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									L E A D E R S H I P M AT T E R S

Leadership Forum Highlights
CTE’s Role in Re-skilling America
                                             CTE continue its role as a vital partner       creation of a coalition of organizations de-
                                             in the nation’s workforce and economic         termined to meet one of the nation’s most
                                             development.                                   serious challenges in decades: re-skilling
                                                                                            millions of American workers. Bray said
                                             Assistant Secretary Glenn                      the Skills for America—NOW! Coali-
                                             Cummings: CTE a “Paradigm                      tion represents some of the nation’s most
                                             of Excellent Education”                        important business and educational CTE
                                             In attendance at the forum on June 8           organizations who have unanimously
                                             was the U.S. Department of Education’s         endorsed recommendations for Con-
                                             Deputy Assistant Secretary Glenn Cum-          gress and the Obama Administration to
                                             mings, key legislators and Congressional       consider. The Skills for America—NOW!
                                             staffers, and representatives from business    Coalition proposes:
                                             and industry. Cummings noted that CTE
                                             is a “paradigm of excellent education”          • A new national leadership for CTE.
                                             that provides relevance, clear goals and        • The urgent mobilization of both the
                                             outcomes. In what is the worst economic           public and private sectors with new
                                             downturn that the nation has experienced          targeted cash and tax incentive
                                             in decades, he said, many workers are             resources.
                                             turning to community colleges to get the        • The creation of permanent positions
                                             skills that will make them employable; the        to guide the federal government on
                                             imperative now is to move CTE to the              the needs of the nation’s human
                                             center so that this paradigm of excellence        capital.
                                             can be leveraged to serve an even larger
                                             population, he added.                             Former Maine Governor John McK-
                                                 Cummings noted that the federal gov-       ernan praised the Coalition’s formation,
                                             ernment is undertaking a number of policy      noting that this is a moment of extraor-
By N. Susan Emeagwali                        initiatives. Among them is establishing a      dinary opportunity to refine strategies to
                                             baseline set of skills for all students—re-    put people back to work—and it should
THE CAREER AND TECHNICAL                     gardless of whether they will be pursuing      be a national imperative. The Coali-
EDUCATION FOUNDATION hosted                  an academic or CTE track—so that the           tion, McKernan said, could also be very
its second National Leadership Forum         need for remediation is lessened when they     crucial in ensuring that students in high
in Washington, D.C., this summer to          pursue higher education. The Department        school who are not part of the 
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