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									event. It will feature light hors d’oeuvres,     • Establish a leadership development                                                               Committee/Task
a silent auction, a cash bar and music. If         program for CTE educators, and to                                                                Force Breakfast
you have any items that you would like             assist individuals in further developing                                                ACTE will hold an Issues Discussion at
to donate for the silent auction, please           their leadership skills in CTE as well                                                  the Annual Convention for all interested
contact Sabrina Kidwai by November                 as their involvement in professional                                                    members (on Wednesday, December
5. Items for the auction can either be             associations.                                                                           1, 2010 from 7:30 a.m.-8:45 a.m. dur-
shipped to ACTE by October 20, or                • Provide an opportunity for CTE                                                          ing the committee/task force breakfast).
dropped off at ACTE headquarters office            educators to become familiar with                                                       Representatives from each of the ACTE
at the Annual Convention.                          and participate in the processes used                                                   standing committees and task forces will
                                                   by policymakers in the development                                                      be meeting at roundtables to discuss issues
                                                   and implementation of laws, regula-                                                     relevant to their areas of expertise. Please
     2010 Election Resources                       tions and other public policies at the                                                  plan on attending to share your thoughts
This is a critical time for the education          local, state and federal levels.                                                        on some of the most important issues fac-
and workforce development systems across         • Identify, train and motivate a cadre                                                    ing ACTE!
the country because of the economy. Deci-          of leaders who will continue to position
sions made now will shape our programs             ACTE as a leader in developing an
for years to come, and the 2010 election           educated, prepared, adaptable and                                                                ACTE’s PSA Contest
process has many implications for local,           competitive workforce.                                                                  Celebrate CTE by encouraging your
state and federal policy. Become familiar                                                                                                  students to submit 29-second video
with the issues and candidates in your          The Fellowship Program is a one year                                                       public service announcements to ACTE’s
state, and learn more about getting in-         commitment from January 1, 2011 to                                                         contest. The videos must be 29 seconds
volved in the election; you can help to raise   December 31, 2011. Applications can be                                                     in length and incorporate the 2011 CTE
the profile of CTE by visiting ACTE’s           found on the ACTE Web site and are due                                                     Month logo. See all the rules and submis-
new election page at www.acteonline.            November 15, 2010. Please contact Lau-                                                     sion instructions at www.acteonline.
org/election2010.aspx. Note: ACTE is            ren Lessels at llessels@acteonline.org with                                                org/psacontest.aspx.
a nonpartisan organization and does not         any questions or further information.
endorse any political candidates.

     ACTE Scholar and
     Practitioner in Residence                    ACTE...........................................................................www.acteonline.org..........................................................57, C3
ACTE is pleased to announce a new                 ACTE Conventi
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