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The county is running a timekeeper course on Sunday 21st March starting at 13.30 and will be held
in the meeting room at the Braunstone Leisure Centre.
The cost to the clubs and participating candidates is zero. The county will pick up the cost of room
hire and course fees.
This is an opportunity for clubs to send people who wish to become Club Timekeepers.
It may be that after the course they go on to take their Judge Level 1 qualification.
All the candidate needs to do is download (or the club does it on their behalf ) the Timekeeper
course workbook from location,,5157-1-1-126646-0-
The club should complete the application form (either attached or once again can be downloaded
from http://www.britishswimming.org/vsite/vfile/page/fileurl/0,,5157-183031-200249-133780-0-
file,00.pdf and give it to a candidate to bring on the day.

The theory workshop will last for approx 2.5 hours and then the candidate will go onto the poolside
during the evening session for a practical assessment. There is no pass or fail with this course. The
candidate and the club will be notified of the poolside assessment.
Each candidate will require the workbook, pen, clipboard, stop watch. They will also require soft
soled footwear to go onto the poolside and preferable a change of footwear as they may get wet.

Please note that candidates will need to be registered with the ASA for insurance purposes. Each
club should ensure that this is completed or at least applied for by the start of the course.

Can the candidate also email me at Brewmaster@talktalk.net so that I have some idea of the
numbers coming.

All the best.

Ron Brewin