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2 MINUTES ON...                                                                                                   Meanwhile, not everyone
                                                                                                                believes mobile apps pose a
                                                                                                                significant threat right now.
The mobile application risk                                                                                       “The jury is out in terms
                                                                                                                of how bad this could be for
                                                                                                                enterprises,” said Andrew

       he mobile application         vest user data. Most recently,        For enterprises and devel-           Jaquith, a senior analyst at
       landscape is flourish-         Citigroup learned that its          opers, awareness of the prob-          Forrester Research. “At the
       ing. Currently, the           iPhone mobile banking appli-        lem is important, says Hering.         moment, I don’t perceive
average smartphone user has          cation, unbeknownst to users,       Developers must ensure their           a lot of risk. The kinds of
22 apps installed and by 2012        saved confidential account           app is providing the appro-            things [rogue apps] can do
some 50 billion apps will            information in a hidden file         priate level of privacy and            include rooting through your
be downloaded each year,             on the devices.                     security. Enterprises need             address book and looking
according to mobile security           “In a world where mobile          to educate end-users to pay            through your music collec-
company Lookout, citing              app development is explod-          attention to app ratings and           tion. This is, frankly, not that
statistics from Nielsen and          ing so quickly, even apps you       what apps have access to. A            big of a deal. We are going
Chetan Sharma Consulting.            think you can trust may be          simple game probably does              to have to see some demon-
But this growth has many             leaking sensitive informa-          not need to access a user’s            stration of real harm before
questioning the privacy and          tion,” Hering said.                 phone book, for example.               enterprises will really have to
security risks of mobile apps.         According to Lookout’s                                                   get worked up about this.”
  “We are starting to see            App Genome Project, 14 per-                                                  Jaquith says organizations
greater interest from mali-
cious parties in the mobile
platform. and one of the big-
                                     cent of free apps for Apple’s
                                     iPhone can access a user’s
                                     contact data.
                                                                          of free iPhone apps
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