Online Learning Center Debuts New Resource for Business/Marketing Teacher Prep by ProQuest


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cases. Students are honing research skills         feedback to one another, gain perspec-                    power of a space shuttle versus the power
while seeking out the information needed           tives on issues, and have more information                of the cell phone they own. Ask them to
to perform their assignments.                      to work with. It has been said that cell                  write their thoughts about the possibilities
   Students can join blogs pertinent to            phones currently marketed have more                       the future holds, whether they would get
the subject they are learning, and can             technological power than what it took to                  on one of those shuttles armed with the
create blogs to inform teachers and fellow         send the NASA shuttle to space and back.                  information they found, and have students
students of their learning. Sharing blogs          Incidentally, this is an excellent question               provide the URLs to their findings. This
within the class allows students to provide        to pose to students. Have them find out the               will create in the class an interactive
                                                                                                             dialogue among students and the instruc-
                                                                                                             tor: What does that mean for students and
                                                                                                             teachers with that power in their hands?
Online Learning Center Debuts New Resource                                                                   What sort of assignments can be created
for Business/Marketing Teacher Prep                                                                          in real time as technology improves?

                                                                                                             The Role of Social Media
By JAMES GLEASON                                                                                             Facebook is becoming the number one site
Schools are increasingly challenged to find           partnership announcements later this                   for people to connect. A teacher can build
qualified business and marketing teachers for         winter.)                                               a Facebook page primarily for a class,
local career and technical education (CTE)          • Professional development opportunities                 or for a selection of classes. Students can
programs. With traditional teacher preparation        for individual teachers working to ad-                 answer teacher-led questions, respond to
programs in decline, local districts have turned      dress specific needs, or who need                      one another and build cohesiveness in yet
to business practitioners who are eligible for        documented learning experiences to                     another way. Students may get to know
special (usually temporary) certifications and        meet continuing education require-                     each other well enough that they become
licensures. Although effective in meeting imme-       ments.                                                 friends. The teacher controls the content
diate employment needs, the challenges remain                                                                of what is put on the Facebook page, so
of helping new teachers understand the unique      The center’s modular design allows both                   there is no real concern for inappropri-
aspects of business administration standards,      colleges and individual students to build                 ate subject matter. And students who use
curricula, pedagogy (including CTSOs) and          custom programs to best fit specific needs.               Facebook use it all the time. This is a
program structures. To addr
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