The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority (CTRMA) plans to by wku19297


									 The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority (CTRMA) plans to install
  toll roads for US 290 East, US 183, and SH 71. That is 22 miles of toll
             roads in East Austin versus 0 miles in West Austin.

                     Take Back Our Roads!
               Say No to Unfair Double Taxation!
        Say No to Environmental and Economic Racism!
         No Tolls On Freeways We’ve Already Paid For!

  Join Us in Protesting East Austin Toll Roads at
             the next CAMPO meeting
Call Your Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization Members and tell them to
vote NO on Toll Roads: Gonzalo Barrientos, Chair/ 463-0114, Dawnna Dukes State
Rep. District 46/463-0506, Judge Sam Biscoe 854-9555, Councilwoman Betty Dunkerly
974-2258, Councilman Brewster McCracken 974-2256, Mayor Will Wynn 974-2250,
John Trevino 471-4266 County Commissioner Gerald Daugherty 854-9333.

        For more info contact PODER     512-472-9921
    Marcelo Tafoya, LULAC District 7   928-3122

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