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"The recession is over," [Ken Mayland] said. "Not only is the recession over, but we've just about seen the first anniversary of the recovery.""You can get an 'almost ne V home for 70 and 60 cents on the dollar - or in distressed situations, even better," Mayland said. "We may see a slight continued upward trend, but we're not going to see the robust rebound we typically see.""We're not only seeing a U.S. economic recovery, but we're seeing a world recovery," Mayland said. "Asia is probably doing the best. The Americas are doing pretty well, but Europe is lagging behind."

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                                By Emily Grace

The End is in Sight
Economic expert Dr. Ken Mayland believes the recession is over and recovery is well underway

M            any Americans are starting
             to wonder: Is the recession
             really over? As the gross
domestic product (GDP) grows and
initial unemployment insurance claims
                                                 “Not only is the recession over, but
                                                 we’ve just about seen the first
                                                 anniversary of the recovery.”
                                                    According to ClearView Economics’
                                                 Recession Indicator, the economy
                                                                                               According to
                                                                                               the Bureau of
                                                                                               Analysis, GDP
decline, one economic expert gave a              bottomed out in June 2009 and has been        has
favorable forecast for the economy and           on the rise ever since. For those skeptical   experienced
discussed whether the current growth is          of this indicator, Mayland believes           growth for the
sustainable.                                     weekly initial claims for unemployment        last three
   Dr. Ken Mayland, president of                 insurance provide additional economic         reported
ClearView Economics, LLC, in Pepper              insight.                                      quarters. In the
Pike, Ohio, presented his observations              According to the U.S. Department of        third quarter
about the end of the recession and his           Labor, the weekly initial claims for          of 2009, GDP
outlook for the months ahead in his              unemployment compensation peaked in           grew 2.2          Dr. Ken Mayland
presentation at ACA International’s 71st         March 2009, with claims topping               percent, with the
Annual Convention in Washington,                 650,000. The number of initial claims         fourth quarter of 2009 and the first
D.C., on July 12, 2010.                          has decreased steadily since that time.       quarter of 2010 growing by 5.6 percent
   “If we think back to the convention              “When you look at the behavior of          and 2.7 percent, respectively.
held last year in Las Vegas, times were          weekly initial claims for unemployment            Mayland believes the foll
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