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									  THE BEAM
  A Weekly Publication of Brentwood United Methodist Church
  “Growing Disciples of Christ Who Know Him, Love Him & Serve Him”

         summer 2010
  August 8 - 14, 2010

                                  Libera Boys Choir in Concert
                                  Sunday, August 8 | 7 pm | BUMC Sanctuary
                                  Join us as we host Libera, a boys choir from England, to
                                  sing for all worship services (8:30, 9:50, & 11 am) and to
                                  give a special concert in the Sanctuary at 7 pm. They will
                                  be on their American 2-week tour and will be singing in
                                  large churches in Dallas, Atlanta, St. Louis, etc. Familiar
                                  to audiences across the world, the boys have a stunningly
original sound, which is at once both ancient and modern. Enchanting audiences wherever
they go, they have attracted an enthusiastic fan base in many countries, particularly the US,
UK, Japan, the Philippines and Korea. No cost or childcare for this event.

                    Red Cross Blood Drive is August 8
                    Sunday, August 8 | 7:30 am - 12:30 pm | Lobby
                    Two Red Cross Bloodmobiles are here from 7:30 am to 12:30 pm.
                    Donor registration is in the main lobby. Requirements to donate: you
                    must be at least 17-years-old; weigh at least 110 lbs; be in good health
                    and have not been asked by the Red Cross not to donate; you must have
                    a photo ID or your Red Cross donor card. Our goal is 60 units of blood.
                    The next opportunity to donate at the church will be October 10, 2010.

                                            COME .....connect to a caring community

                                            LEARN ....what it means to be a follower
                                                      of Christ in everyday life

                                            LIVE ........a better story!

         Promotion Sunday for Students and Children is next week, August 15

                Fall Worship KicKoFF - living a Better story . . .
                         Saturday: 5:00 pm - Chapel (new time)
                         Sunday: 8:30, 9:50, 11:00 am - Sanctuary
                        august 21/22: . . . what’s the problem?
                        august 28/29: . . . what’s the solution?
                             september 4/5: . . . so what?
   church-Wide Fall picnic and KicKoFF For youth, hWy 56 & children
                                    august 22 –– 4:30 - 7:00 pm
                        Featuring Christen Cole, Stephanik, Sheltered Reality,
   ‘Chilly Churn off’ (entries needed of homemade ice cream, contact Anne at,
                               ‘Thrill of the Grill’, blowup games & more!
                           THRIVE it’s Wednesday! KicKoFF
                                august 25 –– 5:30 pm Meal
   FREE Dinner by Stroud’s BBQ August 25 only - no other Wednesday night meals this semester.
                          6:15 - 7:30 pm - Children’s Choirs & Activities
      New Times!
                 6:30 - 7:30 pm - Rev. Wright’s Exodus Bible Study; Extra Mile (5th & 6th)
                            6:30 - 7:45 pm - Student Thrive! (7th - 12th)
                      youth groW groups Begin august 29
                     adult sMall groups Begin septeMBer 12
AgE LEVEL MINIStRIES       Promotion Sunday is August 15!                 StUDENt MINIStRy
                       CHILDREN Infants - 6          th
                                                                          7th - 12th Grades

                       8:00 am - 12:00 pm: Nursery (infants - 3 yrs.)     Sunday, August 8: “Act, Love, Walk”
                       Church time Resumes August 15, 2010.                9:45 am 7th - 12th grades in Tabernacle
                       9:45 am: Sunday School for Preschool               This is our summer interns, Kristen Young and
                       9:45 am: 1st - 4th Grades meet and dismiss in      Martin Leathers last Sunday with us. They have
                            the Chapel through August 8th.                been awesome!
                                                                          11:00 am 7th grade Student Ministry
                       Fall Kickoff Picnic                                            Orientation (see below for details).
                       Volunteers are needed to help with the              1:00 pm Sonshine registers in Cafe for retreat
                       children’s games at the Church Picnic on           tuesday, August 10
                       Sunday, August 22. Volunteers will serve in          1pmish Sonshine Choir retreat returns
                       30 minute intervals. Contact Amy Grimes at         Saturday, August 14
                                          8:30 - 12:30 pm Church-wide Teacher
                                                                          Conference & Training. Youth areas: Grow
                       3rd grade Bible Presentation/Bible Blast           Group Leaders, Sunday Morning Volunteers,
                       Saturday, August 28 & Sunday, August 29            Connect Team, Ministry Leaders - Haney Hall
                       All 3rd graders will be presented with a Bible
                                                                          Student Ministry Orientation - for the new 7th
                       during either the Saturday night Worship
                                                                          Grade Students (2010-2011 school year) and
                       Service, August 28, or Sunday Worship
                                                                          their Parents at 11:00 a.m. on Sunday, August
                       Services, Sunday, August 29. You are invited
                                                                          8 in the Youth Tabernacle. Please join us for an
                       to attend the 3rd Grade Bible Blast in the
                                                                          introduction to the youth ministry, a tour of the
                       Gym from 12-2, where you will learn how
                                                                          youth space, and an opportunity to meet the
                       to use your Bible in a fun and interactive
                                                                          youth staff. Spread the word!
                       way! Lunch is provided. Please register at
              Questions?          Student Ministry gROW gROUP Leaders
                       Contact Ellen Garrett, Director of Children’s      Student Ministry is looking for adults to help
                       Ministry at                     co-lead small groups of 8-12 students on
                                                                          Sundays nights during the school-year. All
                       Created by god will be held for 6th Graders        training and curriculum is provided. For more
                       September 30-October 1. Cost is $60 and            information contact: Allison Fasig at 324-7243
                       includes lunch on Saturday, snacks and             or
                       materials. Cost: $60. Register at
                                                                                 Promotion Sunday - August 15
                       toddler Bible Presentation will be held at
                                                                                     Fall Kickoff - August 22
                       9:45, Sunday, September 12 in the Chapel.
                                                                           If you want to help with the Youth Fall Kickoff
                                                                             or make homemade ice cream for our Chilly
                                                                                  Churn-off, contact Anne Porter at
                                     HIgHWAy 56 (5th/6th Ministry)             
                                     SUNDAy, AUgUSt 8
                                     9:45-10:45 am                                  thrive Kickoff - August 25
                                     Morning Assembly and Praise in
                                    the GYM (5th/6th)                               grow groups - August 29
                       11:00 am - Tabernacle                                      (registration available August 15)
                       Student Ministry Orientation - for the new 7th
                                                                             Fall Parents Meeting & grow group
                       Grade Students (2010-2011 school year) and
                                                                                       Leader Open House
                       their Parents. Please join us for an introduc-
                       tion to the youth ministry, a tour of the youth                Sunday, September 12
                       space, and an opportunity to meet the youth                7th-9th Grade at 6:30-7:30 pm
                       staff.                                                   10th-12th Grade at 5:30-6:30 pm

                                                          Women’s Retreat: Encouragement EXtREME!!
                                                          Friday, September 10 and Saturday, September 11
                                                          Tired? Drained? Hopeless? STOP going through the
                                                          motions of life and absolutely, boundlessly abandon
                                                          boredom for FREEDOM!
                                                              Encouragement Extreme, a Women’s Retreat, is an
                                                          EXTREME Event where you LAUGH, LEARN AND
                                                          SHARE with girlfriends who “get you!” This event’s goal
                                                          is to help you pursue total surrender to Jesus Christ and
                   live in the fullness of all you were created to be in him. National radio host Luann Prater and
                   award-winning artist Betty Shoopman are just two of the incredible national speakers that will
                   be sharing their wisdom and talents. Register at

                            This event is presented by the Singles Ministries of Brentwood UMC but is open to all women.
                       tell your Story ….So We Can tell Our Story
                          For those of you who would like to share your story, the deadline is
                       August 10. Send stories to Carol Bumbalough @

Elected Lay Leadership Self-Referral Forms Due September 1
Do you feel like God may be calling you to a place of leadership at our church? If so,
consider referring yourself as a potential candidate to serve as an elected leader at BUMC.
Referral Packets and more information about 2011 elected leadership opportunities are
available online at or at the Guest Services Desk in the Narthex. All
self-referral forms are due no later than Wednesday, September 1. Your self-referral form
will be passed on to the Committee on Lay Leadership (CLL) for consideration. For ad-
ditional information on the nominations process contact Leslie Hotzfeld at 324-7235 or
                               you Are Needed at a Fun and Important
                               teacher/Leadership/group Facilitator Event
                               Sat. August 14 | 8:30 am - 12:30 pm | Haney Hall
                               People are learning…What are you teaching? People are follow-
                               ing…Where are you leading? The staff in the Children, Youth,
                               Singles and Adult Discipleship areas would like to invite you to
spend a morning getting equipped for the fall. You may be relatively new to teaching/facili-
tating in the church or well seasoned. We’ve got some great tools developed by the General
Board of Discipleship that will help you assess your own place on the journey and assist you in
helping others to grow as disciples! Your ‘investment’ matters in the life of a child, a youth or
an adult! Register for the event at and for childcare at
For more information contact Judith Bone at 324-7258 or

                                Vendors Needed: BUMC Day School
                                presents SHOPaplooza 2010 - the Ultimate
                                Shopping Fest!
                                On Friday, November 5 and Saturday, November 6, 2010
                                Haney Hall will be a buzz with shoppers! Interested in a
                                Vendor Spot? Day School Parents and Church Members
                                should contact Rebecca Tharpe at

                                  Nexus Chamber Orchestra presents “East Meets West”
                                  Sunday, August 15 | 4 pm | Chapel
                                  “East Meets West” is the theme for the upcoming Nexus
                                  Chamber Orchestra concert. This concert will feature
                                  music by Franz Joseph Haydn, Antonín Dvořák, and local
                                  composer, Helga Harris, who is originally from Russia.
                                  The string quartet made up of talented Nashville musi-
cians will be Stefan Petrescu, Catherine Umstead (violons), Alan Umstead (viola), and Keith
Nicholas (cello). You won’t want to miss this eclectic concert of music from around the
globe! Plan to attend, and invite your friends!

                      Book Signing with Author, Bob J. Moore
                      Lord, Give Me Patience, and Give It to Me Right Now!
                      Sunday, August 15 | 10 am - 12:15 pm | Outpost
                      We are impatient people looking for immediate action and instant
                      gratification, so much so that God’s patient ways sometimes confuse,
                      perplex, and bother us. We are impatient, but God is deliberate,
                      steady, and long-suffering. The way to become a spiritually mature
                      Christian is to spend so much time with Christ that we begin to think
                      and act like him, to spend so much time with him that we take on
                      what the apostle Paul called “the mind of Christ.”

                       PEP Club Welcomes Vocalist Diane DiStasio
                       August 10 | 6:30 pm | Haney Hall
                        All persons 55 and over are invited for a covered dish dinner fol-
                       lowed by a program with vocalist Diane DiStasio and her guitar ac-
                       companist Angel Pontier. She will sing selections of contemporary
                       and classical songs. Come enjoy this special program of music.
                                     SIXty-FIRSt AVENUE UMC AFtER SCHOOL PROgRAM will begin its 2010 – 2011 program
WAyS tO SERVE HIM beyond tHE WALLS   for grades K-5 on Tuesday, September 7, 2010 from 4:00 – 5:30PM. The program is held on
                                     Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays during regular Metro-Davidson County school days.
                                     There will be a MENtOR ORIENtAtION for potential new volunteers on tuesday, August 24,
                                     Wednesday, August 25 or thursday, August 26 at 10 am. This is an excellent opportunity
                                     to be a positive influence in the life of a child that helps to make positive change. Come and
                                     join the fun! For more information, contact Nita Haywood, Director of Children and Youth
                                     Ministries, at 292-7184 or
                                     StEP INtO AFRICA: tHE WORLD VISION EXPERIENCE AIDS tOUR at Otter Creek Church,
                                     August 8 – 14, 2010. The Experience, which tells the story of four children who have been
                                     drastically affected by AIDS, is a 3,600 square foot, interactive walk-through exhibit. A narrator
                                     will guide you through your experience on individual audio players issued to each guest. It takes
                                     about 30 minutes to travel through the exhibit. For more information, visit www.worldvisionex-
                            Otter Creek Church is located at 409 Franklin Road, just south of BUMC.
                                     SAFE HAVEN FAMILy SHELtER – HIKE FOR tHE HOMELESS
                                     Safe Haven is the only shelter program of its kind in Middle TN that accepts homeless families
                                     as an entire unit, providing services for over 25 years. The HIKE FOR tHE HOMELESS is a
                                     family friendly event that takes place in the scenic trails of Edwin Warner Park each fall. Safe
                                     Haven is looking for leaders from Sunday School classes and Youth groups to serve as Team
                                     Leaders for the upcoming hike. A Safe Haven representative will be available to speak to
                                     groups to answer any questions that may arise. There are 2 key dates for those interested in be-
                                     coming involved. team Leaders – tuesday, August 10, 2010 Kick off reception at Nashville
                                     Airport Marriott. Contact Trey Lipman at 615-256-8195 to attend. Participants - October
                                     16, 2010 for the Hike Event - Mark your calendars! Please contact BUMC member, Eric Baer
                                     at 712-0072 or if interested in being part of the event.
                                     CALLINg ALL gOLFERS!! ROOFTOP is an organization that is made up of a collabora-
                                     tion of churches that assists the working poor with rent and utility assistance in the Davidson
                                     County area. BUMC is a supporter of this group and is where we make referrals for folks seek-
                                     ing help. ROOFTOP is sponsoring a Fundraiser golf Scramble at Richland Country Club on
                                     Monday, August 30 from 8 am until 1 pm. Cost is $150 per person. We would like to have
                                     a few teams from BUMC participating in this event. You may register by going to the website
                                     H2O ---- HOPE tO OtHERS - BOttLED WAtER WItH A CAUSE
                                     On your next trip to the grocery store, help provide a drink of water to the homeless of Nash-
                                     ville by donating water to the Nashville Rescue Mission. Your donation will not only provide
                                     much needed relief, it will also give hope. You may bring your donations to the Collection
                                     Bins in the Chapel Narthex.
                                     HARVESt HANDS (
                                                    Harvest Hands CDC exists to be a catalyst of wholistic community
                                                    development, focusing on healthy living, education, spiritual formation
                                                    and economic development. For more information, visit
                                                               After-school Program Mentors needed for the 2010 - 2011 school
                                                               year! We’re looking for both Activities Mentors and
                                                               Education Mentors from August 16 - May 25. We ask that all mentors
                                                               commit to attending at least one day per week during the school year.
                                                               Contact Abby Buter at 259-9900 or if
                                                               you’d like to be a mentor!
                                     Activities Mentors
                                     • serve from 3:45 to 4:45 pm
                                     • assist with recreation and devotion time at the emPower sports gym (601 Benton Avenue).
                                     Education Mentors
                                     • serve from 4:30 to 6:00 pm
                                     • paired with children and youth to assist with homework, educational activities and tutoring
                                        at Harvest Hands (424 Humphreys Street).
                                     Mentor training - August 11, 5:30 - 6:30 pm at Harvest Hands (424 Humphreys St.). To attend,
                                     contact Abby Buter at 259-9900 or

                                                       Harvest Hands has leased a gym in our neighborhood - the new
                                                       emPower Sports Center! We are in need of commerical-grade workout
                                                       equipment to outfit the gym into a community workout center and are
                                                       looking for the following: 1) two lightly used commercial-grade elliptical
                                                       machines, 2) two recumbent bikes, 3) two treadmills and 4) a total body
                                                       crosstrainer. If you have this equipment to donate, contact Kyle Frohock at
                                              or 259-9900.
                        A Note from Our Lay Leader
                        Mark Batterson, author of “Primal: A Quest for the Lost Soul of
                     Christianity” asks the reader the following question: “Does your heart break
                 for the same things that ‘break’ the heart of God?” This poses an important
                       question, “What are the things that ‘break the Heart of God?’
    1. Could it be dissension among His People?
    2. Could it be individual or group failure to take advantage of the opportunities offered us
       as part of ‘the Kingdom on Earth?’
    3. Could it be a sense of ‘lethargy’ among His people?
    4. Could it be our failure to celebrate the ‘Victories in Christ’ that occur miraculously every
    As Lay Leader for the church, I want to challenge each one to offer your thoughts on what
    issue(s) that you think might ‘break the heart of God’ and break your heart as well. From
    time to time I will be responding here in the Beam with thoughts and reflections on this
    and other subjects. I invite you to send me your thoughts and or questions to

    In Christ’s name,
    John T Frame
    Lay Leader

                   Permanent Adult Sunday School teacher Needed!
inside tHE WALLS

                   After 9 years of service Tim Gaddis is stepping down as the teacher for the Acts: 2:42
                   Sunday School class. The class has begun the search for an individual or couple that
                   loves teaching the Bible and enjoys lively conversation. Are you feeling the call to teach
                   and have been waiting for just the right group? Contact Judith Bone at 324-7258 or

                   Church Picnic Volunteers
                   Volunteers are needed to help with the children’s games at the Church Picnic on Sun-
                   day, August 22. Volunteers will serve in 30 minute intervals. Contact Amy Grimes at

                   Children’s Sunday School teacher
                   Sunday School teachers are needed for Elementary 1st grade and Preschool 3 and 4 year
                   olds. Contact Samantha Snyder in the Children’s Ministry at 373-3663 x301 or ssny-
          for questions and to volunteer.

                   Come Smile With Us!
                   Do you have the gift of hospitality and love to smile? If so, have we got an opportunity
                   for you! We need people who would like to serve as greeters on Sunday mornings. All
                   you have to do is welcome people as they come in to the church and direct them to Sun-
                   day school classes and the worship services. We work in teams and each team serves for
                   one month at a time, four times a year. If you are interested or would like more informa-
                   tion, please contact Ann Meece at 324-8207 or

                   Singles Sunday School teacher Needed!
                   A class of singles folks ages 20 to 30 is looking for a permanent Sunday School teacher
                   at the 9:45am hour. These energetic and service oriented young people are hoping to
                   locate a person or person[s] who loves to teach Scripture and feels called to lead a group
                   in study and action. Contact Judith Bone in the Adult Discipleship office, 324-7258 or

                   Ushers for 8:30 & 11:00am Services
                   Responsibilities: Ushers welcome people as they come into worship; distribute bulletins,
                   assist with seating latecomers, collect offering, direct congregation during communion
                   and collect attendance cards. Time Commitments: Serve 1 month per quarter plus spe-
                   cial services (Christmas Eve, Easter, etc…) as needed and available. Sunday AM times are
                   8:00 to 9:35 for 8:30 service and 10:30 to 12:10 for 11:00 service. Contact: Alexandra
                   Maddox, 324-7227,
                                   Support GroupS
                                AA gROUPS          CODA
     9 am, Monday (For Women Only), BH 102         Contact: Herberta Grissom, 347-4900,
                  8:30 am, Tues.& Th., BH 102
                     7 pm, Tues.& Th., BH 201      CHILDREN OF AgINg PARENtS (COAP)
             1 pm, Sunday - Saturday, BH 102       3rd Thursdays, 6:30 - 8:00 pm at the Martin Ctr.
         7 pm, Fridays (For Men Only), BH 101      Contact: Sheryl Davis, 351-8145,
                              Al Anon gROUP
               Contact: John Fite, 337-6975, or    DIVORCE RECOVERy
                            Emily S., 309-4921     Contact: Shebbie Shields, 324-7240
              ADHD Adult; Spouse Workshops         DOMEStIC ABUSE
                Contact: Terry Huff, 627-4191      Contact: Caroline Beavers, 371-2550.
                               ALzHEIMER’S         gRIEF SUPPORt
          Contact: Barbara Jones, 373-1941 or      Contact: Alive Hospice, 963-4732.
                    Ruth Randolph, 385-2323
                                                   INFERtILIty SUPPORt
                       CAREER tRANSItIONS          Contact: Amy Hodges Hamilton
                 Each Monday, 7:00 pm - A281
                  Contact: Rick Ross, 390-7283
                                                   MS SELF HELP
               yOUNg CAREER tRANSItIONS            Contact: Sandie Mountz, 376-5395.
                Each Monday, 7:00 pm - A292
                                                   ADOPtION SUPPORt & ORPHAN MINIStRy
          Contact:        Contact: Charlene Leonard, 221-4041.
      CHILDREN OF AgINg PARENtS (COAP)             PARtNERS IN HOPE Cancer Support
3rd Thursdays, 6:30 - 8:00 pm at the Martin Ctr.   Contact: Jeanetta Fargo, 435-3716
               Contact: Sheryl Davis, 351-8145,

                      Brentwood United Methodist ChUrCh CoUnseling Center
                            offers services to children, youth & families.
                                  For appointment call 376-5910.

            yOU can play an important role in our Stephen Ministry . . .
            . . . Because you may know of a friend, neighbor, co-worker, or relative who is go-
            ing through a difficult time and who could benefit from the focused care, encour-
            agement, and support of a Stephen Minister. If you know of someone who is hurt-
            ing, talk with Dee at 373-3690 or Rev. Kaye Harvey at 373-3663. They can talk
            with you about how we can connect the person you know with one of our Stephen
            Ministers. It’s a great way for you to show how much you care!

                                  Complete information online at
 tools for              

 tough                            In response to the current economic situation, BUMC has

                                  made it a top prority to expand our ministries to the people
                                  most affected. A wide range of support opportunities are
                                  now available to members and our community.
   • PAStORAL COUNSELINg one-on-one with one of our pastors.
   • EMERgENCy FINANCIAL ASSIStANCE for members and non-members.
   • EMERgENCy FOOD ASSIStANCE for members and non-members.
   • CAREER tRANSItIONS SUPPORt gROUP Monday at 7 pm in Haney Hall.
   • READy RESOURCES is an online guide to church and community resources at
   • FINANCIAL COACHINg provided through trained mentors to work with you
   • HANDy MAN MINIStRy for home repairs.
   • NOtES OF ENCOURAgEMENt are provided to those going through difficult times.
              WANt tO HELP? Put your skills to work in this project!
       Contact Sean Anderson at 615-838-4663 or

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