

                                                                                                                                       Make Check Payable to/Mail to:
                                                                                                                         Gay McWhorter • 1713 Bellechase Drive • Roanoke, Texas 76262
                                                                                                                               (817) 379-5544 • E-Mail:

      Thanks to those whose generous support is making it possible for
                                                                            The WARM Place
                                                                            to mend broken hearts.

    Alcon Foundation                                                                                                         Crystelle Waggoner Trust, Bank of
    BHTI Employees’ Humanity Fund                                                                                              America Trustee
    Colleyville Women’s Club                                                                                                 William E. Scott Foundation
    Maurine V. Goodrich Fund of the                                                                                          Southlake Women’s Club
       Community Foundation of North Texas
    EFW Inc.                                                                                                                 Kids Helping Kids
    Fireman’s 5K                                                                                                             In-Kind Contributions
    The Mary Potishman Lard Trust
    Lockheed Martin Vought Systems                                                                                           Baden Powell Scout Association
    Once Upon A Time…                                                                                                        Boy Scouts of America — Troup 95
    Pfizer Inc.                                                                                                                Benbrook
    Rotary Club of Fort Worth South                                                                                          Lauren Douglass — Trinity Valley
    The Ryan Foundation                                                                                                      Richard Bowling and Miles Gallagher —
                                                                                                                               Nolan Catholic

            DONATIONS — May through August 2003
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                                                                                Lockeed Martin Vought Systems                                                                Patricia A. and Billy G. Wilson
DONATIONS                                                                       Gary Martin                                                                                  Women of Rotary of Fort Worth
Alcon Foundation                                                                Kathy and Don Mason                                                                          Women on Mission, Normandale Baptist
Allstate Giving Campaign                                                        Karen Ann Mays-Hooper                                                                          Church
Martha and Richard Bailey                                                       Dr. and Mrs. William W. McKinney
Jean C. Beasley
Behmann Brothers Foundation
                                                                                Joseph E. Milligan, Jr.
                                                                                Mr. and Mrs. James A. Niedermayer
BHTI Employees’ Humanity Fund Inc.                                              Pfizer Inc.                                                                                  LINDA AND BOB BATTON
Nancy Branson                                                                   Madelene Rafalco                                                                               Maggie and Duke Greenhill
Linda and Samuel Calabrese                                                      Estate of Mark Rakoover                                                                      GRACE BRIES
Colleyville Woman’s Club                                                        Ann and Ed Richardson                                                                          The Janet Tilley Family
Community Foundation of North Texas,                                            Deborah and Jonathan Roark                                                                   DEBBY AND CHIP BROWN
   Maureen V. Goodrich Fund                                                     Mr. and Mrs. Jim Ryffel                                                                        Maggie and Duke Greenhill
Rick Corn                                                                       Safeway Inc.                                                                                 FATHER CHARLIE CALABRESE
Tammy Davis                                                                     Saint Francis Protestant Fellowship                                                            Patrick J. Maloney
Alysa G. Dennett                                                                Sandy Lane Christian Church                                                                  KAY CARSEY
JES Edwards Foundation                                                          William E. Scott Foundation                                                                    Maggie and Duke Greenhill
EFW Inc.                                                                        Southlake Women’s Club                                                                       LORI AND KURT CLAWSON
Fireman’s 5K                                                                    Carolyn A. St. Clair                                                                           Peggy and Lee Bohme
First Christian Church Outreach                                                 Mrs. Ruth Carter Stevenson                                                                   BARBIE AND LELAND CLEMONS
The Fort Worth Foundation                                                       Henry N. Stewart                                                                               Maggie and Duke Greenhill
Judy Grimes                                                                     Matt J. Stone                                                                                GIBBS COLGIN
Hanley Family Fund of Omaha Community                                           Joe Strain                                                                                     Maggie and Duke Greenhill
   Foundation                                                                   Aggie Strauss                                                                                PAULETTE AND JOHN CRUMLEY
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph C. Hart                                                      Joan and George Tengowski                                                                      Maggie and Duke Greenhill
Juanita Harwell                                                                 Nancy and Andy Thompson                                                                      ELLA DEAN
Dr. Peter F. Heilmayr                                                           Judith L. Timm                                                                                 Katherine and Pete Giuliani, Jr.
Stephen T. Hundley                                                              Trinity Valley Quilter’s Guild                                                               BECKY AND JULES DELAUNE
Landreth Foundation                                                             United Way of Metropolitan Tarrant County                                                      Maggie and Duke Greenhill
The Mary Potishman Lard Trust                                                   Crystelle Waggoner Charitable Trust                                                          REBBECCA AND REESE HILLARD
Dee Lewis                                                                       Carmon and Steven Weeden                                                                       Holly Hendricks Weed

JEAN HOLBERT                          Mr. and Mrs. William R. Otto              LIZ LANGMUIR
  Maggie and Duke Greenhill           Elizabeth and Paul R. Ray, Jr.              Eunice and Robb Rutledge
SHEILA BRODERICK JOHNSON              Janice and Bill Starz                     GIL LEHMAN
  Dr. and Mrs. David Turbeville       Kathlee and Mark Seethaler                  Ms. Marianne Lehman
JOAN AND HOWARD KATZ                  Kathy and Terry Telger                    HAZEL MCCULLOUGH
  Maggie and Duke Greenhill           Donna and John Uselding                     Julia and Mike Leonard
MR. AND MRS. LARRY KIRVIN             Lucille J. Winters                          Donna and John Uselding
  Maggie and Duke Greenhill         DAVID LINDSEY BOWLING                       MICHAEL MCDONALD
BILL LEE                              Victoria Beckwith Johnson                   Erma M. Balthrop
  Roz Rosenthal                     LOU ANN BRONSTAD                              Everett L. Kincaid, Jr.
MARY AND CARTER LLEWELLYN             Courtenay, Ryan, and Ann Elise Taylor       Northwest Bible Church
  Maggie and Duke Greenhill         CINDY BRYANT                                  Sharon and Ron Ragan
PATTI AND MIKE MCCONNELL              Tricia and David Amend, Lauren, Tyler,      Jo Ann Riley
  Maggie and Duke Greenhill              and Katie                                Ellen Roesser
MICHAEL MOCEK                       MR. HAP CAVNESS                               Dr. and Mrs. Bruce Toppin
  Betty C. Bradford                   Eddie Gage                                MIKE MCELRATH
ANN AND JIM NAYFA                   RYAN CELESTING                                Katherine and Pete Giuliani, Jr.
  Maggie and Duke Greenhill           Carol and Bob Franke                      BEVERLY GRAMMER MEYER
MARTY AND JIM NORMAN                RICKEY CHENAULT                               Bunny Ridgeway
  Maggie and Duke Greenhill           Pam Chenault                              JEWEL MOORE
LESA AND JOHN OUDT                  JEFF CONATSER                                 Sarilyn and Mitch Lucas
  Maggie and Duke Greenhill           Ruth and Doug Roper                       KATHRYN MYERS
CHRISTA AND RICHARD PEREZ           JOHN DREHER CRANE                             Leta and Carl Arthur
  Peggy and Lee Bohme                 Dolly Worden                              ROBERT NICKELS
  Vicki and George Johnson          BEVERLY CUNNINGHAM                            Sarilyn and Mitch Lucas
ELIZABETH AND PAUL RAY, JR.           Peggy Richardson                          ANNIE PARADEIS
  Maggie and Duke Greenhill         ROBERT JAMES DONAHUE                          Peggy and Lee Bohme
CANDY AND RICK REHFELDT               Dr. and Mrs. David Turbeville               Gay McWhorter
  Maggie and Duke Greenhill         LINDA DOYLE                                   Aggie Strauss
JOHN M. RICHARDSON, M.D.              Sarilyn and Mitch Lucas                     Donna and John Uselding
  Kay and Ken Creighton             LOREAN FIELDING                             FRANK PATENOTTE
  Lana and David Oviatt               Bunny Stone Ridgeway                        Mr. and Mrs. Randy Harvison & children
  Melinda and Estil Vance           MIKE FIELDS                                   Levon and Barbara Smith & family
BUNNY RIDGEWAY                        Sarilyn and Mitch Lucas                   JAMES PETTY
  Maggie and Duke Greenhill         MRS. MARGARET FORMBY                          Jan and James Penisten
TITA AND CONRAD SCHMID                Eddie Gage                                CONWAY PICKARD
  Maggie and Duke Greenhill         MARY JO GARRETT                               Mary Helen and Jack Billingsley
DENNIS I. SCHUSTER, M.D.              Virginia Simons Odum                        Peggy Richardson
  Mr. and Mrs. Ross Meadows, Jr.    VICKIE GLEASON                                Mrs. Robert C. Richardson
JEAN SMITH                            Cathy and Bob Langston                    MARGARET POULL
  Maggie and Duke Greenhill         POLLY GOOCH                                   Aggie Strauss
MARSHA AND TERRY WRIGHT               Jane Gibson                               BOBBY RATLIFF
  Maggie and Duke Greenhill         MARY GAI HAESKE                               Pat Baker
JAN AND ROGER YOUNG                   Shirley and Ron Wells                       Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Bass
  Maggie and Duke Greenhill         MRS. DORIS HARDIN                             Suzanne and Robert Belcher
                                      Eddie Gage                                  Peggy and Lee Bohme
MEMORIALS                           COL. W. C. HARRISON, JR.
                                      Mr. and Mrs. Carl Arthur
                                                                                  Madelon L. Bradshaw
                                                                                  Patricia and George Christie
MRS. ELLEN BARNES                   ANDREW HARTMAN                                Wendy Churchill
  Carol and Larry Small               Harriett and Al Barr                        Mr. and Mrs. Edward K. Clark
  Cheryl and Dick Curry               Donna and John Uselding                     Whitfield J. Collins
JOHN BARRIBALL                      MARGARET HARTMAN                              William W. Collins, Jr.
  Patty Kunko                         Harriett and Al Barr                        Robert B. Crates
DELORES BERKOVSKY                     Donna and John Uselding                     David C. Crowley
  John Richardson, M.D. and staff   JACK HENCKELS                                 Cynthia M. Cuellar
JO BESS                               Ruth Carter Stevenson                       Ruth Anne and Mike Douglass, Lauren &
  Martha Morton                     NANCY HERRING                                    Jordan
MRS. JANE W. BESSIRE                  Gregg, Kay and James Carson                 Ruth Anne Douglass, Tita Schmid, Nancy
  Cynthia and Burton Gilbert        SAM O. HIDLER                                 Spencer and the staff of Reading Friends
GLADYS BLOUNT                         Dr. and Mrs. Michael J. Duran               Nancy and Gene Dozier
  Florence E. Balkanyi              MRS. PATRICIA JONES                           Encore Operating, L.P   .
MICHAEL BOHME                         Cheryl and Dick Curry                       Donna R. Fife
  Mary and Bill Otto                GERRY “SKIPPER” KEITH                         Fort Worth National Bank
  Donna and John Uselding             Emily and Greg Vick                         Patty and Elliott Garsek
MATILDA BOHME                       JODI LEIGH KEY                                Dr. John Gerloff & staff
  Peggy and Lee Bohme                 Carol and Larry Small                       Ann and Bill Greenhill, Duke, Frank and
  Doris M. and Enoch G. Bowers        Nancy and Ken Stevens                          Joe
  Mildred M. Brenlove               PAULINE KEY                                   Anne and Chester Hardy
  Vicki and George Johnson            Shay and Joe Cates                          Sue and John Harvison
  Carol and Dick Good               JESSE KING                                    Marcy and Mike Henry
  Norma and Lance Good & family       Katherine and Pete Giuliani, Jr.            Margaret and Walker Holland
  Elvina and Dale Hiatt             CHARLES BRENTWOOD LANGDON                     Christina and Mark Johnson
  Minnie and Raul Longoria            Sara Langdon, Megan, Chris, and Charlie
  Gay and John McWhorter

                                                     - 10 -
  Kate Johnson                                                                              ROBERT RUXER, SR.                                                                            Campco Copiers & Fax, Inc.
  Nancy and John Kritser                                                                       Dr. and Mrs. David Turbeville                                                             Judith Clark
  Cathy and Bob Langston                                                                    MRS. OPAL SMITH                                                                              Jennifer Coggins
  Cindy and Walton Lawrence                                                                    Cheryl and Dick Curry                                                                     Mike Cook, Mike’s Garden Center
  Lynne Liberato                                                                            MR. RAY T. SPICER                                                                            Sally Daniels
  Margie and Bob Lilly                                                                         Ann and Orville Hase                                                                      Jo Ann English
  Phyllis and Ernest Lindstrom                                                              JOHN STEVENS                                                                                 Sandra Flanagan
  June and John McAdams                                                                        Nancy and Ken Stevens                                                                     Bryan Fuller and Gregg Driggers
  Lindsay and Jack McGraw                                                                   CAROL STINE                                                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Dustin Guess
  John W. McMackin                                                                             Jackie and John Barry                                                                     Jo Ann Henk
  The Bob Moore family                                                                      MARGARET STOCKER                                                                             Larry Hoffman
  Jodie and Willis Payne, Jr.                                                                  Bunny Ridgeway, Barrett, Brandt, and                                                      Jinx Howell
  Willis M. Payne, Jr.                                                                            Gretchen Vawter                                                                        Randee Kaitcer
  Lindy and Bill Penny                                                                      MICHAEL STONE                                                                                Miss Mallory Kirk
  Linda Powell Preston                                                                         Carol Stone                                                                               David Marshall
  Karen and Gary Price                                                                      ELNORE STRAUSS                                                                               Theresa Merrill
  Elizabeth and Paul Ray, Jr.                                                                  Aggie Strauss                                                                             Cathy Mitchell
  Mr. and Mrs. John Richards                                                                   Donna and John Uselding                                                                   Sue Mulkins
  Mrs. Robert Richardson                                                                    DR. ART TERRY                                                                                Rod Nunley
  Bunny Ridgeway, Barrett, Brant, and                                                          Judy and Jerry Sawyer                                                                     Sophia Payne
     Gretchen Vawter                                                                        J.T. TILLMAN                                                                                 Alberta Pruitt and Joshua Clark
  Ellen Roeser                                                                                 Dr. and Mrs. Michael J. Duran                                                             Portia Randle
  Susie and Andy Rogers                                                                     WILLIAM TOLLIVER                                                                             Elizabeth Ray
  Joan and Sam Rosen                                                                           Cathy Tolliver                                                                            Karen Redwine
  Suzie and Dan Russell                                                                     JOHN FRANKLIN WELLS                                                                          John M. Richardson, M.D.
  Mr. and Mrs. John C. Ryan IV                                                                 Sarilyn and Mitch Lucas                                                                   Carol Smith
  Pam and Byron Searcy                                                                      CHRISTOPHER RYAN WHITFIELD                                                                   St. Paul United Methodist Church
  Mary Settle                                                                                  Jan Penisten                                                                              George Tengowski
  Brenda and Rick Sims                                                                      JANICE WHITFIELD                                                                             Mr. and Mrs. Guy Thompson
  The Spathias Family                                                                          Mickey and Jack Vondra                                                                    Priscilla Van Hoose
  Nancy and Bob Spencer                                                                     TOM WILLIS                                                                                   Martha and John Vukovich
  Vicki and Chris Stellar, Adam & Kyle                                                         Nancy and Gene Dozier                                                                     Women of Rotary
  Marci and Ned Stocker                                                                        Bertha Kinsinger                                                                          Phillip K. Woodworth
  Barbara and Stuart Strife                                                                 ALEXANDER LEE WRIGHT
  Nenetta and Steve Tatum
  Pamela and Lamar Voight
                                                                                               Vicki and George Johnson                                                                  WARM FOUNDATION
  The WARM Place staff                                                                      IN-KIND DONATIONS                                                                            DONATIONS
  Betty and Robert A. Watson                                                                                                                                                             Barbara and Joe Ansley
  Valerie and Rob Watson                                                                    All Saints’ Episcopal Church Outreach
                                                                                               Commission                                                                                Mark Ashmead
  Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Watt, Jr.                                                                                                                                                           Sandra and Michael Brown
  Carol and Phillip Weeman                                                                  All Saints’ Episcopal School
                                                                                            Marla Allen                                                                                  Cheryl and Kevin Connelly
  Trudy and Bob Welke                                                                                                                                                                    Amy and Rory Connor
  XTO Energy, Inc.                                                                          Dennis Alphin
                                                                                            Julie Amendola                                                                               The M.S. Doss Foundation
DAVID RIDGEWAY                                                                                                                                                                           Nancy Honts
  Sandy and Aubrey Allred                                                                   Baden Powell Scout Association
                                                                                            LeAnn Blum                                                                                   Sarilyn and Mitch Lucas
ROSY ROSS                                                                                                                                                                                Eva Motheral
  Dr. and Mrs. David Turbeville                                                             Julie Bransom
                                                                                            Brite Divinity School                                                                        Shannon and Breck Ray
TERRICK RUTHERFORD                                                                                                                                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Ray, Sr.
  PACU Department, Cook Children’s                                                          Lynn Busch
                                                                                                                                                                                         Deatra Tinius
     Medical Center                                                                                                                                                                                                      .
                                                                                                                                                                                         Barbara Tomek-White and Joseph P White

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Pier 1 brings Fall                                                                                                                                                      WARM Place children in the dining room.

color indoors.
Thanks to Pier 1 Imports; Tasa Anderson, Pier 1 Community Rela-
tions Manager; and Janice Sebonge, Hulen Store Manager, we now
have a festive fall look in our dining room and kitchen. In September,
Janice came to The WARM Place and brought silk mums, scarecrows
and pumpkins. She also brought wonderful cabinets and accessories
to brighten up our restrooms. The overall effect is very friendly and
inviting. Thank you Pier 1!

                                                                                                                                - 11 -
                                                      Please check your preference:
                    One Night,                        Ì $50. gift — One Night, One Child
                                                      Ì $100. gift — Two Nights, Two Children

                    One Child.                        Ì $150. gift — Three Nights, Three Children

                                                      This holiday gift is given:
    The holidays are almost here and we invite        Ì In honor of Ì In memory of
        you to help us with our 2003 holiday
                   campaign for the children,         A recognition card will be sent in your name.

                   “One Night, One Child.”            _____________________________________________
                                                      Your name as you would like it to appear on card
                   One night, for one child at
                                                      Method of payment:
    The WARM Place costs $50. In the spirit           Ì check Ì MC Ì VISA Ì AMEX
                                                      ____________________________     ____________
    of the season we hope you can help us with        Card Number                      Exp. Date
      our program support goals. Every dollar
                                                      Your Signature
     counts, as does every child. Give a gift to
                                                                Please enclose this form with your donation
    someone you love that really has meaning.                         and mail to the address below.
                                                                         As always, we thank you.

                      The WARM Place
                      809 Lipscomb Street                                                           NON-PROFIT
                      Fort Worth, Texas 76104-3121                                                  U.S. POSTAGE
                      Phone: (817) 870-2272                                                              PAID
                      Fax: (817) 870-2570                                                         FORT WORTH, TX
                                                                                                    PERMIT #872
                      Address Service Requested
David Amend                 Elizabeth Jones
Charlotte Bogard            Marsha Kleinheinz
Linda Christie              Paul Ray
Dick Curry                  John Richardson, M.D.
Becky Delaune               Tom Roberts
Mike Douglass               William Starz
Barbara Greer               Claudia Stepp
Coni Hennersdorf            Cindy Thompson
Deloris Hummel

             Peggy Bohme, Executive Director
            Diane Dansby, Executive Assistant
              Elvina Hiatt, Program Assistant
          Vicki Johnson, Director of Development
                Gay McWhorter, Counselor
                  Kathy Telger, Counselor
          Donna Uselding, Director of Volunteers
        Emily Vick, Director of Community Relations

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