BIKE FOR AIDS FAQS Below are some frequently asked by carmeloanthony


 Below are some frequently asked questions about the Bike for AIDS program. Please let us know if
 you have any other questions. Remember that you can hold a Bike for AIDS event at any point
 during the year and that a fantastic online donation system is available for Local Committees to be
 able to fundraise via the Internet.

Can local bike shops donate bikes to send to Malawi? Can individuals donate bikes as well?
  No, the program raises funds to purchase bikes in Malawi. The cost of shipping a bike would be too expensive and
  would take funds away from purchasing bicycle ambulances.

Is there a specific type of event to be organized for Bike for AIDS or can we make up our own event?
   You can host any type of event your Local Committee would like to organize. This can be a bike-a-thon, bike race,
   or others. Take creative license! Some Local Committees have held dance nights, and others “Wax for AIDS” events.

Do we have to do an event on the dates that are provided?
 No, these are dates suggested so that Local Committees can capitalize on other groups doing similar events (for media
 coverage and getting the word out). You can run an event at any time that works for your Local Committee.

Can we team up with other universities?
  Absolutely!! It’s a great idea to help strengthen the national WUSC network and raise money and awareness for a
  great cause! Just remember to keep us informed of your partnerships.

Can we team up with other organizations on campus and in the community?
  Again, a great idea! This is a strategic way to build networks and allies in your community.

Can we do an event twice?
  If you feel that you have the resources, then you are more than welcome to. However, keep in mind that there will be
  other events which you’ll have going on as well, so it may make more sense to do an event just once. You can
  fundraise throughout the school year through the online donation program for Bike for AIDS.

Where do we send the money to?
 Please refer to “Charitable Donations: Local Committee’s Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)”. The easiest way is to
    sign your committee up online and collect donations that way. Tax receipts are generated automatically.

Can people get tax receipts?
  Yes. For more information please see “Charitable Donations: Local Committee’s Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)”..

Who do we contact to say that we’re organizing a Bike for AIDS event?
 Sign up on My Committee and contact your regional liaison officer– updated contact information is available on the
 WUSC website.

Can donors send donations in after the event is over? For how long?
  Yes, donations can be sent in after the event is over. Please try to send them as quickly as possible. It would be best
  to send them within 3 months of the event. Remember that we cannot deposit any cheques that are older than 6
  months. Please include the completed “Giving to WUSC” form for each individual donation when a tax receipt has
  been requested.
  Can donors send in donations before the event?
   Yes, donations can be sent in before the event. Please include the completed “Giving to WUSC” form for each individual
   donation when a tax receipt has been requested.

  How do we contact the media about our event?
   See the Local Committee handbook section on Communications, available on the resources page

  Do we have to provide donors a charity number when they’re donating?
   Although it is not mandatory to provide our charitable registration number, please provide it to a donor should they

   Do the bikes only go to Malawi?
    Yes. Currently, WUSC and its partner, CAPAIDS, are working only in Malawi to provide bicycles and bicycle ambulances
    to Community Based Organisations (CBOs) to help with HIV/AIDS care.

   How much are the bikes used? Do they really have an effect?
    Transportation is a major problem for HIV/AIDS educators, caregivers and advocates in rural Malawi. The Bike for
    AIDS Project, was primarily aimed at easing transportation problems faced by people infected by HIV/AIDS in carrying
    them to the hospital. It was also intended to facilitate monitoring and supervision of clients on Home Based Care and
    Orphans and also to help in conducting outreach activities and awareness raising on HIV/AIDS and promotion of Volun-
    tary Counselling and Testing.

     It is estimated that over 200,000 people have already benefitted from the project and 100,000 more people are ex-
     pected to benefit.

   How much of the cost goes to administration?
    All of the money is sent directly to Malawi. 5% of the funds are contributed to CAPAIDS, and a small percentage also
    helps support the HIV/AIDS programs of the local Malawian Community Based Organizations that are our partners in
    the program.

   How much does a bike cost to purchase?
    $200 will purchase a bicycle and $380 will purchase a bicycle ambulance.

   How many bikes have been purchased by the program to date?
    Since September 2005, 118 bicycle ambulances and 147 bicycles have been distributed to Community Based Organiza-
    tions in rural Malawi.

   What are the bikes without the stretchers used for?
    These are used for medical personnel to travel to patients affected by HIV/AIDS and provide them with medical care.
    They are also used in prevention programs.


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