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Malawi is a landlocked country in southern Africa, bordered by Mozambique, Tanzania and Zambia. It is
one of the poorest countries in the world. Over half of the populations living in rural and urban areas live
on less than $1 USD per day. With a population of 10.4
million it is one of the most densely populated in the
world, and 85% of the population is dependent on                                    Quick Facts
subsistence farming.1 With and Human Development
Index of only 0.437 Malawi is ranked within the 20             Population -----------------------------------13,931,831
poorest countries in the world.
                                                                                Population growth rate -------------------------2.39%
                                                                                Age 15 Literacy rate------------------------------62.7%

Malawi economy is made up of largely agriculture. 80%                           Human Development Index (2005)------------0.437
of agriculture is from smallholder farmers, while the
other rest comes from large commercial farms. The                               Population below national poverty rate--------65%
main crops grown in Malawi are tobacco, maize, tea,
sugarcane and groundnuts. Tobacco is the main export                            Rural Population living on <$1 USD/day-------65%
of Malawi at 50%.
                                                                                Urban Population living on <$1 USD/day------55%

Political Environment                                                           Infant Mortality----------------------------90.55/1000

Malawi is a representative democratic republic, which                           Children dying before the age of 5--------133/1000
has a multi-party system in place. The government has
been a multi-party system since 1994. Malawi’s current                          Life expectancy at birth-----------------------43 years
president, Dr. Bingu wa Mutharika was democratically                            HIV/AIDS prevalence----------------------------14.4%
elected in May, 2004.
                                                                                People living with HIV/AIDS-----------------900,000
                                                                                People receiving required ARVs------------------55%
Malawi has been devastated by the HIV/AIDS epidemic.
                                                                Doctors per 100,000 people--------------------------2
An estimated 14% or 900,000 people are living with
HIV/AIDS. Malawi has the 8th highest adult prevalence
rates in the world. Due to the high rates of HIV/AIDS in        Source:
Malawi it is estimated that the number of children    
orphaned by the disease will increase dramatically in
coming years. Although more people are aware of
HIV/AIDS Malawi is still dubbed a “culture of silence” as
it does not openly discuss sexual matters which often makes it difficult to discuss transmission and
protection from the virus. The number of children <1 who are infected with the virus is unusually high
compared to other African nations. There is a great need for pregnant women to get tested and have
access to the available Anti-retroviral drugs to insure their children are not infected by the virus during
childbirth. Although the rates of infection in Malawi have begun to stabilize there is still increased effect
of the current health system. With such a high prevalence rate in the country it has largely broken down
an already underfunded health structure and system.


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