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                Recent Campus ACA Certificate Recipients
    Individuals who achieve certificates have                    Minnesota—Jaime Awoyinka, Ed Cochran            Oregon—Shelly Logan
    demonstrated their knowledge of productive and               British Columbia, Canada—Amanda Baxter          South Carolina—Paul Irby, Crystal Lawrence, Ben
    compliant procedures. Certificates are earned by those
    individuals who have completed prescribed
                                                                 PROFESSIONAL COLLECTION SPECIALISTS             Texas—Cristina Blackburn-Williams
    coursework and have passed the final exam. All
    specialists receive a certificate and publication of their   Alabama—Tonette Adams, Mario Arellano, Brandy   Washington—Mindy Chavez, Stephanie Gorla, Gene
    names in Collector magazine. For more information            Corbett, Alexis Greene, Patricia Lewis, Megan   Gurley, Michael Lambert, Daniel Tucker, Michael White
    about this program, contact Campus ACA at                    Simmons                                         Wisconsi
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