turkey                                 In advance:
stuffing                               Early: Grocery shopping
mashed potatoes                              Plan for other meals for guests
gravy                                  Tues: Basic housekeeping
sweet potatoes                               Bathrooms/guest room
cranberry salad                              Put in music CDs; prep camera
cranberry sauce                        Wed: Bake pies, thaw Cool Whip
beans                                        Make tea & ice
corn                                         Make cranberry salad
bread                                        Have decorations ready
tea                                          Housekeeping; praise/worship
coconut pie (regular crust)                  Children’s activities/games
chocolate pie (regular crust)          Thursday morning:
chocolate pie (graham cracker)               Make dressing & stuff turkey
                                             Make rolls (rise in fridge)
                                             Make dip and snacks for game
                                             Music and cheerful heart

12:30 Game Time
      soda, chips, dip
      set the table & decorate (remember corn & feathers); mark dish spaces

3:00 take bread out to finish rising
     peel potatoes (white and sweet)
     wash dishes
     plate jellied cranberry sauce

3:30 take turkey out to rest/take out stuffing (cover)
     heat extra stuffing
     put rolls in oven
     start potatoes (both)
     start beans
     start corn

3:45 start gravy
     pour drinks/put ice and water in pitcher & ice bucket
     mash potatoes, sweet potatoes
     collect/wash dishes; put away
     carve turkey

4:00 dinner
Shopping List – Thanksgiving

Turkey (1.5 # per person? 24lb should feed about 20)
10# potatoes (large baking russets, no eyes, no green, no mush)
2 – 3 loaves bread: half white, half wheat (for stuffing)
Sage & thyme
2 lbs butter
Chicken broth or turkey broth
Extra stuffing (?)
Sweet potatoes
Raspberry or orange jello
Mandarin oranges
Whole cranberry sauce
Milk for puddings
Green beans
White flour for part of bread/rolls
2 graham cracker shells
Pie crust ingredients (esp shortening or butter) for 2+ shells
Cool Whip or whipped cream

Game snacks/soda

Fall color decorative fabric
Leaves for place cards or other craft idea
Nuts/apples for decoration
Candy corn
Chocolates (fall colors?)

Suggestions for company:
Cereal/milk in guest area
Fruit bowl
Sandwich fixin’s
Waffle batter or egg casserole
Turkey and gravy over waffles
Turkey pot pie
(This is the note I sent to invited family/friends)

Nov 26, 2009     Thanksgiving Day game schedule

Green Bay at Det roit (!) 12: 30
Oakland at Dallas 4:15
Giants at Denver 8:20

Doors at Bentley Stadium will open at noon for game seats. Games and football -related yelling
will be downstairs in the family room; chit chat will be upstairs (or in sign language downstairs !).
Game snacks and drinks are welcome. Arrive anytime bet ween noon and dinner.

Dinner will be served at approximately 4 pm (we can dream big, yes?). If you are a
Dallas/Oakland fan, we can tape the game; we had to pick which one to eat during. (Sorry, Troy!
8pm was voted too late for dinner.)

Basic menu (in case of allergies):
Turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes/gravy, veggies, bread/rolls, cranberry sauce, cranberry salad,
several chocolate pies, coconut pie, tea.

Advance notice: We will continue our time-honored tradition of sharing something for which we
are thankful. You are under no obligation to share aloud, but we do want to at least all reflect
internally upon the many blessings our Lord God continues to bestow upon us. But if you want to
share aloud, I wanted you to have time to think in advance. Repeats are okay (if you aren't first,
you aren't a copycat if you are thank ful for the same stuff as someone who spoke before!).

One of those blessings is YOU. We hope you can join us to celebrat e family and friendship this
year. If it is helpful for you, distance-wise, we are happy to accommodate you in a guest area
before or after Thursday. Just let me know so we can prepare accordingly.

Love and hugs,
Vicki B.

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